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“Black women are the most loyal to black men”

“Black women will die for black men”

“Black women will stop going on girls trips to be with a black man”

“Black women are ready to be submissive”

“It’s easier to be with black women”

“Black women have it the hardest in the world”

“You have to walk black women through their journey of healing”

It never ceases to amaze me the lies, myths, urban legends and the fairy tales these pro black female, blue pilled simps will manufacture in their attempts to defend this modern day black woman. Did you notice how the dude was struggling to put together his hodge podge speech?

He knew that what he was saying was complete and utter garbage, he in typical blue pilled simp fashion was pandering for Scooby snacks and doggy treats as well as hoping to get in the black siren’s good graces.

I have to laugh at black men like this because your average black female will simply look at them as useful idiots, in fact as we already know, women in general despise simps and are immediately turned off by their constant bootlicking and brown nosing.

There is NO black woman on this planet who would die for a black man, NONE. Additionally, black women are NOT loyal towards black men, they only stick around because no other races of men are checking for them in significant numbers. If white men were checking for black women at a significantly higher clip, they’d be gone in a flash.

As her boyfriend/husband, your average black female will expect you to send her on girls trips, what’s this dude talking about? Remember this black female:

Black women are NOT ready to be submissive to anybody unless you’re a drug dealer, career criminal, a gangster or a Chad, black women are the most difficult females to deal with, BLACK MEN are the ones who have it the hardest in this world and no black man worth his salt has to walk with any woman through her “journey of healing” yet alone a black female.

The lies and the fairy tales need to be dispelled and Verbs is the black man to do it. As I keep on saying, these blue pilled simps are the primary reason why most black women continue to flow deeper into the sewers, how can you ever expect improvement from them when they’re always being protected from correction and chastisement?

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. American Black Man will be please because you make topics about simps which are the biggest threat than BW because they enable BW. Especially this guy on the video is nothing but a ‘Plantation Bro’ – I mean Foe.

      1. Mister Master,

        The guy above will be the same type of black man to mock and ridicule other black men for choosing to get their passports in order to deal with NORMAL WOMEN even though he’s sticking up for his “queans” with absolutely no reciprocity in sight, smh.

    2. Verbs2015,

      Thank you for that acknowledgement.

      No cohort of men have ever experienced, nor will ever experience, the level of venom. betrayal, malice, and downright feminine fuckery, that the black man has experienced from his female counterpart.

      Now there might have been a time in prehistory when this wasn’t so. But the historical record shows that for as long as black people have been in contact with other races, the black female has betrayed her own.

      From the black slave mammy who loved to suckle massa’s kids, but not her own, to the bedwench who pined for massa’s brutal sex, these are the sort of black females that the weak minded black male simp glorifies.

      Now you might give some sort of pass to the scraggs and black male simps of the past, because the absolute power imbalance was stacked so greatly against them. But there is no excuse for the behavior of today’s scraggle daggles and black male simps. Their behavior is born of pure degeneracy.

      The simp in the above video knows full well what he is doing. He is conciously and absolutely bottom feeding. He will be as dishonest and disingenuous as his midget mind is capable of being. He will tell any lie, repeat any cliche, promote any myth, just to get a little closer to getting some stinking black cooch, which he knows is the least desirable on the planet. Having zero self respect, the black male simp will eagerly lap up Chad’s black scraggle daggle hand me downs. In his fevered mind, he cannot even imagine being worthy of something better. And his fragile self image as a man, won’t even allow him to contemplate the possibility that he might be attractive to non black women.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        The dude actually had the audacity to say that black women are willing to die for black men, on what planet is that happening because that sure isn’t going to take place here on earth?

        Now we already know from clear as day observations that black women as a collective have no problems killing black men, getting them killed, injured or as an alternative hemmed up in the judicial and prison industrial complexes, this is the real truth that this softy, blue pill simp is trying his best to skirt away from.

        I’ve been saying from day one that because of her atrocious track record, the modern day black female cannot be defended on any level, yet these brown nosing simpletons still try their utmost to do what cannot be done, smh.

  1. The lying, effeminate product of a single black mama, stammering away defending his queens. He made the case for SYSBM himself. Why jump through all these extra hoops to coddle BW when (non-Westernized) Asian and white women are already submissive and ready for marriage? And this dude acting like BM don’t go through racism lol. This “Dear Mama” simp is what’s left for these hoes after Passport Bros have left the plantation, no wonder they’re panicking.

    1. Sad fact. Unfortunately many people are still stuck in racial purity garbage and will refuse to listen until it’s too late

    2. “Why jump through all these extra hoops to coddle BW when (non-Westernized) Asian and white women are already submissive and ready for marriage?”

      When good black men interact with REAL women, great things always follow. Notice how these two brothas look so at peace, healthy and good for their age. I’ve never been to the Philippines (seriously considering it though), but Filipina women seem to be at the forefront as the biggest example as to the type of women that good men are looking for. The bonus is that they also know better than anyone apart from us how “our” women truly are, but they ain’t scared of them lol.

    3. Schadenfreude,

      That’s right, the dude was stammering because he knows what he’s saying is complete and utter garbage. Again, simps like this don’t understand how black women look at them, as far as the black female is concerned this dude is a knuckleheaded flunky carrying out defence work with absolutely no reciprocity, what kind of a janky, disjointed deal is that? As I stated before, you cannot have growth and improvement without correction and chastisement.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if his overbearing mother told him to say that. He looks like the type who stays getting bossed around by black women anyway.

  2. One, I wonder how many black women have actually shown any interest in him and his Poindexter-esque looks vs other women.

    Two, I have a slight critique of this statement:

    “The lies and the fairy tales need to be disseminated and Verbs is the black man to do it.”

    You may want to use “disputed”, or “dispelled” instead of disseminated. Disseminate means “spread”. Everything is sharp otherwise.

    1. DJ,

      You’re right, I’ve used the word dispelled instead. Much appreciated for the correction and input. In relation to the dude above, no, I don’t believe black women have been giving him the time of day despite his claims.

    2. The dude literally looks like the real life version of that “why do they all pick thugs” nerd in that classic cartoon illustration.

      There’s no way black women are checking for him at all. The most he might get is an “awww you’re so sweet, you’re such a nice guy” and he probably thinks that’s actually a good thing to hear from a woman lol.

  3. That video is the biggest fucking crock of shit I’ve ever heard.

    Black women have it the hardest? Well tell me this….

    Is anyone making them twerk in public? Is anyone making them fight in airports, restaurants, stores, on public transportation etc – even when their young children are present? Is anyone making them steal weaves out of shops (including BLACK OWNED ones) and then expecting us to save them when they get their asses beat by store owners? Is anyone making them be loud and a total nuisance everywhere they go? Is anyone making them doxx and make black business owners lives a living hell just for setting basic rules for THEIR own businesses that black women feel they shouldn’t have to abide by? Is anyone making them sleep with the dregs of black male society who don’t have a pot to piss in, but will make fun of and degrade blue collar workers making an honest and decent living? Is anyone making them such tyrants and bullies to the point that they will literally force non black women off social media simply for posting a meal they lovingly cooked for their (black) man? The list goes on ad infinitum. I don’t wanna hear that racism and legacy of slavery bullshit either. These are the things they actually have control over as a result of something called free will.

    So let me get this straight: As a man, I’M supposed to do all the years of self work and healing, tick all the boxes and have MY shit together, but if I’m with a black woman I need to hold her hand and “walk her through” as he put it? You must be fucking joking.

    Tired of this notion that we’re obligated to mollycoddle grown women with brains, hands and feet and access to resources and assistance that people didn’t even have 20 years ago as if they’re helpless children. They know bloody well what they’re doing and they see no need to change because no one, including the so called “good” black women, have really held them to task.

    I’m not religious at all, but I can’t help but think of Revelation 18:4 – “Come out of her my people, lest you share in her sins and receive her plagues”

    Black man, it’s time to leave this Jezebel.


    1. Spot on. Also, it’s funny how black women cry about being ‘oppressed’ when they and white and “Jewish” men have the most privilege in the Western world. Look at how those rich Hollywood moguls got away with sexually abusing white women for years, or how quickly the Chad Wheeler case has fallen under the radar.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I was laughing when reading your comment because at the same time I was imagining you speaking it in a typical black British accent. I can’t argue with anything you’ve said, most of the calamities black women have suffered have been via their own two hands.

      When the simp talked about “walking black women through their journey of healing”, I’m reminded of Oprah Winfrey’s flunky Iyanla Vanzant and her show “Fix My Life”, I remember around 6 years ago when she brought in some brothers who did NOT date black women and rattled of that “stand in it with them” garbage:

      Broken beyond repair black females are just that, BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR. You don’t stand in anything with a group of women who are determined to destroy you and everything around you.

      Exactly what would it profit a black man with his head screwed on straight to “stand in it” with a black woman, I’ll wait?

      As you mentioned, black women are grown adults, they more than have the full capabilities to do the right things, they simply choose not to because they’re not interested in living right.

      1. I always thought that segment was skewed because first of all, they got weirdo guys with weird braids and the pink shirt/overalls combo to represent Black dudes who dated out. There are dudes with their shit together who date out but they pole-vaulted over them to show these weirdo, awkward guys.

        Then as I recall there was a bit where they were having a pool party and the (black female) producers introduced a gang of white girls into the equation and they were fat and mid. Again plenty of actually attractive WW who deal with BM but they went with the fat white girl stereotype.

        None of this is surprising because Iyanla’s audience is BW and they want their biases confirmed.

      2. Yeah…Iyanla…that’s another one right there. I’ll never forget that segment years ago with DMX (RIP) and how she totally undermined and emasculated that man in front of his son.

        DMX was crying out in pain as a result of his inner demons – the root cause being his abusive black mother, surprise, surprise – but she was totally cold towards him and told his son he didn’t have to listen to him. Funny, there was none of that nurturing “Mother Earth” stuff these hoteps keep telling us about. This is why black men who need help should avoid seeking black female “professionals”, the proof is already in the pudding from what we’ve been seeing on social media lately.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          Indeed, just look at that black female therapist who released Tiktok videos going in on black men and got fired because she breached the confidentiality of her clients. I’ve no idea why so many black men would think that they could receive any kind of remedy from black women. A knife in the back most definitely but remedy, NO!

  4. Most black men believe in fairy tales of a unicorn black woman.

    Apparently there has been a terrorist attack in Nottingham UK.

    An immigrant black guy from west africa stabbed 2 university students, 1 of them is a white female, both of them were 19 years old, he also stabbed a caretaker in his 50s. 3 people he murdered.

    He stole a van from the caretaker he killed and ran over 3 more people with the van. 2 of them had minor injuries, 1 still has major injuries in hospital.

    I don’t think he will survive in prison when prisoners find out that he murdered a white woman.

    Civil war will come to Britain if these terrorist attacks continue.

    1. I doubt civil war will come to the UK, that is an over-reaction. If the UK public won’t even do anything against it’s own lame-duck government, what do you think they will do here.

      In case you forgot there was massive fights between Hindus and Muslims last year and the public did nothing.

      1. The mass immigration problem would eventually wake up the public to do something about it before its too late.

        If the government won’t do anything about this issue, the public will turn against the government.

        I won’t be shocked if the UK government tries to implement martial law within the next 5 years or less.

        The question is can the government track down all illegal immigrants in the UK to deport to Rwanda?

        I think the answer is no.

        It is part of the WEF & UN agenda 2030 to make illegal migrants become legal migrants by replacing native populations on a larger scale globally.

        Multiculturalism has never worked out ever in history.

        The UK is too soft without any backbone at all.

        No wonder why most white women have become contaminated in the west if the public don’t want to do anything.

      2. Jon,

        Fights between Hindus and Muslims? I must have been sleeping under a rock because I never heard anything about that. Were these fights mentioned in the lamestream press?

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The problem with the UK is it advertises itself as a soft touch alongside other Western countries, immigrants know they can come to the West and get away with things they could never do in their own home countries.

      I’m doubtful on the civil war aspect of things, maybe in small pockets here and there up and down the country but as a whole, I personally don’t think so.

      Just look at Convid-1984 and how most of the UK population complied with the dictates, mind you this is while these same ministers and politicians were partying their socks off while telling the public to stay indoors to “protect lives”.

  5. The mass immigration problem would eventually wake up the public to do something about it before its too late.

    If the government won’t do anything about this issue, the public will turn against the government.

    I won’t be shocked if the UK government tries to implement martial law within the next 5 years or less.

    The question is can the government track down all illegal immigrants in the UK to deport to Rwanda?

    I think the answer is no.

    It is part of the WEF & UN agenda 2030 to make illegal migrants become legal migrants by replacing native populations on a larger scale globally.

    Multiculturalism has never worked out ever in history.

    The UK is too soft without any backbone at all.

    No wonder why most white women have become contaminated in the west if the public don’t want to do anything.

  6. Simp (Crying): Who is that man on top of you!?
    Knife Man Preist (Finishing nutting inside her): Who is this bwoy, yah?
    Scraggle daggle: Nah mi boyfriend!

    First off, the women on that podcast really didn’t like what they hear from the simp dude. I can tell by it. The man was pandering to not only get on their good graces but try to get some punany. And secondly, did you hear how the man speak? The man was getting real nerves there, holy shit!

    Listen, I here. If I was on that podcast, I will not hold back and say about what these scraggle daggles are up to on a daily basis and everyone know about what the hell I’m talking about. I have seen black men simping like crazy and there is nobody stopping them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. Verbs 2015.

    This nerd simp black man is talking shit because black women hate black men like him and SYSBM black men like us. Black women only love thug black men or their white lord and saviour white man. The black community is dead and finished and I am not saving it or black women who made stupid choices in life as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41.ğŸ˜Ž

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, the guy was stammering in his speech because he knew what he was rattling off was complete and utter bollocks. He couldn’t put together a solid defence for the black witch, however this is nothing new, at this stage black women have placed themselves so far down into the sewers of degeneracy and degradation, nobody can even begin to try to defend them from any angle. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Man, that dude was capping so hard, he could literally complete the Illuminati pyramid on the back of the US $1 bill! We could point to history and show that Black women have been the least loyal group to Black men; they have slept with Confederate and Union soldiers, Klansmen, swirled with White and Jewish men, ditched the civil rights movement for feminism, yet brothers still took them back. Who’s been more loyal to who? There are far too many of these Derrick Jaxn clones trying to get a rise out of this pandering to Black women; this guy looks like the poster boy for the “educated lame”, so his pandering is a lame attempt to get BW to notice him. You can’t simp your way to happiness, bruh!

    1. BCT,

      The dude was straight up fumbling and bumbling his speech because he knew better, he knows that everything he stated was pure lies and deception. Exactly, a quick look at recent black history yet alone going back to slavery will show that black women are far from loyal towards black men.

      Aren’t these the same black females lining up around the block to get their portion of seed from the notorious Sperminator, loyalty my backside:

  9. That Nottingham incident was a complete overreaction to a few dead. But there was a reason the media went in hard on this non-story.

    Three people die in London due to stabbings almost every week, yet it doesn’t warrant 24-hour news coverage.

    Two Chinese students died in Southampton yesterday after an altercation with pro-Hong Kong protesters. Zero coverage.

    Why did this one get milked to death? Did the security services unleash one of their mentally ill patients for a city break?

    1. Michel,

      “Did the security services unleash one of their mentally ill patients for a city break?”

      Exactly what I also had in mind, the dude was possibly an MI5/MI6/CIA operative. Additionally, always ask as many questions as you can whenever the lamestream media rinses a story to death.

  10. As we celebrate Juneteenth in America, the day that the slaves were freed, pour one out for one Chester Henny. Chester actually prefers single mothers and is ready to play clean-up. According to video he also lives overseas, but can’t wait to get back to the plantation to snag a single mom. Something about maternity turns him on he says.

    On Juneteenth, not every slave wanted to be free. Chester’s ancestors were in that number and he carries on the tradition.

  11. Slightly off topic y’all seen that new spider-verse movie? That movie is some really good sysbm content imo not only is it making a killing at the box office and with reviews and audiences but it’s normalising strong black male characters with attractive non black female love interests in media and because it’s a huge IP like Spiderman it has massive reach funnily enough but not surprising this movie has got the usual racist suspects coming out of the woodwork crying about white genocide and trying to mock the main character for being black even Umar Johnson ranted about this movie long story short it’s a 10/10 for me I’ve already watched it twice I strongly recommend it this is representation done right imo.

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