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Nothing Decent Is Ever Enough! #SHORTS

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And unfortunately you have plenty of black men out here who are still willing to deal with women like this(the three male hosts especially), smh. This weave/wig, fake eyelashes, clown makeup wearing black harriet stated that $1000($800 after taxes) IS NOTHING, where do these delusional, materialistic harpies get off?

$3200 x 12 = $38,400 per annum, that figure sounds pretty decent to me especially if you’re NOT living in the big metropolitan cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles etc.

The reality of the matter is most black women want to live celebrity type lifestyles at a gullible black man’s expense, he’s to be the cash mule fuelling the unsatisfied wench’s thirst for materials and superficials while at the same time he’ll be receiving little to nothing from her in return.

The Princess Peach doctrine has really gotten to modern day black women’s heads, they honestly believe as modern women they’re entitled to that which is only to be bestowed upon TRADITIONAL WOMEN.

Traditional women aren’t out here expecting a regular flow of lavish gifts and paid vacations, hence why they have become an extremely highly prized commodity in the eyes of men of means.

The above videos are just a few of many reasons why more black men in the US are choosing to get their passports and travel overseas to increase their chances of finding a decent woman who isn’t fixated and obsessed with living like the Kardashians.

Do you see how these women scoff at your average black man working a 9-5 job, of course we’ve heard black women state many times before that they much prefer dealing with thugs, felons, criminals and gangsters, men who can bring them that “fast money” and thus sponsor the flashy lifestyles they heavily lust after.

This should be evident that the so called “black community” is done, in 2023 black women as a collective are clearly demonstrating that they only care about keeping up with the Jones or at least giving the appearance that they’re living good.

They couldn’t care less about building strong black families, this has been evident and the case for years, however too many blue pilled, black male simps such as Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson have purposely ignored the obvious elephant in the room instead choosing to continue giving black women a pass.

At this stage I cannot feel sorry for any black man who still believes that he can find a unicorn amongst the huge piles of trash, black female society in its current form is suffering from a serious dearth of attractive, in shape, child free, traditionally minded women, hence why so many of its members remain single to this day.

As per usual gentlemen, SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off and even then we’re more than willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.

NEVER believe that you have to tolerate and choose from trash women like this, you can do much better for yourselves, the entire world is your oyster, women who don’t meet reasonable standards must ALWAYS be rejected and kicked to the kerb. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Tell On Themselves

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Nothing Decent Is Ever Enough! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The trouble is that black women want the perfect rich dude and he does not exist. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as SYSBM childfree black man at 41. I avoid gold digger women like the plague.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      And even when black women get the guy they want, they’ll still find reasons to complain and start unnecessary conflicts, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE #SAYNOTODAGGLES

      1. Verbs2015,

        The average net worth of black women in the US is $5.00. The women in this video range from average to slightly above average in looks. They get extra credit because most black women in the US are obese, and they are not.

        That being said, only a mental midget black male simp would engage in such banter with women like these. The males in the videos definitely qualify as black male simps. Black male simps are forever busy keeping the standards low. Their thirst has no bounds.

  2. That mannish, husky voiced weavehead should be lucky if a homeless man gave her the time of day, let alone a successful black man.

    When challenged, they pretend it’s because they want to push a man to reach his full potential and not settle for less. It’s never about his mental or spiritual growth or what THEY can do to complement him. It’s always material things and money.

    I had a bunch of simps go at me on twitter last night in defense of some supposedly pro black attention seeking female (I deleted the tweets and blocked all of them cos I wasn’t about to debate with hoteps and all these fake black men who claim to be “SYSBM” but pull out the capes for some chick they don’t even know) I called out for trying to shame brothas for dating non black women for being rejected or mistreated by the same kweenz they’ve been raised to worship without question.

    Most black men know what we’re saying is true whether they want to admit it or not. They can do all the mental gymnastics in the world and deny it, but they know the true nature of who they’re dealing with. They just don’t have the courage to call out their kweenz and go elsewhere because of the backlash they’ll inevitably face from their female relatives and others in da communitah.

    Check out this video below. This brotha isn’t even SYSBM, but if you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing – I don’t expect anyone to – from 10:40-19:30 and 1:06:20-1:15:30 he’s speaking nothing but facts and says what we’ve been saying all along. I listened to this a few years ago and it actually helped plant a seed. Everyone from all walks and ideologies are acknowledging the fact that many black men are moving away from black women because they are just too problematic and come with may more cons than pros, even the supposed unicorns.

    Definitely SYSBM for life. Despite the pushback, shaming language and outright hostility we get from time to time, it’s the only way to go. The pro blacks and phony SYSBM men can go and deal with the “lovely ladies” as Dennis Spurling refers to them as lol.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      What’s the name of that pro black female that drew those simps to your page? Yep, unfortunately there are a lot of black men out here who claim to be SYSBM but they are very far from it, if you could look into their internet history you’d see them jumping into the inboxes of sundry black females.

      Twitter is a haven for the black witch and her blue pilled, pro black simp cronies, I remember when I dropped an article a numbers of years ago(before the Convid-1984 scam kicked off) exposing the lie and the racket of colourism, these black sirens came out of the woodwork thick and fast though they didn’t come to the website, they only left comments underneath the tweet.

      Unfortunately, only a few black men have the testicular fortitude to call it a day on the black witch and opt to go elsewhere, most black men will choose to literally stick with the devil they know and love, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Some chick called Claire Kyle. Apparently her whole shtick is she turns down white men but black men still won’t date her. The funny thing is, I screenshotted her tweet rather than quoted her directly, but I guess some of the dudes who retweeted my tweet follow her and that’s how she saw it. Then she retweeted my tweet in response as some sort of bat signal to her male followers, then that’s when I got the simps coming at me in defense of their Queen Bee lol.

        I only saw a bunch of tweets the following morning and couldn’t be arsed to go back and forth, so I deleted it and blocked her and the rest of them. No doubt she probably think she scored some sort of victory, but I could have asked her if she’s all that how come no black men are scooping her up? I also had to look at some of these other dudes sideways who are supposed SYSBM but still can’t remove their mouths from their mama’s tit.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          Something for reminder:
          Pro-Black hotep Black Females hates straight heterosexual Black Men – period.
          Also, do not engage with these females on social media as the simps will cape these BW who do not want them.

  3. In the minds of most women living in anglo societies, a black man has to become a rich celebrity to increase his chances of getting a date with them.

    This is a fucked up society.

    Although I’ve always disliked black women, I dislike them even more for poisoning the minds of white women in anglo nations.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The dating market in the West is pretty much done with Western women and their desire to get constantly dicked down by Chad and Tyrone, in the process having completely destroyed opportunities for the average man to find a decent female as well as get regular sex, you’ll stand a much better chance of finding a decent non anglo white female elsewhere. As I’ve stated before, to the east my brother, to the east.

  4. White sugar honey: Today was hot, hun!
    SYSBM: Then it got wet afterwards.
    White sugar honey: I’m wet right now!

    $38, 400 is decent money but the thing is with that chick is that she is looking for a guy that is making $100,000 or more. So, this scraggle daggle is nothing but a gold digging hoodrat that all men should avoid. These types of women are the ones that will cheat on a man when he simps for her. I have seen so many of these gold-digging types that makes me one, curse the hell out of them or just don’t deal with them.

    The reason why these women are gold digging scraggle daggles is because that their mother is a gold-digging harridan that have been pass around by one dude to another and most of these men are just worthless dudes. As they done getting ram thru by the hopeless men that also breed them, that’s when they chase after the man that makes $3200 a month. But they will get rejected by them and they end up with a simp or a broke dude.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Like I’ve stated before, most of these black sirens are financially irresponsible, they only want a man to be making so much money so that they can get their debts paid off as well as live a lifestyle similar to rappers and celebrities. They’ve completely lost touch with the more important things in life like commitment, family, honour, honesty, integrity etc.

  5. But I thought WOMAN was god? Women can do everything!;!?!!!!!? Except win a soccer game against a group of old men…

    The State has these women gassed up on female power media propaganda that these wenches can demand obscene amounts of unearned money just for possessing a vagina. Well the strong independents can go wax off their own money courtesy of the State. Then we brothers can be left alone.

    BW is the dusty losers choice, which is why Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson is relentless and dumb, continually out here selling damaged goods in exchange for being a good little psyop puppet.

    Never mind, the economic collapse is on its way and we’ll get to find out how many “Dear Black Men” videos BW will publish on behalf of psyop puppets who need black bodies for the prison judicial and abortion system.

    1. Michel,

      If these same women were thrown into developing countries, they’d find out very quickly just how important men are in keeping the day to day workings of society running smoothly. Like you’ve pointed out, they’re only beating their chests and shouting from the rooftops because Uncle Sam has their backs and is giving them tons of free money plus plenty of assistance in other forms.

      The economic collapse will reset everything to zero, things will become so bad that these heifers will be out here begging homeless men to take them onboard, coming soon to a street near you, stay tuned.

  6. Oh gee, another podcast about dating and how masculine foul-mouthed BW think BM don’t make enough money. Any dude making $100,000 a year certainly wouldn’t be dealing with American weavehead babymamas (except Zion Williamson). I know I wouldn’t. Kudos to the Passport Bros, taking their resources abroad to actual feminine women. Starve the she-beast!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      So many of these basketball players completely lack penis discipline, of all the women Williamson could’ve dealt with, he chose to dick down whores with other whores calling him out on his simpery, lol. Only high earning, blue pilled, black male simps will entertain cake-faced, weave, fake eyelash, fake nail and septum ring wearing trash, black men worth their salt however will be sure to give such bottom feeders an extremely wide berth.

      1. Verbs,

        Wondering where all the pReDaToR talk is when it comes to older 304s scheming on this young impressionable NBA star. Meanwhile your Black ass can’t even get a passport without being labeled a sex trafficker.

        If it wasn’t for double standards, the daggle would have none at all. I don’t get how these dumb negroes still deal take these heffas seriously.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Exactly, none of them are talking about the huge age difference. None of that “predator” talk applies then. I’ve seen plenty of videos of black women gushing over underage boys in their teens and no one calls them creepy. Black women child molesters/predators are something few people want to discuss, because of course criticising black women for anything is blasphemy.

          1. Pedophilia amongst Western black women and white and Jewish men is a big issue that of course doesn’t get talk about because FAUX News and Renegade Tribune would rather call black men ‘super predators’ and cry about white women from poor countries stealing their jobs than actually do anything. And of course, you have the pro-black simps who are too busy scamming their followers to call out black women.

  7. The very fact that the stragg asked such an asinine question about dating a “broke” man who treats you well is enough to let you know she’s not worth the time or the effort; being “broke” is when you don’t have any money to buy what you need. If you have a job and are able to pay your bills, fill your gas tank, and eat for sustenance, you are far from broke; don’t let these straggs gaslight you into thinking your “little 9 to 5” isn’t adequate enough. The way she refers to that line of work is just so condescending; as a blue collar man myself, I can say that there is nothing little about the work we do. If all blue collar men were to go on strike tomorrow, this world will come to a harder halt than when Covid-1984 struck! To conclude this rant, avoid these women like the plague; your bank account will thank you for it. #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m not even phased whenever I see these knuckleheaded straggs talking down on blue collar workers, so called “broke” in the delusional mind of your average black female is a black man who refuses to lavish them with money, gifts, trips etc just because they have an entitlement complex in combination with a cooch.

      Unfortunately as we’ve seen many times over, black women will change the definitions of words to suit their cause, in this case attempting to label blue collar workers as less than. Isn’t it funny how non Westernised foreign women appreciate a man who works a 9-5 blue collar job and have no problems reciprocating the hard work he puts into making life decent for himself and the people around him. #SYSBM #PASSPORTBROS #PASSPORTREADY #STRAGGFREEZONE

  8. BW are never happy no matter what.
    You can be a billionaire and they are still not happy.

    As for calling BM bums. Something Akwesi and David Carroll mention as well know this.
    Liberal Feminist BW support all Patriarchy, but only hate Black Patriarchy. This is why you see swirlers and divestors. And also why the dating is only rigged for BM. If you are non-BM then no standards apply. But if you a BM, you have to be the God-Devil Man. You know the perfection of a god and a criteria of the devil (6s as 6″ cock, 6 pack belly, 6 feet height and 6 figure salary).

    Even Schadenfreude stated a month ago that how BW compain that BM do not build, but they never respect Blue Collar Men.

    SYSBM Forever wrote:
    “When challenged, they pretend it’s because they want to push a man to reach his full potential and not settle for less. It’s never about his mental or spiritual growth or what THEY can do to complement him. It’s always material things and money.”

    BW wants BM when they reach to the finish line than support their journey. This is why they get mad that when a BM becomes successful, they go with the Becky, but these BW know very well that the Becky were there for the BM when he was building and work together, which BW do not and never understand.

    If you a BM in the dating scene, you have to pay Premium for these trashy females.

    Money Cultural wrote:
    “The reason why these women are gold digging scraggle daggles is because that their mother is a gold-digging harridan that have been pass around by one dude to another and most of these men are just worthless dudes.”

    The problem Money is that these BW keep on saying that how BM cannot afford a date, but in reality they have no problem dating Thugs and bottem shelf Brad. You as a BM have to pay Premium.

    As MadbusDriver stated, these BW only called BM ‘broke’ and ‘dusty’ to hard working BM.
    But the ones who call you broke are the same ones broke themselves. They in debt and on government assistance.

    1. Your comment explains why black women and white liberal men will go on white nationalist sites and cry about being ‘replaced’ by white women from poor countries who actually want to work and don’t have the entitlement mentality these delusional fools do, but when the time comes to actually deal with problems like oligarchy, corporatocracy, the poor state of the black community and so on, they will just run and hide behind racial purity while scamming their deluded followers bone dry. It’s the same thing with ‘conservative’ ‘Jews’ who claim to be for family values but in reality, are just anti-black male and anti-white women racialists.

    2. Michael Mistertea, thanks for the shout. Yes they bitch and complain that bLaCk mEn dOn’T bUiLd but look down on actual builders. I have a buddy who works in HVAC and those blue collar guys stayed busy throughout the whole pandemic. Just worked and stacked paper for 2 years while everybody else was locked down. Emerged from the pandemic with a stack which black hoes will not get their hands on. Don’t know if he intends to go Passport Bro lol.

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