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Relationship Ruined Over Beyonce Concert!

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Yep, this short sighted Jezebel lost her man because she couldn’t keep her emotions out of the equation when it came to wanting to see Beyonce perform. Mind you, Beyonce is married and after the show is over will be going back to her husband, meanwhile Gemma will be returning to NO MAN.

This is the thing with most Western women, they have no clue as to what is going on in the world, they have no idea that a serious economic collapse is imminent, there is no instinct present in the majority of them to prepare for the rough times that are ahead.

All they want to do is concentrate on “being happy” by focusing on the material and superficial things in life believing that these will bring them the fleeting happiness they’re always looking for, however as we wise men know, the buzz and the high from indulging in such vanity is temporary.

These Western women for the majority part are complete and utter dummies, I’ve never come across a group of individuals who don’t have a clue as to how things work in the real world.

This is yet another reason why I’m encouraging brothers to instead connect with non Western foreign women, because at least they’re more in tune with reality and will allow you to operate to where you can make necessary preparations for the future more efficiently.

Western women as a collective on the other hand are completely lost, they’re so bewitched and indoctrinated by the social media propaganda machine which constantly tells them that they have to have fun and be happy all the time, talk about unrealistic expectations at their height.

I seriously struggle to understand the obsession large swaths of Western women have with celebrities, it’s almost as if they believe they are one with the celebrity concerned and they’re living their lives through famous people, the delusions of grandeur are very strong.

Glad to see the guy called off the engagement and broke up with the knucklehead, I hope he stuck to his guns, if he did, he dodged some serious bullets. She really showed him her true colours.

The stupid heifer honestly believed that seeing Beyonce in concert was more important than saving up for a house, you cannot make this stuff up.

Western women for the majority part aren’t interested in preservation as well as building for the future, their only concern is having enough money in the moment to spend on materials or having some guy available who’ll be willing to unconditionally lavish them with gifts and presents every 5 minutes.

That $600 plus could be better spent on so many other things. Gentlemen, don’t ever listen to women when they talk about what would make them happy, because they operate in their emotions, they don’t have a damn clue.

They’re just like a child with a new toy, after the excitement has faded, they’ll quickly lose interest in what they claimed would make them happy just 5 minutes prior.

Brothers, save your money, only connect with women who can assist you in properly preparing for the future, steer well clear of women who talk about wanting to “be happy” all the time.

Life is full of ups and downs, it’s normally the down times that help us develop and grow as individuals, however when you’re constantly chasing after “happiness”, the rough times(agreeably uncomfortable)will be looked upon as a curse and won’t be appreciated for the life changing moments they can bring.

Peace of mind and contentment ought to be greater values that should be sort after more than wanting to “be happy”, You’ll find much more fulfilment in these as opposed to chasing after short term highs and vapious euphorias.

The above is your over emotional Western female in a nutshell, she must have things go her way or she’s out the door without a second thought. The reason why they have no problems sleeping with men who are not cut out for long term relationships is because they aren’t suited for long term companionships either, let that sink in. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Western Female Has Become A Joke And A Laughingstock On Her Own Home Turf

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Relationship Ruined Over Beyonce Concert!

  1. Wow. Just wow. Over some Beyonce tickets?! At this point, maybe the Western women are only good for recreational use because a lot of them don’t know how to operate in a relationship, or how the relationship operates between a man and a woman. That article that some content creators mention that in 2030, 45% or 50% of women in America will be single and childless, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already happening before then. This dude was trying to build a future, but this woman was concern over some stupid Beyonce tickets like it’s the end of the world. Western women, be prepared for the future because it’s not gonna look pretty in the dating market for them at all.

    You know what’s funny about these Western women who be worshipping these female celebrities, do they not know that majority of them female celebrities they worship are in relationships and marriages, and they’re not? For that, I really have to laugh at them because these female rappers and city girls that they worshipping, putting out that raunchy shit, showing the nasty worldwide or nationwide, they got a whole boyfriend or husband at home, and the women that are worshipping them don’t have one. Ain’t that crazy?

    1. That Retro Guy,

      I can’t really see how Western women as a collective are good for anything outside of recreational use since they’ve chosen to abandon being traditionally minded females. Since they’ve decided to embrace modernity, the only option is to give them what they want.

      Just like there is a left over women epidemic in China, the West will definitely see the same phenomenon take place. Feminism is the biggest deception that women in Western countries have subscribed to.

  2. Beyonce is demonic, just like her husband and most of celebrities.

    They sold their soul for fame and fortune.

    Western women don’t have a clue to what is really going on economically and spiritually.

    Clueless to understand anything.

    They would end a relationship or a marriage for a celebrity.

    They would cheat on their partners for a celebrity.

    Femininity has literally died in western societies.

    My only option is seeking one WWW from northern east Europe.

    1. Witwijf,

      As standard you don’t get to the level that Beyonce is at without having to sacrifice your soul to the devil. I can never understand folks who have no problems chasing after the superficial and material things of this world while neglecting the things that actually matter.

      Western women are indeed spiritually dead, this is the main reason why they’re so out of touch with how dire the world as a whole has become.

  3. Hi Verbs,

    This information originally came from Daphne Sutton (you can tell by the @queenofaccountability logo and the ninja face). Someone send her this because the the BW trying to clown this man, but the women got exposed. I can tell this is a Black woman ended the relationship over a ticket because no other race of women just put this out there.

    It turns out that the $1000 ticket is from a resale means the reseller put price up in premiums as the original price could be between $200 to 400 as I am not sure:

    Another note you stated which was very important about happiness:
    People do not seek ‘happiness’, happiness comes to them, from health, wellbeing, having meaningful things. When you spend time seeking happiness, this becomes a temporary fix like a drug. People should be doing things that make them happy, meaning ‘Natural Happy’. Example, we all see MadbusDriver’s video when you shows interracial couple, when you see the picture of a black man which a non-BW, you see ‘Natural Happiness’ aka ‘Organic Happiness’ because they experience something naturally positive which shows them a good heart.

    When you seek happiness aka Artificial Happiness e.g. spending premiums on petty stuff, this is temporary and does not last long. It is like taking a quick fix. This also temporary happiness leads to long term consequences.

    I give you a scenario:
    Many years ago in America, Popeyes sold these Super Chicken Sandwich. To me and normal guys, it is just a Chicken sandwich, but we all saw that in the hood, these hoods, ghetto, pookies, ray ray and thugs were not just fighting for the damn burger which cost only $4, they resort to violence over a damn burger. They not just had a fight over it, they stab and even kill each other over it. Even BW destroy each others car which cost massive insurance premium and repairs over a $4 burger.

    The point I am saying that they believe that they are seeking happiness by eating that burger after that you take a shit which last day which cost you a lifetime over a burger, just like this female destroy a relationship over something petty like a ticket which she get could of got conned anyway.

    1. Michael,

      That example of the Chicken burger is the perfect one, no one ever forget that Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich incident.

      Also females always like to live through the moment instead of long term. As smart men know that we all have to go though the process of ‘Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain as we plan ahead. Especially at this economic days we are in.

    2. MMT,

      Yes, I’m aware of where the information came from, I’m very familiar with the queen of accountability. Women in the West would be at their happiest, have peace of mind and be content if they’d focus on having children and raising a family instead of chasing feminism and the empty carrots it constantly dangles in front of their faces.

      Western women are lost, they’re no longer fit for purpose and they only have themselves to blame. They can’t get upset that more men are increasingly using them for recreational purposes only because that is the way they’ve chosen to present themselves to the world.

  4. Welp these black American hoes keep themselves single. They’re the least married for a reason. If Kevin Samuels was still alive he’d be having a field day with this. I also hope this man stuck to his guns and made the “break” permanent. He definitely dodged a bullet on this one. Get a responsible white or non-Black female, or better yet take the money you’re saving for a house and go overseas. Those women will appreciate your wealth and fiscal discipline. Hope she enjoys the concert.

    Public Enemy once made a track about hoes brainwashed by TV. Keep in mind no internet, social media or reality shows yet. Y’all younger men reading this need to realize none of this shit is new, black hoes ain’t been shit FOREVER.

    Have a good week, gents! Continue to SYSBM and get your passports!

    PS: I don’t know who the narrator is but she’s cute and lightskinned but talks all sassy and ghetto. WHYYYYYY

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The difference between Western women vs foreign women is literally like night and day. All the things that foreign women have no problems doing, Western women label those same activities as “slavery” and “servitude”.

      I have to repeat a reoccurring theme that I’ve continued to talk about here in the comment section, most Western women are no longer fit for purpose, their only usefulness is for sex.

      If a man can find a traditionally minded woman in the West then he needs to be saluted, however such a mission is becoming increasingly difficult.

      As I’ve stated before, as soon as you leave Western shores finding a traditionally minded woman becomes very easy and can be done very quickly because there are so many to choose from as opposed to the West which has become a barren wasteland full of defective beyond repair females.

  5. This is exactly why I say that black women don’t want a man to lead them, despite what they say.

    Of course they say that they want a man to lead them… but as soon as that leadership involves telling them “no”, then they get in their feelings.

    It’s okay if a man’s leadership involves something like, say, trashing someone who “disses” them–but as soon as that leadership involves something like denying them the money for a Beyonce concert because they are actually trying to save money for a house and be financially responsible, then it becomes a problem.

    Assuming that this isn’t a skit, I guarantee you that this chick will tell people that “this guy was so controlling!”, not realizing that leadership means, to quote the late President Truman:


    1. Kameron Brown,

      The modern day black female’s contractual obligation towards the State is based upon her being the leader of “da communitah” as well as ensuring that both it and black men remain flat on their faces for eternity.

      Black women are outright lying whenever they claim they want black men to lead as this is the complete opposite of the position they’ve been placed in by their white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

      As you said, black women want black men to lead them under black female leadership(sounds strange right).

      As long as black men continue to extend olive branches out to black women, these black females will never change and will continue to play black men for fools, outside of heavily induced witchcraft I struggle to understand why more black men cannot see this as it’s as plain as day to me.

      1. “As long as black men continue to extend olive branches out to black women, these black females will never change and will continue to play black men for fools, outside of heavily induced witchcraft I struggle to understand why more black men cannot see this as it’s as plain as day to me.”

        The majority of African-American men are in deep denial that their black queens are really not their friends, and are holding out for that needle in a haystack. Also consider that the majority of US brothers are at the same low level as the ratchet broad and have no place else to go a.k.a. hobosexuals. These are the kind of dudes with zero options that black hoes prefer anyway.

        These dudes don’t wanna be saved, so be it. Abandon ship!

  6. SYSBM Valentine’s day. Them snow bunnies are goanna get romanced tomorrow!

    They broke up over a Beyonce concert ticket? And it cost how much? It looks like the scraggle daggle have shown her true colours towards the man and he has the right to break up the relationship.

    They were saving up for a house but she wants to take put some of the money to buy a ticket to see a devil worshipper Beyonce? I’m trying to get a house of my own let alone buy a ticket to see Queen B.

    When the concert is over and done with, Beyonce is gong back to her husband Gay Z while this scraggly gold digger goes home with no man when the concert is over. I have told this story before. It was 2003 and I was in a relationship with this chick. I gave her some money so she can go to Manchester. You know something? I think she’s lying. If I ever find out she’s lying to me, you see what happens!

    The gold digging scraggle daggles will ruin their relationship when they put money first until they realise they lost a good man.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time because these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Just another example of Western women chasing after vanity and not being satisfied. As stated before, men must NEVER do what women claim will make them happy, instead men must do what will put themselves as well as their women in the best position for the future. Guys really need to begin taking charge and complete disregard women’s so called happiness.

  7. Glad to see the guy called off the engagement and broke up with the knucklehead, I hope he stuck to his guns, if he did, he dodged some serious bullets. She really showed him her true colours.

    I highliighted this statement because I also hope he sticks to his guns. But I will point out that the guy previously said an engagement would really make him happy. In this day and age, that is a very bad move. My radar detects a simp. I would never consider marrying a woman unless she first expresses a desire to be married. More than that, she would have to ask me to marry her.

    Why ? Because in the US, the state’s marriage contract is a very bad deal for men who have means. It might be okay for a broke simp who is marrying up financially. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. And the state will allow the woman to get rid of him anytime she wants, with no financial strings attached. Not so for a man with means. She can be an anvil around his neck for the rest of his life. And the state will assist her all the way. The scraggle daggle is more likely than any other type of woman, to use the state to plunder a Black man financially.

    If you do marry a western woman, it would be wise to make sure she has as much to lose financially as you do. I know this is a shitty state of affairs. But I didn’t make it this way. And I don’t intend to be a victim of the gynocentric marriage system in the US.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Once of the worst things men have done is listen to women concerning what they claim will make them happy and foolishly gone along with the trend. As I said earlier, what women constitute as making them happy constantly changes, any man who attempts to satisfy a woman’s happiness will fail miserably.

      This is what these simps fail to understand time and time again and they wonder why they don’t get anywhere with women while at the same time being rinsed clean of their money and resources.

      On marriage, my opinion is that by itself it is fantastic, the problem however is the State has stepped in and completely ruined the union. Marriage is great AS LONG AS THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO LEVERAGE NOR SAY IN IT.

      This is why I don’t recommend men get married in any country where the laws are stacked against them and where the State incentivises women to get divorced well before the marriage is out of the gate. Getting married in the West is a NO NO.

  8. At this point, nothing surprises me with western women anymore. I really hope that guy breaks up with her for good. If I was still in America (I’m in Kazakhstan), I couldn’t imagine ever being with an American woman of any nationality.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but buying a house is one of the most important things anyone can do especially in these times where inflation is skyrocketing, and salary prices are the same.

    He did the absolute right thing!

  9. She really threw away her engagement on Beyoncé. Goes to show just how ridiculous their priorities actually are.

    Fuck a bullet, this guy dodged a freight train. I really hope he sticks to his guns and doesn’t go back to this broad. You can’t make this up.

  10. So, the “most educated” decided it was more reasonable to invest in concert tickets for one night where an overglorified singer will sing for a few hours, rather than stick to investing in a home that will serve her better for years to come. The United States is on the verge of economic collapse, and BW are not expected to fare well during this time, but she wants to waste money on some dumb tickets; I hope that guy sticks to his guns and doesn’t take her back. He better buy that house for himself and find a stargate that complements his him.

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