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More Pandering Clowns! #SHORTS

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These white male pandering simps sound really dumb, the main reason is because from the 1960s with the introduction of(whatever wave they want to call it)feminism, white men themselves began kicking out to foreign countries in order to find traditional women from the early 1970s onwards.

Of course, as per usual there isn’t a problem with any other men choosing to expand upon their dating options but as soon as black men choose to get in on the action, the shaming, guilt tripping and insult juices begin to flow profusely.

As I keep on telling you black men, Admiral Frost is not happy that he’s now going to have to compete with the same group of men he once conquered and ruled over.

He never honestly believed that his number one position as being the most desired male on the planet would be under threat, however when you’re a people that choose to constantly promote nothing but war, famine, pestilence, decadence, greed, deception, lies, robbery, theft, murder, degeneracy, homosexuality, paedophilia, LGBTQP, feminism as well as the emasculation and effeminacy of men, the outcome of women looking towards somebody new is to be expected.

These clowns are beyond a joke, they know full well that Western women have seriously fallen off and are in need of dire restoration, however in typical feminist fashion these guys have opted to take the “it’s the man’s fault” path hoping some Scooby snacks and doggie treats will be thrown in their direction.

White men are the ones who’ve created these contaminated Western females spewing their vile feminist garbage, free thinking black men are simply reacting and taking evasive measures in light of the resulting train wreck.

The entire planet as a whole is currently suffering under Caucasian reign, however rather than fix the many problems he’s created, General Blizzard is more concerned about black men getting their passports and travelling overseas trying their best to escape the Western carnage and catastrophe.

Brothers, ignore knuckleheads and shine buckets like these, they simply want all the treasures and spoils for themselves, attempting to mock and ridicule you for travelling to find better women while they’re still doing the same, can somebody say hypocrisy?

Of course these dudes have no problems using the same defaming language that these disjointed black harriets utilise, just like feminist females they mock men for wanting sex even though sex is a normal and an essential part of a man’s life.

Again, the heavy dick policing of heterosexual black men for merely exercising their options just like every other red blooded male on the planet has to be looked upon as homosexual. Only homosexuals concern themselves with where other men are choosing to place their family jewels.

Turning the entire planet upside down on its head but then at the same time criticising those who are suffering for simply looking for an out, what kind of ludicrous nonsensical thinking is that?

These disingenuous snakes are super annoying, continuing to pretend that Western female society isn’t in serious dire straits just so they can keep their pockets packed full of cash and unfortunately these brain dead bimbos of the West keep on falling for the Okey Dokey.

Brothers, continue with your safe and responsible travels to whatever countries take your fancy, ignore bitter and disgruntled soy boy clowns like these sexually suspect buzzards above, the entire world is your oyster. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

General Blizzard Needs To Clean Up His Own Mess And Stop Worrying About Black Men Exercising Their Dating Options

Most High Bless

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37 thoughts on “More Pandering Clowns! #SHORTS

  1. Western white men created feminism.

    Western white men created western women.

    They should keep quiet about issues they created.

    But if they want all black men to go back to original homelands of Africa then what is the problem?

    Oh, it is only a problem when a black man is dating out with a white wifey woman in Africa, North East Europe and all over the world.

    Well, they can’t stop me from building a nuclear family with a WWW.

    1. Witwijf,

      Yep, Western white men created and funded the feminist movement, now it’s biting them in their behinds big time, the complaints are coming through thick and fast from them but they were the same ones laughing back in the day when they saw black men struggling with these angry and bitter black sirens.

      As soon as black men bring up the fact that white men were and are the ones who created and are still feeding the feminism monster, all of a sudden they don’t want to talk about race anymore, race magically doesn’t matter and we should all just get along.

      Major Sleet needs to clean up his feminist mess and stop ducking accountability like his black female flunky.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    These white men on the above video are jealous of the fact that black men have lots of dating options with different races of non black women then ever before throughout the world and they are vex about it. These type of white men don’t like the fact that their position of being the most desirable men on the planet when it comes to different races of women in dating is seriously challenged by us black men who these white men thought that they was way better than us because they foolishly believe that black men are the bottom of society and that no quality good looking non black women will be ever attracted to us black men. I have joined a Filipino dating website the other day and I got well over 100 messages and likes from these Filipino women who are good looking. Let me tell you something that Filipino women love black men and I am speaking from personal experience and its a fact.

    1. Well done for going to Filipina Dating site.

      If you was a 40 year old virgin, that will be an extra bonus for you when it comes to Philippines because western females hates virgin men as they are the mirror of the wall.

      Quick tip: If they live in Philippines remember there is a 8 hour time difference between UK and Philippines. Philippines are 8 hours ahead.

      If you manage to go to Philippines one day, as long you have standards, you will get respected there.

      Good luck.

      As as a UK bro like myself, I would not worry about that white man. White men should not critique about BM and passport bros at all because he created all this White liberal/Feminist mess with is rigged system to begin with so this is his problem, not BM.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I just finished watching on of Dennis Spurling’s latest livestreams where he also was responding to a jealous racist Captain Snowy who left a long comment on a video where he was being interviewed by a Filipina.

      As per usual General Sleet used the same defaming language trying his utmost to paint black men in a bad light.

      As I stated before, white men want all the treasures and the spoils for themselves, never in a million years did they believe they’d have to compete alongside black men, these guys are seriously shook out here:

      Glad you’re choosing to expand upon your dating options even further, I’ve been saying for the longest while that Western women as a collective at this stage are a waste of time, the attention they get from so many random men on the internet is more important to them than being in a serious relationship and having a family.

      The sooner you can get out to that part of the world the better, you’ll have no problems finding a fit, feminine, friendly, traditional, childfree filipina very quickly.

    3. There are lots of Pro Black Hotep SIMPS that are coming after the passport brothers, including the white men who are beta males. They are upset of the passport brothers that are going to a different country to wifey up foreign women because they are siding with these women who are bitter to the core or they tried to date these foreign women and it failed miserably. And yes, there are videos of simps and beta males that are mocking and criticizing the passport brothers and most of them are on TikTok which is now the home of the simps and beta males.

      And speaking of white men, there are white men who are taking their passports and leaving the US as well because they have problems with their white women. The bullshit with black men have with black women the white man is going through the same fuckery with white women. So, Save Yourself Black Man get your passport Go To another country and find your beautiful woman to be happy with and Go Fly’s to another country 🇮🇸🇩🇰🇨🇷🇨🇵🇧🇻🇫🇮🇸🇪🇩🇴🇵🇭🇹🇷🇫🇴 that’s what we got to do brother
      The Wester Women Is Dead The CANCELED CULTURE Is The Problem In Americna #SYSBMLIFESTYLES #PassportBros #InterracialLoveMatters

  3. This might be a little bit off topic but, Verbs you were so right. This must be a sign that the “civil war” has begun. Not only are they simps attacking us a full force but the Chameleons are really coming out:

    She is so fake, no one is going to believe her, maybe these pandering simps, but we here know better than this!

    1. “Damsel in distress era”

      Translation: They are starting to feel the heat from the arson they’ve started and are now playing “victim” and crying for help while Black men are starting to exit from the communitah; don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.

      1. Just another Okie Doke just like ‘I love you Black Men’ Videos and ‘Soft Girl Era’ trick.

        1. These “eras” like “Soft Girl era” and “We love you Black Men” and now “Damsel in Distress” era never seem to last long and they always start on the 1st & 15th of the month lol.

          These hoes really think we’re stupid.

  4. What pathetic LOSERS! really dudes?

    Let’s change some of their terms with another…

    “If you had a horrible *work experience* with *the modern job market* in your space, your entire life. Going to another country, the problem is YOU, no matter where in the world you go, you’re still the problem. you’re still you and you are coming off as entitled and I still deserved this (job) so I couldn’t find what I want ..The USA couldn’t give you a “job”, so you’re going to another country that’s what your fucking doing”

    Imagine someone said this:

    “If you had a horrible *Health experience* with *the modern medical industry* in your space, your entire life. Going to another country, the problem is YOU, no matter where in the world you go, you’re still the problem. You’re still you and you are coming off as entitled and I still deserved this (Medicine, surgery, operation) so I couldn’t find what I want ..The USA couldn’t give you a “proper health care”, so you’re going to another country that’s what your fucking doing”

    or this :

    “If you had a horrible *Crime experience* or PTSD with *the modern Ghetto* in your space, your entire life. Going to another county, the problem is YOU, no matter where in the world you go, you’re still the problem. you’re still you and you are coming off as entitled and I still deserved this (a safer neighborhood) so I couldn’t find what I want .. The City you lived in couldn’t give you a “safe space in the Ghetto”, so you’re going to “another state, province, city, county etc.” that’s what your fucking doing”

    or THIS:

    “If you had a horrible *INAVSION/WAR IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY experience* with *the modern nation (USA) BOMBING THE FUCK out of your nation because you have resources I want* in your space/Country, your entire life. Going to another country, the problem is YOU, no matter where in the world you go, you’re still the problem. You’re still you and you are coming off as entitled and I still deserved this (NOT getting bombed or sanctioned sky high because you do not agree with USA or European colonial/imperialist polices) so I couldn’t find what I want ..The USA couldn’t give you a “respect for allowing other nations to live the way they want in peace without the 300th invasion in USA history”, so you’re going to another country that’s what your fucking doing”

    Do you see how mad he sounds???

    1. Something that Madbusdriver use to say about what they say about these haters calling you cowards for going elsewhere.
      Basically he said this and he is correct on this is what this White Guy pandering simp is basically saying is to stay here and be miserable.

      It is like saying ‘Try to repeat the same method and expect different results’.

      Why should anyone repeat the same method and expect different results?

  5. I am telling you, men, not just Passport Bros. but also SYSBM, NEED to come together and attack these punk asses! go to their videos, their emails etc and send them hate messages to MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. Men need to fight back, call them out, SHAME them. And any man who tries to tell you this to your face in real life needs to get punched in the fucking MOUTH!

    I know SYSBM and PB are two separate entities and have different life goals but they should work on exposing these simps aswell as the black women for what they are. this is for their common interested…

    1. I will disagree and I am totally against this SYSBM/Passport Bros Alliance.
      I know Verbs will disagree with me what I am about to say.

      The reason why I am against this SYSBM/Passport Bro alliance and only affiliate with Travelling Bros:

      I am no SYSBM but I follow the SYSBM philosophy.

      Passport Bros are American BM who travels to another country to find women, nothing wrong with that.

      SYSBM is about improving your self and well being, finance. The purpose of affiliate with Travelling Brothers because Travelling bros is about understanding other country’s culture, laws, language, cultural patriarchy (have standards and self-respect where-ever you go).

      What will happen when if you have this SYSBM/Passport Bros alliance it will become the infiltration and the simp/feminist haters will use this saying that how bad boys or Pookies is part of SYSBM and it become plagued. I know people like Shawn James will use every means to paint SYSBM as the villain if the Passport Bros form with SYSBM as this will be all about women.

      The point I am saying that women should never be an end goal to your life, women and relationship is a bonus, but should not be all.

      This is what happen to the manopshere in 2017. When it was form, the manosphere was never about women at all, it was about 2 things: Building and Solution. Where BM was learning finance, being healthy, travel to become more spiritual and emotional healthy. As soon as BW saw this they see it as a threat, even the Black Manophere never mention anything about BW, but they start the hit list because they saw BM flourishing.
      Then Oshay and Obsidian throw the towel and give in to the list and form this manopshere/Black women alliance. Inviting the women to the panel, now look at it, these manophere now become simps, 1st there were hardcore Red-Pill now turn Blue Pill.

      SYSBM learn a lesson from the Black Manosphere and I know the Passport Bros have been infiltrated. Even the International Media thinks Austin Holleman is the leader of the Passport Bros which was on National TV, mainstream media and in Brazil from the BW Brazilian Feminist. At least he flee to Thailand.

      Haters are targeting SYSBM at the moment, only Passport Bros are getting attacked.

      Again, women should never be an end goal nor a focus on one life. This is how Madbusdriver met his women in Russia, he just went there to chill and he met his wife naturally. When you see pictures of BM/Non-BW couple on Madbusdriver videos, these brothers never went to another country for women, the women approach him. Even some thinking brothers I saw on some YouTube comments stating that when they wer poor and homeless, usually White Women met them when they were down and help him up, these brothers did not approach the BM, it was women approach BM as other race of women find potential. Basically ‘if you build, they come’ and that is what BM did, they build and other race of women comes.
      This is another reason why BW are mad when they see successful BM with other race of women, because BW never approach BM when BM building, other race of women did, they snag BM before BW.

      As a UK brother and the last thing I see is SYSBM getting on mainstream media because of alliance.
      Verbs is right on one thing: Passport Bros should have their own tenants.

      Keep the PB and SYSBM entities separate.

      1. Fair enough. This is totally fair assessment. I will rethink my position on this matter.

        But I do still think that men, in general, should at least fight back instead of letting themselves get slandered the way they are trying to slander us all. These slanders can literally destroy our lives on the simple basis of a false accusations and tear down everything a man has built for himself. In my opinion, just an opinion, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, that black men are the most oppressed group and oppressed groups will never flourish if they just roll over and let their oppressors curb stomp them.

        1. Carnio,

          I take the side with Mister Master because this whole war with Passport Bros is all about women and dating.

          I remember the alliance war again BM with Passport because the BM are just taking a vacation just to relax after the 2 years of Covid Marshall Law.

          Most of the American BM using Passport go take vacation just to enjoy themselves. They not even think about women or sex when they having a good time. The haters and dick police simps see it as ‘It is all about women and sex’.

          Unfortunately the Passport Bros just bragging about women overseas, SYSBM never brag, they just doing they own thing.

          Look how White MGTOW in Australia made National TV in Australia, MGTOW is not mainstream, these men decide to walk away in silence and the women in that country do not understand why marriage is in decline. Even the women on TV fail to acknowledge that it was the western system is rigged.

          MadbusDriver does not want SYSBM mainstream, haters make it mainstream just like Passport haters made Passport Bros become mainstream media. Verbs always state the SYSBM is for the few, not for the many

          I do agree that you how BM in America getting slandered left, right and centre and you want to fight back against the haters in the Social Media Internet World.
          Unfortunately outside of internet/In Teal life/real world, the Black Community do not want to change the system and law. Even BW want to keep it the way it is because they love the welfare, feminism, Section 8 as this is their comfort Zone. Because they are pro-Liberal and Democrat, like David Carrol always say: ‘No Hope and No Change’.
          The black culture in the America did had a chance to keep Trump into office to make the black community better, but the black community chose that old man Joe Biden because the BW matriarch see him as a ‘God’ of the Black Community.

          Good thing young BM are fighting back in silence when they are dating out and leaving America which is the solution to the problem.

          We all know that BW will never change because there are unlimited supplies of Blue-Pill simps out there to feed these 304s.

      2. MM,

        To be honest Passport Bros and SYSBM™ cannot really form an alliance per say because they(Passport Bros) don’t have a solid structure, Passport Bros is more of a freelance movement whereas SYSBM™ is structured with a leader(MadBusDriver)and a set of tenets to boot.

        That being said, I’ll always defend the heterosexual free thinking black man’s right to freedom of choice and freedom of movement regardless of what label he throws himself under. As I’ve stated before, freedom of choice as well as freedom of movement are also fundamentals etched into the SYSBM™ philosophy.

        As for SYSBM™ going mainstream, it will be the haters that just like before will bring the lifestyle into the limelight because they just cannot help themselves. I’m with you, I much prefer things the way they are now, nice and quiet, however as SYSBM expands, attention from undesirables will inevitably follow.

        I’m watching the persecution of the Passport Bros closely to note how those same attacks will be targeted at SYSBM™ practitioners.

    2. I disagree slightly. Why give any acknowledgement to someone who needs it to prosper? Us acknowledging him earns him revenue. He’s willing to do your work for you
      The first egregious act was to violate Man Law. You never rat out a man because of his woman hustle. We never did that with him ( even though we knew how it would turn out). But this clown just showed his hand

    3. Carnio,

      When it comes to the Passport Bros, I’ll defend their right to freedom of choice and freedom of movement because SYSBM™ has the same tenets embedded into its philosophy. Additionally, as I’ve mentioned before, SYSBM by default is a fundamental pillar of the Passport Bros movement.

      I look at the persecution they’re suffering now as a prelude to what will go down when the media catches wind of SYSBM™ and what we stand for.

      The 2 main things missing from Passport Bros at the moment is solid leadership and a set of tenets whereby people can have a deeper and clearer understanding as to what the Passport Bros movement is all about as well as what is and isn’t permitted.

      You’re right, SYSBM™ and Passport Bros are two separate entities, however when you have outsiders attempting to impede on a black man’s right to travel as well as his right to interact with the women of his choice, we’ve got a serious problem.

      I’m quite happy firing my guns and cannons at dick police as well as Passport Bro haters from SYSBM™ headquarters.

      Meanwhile black women are catching some serious heat from Filipinas, these black harriets better call upon their white lord and saviour for protection because I won’t be lifting a finger to save them, NEVER:

  6. So white boys have been dropping loads in native chicks for 1000 years (siring many racial offshoots in the process) but when Black Men travel abroad it’s a problem. Their great-grandfathers used to imprison Black Men by force and keep them on the plantation, now all they’ve got is puffball shaming language.

    I’ve written on here before and Verbs just reiterated it, the white man invented this intersectional feminist, LBGTQ, pedophilic, gynocratic, Western hellscape in the first place, he needs to STFU.

    Bizarre how Dwight Mann sounds exactly like his TRUE counterpart, the Black bonnet-head. Both the most insecure and evil groups on the planet…yet the love affair is one-sided, hahahahaha.

    Although I do like some MGTOW content, this is why I don’t buy into it completely, because racist white dudes eventually show their true colors. These are the white feminists they’re supposed to be through with, why do they care? Sound familiar?

    Watch your 6 out there gents. You got no friends in the Matriarchy. Get that passport!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The irony is MGTOW was actually started by a black man(Barbarosa) but when he left YouTube the movement was quickly infiltrated by angry, bitter and disgruntled, racist white men who weren’t and still aren’t happy that their feminism experiment has blown up in their faces.

      Let’s also not pretend that we can’t see the serious disappointment on their faces as well as hear their frustrations at the amount of interracial relationships between white women and black men that have come about in recent times.

      Like I said before, General Blizzard just like the black witch needs to stop ducking accountability for the mess he’s created.

      Notice that whenever this particular nugget is pointed out, all of a sudden “race doesn’t matter” and “we should work together” become convenient and frequent mantras, smh.

      As we’ve both stated before, these guys are MGTOW until they see an attractive white women with a black man, then all of a sudden they transform into dick police and their true colours begin to manifest.

      I’ll continue to repeat this, never in a million years did white men believe that they’d have to compete with the very same men that at one stage they enslaved and conquered, these mentally unstable Major Sleets are really shook out here.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Let’s be clear about something. The type of white men who even concern themselves with black dating are bottom shelf Brads who couldn’t get a white woman greater than a 2 or 3. These same bottom shelf Brads are acutely aware of how mentally ill the average Negress is. They know that they can be a zero and still get a Stacy Dash, because of the Negress’s plantation mindset.

        Whenever you see a bottom shelf Brad white knighting for the scraggle daggle sisterhood, you’d better believe he is looking for scooby snacks from the scraggle daggle sisterhood. All his life he has been invisible to white women, so he is trying to mine pussy from the scraggle daggle sisterhood who don’t see his abundant flaws and shortcomings. They only see that he is Caucasian. And to their mentally ill minds, this is more than enough.

        1. “His white skin covers a multitude of imperfections and sins.” – The Honorable Dr. David Carroll RIP

  7. They should be called Panders, you know why? Because they are really pandering! Every single time, these simps are beta males are talking about the passport brothers when they open their mouth which smells of sperm.

    The planet is suffering because of these beta males are messing up shit for everyone and I mean for everyone and they are mocking men especially black men taking their passports and leaving American? There are white men who are left the US to go to foreign countries just to find a honey to wife up. Why they are not saying anything about them?

    They need to to know that I can date any woman I want and they can’t stop me. All these beta males are good for is getting cuckold and watch their wives or girlfriends getting pipe down by other dudes.

    Somthing for the cucks out there, blud. They like these type of things:

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Allow me to be the first to share my 2 cents on this: the moment I saw Soncerae’s face and the channel’s name, I knew this short was total BS. The Asian braud speaking, whoever she is, shouldn’t be taken seriously on any front; listen to her words, and tell me does that sound remotely close to the way Asian women normally speak? Mind you, it’s been revealed by some members of Passport Bros that the straggs are paying foreign women to speak disparaging words about the movement; now, I suspect they’re doing the same towards the Filipinas who are clapping back at BW who verbally attacked them first. They are pulling a similar stunt as Jussie Smollett with his hate crime hoax, and it shows how desperate they are to keep Black men from leaving.

    2. Tony Stacks,

      She westernised which means she’s contaminated which also means she’s disqualified. Nobody is checking for this overweight, fake eyelash wearing, ugly heifer.

      Espousing the same talking points as these bitter black sirens yet these same black females will cast her aside without hesitation whenever they’re ready.

      Any non black females taking the side of dysfunctional black women are dummies, what, they haven’t seen what happens to them after their usefulness has ended?

      Black women aren’t even loyal towards other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, how much less an outsider?

    3. “What do you think about this video?”

      Fat, Americanized trash. Is she even Filipina? And look at those struggle lashes. “Low quality kings” what a laugh. If a negro can afford to fly to the Philippines or Thailand they’re doing better than this fat ghetto trash who’s one step away from eviction. Take care of your multiple kids, bitch. Same with fat Soncerae in the corner. These hoes ain’t shit.

      To quote an African-American philosoper and educator, “Mastodons down, Bounty Villains up, let’s get it, let’s go.”

      PS: There’s an intersection between SYSBM and Passport Bros and we should come together where we intersect. Passport Bros is the logical outgrowth of SYSBM. If the mandate is to save yourself, the next logical question is “where to”?

      I’m personally sick of the division amongst Black Men. Intelligent brothers who claim to be able to see the Matrix should do better.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        “There’s an intersection between SYSBM and Passport Bros and we should come together where we intersect. Passport Bros is the logical outgrowth of SYSBM. If the mandate is to save yourself, the next logical question is “where to”? I’m personally sick of the division amongst Black Men. Intelligent brothers who claim to be able to see the Matrix should do better.”


  8. I looked at his TikTok, and at the top it said the following: “Dating/Marriage/Divorce/Post Divorce; Proven Advice From Real Life Experience”, and that told me all that I needed to know; I believe he’s taking shots at Passport Bros because he makes his money off of giving advice on dealing with BROKEN domestic women, so why wouldn’t he feel some type of way seeing a movement where men are seeking out better options abroad where his advice isn’t needed? The misandry runs so deep with these relationship experts; they always tell men that something is inherently wrong with them if they aren’t getting the results they want in the US dating market.

    As for his baldheaded, “bootleg Vin Diesel” looking friend, did you guys peep the “Birth Of A Nation” style of language he used? He referred to Passport Bros as “sex starved men who are going out to prey on these third world women”; there they go with the “sex tourism” allegations again. But wait, I thought foreign women were taking advantage of us for green cards and a shot at escaping their poor conditions at home; which one is it? He also said that we’re a pretty diverse population here in the States, but that doesn’t apply to the women overall; when it comes to mindset and personality, they’re pretty much the same.

    I’ve heard so many testimonials from American men who’ve traveled abroad, and the men who get rejected here are treated like kings in foreign countries; also, a lot of the happiest men I see today are men with traditional foreign wives, so that tells me that there’s nothing wrong with the men who have no luck dating in the West, but rather their immediate environment is sick.

    1. BCT,

      These so called “dating coaches/relationship experts” realise that they aren’t needed in countries where the women still subscribe to traditional family values, therefore they’ll try their utmost to throw shade on external options in their pathetic attempts to save their livelihoods. As I’ve stated before, Whole Foods is still hiring.

      The bottom line is there is no comparison, men in the West by and large haven’t changed, they still desire marriage and families however at the same time they recognise that getting married and having children in the West is a fool’s errand and incredibly dangerous from a financial perspective.

      Foreign women are the way forwards as far as I’m concerned and the Kojak wannabe with his buddy in the above clip aren’t going to change a damn thing.


  9. Crackerjack needs to take ten seats and shut the fuck up.

    These are the same WM that call themselves liberal, open minded and embrace diversity, but not when it comes to your black ass. Stepping out with a white woman turns avocado soy boy into fully fledged Neo-Nazi.

    Like you’ve all said, Captain Breeze had the international rape game down pat for the last 1000 years with little resistance, but the second us BM discovers life outside the USA for companionship, out comes the swastika and the white hood.

    “we all need to stick together, race doesn’t matter” my arse. You’ll still get harassed and called a nigha black bastard for taking his woman.

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