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The Independent Woman Is A Myth! #SHORTS

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Do you know one of the main reasons why there are so many dumb heifers such as the above who are wholesale diving into the myth of being independent ie supposedly “not needing a man”? It’s because in the West, their living conditions have become soft and too comfortable which unfortunately has caused said women to drift into a realm of deep delusion and fantasy concerning their actual capabilities.

As I’ve stated in my book Negro Wars, if we were to give these so called “independent women” their own land, all the tools, machinery and materials required to build their own infrastructure, how far do you believe these “I don’t need a man” harpies would get in rebuilding a society according to their image and likeness?

Exactly, return to that same land 6 months or even a year later and not a digger, brick, breeze block nor pipe would’ve been moved and put in place towards the work.

Men are the ones who build and on the daily maintain the very infrastructure frag headed females like Sandra G claim are not required. Yet, if her gas boiler breaks down, this knucklehead will be straight on the phone in order to get a MAN out to make the necessary repairs, smh.

If Sandra G has a water leak in her house, 9 times out of 10 you can guess correctly the gender of the plumber who is coming out to make the repairs, that’s right, a MAN.

To date, I have NEVER had a woman come out to repair anything of mine that has broken down, in my entire life it has always been A MAN who has turned up to save the day, ALWAYS.

Notice how in developing countries you WILL NOT come across women saying that they’re independent and don’t need men because they’re useless, foreign women unlike those in the West have retained the intelligence to recognise that men are intrinsically involved in every level of their lives.

Additionally, foreign women unlike these defective beyond repair Westernised slackers actually want men, they don’t have a problem interacting and being involved with men as they understand how important men are as well as the many purposes we serve.

Gentlemen, whenever you see a Western female claiming that she’s independent and she doesn’t need a man, know that a serious rude awakening is coming for her backside. Comfortable times in the West are soon coming to an end and these delusional harridans are soon to find out just how important and needed men are in their lives.

Leave these “strong, independent, don’t need a man” single women on the top shelf where they belong to collect a thick layer of dust, brothers, they’re not your problem nor your concern.

Popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready, as life in the West becomes more precarious and cut throat, watch these so called “independent” women throw that title out of the window like a bad habit and come begging to men for help in their droves(which has already begun to happen, lol), coming soon to a street near you, watch this space. SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Independent Woman Is A Myth

Most High Bless

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15 thoughts on “The Independent Woman Is A Myth! #SHORTS

  1. I would love to go to the cinema and watch a movie that is based on independent women island.

    We know such a film would never get released ever because of backlash critics from feminists.

    If they are so independent, why aren’t there enough female plumbers? female electricians, female construction builders, female engineers, female mechanic workers, female logistic workers in warehouses etc.

    The answer is most women avoid these jobs cause it ain’t something they want to do.

    Women like Sandra G, are the reasons why I will never find a quality white girlfriend in anglo nations ever.

    Women like Sandra G, are the reasons why I have to travel to non anglo nations to find a white quality girlfriend.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I had a plumber come to my house a number of months ago, guess what gender, MALE. Back in my driving days I took my car to the mechanics to get my brake pads changed, guess the gender of the mechanic who undertook the work, that’s right, MALE. Not so long ago I had to call out an electrician in order to diagnose an electric fault with my fuse box, guess what gender the electrician was, that’s right, MALE. My point is men are the ones keeping the day to day running of the infrastructure around us in check, when women come out and say that they don’t need men, such females should immediately be thrown into straight jackets and held in Arkham Asylum for life.

  2. So-called “strong, independent, don’t need a man” women and women in general are dependent. I know there’s a possible argument by the opposition that most men aren’t independent because they need to labor/labour in dependency (employment) to other men to survive. That’s like saying no human is independent.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Men have to be saluted because if we’re dependent on others, we’ll have no problems admitting this, the same however cannot be said for modern day women, every move they make has a man involved at some level but they still want to be running around out here pretending that men are disposable, what a joke.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    These strong independent women are full of shit because without men who built the world infrastructure as we all see today in 2023 women wouldn’t have jack shit. When the covid 19 pandemic hit the world 3 years ago in 2020 where were these so called independent women. They was hiding and nowhere to be seen as it was men who kept the world going in the Covid-19 world crises in 2020.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      In addition to what you’ve stated, I still remember the various floods that have hit the certain areas of the US in recent times and when you look at photos of the rescue work being carried out, it’s MEN who are the RESCUERS and women who are the ones being rescued. Like we always say, women who claim not to need men are full of garbage and the evidence speaks to the contrary.

  4. The gubmint is subsidizing these “strong, independent” boss bitches. Pepperidge Farm remembers when these bitches were losing their mind during the Trump era when he was freezing affirmative action gubmint hiring and cutting Section 8.

    Like I always say, white women didn’t used to parrot the “I don’t need no man” mantra. Like most degeneracy they picked it up from the black heffa they look up to and emulate. Getting harder and harder to find a WW who hasn’t been contaminated either by black girl magic, gender ideology or Pookie himself.

    PS: For you Brits, “Pepperidge Farm remembers” is the slogan of a US baked goods company.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      It’s a damn shame that so many white women in the West have begun to sing from the same hymn sheet as the black witch. The modern day black female is completely useless when it comes to self improvement, however she’s most efficient at spreading her feminist propaganda to non black women and in turn corrupting them.

      1. Verbs,

        The naturally-submissive WW looks at BW and likes all that sassiness, foul mouth, and slinging her cellulite and stretch marks around without shame aka “confidence.” This is spread exponentially through social media and ratchet stripper music aka Ice Spice. I think BW contaminate these WW on purpose knowing that she’s making her undesirable to both white and Black men.

  5. White sugar honey: Babe, I’m starting to get hips!
    SYSBM: That’s good. That’s real good!

    When you see women from the west saying that they don’t need a man and all that, that’s when the man says “Fuck this, let me go to the passport office and apply for my passport!” And as they do that, they taking the fastest jet and flying the hell out of dodge to blow whole!

    I don’t have an issue of a woman working but it’s just this independent thing. Right, I’m goanna say this. which women say they are strong and independent? The ratchet black women. they say it more then any race of women. So, black men will say “Fine, you don’t need us. We’ll go elsewhere!”

    When a woman say that they don’t need a man, they are lying really. All the things which is made in this world are made by men. When a man especially a black man goes overseas to look for a honey to wife, she doesn’t bring that strong independent garbage!

    Hey, keep your white sugar hon safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. This woman is the type of woman who basks in delusion; I bet if she were to be featured on one of these male led podcasts and asked some real questions pertaining to men doing the jobs that help keep society afloat, she’d go mute and not be able to answer. Sandra G thinks just because women have achieved a level of success in society today that men are now disposable; this is what feminism has done to the female mind: it’s given them a false sense of superiority over their male counterparts which is eerily reminiscent of the false sense of supremacy that the White man possessed (and still possesses to the present day) over Black men; this is why I say that feminism is a direct descendant of White supremacy, inheriting its talking points and delusions of grandeur.

    There’s a video clip of the singer Cher who, when questioned about what men are needed for, she said “for what?” Are you kidding me? We can go down the list of all of the dangerous jobs men do everyday that help to keep things moving smoothly in out world, but we all know they don’t really mean it; it’s also very rare to see women doing these same jobs, so by default MEN ARE NEEDED. Another area where they need men is in DATING and MARRIAGE; I’ve seen too many of these types get online and lament that they can’t find a boyfriend or husband in their later years. Men, never forget that you are the prize, and never let these females forget it, either. #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      The overwhelming majority of these Western women are premium dummies, any success they’ve gotten has only been possible because men have pathed the way for them to do so.

      I keep on saying that men are intertwined into every facet of the female existence, as much as women want to brag about being so called “independent” and “not needing a man”, when placed underneath the microscope, the complete opposite is true.

      Once again, it’s only here in the West where women have lost their minds going around claiming they don’t need men, this high level of delusion is practically non existent with women in countries outside of the West that subscribe to traditional values and customs.

  7. Verbs,

    I bet there are some BW will debunk your arguments about ‘Indepednant Women’ in Africa because there is a video of village without men. And they will say you got nothing to say about it.

    Link 1 =
    Link 2 =

    I tell you my thoughts:
    The video you see on the link. In reality, these modern western females like BW who call themselves ‘Independent, need-no-man’ could and will never live or survive like this, period.

    Even the The Bear Grylls exposed how modern women can never survive an Island without men:

    Survival: Men vs Women

    1. MMT,

      The links you’ve posted wouldn’t even help black women refute my position as those within that village are still interacting with men. They went from a population of 14 to 100, how did that happen?

      The only stipulation is that men cannot LIVE there, however it’s evidence that men are still interwoven in their society and infrastructure.

      For example, look at the school that was featured, that was clearly built by men, I also believe that men had a part in building other things within that village as well as maintaining various bits and pieces.

      The third and fourth links you’ve posted prove my point, women are toast and up the creek without a paddle if there are no men in their near vicinity.

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