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Andrew and Tristan Tate have been languishing in a Romanian jail for over a month and a half with no charges levied against them. The reasons, not what the lamestream media have been reporting on.

For telling men to stop being lazy, to go to the gym, to get strong, to get their lives together, to value themselves and not tolerate any garbage from modern day women, to generate as much wealth as they can via legal means.

The investigation into the Tate brothers began back in April 2022, it’s now February 2023 and to date they still haven’t been charged with anything. Love them or hate them, it’s apparent that the Tates are being held hostage by Romanian authorities in clear violation of Human Rights as well as international law.

What else is disappointing is the fact that up until recently both brothers had spoken highly of Romania as a country, however unfortunately in light of their detention, Romania has proven itself to be nothing short of a communist flunky for the West.

The powers that be believe that they can disrupt the massive wave that has been created by the Tates speaking out and awakening folks especially young men out of their slumber. Here in the UK they’ve even gone as far as to formulate anti Andrew Tate courses in their efforts to undo the net positive Andrew Tate especially has injected back into male society:

It’s funny to watch these elites running around like headless chickens attempting to stem the flow of young men reigniting that classic masculinity within themselves that’s been buried by the indoctrination and brainwashing of social media as well as the mainstream press.

Whether you like the Tates or not, every individual’s rights should always be protected. If you haven’t done anything wrong then you shouldn’t be subjected to unwarranted persecution and unjust arrests.

The so called elites haven’t realised the amount of positive damage Andrew Tate has brought upon their system in such a short space of time, Tate’s works in deconstructing the Matrix have been beyond monumental.

It’s too late, more men are now going to rise up, at some point in the near future these streets will be lit up with the fire of truth and justice, coming to a town/city near you.

The Tate brothers are INNOCENT, that’s blatantly obvious to those who’ve still retained the ability to think and reason for themselves. This is nothing short of psychological warfare purposely implemented to have as much impact on the Tates mentally as can be achieved. Meanwhile in other news:

This guy understands exactly what is going on. Additionally, this is why most women in the West hate Andrew Tate, because he teaches men to value themselves which as a consequence will cause those same men to demand women first EARN any attention they want from them.

These black sirens desperately want the blue pilled simps to remain in place, they don’t want them getting any ideas of travelling overseas and being able to land themselves an attractive, feminine, cooperative woman WITHOUT the many hoops as well as the endless bureaucracy and red tape that Western women frequently bring to the table.

Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to put yourselves first, any women who refuse to get onboard with your program need to be put to the side with the quickness.

Finally, black women making disrespectful and disparaging comments towards foreign women has now reached reach news outlets in Thailand:

They should’ve kept their focus on the men, why black women felt the need to go after foreign women is beyond me. Either way, black women are on their own on this one, I will NOT be saving any of them from this mess they’ve created with their own hands.

Brothers, continue holding the line, stand tall and strong and most of all, NEVER be afraid to be a man and bask in classic masculinity and traditional manhood to the fullest. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM™ #FREETOPG #FREETHETATES

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind), Resist The Slave Mind

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Romanian government is corrupt like all governments in the world.

    Most people believe governments care about citizens and never has been the case at all.

    Meanwhile, western women are already in the grave spiritually.

    My only hope when it comes to relationships are WWW from North east europe.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I support Andrew Tate 100 percent. As for the friend zone it’s the worst place to be as a man in 2023. Having female friends is a waste of time especially if you find them sexually attractive and they will always talk about some guy that they are dating and that’s going to make me jealous as a man hearing that.

    1. The Friend Zone = Women trying to make you their gay bestie but you ain’t gay. Them trying to tell you about dudes they’re really fucking is the ultimate disrespect. No real heterosexual man should put up with it. If they don’t see you as sexual, and they’re not an asset in any other way, keep it moving. As always, SYSBM.

      1. Schadenfreude.

        I fully agree with you bro and thats the reason why I refuse to have female friends.


    Conclusion: If 33% of Black Men are married and 57% of Black Men are childless – that means 90% of Black men are being blamed for those 10% Slim Sauces, Trap-House Jims, 12-gauge Mikes and the rest of the pookies and ray-rays the scraggs actually procreate with.

    90/10 rule. 70% of Black children are born out of wedlock. You do the math.


      1. CTAX,

        Here is the comment I posted on Spurling’s video:

        “Those who choose to carry out the works of the devil must always be prepared to pay the price for doing so. Black women must now look towards the State for protection because I will NOT be lifting a finger to help them when judgement and recompense are poured out on their heads. Black women are clean on their own at this point.”

        1. Verbs,

          The fact that other countries have complained to the U.S. State Department means BAW have thrown The U.S. Government under the bus with their actions – which means The State will throw those females under the train. And deservedly so.

          All I have to say is – Brothers, get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show. This isn’t our war.


  4. What are your thoughts on this:

    I remember Verbs made a topic about how Fresh and Fit talking about how you are not a real man because you use Samsung phone and you are a real man because you use Apple phone.

    Now on Minister Jap hating on BM who uses Android phones.

    The question is why do men worry about if you got Samsung Android or Apple iphones or not.
    They got this ‘women don’t like men who uses Android and women prefer men which Apple’ like what has having what type of phone the man got to do with mating?

    They so worry about impressing western females.

    1. Apple phones are overpriced and paint target on your back for phone theft especially in London & cities

      Whilst android is more practical and doesn’t break easily. Also the operating system is a form of Linux.

      Both has its advantages & disadvantages but I’d stick with Android and use the extra money for more important things. I blame dumb Americans for spreading this materialism. Although one could say its human nature for greed & jealousy.

    2. Michael,

      You bring up a very good point as I’ve grown up fascinated at the tribalism over cell phone brands and manufacturers in the West. I’ve had to deal with this growing nonsense growing up through middle and high school hearing my classmates dogging each other out at times over the kind of phone they used.

      To me a smartphone is a phone at the end of the day and it makes no difference between the brands if they both do the same basic things. Hearing other black males clown each other over the type of cell phone they choose to use is not only weirdly demented it is also another distraction from bigger issues at hand.

    3. I buy the best phone I can afford, unless Jap wants to pay for me to have an iPhone, then he can shut it. Inelegant sales people for Apple.

    4. I remember that Fresh & Fit video on iPhones, as well; they said it themselves on the video that Android phones are superior, but you should still get it to impress the ladies. At this point, getting the latest iPhone is equivalent to buying the latest Jordans; you don’t need it for any practical reason except to show it off and garner female attention.

      1. I had to flat out tell a few kyunes I work with that I don’t believe in wasting money on “n*gga trinkets”. That lousy, consumer mentality is large part of why American blacks are stuck at the bottom of the totem pole. Other racial groups are smart enough not to waste money on crap they don’t need.

  5. Love him or hate him, Andrew Tate speak logic, especially Tristan Tate. If the Romanians doesn’t know that they have broken he human rights law, they will be in serious trouble. Everyone knows that they are innocent and the Romanians broken a law that can put them in serious shit. I hope they do get out and sue the hell out of them.

    Right, what the white said on the video is so true. I know that the women in the west have a habit of friendzoning men and it’s mostly the nice guys. Black men go through it when black women does it as well. If a woman friendzones you, then you have to leave her and just move on. However, when the girl sees you with another chick which is better then her, I guarantee that she will be pissed off.

    Yesterday, I was at Central London and I felt that nobody was not in valentine’s day mood. Guess what? I wasn’t neither. I really don’t business with now man. I don’t do flowers, daisy’s, boxes of chocolates and shit. That’s just fuckery. Hope SYSBM enjoyed their valentine’s day.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. The Tates are not nearly as big on social media in the US as they are in the UK. Also, social media in the US has a lot more distractions. Also, the American attention span is a lot shorter than the UK’s. That said, I wish the Tates nothing but the best.

    I personally would have invested my energy differently than they did theirs. First of all, I can think of many places I would have gone before Romania. I try to educate men about the perils and pitfalls of simping. Particularly black men. I also try to educate black men about the cultural matrix that programs them to be subordinate simps to black women.

    I believe that once a heterosexual man stops simping, things get better. His natural masculine instincts take over. You don’t have to teach masculinity to a heterosexual man, once his mind is freed from simping indoctrination.

    I have never subscribed to date coaching, nor teaching/learning game. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. The fundamental things are universal. Good health, good hygiene, be fit, be well read, well spoken, well groomed, financially independent, have self respect, self confidence, and carry yourself well. This should be enough for any woman. If it is not, you don’t need that woman.

    Whenever I see a man come out short in his relationship with a woman, you’d better believe simping was involved. The daggle in particular, and women in general, derive whatever power they might have over weak men, because of simping.

    1. How did you come up with these theories? Andrew Tate has frequently been in the United States because he’s a dual citizen, chiefly to fight. He’s been on most of the Red Pill channels on YouTube, how is he more popular in the UK when he doesn’t speak with a British accent?

      As for these so-called trumped up charges that haven’t been filed, you will soon find out what they are in trouble for. The methods in which they got not the initial women to work in their cam business but the other women they hired to expand the business is what is in question here.

      That falls under human trafficking statues.

      What the Red Pill community and often Andrew himself has complained about is how elites seemingly get away with stuff that normal people can’t. This is another classic case, add on top of that is what elites see as a negative influence on young men, especially young men raised by women.

      Under Romanian law they can be held indefinitely until the courts and Tate Brothers’ lawyers can successfully get them released.

      They are also flight risk

      But most of you aren’t screaming about the Black men who have done nothing wrong other than someone telling the authorities he was at the scene of a crime and held indefinitely.

      I find it hypocritical that we scream about the Tate Brothers real possibility they are in trouble with the law and that it’s made up. Yet there are Black men jailed until there is a trial if he can’t make bail.

      For years I have said: When women in the West especially Black women are calling foreign women dirty, poor and uneducated is bigoted and racist. It also screams hypocrisy, irony and self entitlement coming from Black women.

      Black women have often called Black men gay for disagreeing with them, why not convict you of dating ladyboys in the Philippines and Thailand? It’s par for the course, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

      B Dub behavior doesn’t shock me anymore it sinks to new lows constantly.

      Finally I may disappoint you, I live out of my car because I refuse to pay the high rent in Los Angeles. I see no point in a lateral move to some wacked out part of the United States just to save money.

      I barely finished high school, I don’t have a diploma or a GED.

      Made $52,000 in 2022

      Other than that I do have a passport renewed in 2022 (2007). I’ve been to Brazil, all over Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada and Mexico.

      I am a Black man, an American, 30-35 lbs heavier than I should be and 52 going on 53 years old (Gen X).

      One thing I will not let anybody Gen Y or Gen Z do which is to turn SYSBM into a movement only for the upwardly mobile, nerdy, anime enthusiast. There is space for every Black man in this movement including Africans and Caribbeans.

      I still say SYSBM is for interracial datings/couples/marriage but it seems Verbs has soften his stance on, likely at the behest of Black men who still have a thing for Black women.

      Speaking of which this whole idea of being upwardly mobile, etc, etc puts you in a place of existence that you casually meet women works for some but not for others. As you have seen in countries like Colombia and Thailand Black men are forcing the issue because I still believe gaining wealth is much easier in a two income household, rather than this quest for independent wealth which is much more complicated than having IT certifications.

      It bears repeating, I am SYSBM. The movement came around to me and men like me rather than existing in a space where it drew me in. I gravitated to MBDX because of his marriage to a Russian woman, the movement came after that.

      1. Anthony,

        “I still say SYSBM is for interracial datings/couples/marriage but it seems Verbs has soften his stance on, likely at the behest of Black men who still have a thing for Black women.”

        Errr, excuse me? I don’t know how you’ve come to that conclusion. Exactly what are you looking for, for me to run down the streets with pitch forks and lamps of fire? I don’t cater towards black men who still deal with black women(though I make mention of them typically for illustration purposes), this is exactly what SYSBM is about, saving yourself from the modern day black female and her matriarchal plantation.

        There’s nowhere you can point to where I’m “going soft”. Sometimes you can come with some seriously left field comments. Don’t forget the live I was on with MBD and other SYSBM Knights a number of years ago where the question was asked as to whether the modern day black female could be a quality stargate. The ultimate conclusion was NO, I’ve never fought or railed against that decision ever.

        The only place where you can point to where my stance has changed is in relation to dealing with non black Western women in general because of their increasing degeneracy and degradation, I’m now more of the idea that black men ought to abandon Western women altogether and instead turn their focus towards traditionally minded foreign women. SYSBM is for ANY black man who has his head screwed on straight and recognises the need to escape the plantation and the black siren who rules over it.

        As for the Tates, The prosecution has yet to present any credible evidence against the brothers, hence why the corrupt Romanian judges continue to grant them unwarranted 30 day jail term extensions. I’m really struggling to understand how you can so easily fall for the lamestream media propaganda and not see the bigger picture ie what’s really at play here.

        The detention of the Tates in reality has nothing to do with trafficking and everything to do with them positively influencing men(especially young men) and encouraging them to once again take up classic masculinity and traditional manhood as well as to value themselves and make women earn any attention they want from them.

        In conclusion, you’d have to point to exactly where you believe my message has been compromised for me to take that comment seriously, feel free to do so, if you don’t I and other people here will know that you’re simply gaslighting and capping.

    1. He makes the same points others have been making. Black women have high STD rates in the United States, gotcha.

      Bad News for the Black men that continually date Black women. Good News for the Black men who don’t, including me. STD concerns were raised back in the 90’s, HIV being chief among them but the CDC also raised concerns about the other STD’s that are easier to get had increased in frequency all throughout the 1990’s, into the 2000’s and 2010’s, now 2020’s.

      Granted some of you didn’t come of age until the late 90’s and these sorts of things are not important to you. But don’t come around all brand new that this is NOW a problem, it has been a problem!

      I don’t date Black women, DONE. The last time I had sex with a Black women was 1992 and not ONCE since then. I don’t live in a Black enclave, IE I don’t see Black women all day everyday; I see more Latinas than anything else.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I trust that you all have had a good week thus far; you know, the way they’re treating the Tate brothers is absolutely despicable! We are slipping into a similar state of being that is reminiscent of the Dark Ages where they accused you of “heresy” and sought to diminish your reputation for merely going against the status quo; nowadays, they don’t say “heresy”, but they’ll use terms like “misogyny”, “toxic masculinity”, “homophobia”, “transphobia”, “cishetero”, etc., all terms that have lost their meaning due to overuse. It’s also been revealed that the women who’ve accused them were working with the Embassy over there and got them involved shortly after arriving; they PLANNED to frame the Tates!

    As for Passport Bros, the scraggle daggle are instigating a war with foreign women that they aren’t going to win; when your racist, bigoted rants against foreign women hits the media in their countries, your days are numbered, especially where traveling is concerned. Just last night, I saw another video where a Filipina clapped back at a stragg who tried to say that Passport Bros are wifing up trannies in the Philippines and Brazil by posting some bogus population stats; the Filipina showed the total population stats for her country (which was identical to the fake stats). So, that means EVERY Filipino native is trans? These Filipinas are not taking the disrespect from the scraggle daggle, and they are clapping back hard!

    Black women have picked a battle that they are not going to win; with that said, get your passport and find that quality stargate who awaits your arrival, king! #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. And the beat goes on. However we all know none of us would date a woman that looks like she does, right?


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