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They Told The Truth – No Lies Detected!


I hope you guys enjoyed the montage, bringing forward something different for a change. The floor is yours gentlemen.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Truth Is The Truth

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “They Told The Truth – No Lies Detected!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women at the above videos was speaking the raw truth in that black women dont want decent black men until its too late. I don’t blame any black man who becomes a passport bro because he has no choice but to travel to Asian countries and other European countries to find him a beautiful childfree traditional non black women to get into a relationship or marriage with because the black women in the western world don’t appreciate good black men as black women only date the worst type of black men ever. Black women only wanna date decent black men when they hit the wall, become old and fat and the worst of it become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies and no decent childfree black man is gonna take on that baggage and shitty deal of a relationship. One of the bottom videos in this article shows that good looking in shape non black women desire us black men despite the racist media, racist white men and black women tell us that good looking non black women think that all black men are ugly and that these beautiful non black women will never be attracted to black men or get into a long term relationship with a black man. This particular video destroys that myth.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women cannot compete, they never thought that things would get to the stage where their male counterparts would be leaving in their droves seeking to find women from other ethnicities and cultures.

      This is exactly what happens when black women continually berate, mock, ridicule and laugh at those black men they claim they don’t want, those men will take the rejection on the chin and simply go elsewhere.

      The truth of the matter is most black women are NOT wife or girlfriend material, this is a situation that black women have brought upon themselves with their own hands. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women.

  2. After watching that Andrew Tate clip, I now think that anti-feminism is the new civil rights movement, right down to leading male voices being deplatformed (Tommy Sotomayor), locked up (Tate) or murdered (Kevin Samuels, David Carroll, yes I think they were murdered). Notice those guys are all gone yet Cynthia G can call for open genocide against black male fetuses with no problems.

    Get your passports and plane tickets NOW, date and marry non-western females if possible (particularly avoid toxic black hoes), and watch your six out there gents. And God bless Verbs for this forum.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Appreciated the kind words bro. Just doing what I have to do as I see very few if any black men standing in the heterosexual free thinking black man’s corner.

      Anybody who calls out the black witch or Western women in general, tells men to stop being lazy, go to the gym, get strong, embrace their masculinity to the fullest and don’t accept women who are below a reasonable standard is immediately seen as a threat by the establishment and as far as they are concerned said individual(s) must be shut down with the quickness.

      These malevolent shadow movers have spend the last 12 years erasing classic masculinity and traditional manhood so that when they’re ready to strike, they’ll be no manly men who’ll be willing to stand up and fight for freedom and justice.

      The Tate Brothers(especially Andrew Tate) reignited a fire within men that was supposed to be snuffed out forever, this is why they’re sitting in a Romanian jail on trumped up charges, we’re NOT stupid over here.

      By the way, on the Passport Bros front, it’s now been made apparent that these black sirens of the US are going so far as to offer foreign women money to talk cash greazy on the movement.

      Remember, these are the same black harriets who are saying they don’t care where the so called “undesirables” travel to in order to find love and companionship.

      Additionally, this is on top of many of these black whores obstructing black men from getting their passports at the administrative level, smh. The desperation is very real:

      1. Verbs,

        I remember the reason why there was this war between BW and Filipina.
        Madbusdriver stated in one of his video that the American BW was reaching out and messaging to Philippines, the country itself and ask Filipina to form an alliance between Filipina and the BW to take down American BM. When the Filipinas turn down the alliance, the American BW start bashing Filipinas and the country just because they turn it down.

        The Filipina was getting attacked by BW because Filipinas are getting picked over American BW.

        You cannot attack your competitor if you unwilling to improve your product.

        As for the video, that the BM made about Ethiopians BW are just pure evil by resorting to this bribing. Mind you this man did not say anything bad towards BW.

        I want you Verbs and the brothers here to pay attention:
        The people who got dick police hard are the one who never heard to term ‘Dick Police’. Because when they experience being dick police, the 1st thing there are thinking is why are they getting hate messages such as ‘coon’, ‘sell-out’ or ‘colour-struck’. Also, these same BM did not say anything bad about BW to begin with. Remember Madbusdriver stated that these haters do not know how the Becky and the BM met.

        1. MMT,

          I’ve stated on many occasions as well as in my book Negro Wars that black women are not going to allow black men to ride off into the sunset with their non black female significant others without at least attempting to sabotage, ruin and destroy such unions or the unification process.

          Unfortunately most black men don’t understand the black witch and what she’s willing to do in order to keep them on the proverbial plantation. There is no level black women will not stoop down to in the quest to keep black men exclusively for themselves, NONE.

          Isn’t that funny, the same black females who’ve been running around telling black men that “they can leave” and “nobody wants them” are now the very same disingenuous buzzards working overtly and covertly to stem the flow of the exodus they created via their own hands, lol.

          Black women attacking Filipina and other foreign women is a desperate and cowardly move that already we can see is backfiring massively, black women should’ve kept their mouths shut and worked on improving themselves.

          The L’s will continue to roll in for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure as more black men recognise their true value and as a result aim to connect themselves to women of quality.

      2. Western women are the central hub of Jezebel harlot societies.

        Babylon is falling as gold, silver and oil ratio to dollars is now worth nothing at zero dollar ratio.

        The global dominance of USA fiat currency is crashing hard.

        The UAE is apparently the second safest country in the world.

        I can see exactly why that is.

        What I need is to find one WWW from North Eastern Europe to wife.

        Then another future plan is to move to a place that embraces both masculinity and femininity.

        American passport bros have to travel in silence.

        American women want them killed overseas.

        When I travel, I don’t have to watch my back from Americans as a dual citizen of UK & Belgium.

        When a black American man travels, the quote is always watch your back and check who is following you.

        Look who is stalking online and offline.

        1. Witwijf,

          Indeed and these dysfunctional and disgruntled US black harriets are the head mascots in charge leading Western women down into the bowels of Hell.

          Agreed, Passport Bros lit up the bat signal showing other black men that there are far better options available for them internationally. In response, black women chose to deliberately inject themselves into the conversation that was NEVER meant for them.

          Passport Bros now have to initiate the SYSBM™ directive of NOT engaging these black sirens or any dysfunctional Western women any longer and instead simply get on with the lifestyle.

          Anywhere women adhere to traditional values and customs will be a safe haven for masculine men.

          The West is finished and unfortunately Western women have been stupid enough to participate in its destruction in exchange for temporary leverage above men as well as short term treats and benefits from the State.

          Finding a woman who is wife material becomes very easy and can be done quickly once you leave Western shores.

        2. It is not difficult to get a woman in the US. The difficulty is in finding a woman who meets your standards and preferences. Most black women in the US fall woefully short of my standards and preferences.

          I see many black men in the US with decent looking non black women, but these men still subscribe to the hotep talking points and ideology of Blackistan. I think they are making a big mistake in doing so.

          Black scraggle daggle matriarchy is the cornerstone of Blackistan culture. Blackistan culture will always circle back to harming the black man, his relationship with his nonblack woman, and his efforts to build a life free of the toxic behaviors and customs of Blackistan.

          By all means black men should seek quality non black female companionship. But at the same time they should divest from the customs, mores, behaviors, ideology, and precepts of the toxic matriarchal scraggle daggle culture of Blackistan.

          Even though the mainstream popular culture in the US generally sucks, it is benign compared to the pathalogical toxicity of matriarchal Blackistan culture.

      3. We used to do a lot of shipping at my old job and those black hoes were always on the front lines at the post office. It didn’t matter how badly some (not all, there were some cool ones) treated customers because these were gubmint jobs and they could never be fired. It was usually the Black male customers they’d get slick with, it was “yessir” & “nosir” with Dwight Mann. Wouldn’t shock me in the least if they were in there trying to gum up BM’s passport applications. If it were me now, I’d use an expediting service and avoid the P.O. just to make sure. I wouldn’t put nothing past those heffas. SYSBM.

    2. Salute, brother Verbs and SYSBM family. I’ve actually seen a great deal of these videos on Tik Tok and realistically, there’s nothing else that really needs to be said. Men are tired of the bullshit and now we’re putting our money where our passports are and doing something about it. The first video was my favorite, though. I get so sick and damn tired of hearing women talk about how they want good men, yet their actions tell a different story. They don’t want good men; they just sell that line of bullshit to themselves in order to alleviate the pain of dealing with the bad ones.

      1. Mister Perfect,

        Salute to you fam. Western women in general don’t want good men, in 2023 they only want free non reciprocal attention and validation from as many men as possible and social media is the quickest, easiest and much preferred instrument to hand for them to achieve that goal.

        As I’ve stated before, the buzz, the high and the euphoria these women experience from getting so much free attention from random male strangers online, an exclusive relationship only interacting with one man cannot match this.

        As for these modern day black females, we already know what the deal is with the overwhelming majority of them, spend their prime years getting dicked down, ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh and Cheezy Grillz.

        Then as they exit their prime years come running to the same so called “educated lames and squares” they hard shouldered and rejected expecting them to pick up the pieces and perform cleanup man/janitorial services on their behalf.

        Always remember that black women in general don’t want upwardly mobile, good black men, they only want our money and resources once they’ve hit The Wall or they’re seriously up the creek without a paddle, we’re not stupid over here.


  3. I want a son. I want a son that look my youngest nephew!

    The floor is ours gents, holy shit! Right, I know that there are more black men are getting their passports and leaving the US because they can’t find a woman that is wifey martial. You can find a woman in the US but that’s goanna be hard.

    With the passport brothers in the UK, there are black men that are passport brother but most of the time, black men date out. They’ll go on that interracial thing. And the reason why 60 per cent of British black men are with non black women is because that hey have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of black women for a very long time.

    We know that there some ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are bitter when they see a black man with a non black woman and mostly a white woman but they are also bitter when they see black men taking up their passport and leaving the country to find a woman to wife up.

    In my relationships in the past or ex lovers, two of them where mix race, one East African, four Jamaicans and one black British and the black UK one lived near the house I was living in North West London and hoping to return there. When I thought about black UK women, I was like “The black UK woman is hard to get” so I went elsewhere.

    When you see what the ratchet black women bring, they bring weave, bad attitudes, single motherhood, dysfunctional behaviour, crabs in a bucket like the other simps and these emotional simps are getting it from these scraggs, bitterness, it’s not a small list.

    And black men who are going overseas to look for a woman to make her his wifey, most of the time its black women they are looking for. What does it say about black American woman?

    And not only that, there are simps out there that are willing to at the passport brothers. And the reason for that is because that they are doing that just to get some punany from these scragglies but the scragge dungles are opening their legs to the thugs that will breed them off and let the simps take care of their off springs.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      At this point the best way forward for heterosexual free thinking black men is to find women from cultures that still embrace femininity, traditional values and customs, in short these women can be found in abundance outside of Western shores.

      Most black women on the planet have been compromised, this is why I keep on saying that you either have to dilute the black bloodline or depart from it altogether in order to increase your chances of finding a decent, wholesome, traditionally minded woman.

      Additionally, (contrary to the shade propaganda being put out by “da sistas”)at least we now know that there are foreign women who are interested in and actively looking for black men and thanks to Filipinas such as Helgababuska, these connections have been made so much easier:

      1. Yeah, that is true. Black men have to date outside their race or go overseas to find a woman to wife up!

  4. Gentlemen,

    Here is another video from a black man also confirming that black women are trying to reach out to foreign women(in this case African women) offering them cash money to get them to talk down on the Passport Bros movement.

    Rest assured, when SYSBM™ has its righteous day in the spotlight, these black sirens won’t hesitate to pull similar and even more dastardly strokes in their efforts to derail black men from seek love and companionship outside of them.

    How many transgressions do black women need to commit against black men before the penny finally drops and more black men fully understand who they’re really dealing with?

    Black men, stop extending olive branches out to these evil creatures, they’ve demonstrated innumerable times that they’re NOT your friends:

  5. Verbs,

    It is probably a great thing I came back, I have never seen black men be under attack so fiercely! The Passport bros is a serious hot topic all over the internet. take a look at this video (If you can stomach it ) 3 hours worth of videos of passport bro bashing! it is so unreal:

    We are under attack like never before! THis is an information war and I think that SYSBM and Passport bros are the only groups that exist for the best interests for black men. You were certainly NOT kidding about this being a spiritual warfare in your book. and I feel it is only going to get WORSE!

  6. I’ve seen a few of these videos on social media; although I am skeptical of any woman speaking red pill rhetoric online, they were all correct about the behaviors of modern women. I’m honestly just done with Western females at this point; if I choose to deal with one who is from the West, her family must come from a culture that embraces traditional masculinity and protects femininity. Also, the fact that the scraggle daggle have now resorted to paying foreign women to talk greasy about Passport Bros just goes to show how desperate they are to keep us from leaving them for better options abroad (I thought they didn’t care that we were leaving); also, I’m proud of the Filipina women for not taking the bribe money. Those are W women right there!

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