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Don’t Fold Now, Stand Your Ground Woman!

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There are very few individuals on this planet who fully understand the malevolent nature of the modern day black female and it seems that Helgababuska is slowly discovering that the black siren is far more evil and wicked than she imagined.

See, had Helga read my book Negro Wars first, she would’ve had a much better understanding of the creatures she’s dealing with in the form of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure.

This is the problem with most who go to war with these black sirens, more often than not they fail to comprehend just how evil black women are and how as per their father the Devil, they’re specifically build for violence, conflict, war, strife, contention, pain, misery, suffering etc.

Black women as a collective feed off conflict and war no matter who the opposing forces are, they love going into combat and have the ability to argue back and forth for indefinite periods of time.

This is why I continually refer to black women as witches and sirens, precisely because they syphon the energy/life force of those they come into contact with as well as any individuals they conflict and clash with, this is why Helga talked about feeling tired.

In a recent video she made Helga mentioned starting a new chapter, however the damage she’s inflicted upon the black female’s plantation setup is such to where black women will never forgive her and will NOT leave her alone until she’s completely off social media and the internet.

Helga mistakenly believes that she now can appeal to these black witches by being nice, spreading love, peace, being respectful towards them etc, however in case she hasn’t noticed, these modern day black females are the most incorrigible, disrespectful, uncooperative, evil savages roaming the planet, they’re NOT interested in peace, love, kindness and good works, not in the slightest.

This war between black men and black women has been going on long before Helgababuska came on the scene, the primary reason for its continuance being that black women have NEVER been held accountable for the innumerable transgressions they’ve wrought against black men as well as their own people.

Again, Helga doesn’t fully understand the nature of the battle as well as the true nature of the women she’s dealing with, that’s why she’s ignorantly prattling on about black men going too far whereas in actual fact, black men to date still haven’t gone far enough in their efforts to shut dysfunctional black women down(due to most black men being simps).

Black men would’ve gotten a lot further in shutting down the lies and falsehoods of these black females earlier on had they rallied around those black men who had and have chosen to speak up on their behalf.

When Jordan Peterson first came on the scene and made his stance NOT to capitulate to the gender neutral, pronoun nonsensical foolishness, chiefly white conservative men immediately rallied around him and had no problems supporting him financially in order to ensure that his message was spread far and wide.

Unfortunately when it comes to most black men, they want things done for free, they don’t believe they have to take the same steps and measures and additionally they’ll get offended when asked to put their hands into their pockets in order to support and sponsor a worthy and constructive cause in their favour.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, black men with feminine energy as well as women, these are two of a few groups who can be successful in garnering money from black men in order to continue standing in the battle, the late Kevin Samuels as well as YouTuber Jessica X are two primary examples that spring to mind.

I agree with the sentiments of black YouTuber King Sigma, most black men are a lost cause, they’ve been so deeply indoctrinated and brainwashed by black women, even those who claim to have broken free from the black witch’s clutches still exhibit traits of being under the plantation spellbinding trance.

Unfortunately most black men can’t make any moves of significance without feminine leadership, guidance, authority and approval, this is the black female’s doing, this is why free thinking heterosexual black men often times make little to no headway in trying to get average black men to support them.

I’ve brought this up to illustrate that if more black men were serious about their voices being heard, from long ago we could’ve easily built a network or networks whereby the black female propaganda machine would’ve been smashed to pieces way earlier.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, it’s very disappointing to hear Helgababushka espousing the same disingenuous, nonsensical talking points as these unaccountable black women, the same rhetoric they frequently use as a weapon to evade holding themselves accountable and responsible.

Capitulation and folding to black women is NEVER the way forward, you should NEVER show weakness to those who are clearly in the wrong. Aren’t these the same dysfunctional black harriets who recently have been relentlessly attacking Filipina women for no reason other than them showing appreciation towards black men?

Filipinas as well as other foreign women have every right to stand up for themselves and clap back against any haters, black women should’ve never opened their mouths mocking, berating and disparaging groups of women they know little to nothing about.

At this stage Passport Bros need to take a leaf out of the SYSBM handbook and stop engaging with black women altogether, you’ve put out the signal to other black men that there are much better options available abroad.

Black women have deliberately injected themselves into the conversation which had nothing to do with them, now they simply need to be pushed back out and ignored as you get on with living out the Passport Bros lifestyle in peace.

I suspect these arguments Helga is currently witnessing are more between black women and the blue pilled, black male simps who desperately want them to change for the better(which isn’t going to happen).

The she devil Oprah Winfrey should NEVER be looked upon as a god or saint. Firstly, my God resides in heaven, secondly Oprah is human just like everybody else, thirdly, she is one of the chief culprits responsible for this ongoing war between black men and black women.

Doesn’t Helga realise just how much damage Oprah Winfrey has contributed towards the breakdown of black male/black female relations as well as the black family structure? Apparently not, smh.

Check out this video below, this is the message Helgababuska was preaching before the angry and bitter black sisterhood of chaos finally got to her, what a damn shame:

From recognising good black men as being the victims of the modern day black female to defending the same black women who are openly attacking her and other Filipina women as we speak, what kind of crazy foolishness is that?

It’s bad enough watching blue pilled, pro blackity black, soy fermented, black male simps defending as well as rattling off the same lame talking points as the black witch herself yet alone a Filipina who now appears to have guzzled down the black feminist Kool Aid having seemingly buckled under the pressure of the black sirens coven.

I’m just waiting for these black harridans to turn their sights on SYSBM™ once again because unfortunately it’s coming. Brothers, observe what is happening with the Passport Bros and recognise the necessity to have strong, masculine black men rallied around you as your support.

As we can see, there is only so much heat women can take before they begin to crack and crumble under the pressure. SYSBM™ Knights and true SYSBM™ practitioners NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL BOW DOWN TO THE BLACK WITCH CONTINGENT OR ANY OF HER BLUE PILLED, BLACK MALE SIMP FLUNKIES.

Stand your ground woman, if not for yourself then at least for your country and fellow Filipinas who these disrespectful black harpies have relentlessly attacked. Where is your pride, dignity and self respect? Bowing down to and licking the muddy boots of black women will NEVER profit you anything, they’ll gleefully destroy you for displaying such weakness. You’ve been appropriately advised and warned.

Finally, here is a link to a video that was recently released by King Sigma(the man who actually coined the phrase Passport Bros) explaining the core principles behind the movement:

Foreign women aren’t stupid, they know that women in the West have seriously dropped the ball and they’re happily seizing on the shortcomings. While Western women(especially black females) are walking around pompous, prideful and arrogant, foreign women are openly advertising their countries as potential places Passport Bros should visit in order to experience a different culture as well as be treated with respect by NORMAL, FUNCTIONAL women.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Only Strong Masculine Black Men Can Successfully Defend Other Black Men

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “Don’t Fold Now, Stand Your Ground Woman!

  1. Ion know how you do it verbs. Consistently putting in work since 2017 to present day. Nuff respect ✊🏿

    1. FireLord,

      Appreciate the kind words bro, more brothers need to be broken free from the spellbinding trance these black sirens have cast upon black male society. I know and understand the black witch like the back of my hand, it’s only fair and right that I expose her.

  2. I didn’t see the first video from Helga Babushka saying we shouldn’t bash B Dubs for their transgressions.

    Clearly they have gotten to her, as they do with everybody else that dares speak out about their behavior.

    I don’t need to mention any names but the list is miles long and will continue to grow as the go after others that dare to stand up against their bullshit.

    This is not the domain of a single woman, only women married to strong and supportive Black men can successfully clap back at these Harriets. As the BM can then not threaten but lay down the law and threats or transgressions against his family will be met swiftly with strongly worded correspondence and police/sheriff/FBI visits (terrorist threats, which BW do daily) as required.

    Remember more than a few BW and some of her Blue Pill flunkies have shown up at Tommy Sotomayor’s door step or followed his girlfriends around.

    They are a bold bunch and they need to dealt with accordingly.

    1. Anthony,

      What’s also disappointing is the fact that from the beginning Helga has made it very clear which particular black women she’s calling out, the hyenas aka dysfunctional black women as well as other ratchet Western females. All the black witch knows is to use bullying and intimidation tactics in order to silence her critics, the same way she runs her dysfunctional single mother households.

      Helgababushka has a man, I do feel he ought to be supporting her more in her efforts to connect Passport Bros with quality filipinas as well as providing a solid defence against the wiles of these black harpies. The black female is an evil one, however like I said before unfortunately very few understand her true nature and how she’s willing to stoop to any level in order to get the results she wants.

      I fully agree with you, these dastardly scoundrels need to be shown that if they choose to step over the line and encroach on people’s personal space, they will be dealt with and will suffer harsh consequences.

      Additionally I’m in no doubt that these black harriets have also managed to rally the help of their blue pilled, yellow bellied simps squads in their efforts to shut Helga down. The damage is already done, free thinking black men are leaving the building and the black witch contingent as well as her blue pilled, pro black lackeys can do NOTHING to stop the exodus.

      Black women at this stage are beyond pathetic, claiming they don’t care about who black men choose to date on the one hand yet at the same time on the other relentlessly going in hard on any non black women who choose to show black men interest, love, respect and appreciation, smh.

  3. Well, that was disappointing. That beautiful Philippina is going to learn what Kyle Reece said years ago the hard way.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Those of us who know better just don’t want the B-Dub. The B-Dub can’t make us want her. We have moved on. She should too. She will always have the black male simps and the bottom shelf Brads. Truth be told, that’s all she deserves. The high quality Black man will never want her because she is not fit for high quality men, period – full stop.

      2. Verbs2015,

        There is an old daggle where I work who wants to give it to me. She is married and has no loyalty to her black simp hsuband. She is ugly as sin with a big ass that is falling, becuase she is way past prime. She has a bunch of black male simp orbiters, and can not understand why she has no appeal to me. These daggles have been gassed up by black male simps and expect any black man they desire to be a simp as well. This daggle has no clue about how much the thought of bedding her down disgusts me.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          These ultra thirsty blue pilled, black male simps are a major problem, they’ll find and declare the most repulsive looking daggle attractive and appealing and will immediately put her up on a pedestal. As you said, she’ll then expect every black man to do the same without question. Another trick black men who still choose to deal with black women have to watch out for, they’ll pretend to be interested only to turn down the guy when he finally makes the move. The first right of refusal is ultra strong in these women. Black women as a collective have become the most morally bankrupt individuals on the planet, at this stage there is no level they won’t stoop down to.

  4. Dealing with the B-Dub aka the black witch is literally the real life version of the story of the Scorpion & the Frog. Some people gotta learn the hard way.

    1. Val Zod,

      Yep, the main rule of thumb is to NEVER capitulate to these angry, bitter and disgruntled black sirens, NEVER. You notice how it is a serious struggle to find genuine folks who are willing to stand up against these dysfunctional black females at 100% capacity. It’s even more of a struggle to find black men who’ve got the nuts to stand their ground whenever these feral black harriets choose to throw their toys out of the buggy or go super primal.

  5. By 2030, if 50% of women in the west are single, imagine the percentage by 2040.

    Everything is going down hill.

    I reckon by 2040, it will go up to 70% if western women don’t take accountability at all.

    No negress and no blackistan simp in UK or anywhere in the world can prevent me from building a nuclear family with a white wifey woman.

    1. Witwijf,

      At the moment most Western women are too busy having the time of their lives soaking up all of this free attention they’re getting from random men, they don’t seem to understand that they’ll get older and younger, more attractive women will take their place. Overall I believe that most women in the West will crash and burn, they don’t seem to learn from the mistakes of those who came before them. The witchcraft and sorcery of social media has them profoundly bewitched to the point where most won’t take evasive action until it’s too late.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    I will never bow down and take bullshit from black women because I can take care of myself and I know my own value as a childfree SYSBM black man. I am so glad that Filipino women and other non black women support us SYSBM black men and Passport bro black men throughout the world because even they can see the fucked up shit that we black men have to deal with from black women on a daily basis and this bullshit has been going on for years now in the black community and that’s the reason why I walked away from the black community as a 16 year old all the way back in October 1998 and I don’t regret it one bit.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is exactly the point, there are very few black men like us who are not afraid to put black women in their place as well as walk away from them. Most black men are blue pilled simps and black women know this, hence why they continue to treat black men like trash as well as openly and brazenly disrespect those black men who are still willing to deal with them.

      SYSBM is the most viable and sustainable way forward for black men in general, however most would much prefer to stick with the literal devil they know and thus have to put up with feral behaviour from a group of women who at their core don’t even like them. You’re right, it is good to see that we have support from foreign women which makes a refreshing change from constantly being mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, berated and disparaged by our own female counterparts.

  7. Let me put my 4m’s (Michael MisterTea Mouthful) here:

    I understand where Helga is coming from when she talk about this American Gender War between BM and BW.
    Unfortunately the BW throw the first punch at Philippines.

    Helga do not understand about conflict resolve in the Western world as she is saying this from the Asian cultural perspective.

    Let me explain by Asian perspective vs Western Conflict resolve:

    In the West, you can never and I mean never conflict resolve liberal/feminist people, especially women and BW because they have no interest in squashing beef, they just want to have the last laugh and conquer, that is how the liberal and BW think.

    She may have a point about call it a ‘truce’ but this is not Philippines, this is the West and no truce because the liberal mindset is ‘one of us have to be dead, it is either you or me, no truce’. Just like the Terminator analogy and we all know about the Kyle Reese analogy from Terminator:
    Link =

    My advice for Helga is to read the Negro Wars book because she will learn the hard way is she try to squash beef with the BW. If she does the BW will become stronger and the simps will come after her. Just like what happen to the manosphere where Oshay and Obsidian wave the white flag to these savage BW and let them into the group, when the BW fail to destroy the manosphere, the will bring the ultimate weapon – the simp enforcers.

    I also do understand that she is tired of this beef, but BW attack them first.

    As for saying Oprah is God, well, no because she use the network to destroy the black community, Oprah’s network is meant for black culture empowerment, but her network is to promote liberal feminist.

    Lets get to the how we bashing BW = bashing female relatives aka Mother, Aunt, Sister etc.:
    In Philippines they may have good female family members, but in the West shw does not know what type of female relatives we got.
    Tommy Sotomayor made a video about this because you got these simps out there cannot admit that they have family member who are 304s. Red-pillers understand that they admit that they can have mothers, sisters, aunts and cousin who are 304s, Scraggle Daggles and witches. So again, she does not know what type of females relatives we have.

    I think I said enough here.

    1. MMT,

      Helga is going to learn the hard way that there is no peace with black women, once you call them out, their only mission from that point onwards is to smash and destroy their critics. Black women know nothing about truces and compromise, as far as they are concerned Helga violated their rule of not going through them and getting black female approval first before interacting with black men(I know it sounds crazy but this is how these black sirens think).

      She and other foreign women have circumvented having to seek the black woman’s approval, black women see this act as blasphemy and are hell bent on making them pay for what they feel is an unforgivable transgression.

      I believe Helga made the mistake of looking at black women through the eyes of her own people, however as you’ve pointed out, black women are NOT NORMAL by any stretch. She simply doesn’t understand the true horrid nature of most black females, this is why she and other foreign women should read Negro Wars as to have a better understanding of the devil they’re up against.

      Black women have already lost the war, they may be able to flag down and report people’s channels and videos but they cannot stop free thinking brothers from getting their passports and travelling overseas to find traditional, quality women. The Passport Bros movement is spreading like wildfire, there will be no backup plan for these black women any longer. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs2015,

        All Helga needs is the right Black Man to show her what a real man is like. That will clear her mind up, and she’ll never look back.

  8. What the sistuhood fails to realize is there’s a “Stop Asian Hate” law recently enacted (targeting The Community). The U.S. Feds are chomping at the bit to make an example out of someone using Stop Asian Hate as a bludgeon. The sistuhs are gladly jumping to the front of the line based on their actions.

    Brothers, when this happens, just sit on the sidelines with some popcorn and your favorite beverage to enjoy the show. This is not our fight…


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      The bottom line is foreign women are winning hands down and the modern day black female is incredibly frustrated at this. Traditional women whether they be foreign or domestic simply have to hold the line and NOT allow themselves to be bullied and intimated by these feral hogs.

      The show is about to get very interesting, especially in light of the fact that black women as a collective are going to lose very badly. They claim they don’t want us but are willing to go to war against those women who don’t mind giving us the time of day, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        The modern day black female has succeeded in pissing off the entire globe. They put their true colors on worldwide display. They have nowhere to run or hide. Even the state is no longer providing cover for them. By their actions, they have made themselves into sitting ducks in the middle of the desert. And their ego won’t allow them to be humble. They’ll continue to double down while the Titanic sinks.

        L Express will continue to drop ship L’s on top of them to accelerate the sinking.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  9. “At this stage Passport Bros need to take a leaf out of the SYSBM handbook and stop engaging with black women altogether, you’ve put out the signal to other black men that there are much better options available abroad.” ~ Verbs

    This was the crux of the arguments for me.

    I’ve said many times, “if your focus is on fine, fit, feminine, and foreign women” going back and forth with BWs is pointless and non-constructive.

    As long as BM refute and reject the propaganda, reality will continue to suffocate these toxic females. By engaging, you only encourage their attention seeking behavior; attention starved females will always see ANY attention as good attention.

    On the bright side, more socially mobile BM are disengaging from the back and forth with the matrix drones. Eventually the group of BM embracing a global perspective will realize indifference is the best option.

    Soon they’ll run out of scapegoats, and then they’ll go back to destroying each other.

    1. White sugar honey: Can you come over? I have this bottle of red wine.
      SYSBM: I’m coming over now, baby girl!

      You know who does the Filipino honey know about the ghetto ratchet woman? She must watching YouTube videos of some black women being ratchet or black men tell her about the ratchet black woman.

      Black men are taking their passports and leaving the country just to look for a a honey and wifey her. I have no issues with that. Let me tell you something. The passport brother are getting attacked by the ratchet black women, the simps that worship them and the white beta males who are emotional.

      I was at the West End yesterday I ask my friend in North West London and I ask him about the passport brothers. He says that they are getting attacked.

      At first, they were coming after SYSBM and now they are coming after the passport brothers.

      Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


      1. @MC

        International women are shocked to learn how deep the hatred goes with many BWs. Ultimately, foreign women win and the toxic western women loses in the game for upwardly mobile men.

        When new ideas reach the mind of the many, they’ll be ignored, then attacked, and eventually accepted or tolerated as reality of the times. Thinking BM stands on logic and principles of free choice, this is a winning formula long term.

        Screeching banshees are upset they’ll have to change, be replaced due to a lack of competitiveness or die eating a bag of hot Cheetos.

        In either case, the global man has chosen to move with haste and is unconcerned, her plight is her own.

    2. King Sigma,

      Recompense is a dish best served cold and abandonment is the best way forward for those black men with their heads screwed on straight. When SYSBM™ had its small moment in the spotlight a few years ago, black women scoffed at the movement believing it would fade away into obscurity.

      Now the Passport Bros movement is rolling ahead at full steam, just look at these feral black harpies running around like headless chickens, claiming they don’t care about who black men choose to date while at the same time injecting themselves into the Passport Bros conversation as well as going ultra primal on any non black women both foreign and domestic who happen to show black men interest, respect, love and appreciation.

      The engagement technique black women have conjured up is simply another Kansas City shuffle they’re using in their efforts to delay black men from walking off the proverbial plantation. Black women have cooked themselves, there will be no plan B, fallback options for them anymore.

      They’ll have to begin getting comfortable with the guys they really like(12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Trap House Jim and Field Mouse) as well as the blue pilled simps they hate but still use to carry out their dirty grunt work.

      1. @Verbs

        Those who thought SYSBM was going to fade away, haven’t been paying attention to the social trends in terms of of IR dating patterns the last 20 years, especially among top 20%. Men will choose the best options available regardless of color or nationality. Hence the current backlash against #passportbros, but the backlash has only increased the popularity of traveling for Thinking BM.

        BWs going batshit over BMs dating and mating choices, is completely irrational but only highlights their own insecurities. Everyone thinks the discussion around #Passportbros vs. domestic options is big, but the biggest moment will come when traveling BM disengage completely after seeing the level of interest from foreign women.

        Once indifference becomes the default position for Traveling BM, the plantation mammy will be left looking in the mirror at a witches reflection and her head will explode from the self-hatred.

        In misery is where they will remain, let the drones die trying to save and reform the women who despise them. As long as there are outposts like, everything is ahead of schedule.

  10. I’m disappointed to see Helga Babushka fold to the scraggle daggle, but I think there is a lesson to be learned here; for me, I’m going to take it upon myself to instruct my future stargate about the satanic disposition of the scraggle daggle and how to deal with them accordingly. For example, she refers to dysfunctional Black women as “hyenas”, but the daggles have this “I’m every woman” mindset; if you talk about one of them, you talk about all of them. By the way, are there any receipts (that you know of) that has her now changing her tune? Hopefully, the other Filipina by the name of Joan J. won’t back down and continue to clap back; that lady has some passion!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The videos I’ve posted above indicate a shift in her position, I personally don’t think she’s folded completely, however the scraggle daggle collective is clearly getting to her as you can clearly see that the defiant disposition she once held is no longer the same. Any woman who goes up against the daggle contingent is strongly recommended to have strong masculine support alongside her.

      Yes, I’ve seen Joan J’s videos as they’ve been coming up in my recommended section. She’s really been giving these black sirens some serious heat and clap backs, she’s been banned on TikTok many times due to these black harpies flagging and reporting her videos and channels to their Chinese Communist fathers.

  11. Right, this how it is.

    The Filipino honey knows about the ratchet black woman’s behaviour because she is seeing t on YouTube and some of the black men talk about the ratchetness of black women. Black men have now took their passports and leaving the ratchetness behind because they cannot stand the ratchetness of black women.

    And some of the black men are going to look for foreign black women and I have no issues with that. But the thing is that as they go to look for a woman in these other countries, they can’t bring them back to the States. They have to stay with them in their country.

    As the ghetto ratchet black women sees this, the are losing their minds in complete rage because black men have abandon ship. Not only that? We have these simps and the white beta males that are coming after black men who are taking off in the Boeing 747 to go overseas just to look for a wife. It could off been Concorde, it would off been faster.


  12. Helga has found out about the BT1000s & her cadre of Pro Black Simps attacking her & she looks tired which is understandable when you engage Blacknstain. I also see Passport Bros still doing collaborations on YT with these so called enlightened FBA Women which is disturbing to say the least. It seems like Passport Bros are gluttons for punishment & think 🤔 these enlightened FBA Sirens 🚨 care & understand them smh 🤦🏾‍♂️. They also believe that they still have a seat at the table in Blacknstain which is wishful thinking 🧐. In the eyes of the FBA Sirens Passport Bros & SYSBM are seen as traitors to Blacknstain & need to be dealt with accordingly with swift punishment to let the remaining FBA Simps not leave the reservation.

    1. Samuel,

      And this is why black women as a collective will never change for the better, because there are always gullible Negroes willing to extend olive branches out to them regardless of whatever horrific and treacherous acts they carry out against black men and black folks in general. Most black men just don’t get it, despite her atrocious track record, you still have black men out here believing and preaching that there are good black women remaining.

      As we’ve stated before, so called good black women are extremely few and far between to the point of extinction. The so called “unicorn” black female isn’t coming, make alternative plans. Passport Bros need to STOP engaging with black women altogether and simply get on with living the lifestyle. The problem is a lot of those guys deep down still want black women, they just can’t fully let go, smh.

  13. “The problem is a lot of those guys deep down still want black women, they just can’t fully let go, smh.”

    100% truth. There is a reason why Passport Bros’ main destinations are Brazil, DR, Thailand, & Philippines with some targeting Africa…these guys still want melanin especially the unicorn sista. If American BW woke up tomorrow, started wearing their own hair, hit the gym, quit the drag queen makeup, quit talking bs, quit twerking, saw a gynecologist, and acted submissive towards normal guys, that would kill the movement overnight for most. No danger of that happening, however.

    Sad to see Helga caving in to the hyena clan. She found out the hard way why brothas are jumping ship. Oh well.

    SYSBM continues apace.

  14. Helgababuska was and still is using Passport Bro’s platform to boost her so-called brand and website for cash. The fellow Youtuber name Joan J expose her a couple of days ago.

      1. Helga is a fucking fraud dude. I rock with Joan J any day because she shows recipes of these bitchasses.

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