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More Lies, More Deception! #SHORTS

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Of course, the main reason why black men would give this cake faced, fake eyelash, purple weave/wig wearing, overweight black female named Ahlaya Reed a serious side eye when she prattles on about black women being harmed by black men is because free thinking black men already know what she’s talking about is utter rubbish.

Black women as a collective have become nothing short of a joke and the biggest laughingstock currently roaming the planet, they’re so desperate to hold onto the victimhood status that they will literally make up outlandish, ridiculous, false statements and boldface lies just to get that attention fix they deeply crave.

The attention that black women receive is dwindling rapidly especially from black men, therefore the black feminist propaganda machine has swung into overdrive creating the false narrative that black men en masse are out here supposedly “harming black women”, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Without even looking into the real statistics, we already know this accusation is a lie simply based on the confessions of black women themselves. Black women have made it abundantly clear that they’re only attracted to the criminal, gangster, thug ie the delinquent element of black male society which represents a small minority of black men.

Conversely, black women have made it abundantly clear that they’re NOT attracted to the everyday, average black male which happens to make up the majority bulk of black male society.

We’re back to the 80/20 rule once again though in black society I would say that it’s more like 90/10, 90% of black women are chasing after, opening their legs, granting sexual access to and being impregnated by roughly 10% of black men.

Whenever black women talk about violence against them being executed by black men, they need to focus on that 10%(most probably less), it’s absolutely ridiculous to claim that sectors of black men you choose NOT to interact with are causing you harm.

That is as nonsensical as being involved in a car accident and blaming somebody who wasn’t at the scene. Unfortunately, these are some of the ridiculous lengths black women are willing to stretch to in order to remain at the summit of Mount Victimhood.

More black men need to grasp and fully understand the pure hatred and deep venom most black women are coming at them with, it isn’t a game, black female society is hellbent on destroying the lives of as many black men as it can(as per Admiral Frost’s instructions).

This is why SYSBM™ is a must for the heterosexual free thinking brother, once you voluntarily remove yourself from the black female’s “it’s always the black man’s fault” equation, from that moment onwards they’ll look goofy and incredibly stupid attempting to accuse you of anything seeing as you’ve given them an extremely wide berth.

True SYSBM™ practitioners fully respect and accept the black female’s preference in the black men she’s proclaimed to be attracted to, unlike most black men we’re happy to leave her to get on with it, however DO NOT come to us when the chips are down and the reality of dealing with serial impregnators as well as all round irresponsible and unaccountable scum buckets begins to bite and set it.

Black women who make deplorable decisions regarding the men they choose to interact with MUST be forced to lay in the degenerate bed they’ve made and NOT be allowed to escape the harsh consequences that will follow. How is this done, it’s simple, DON’T SAVE THEM, WALK AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

In The Eyes Of Black Women, Black Men Can Do No Right

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “More Lies, More Deception! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman on the above video is talking shit because I and many other SYSBM black men never physically hurt black women in our lives. If anything it’s black women who physically assault black men on a daily basis throughout the world and this is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree SYSBM black man at 41. Let black women go after and have kids with the wrong type of black men and they destroy their lives when they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple watless baby daddies. I ain’t coming back to save black women from their foolish stupid choices in life as I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most black men are completely invisible to black women, that is one major reason why their talk about being harmed or killed by black men every 5-6 hours is a crock of garbage. It’s common sense, if they completely look over most black men, how can such a small percentage of black men they do choose to pay attention to be killing them at such a high clip? They don’t even think their lies through, smh.

  2. If black men are harming/killing Bdubs at such a high rate, then why do they care so much when we date other women and leave da communitah and even follow black men abroad just to sabotage them there? Seeing as how black women are so reckless and love to escalate situations and have got many black men harmed and even killed and no one addresses it, I really couldn’t care less.

    The only black men putting hands on them are the same ones they dismiss the productive “lames” for. The chick in the video has got troublemaker written all over her. I just looked at her youtube page for three seconds which tells me all I need to know. She needs to worry about losing weight and stop spinning ducktales.

    The rest of her weaveheaded mob can go call the police if they’re worried. This ain’t my problem.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      That’s a very good point, you’d think that black women would be glad to see the backs of the black men who are supposedly “harming them” but instead what do we observe, black women following and stalking us to the ends of the earth so that they can disparage, ridicule, insult, shame and mock the same guys they claim are a threat, make it make sense, smh.

      Yep, this propagandist, weave wearing black female has quite a lot to say on her TikTok profile. I’m of the personal opinion that all these women making endless videos on TikTok talking about anything and everything are definitely not right in the head.

  3. They saying that how BM delete BW every 5.5 hours.
    It is true that BW gets whacked every 5.5 hours, but not by BM, mostly from non-BM such as Whites and Asians because they do not play this shit with them. But no, they will not go after White Men or Asian Men, but only blame BM.
    They know fully well that they deal with Thugs and Pookies. But they are not going to say it.
    Also be aware that if you are good law-abiding productive BM who lay a finger on these BW, they will call 911 in an instant or get their pookie simps on the guy.
    Don’t believe me?
    Many years ago that Verbs made articles about how these BM gets deletes, killes and maimed because they simply broke up with them.
    Look at the NFL player Travis Rudolph where he got let off and found not guilty for killing those pookie simps. Mind you he should not got arrested at the first place because he was defending his home.

    BW are just talking all caps.

    1. Michael,

      BW delete themselves too. Even by BBL Surgery they get. They even kill each other.
      Also add Alphabet/LGBT in the mix as they cannibalise each other. Look at how lesbians react to each other when they are both savages, they tear each other apart.

      This is when ‘Patriarchy is out of the picture’. No patriarchy in the picture mean no men involve.

    2. MMT,

      The bottom line is these black females are full of crap, they’ll make up anything in order to maintain that victimhood status. We have to remember that black women won’t count themselves being killed by non black men because they worship them especially Admiral Frost. They deal with thugs, gangsters and criminals but then want to implicate the black men they ignore in their “black men kill black women every 5-6 hours” fairy tale, smh.

    3. You’re expecting too much from a group of women who pretend to be progressive and for the people, then run from the CNN newsroom into the bathroom and post angry and racist rants on white nationalist websites before begging for sympathy for their Neo-Nazi and Indian supremacist buddies in Europe and India whenever they see a black man dating outside of his race. Nope, you didn’t misread that. I’ve seen so-called liberal black women form alliances with European white nationalists just because these black women were butthurt at black-male interracial dating.

      Meanwhile, real problems such as lack of access to education, poverty and lack of organization remain a key issue in the black community, yet do these black women care? Nope, nein, zlitch, nada. Posting deluded rants on white nationalist honeypot websites and crying about being ‘replaced’ by white women from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Arabia who actually want to work and don’t have the superiority and elitism complex of these fools is what these black females want. And the worst part is that these pro-black hoteps don’t even call them out on it.

      Honestly, this makes me wonder if many of the right wing Slavic “Jewish” oligarchs and their black female/white male rivals in controlling black men’s sexual organs are in fact homosexual or have some form of fetish and engage in wignat/christnat behavior in order to gain followers from disaffected youth and also to weaken opposition to degenerate behaviors? Nobody knew about the Hollywood ‘casting couch’ and white men and black women travelling to poor countries to rape children until the end of the Cold War after all.

      Come to think of it, it might be part of the reason why Botswana doesn’t get talked about. Because it’s first leader married a white woman….which had the thugs of Stockholm and Moscow, the militant blood and soil hoteps and the Keishas and Bottom Shelf Brads seething and crying as he took the nation from a poor part of Zimbabwe to one of the richest countries in the world, while the so-called ‘master races’ wasted time, money and resources fighting each other over literal nonsense.

      1. Finally someone mentioned Botswana.
        When people try to mock Africa for being, then I say what Botswana and then there’s just *crickets*.
        After that I ask about a poor country from their respective region then there’s just silence.

  4. Hostile environments is the DNA of all negress females.

    It is in the DNA of all black women to cause physical violence because they have the same high testosterone as black men.

    Normally, a woman ain’t suppose to have the same levels of testosterone as a man.

    This is why I don’t find it natural for a black man to date a black woman.

    Black couple relationships is unnatural to my eyes for this reason.

    I know non black women in general have lower testosterone that is a lot more natural for me to date a quality white girlfriend.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      This is why I say that those black men who still choose to deal with black women must be under some form of witchcraft, hypnosis or sorcery.

  5. By the way has anyone seen this:

    Black men to the rescue of loud mouth, annoying swirlers as usual. I wouldn’t have bothered lift a finger, especially considering black women in the UK are just as bad if not worse than their KKKeisha cousins. They’re not loyal, I can’t stand them, don’t feel inclined to “protect” them and not risking my life or freedom for any of them. That’s her white boyfriend’s job.

    Besides if a woman was being abusive to a black man and put hands on him, they’d simply laugh.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      This is the problem with too many black men in the UK, even though most date out, large swaths of them will still voluntarily throw on a freshly starched cape for these fake eyelash, weave and heavy makeup wearing black sirens who as you’ve stated are no different than their cousins in the US. Remember the show BKChat, look at how rank these black heifers were carrying themselves:

      1. Verbs2015,

        I think we all would agree that in 2023, black women in the US and UK are worse than black women were in 1970 and 1980, by every measure. And the black woman’s mutant black feminism is only part of the blame.

        Black males were simping in 1970 and 1980. Just listen to the lyrics of R&B songs. Example, Bill Withers ‘Use Me Till You Use Me Up’. But black male simping has gotten exponentially worse than it was in 1970 and 1980. The lyrics of most rap songs are simping gone nuclear.

        I still say that black male simping is a bigger factor in the decline of the black female than is mutant black feminism. As a matter of fact, the black male simp is a bigger mutant black feminist than are black females themselves.

        The facts won’t let one deny the high correlation between the decline of the black female and the uptick in black male simping. I say there is also a high cause and effect relationship.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          For the black witch I would agree that the exponential increase in simping has played a significant factor in their decline as black women as a collective have always been a bunch of mean and nasty individuals, however social media has also played a pinnacle part in accelerating their decline. For non black Westernised females I would say that the internet and social media a long side feminism have also played a pivotal part in their decline.

          The thing is at least even right up to the last days of pre social media, a man stood a much better chance of at least getting laid even with all of the simping up to that point. Social media has changed everything, it has ruined Western non black women and it has put the black female clean into the deepest sewer pipe.

      2. Verbs 2015,

        I’ve never watched an episode of that show, but I remember King Richez mentioning it when he used to make videos solo before he got on the whole podcast thing. I can’t bear to watch more than a few seconds of that crap, but no surprise to see a mouthy, obese and weave wearing female buffoon. Black men are also to blame cos they keep giving them the time of the day and coming to their defense even though they get nothing but disrespect in return – except the roadmen of course (UK Pookies and Ray Rays).

        I’ve posted this before, but here’s a reminder for our American bros that our women are no better than the ones stateside when it comes to dissing blue collar/hard working black men for Ray Rays:

        Don’t let their accents fool you. Black men in this country dating out is very high for a reason.

    2. Bingo. Let Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad deal with RSS Rajeet, Hyperborean Rabbi Azov, Gulag Escapee Olaf, Kalashkinov Oleg and Triad Man Chin instead of running to Martinez Perspective and Renegade Tribune and throwing a fit whenever a black man dates outside his race. Funny how black women and white men will both bitch and cry about the “Great Replacement’ yet do nothing to stop feminism, LGBTQ and the death of the black community which is causing their replacement by poorer people who are ‘whiter’ than them.

  6. SYSBM: It feels like it’s one of those nights.
    White sugar honey: Yes, it is honey!

    When a ratchet black woman opens her mouth, I will never believe the bull shit she is saying that is coming out of there. Because there are so many black women like this, not the good black woman which is hard to find, this is the reason why 60 per cent of black men in the UK are with non black women. And that stat is high.

    These ghetto ratchet hoodrats has a lot to say and these simps are the only ones that believed them. Well, they are trying to get between their legs but the scraggles are opening their thighs for the hopeless men that they lust after.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. There is no end to their utilizing “Birth Of A Nation/The Color Purple” style propaganda to frame the Black man as the cause of all of their woes; not only that, but she is also portraying brothers as lacking empathy for their pain. It’s not that we lack empathy, but it’s super annoying to hear them cry about wounds they inflict upon themselves without any outside influence; they are the ones who decided to be single mothers, they decided to procreate with Black males who have no desire to commit to them in marriage, and they are ones who’ve driven the good Black men away by practicing a mutant form of feminism. Take a look at her IG page, she has the phrase “BE DELUSIONAL” written at the top; this is the creed of the scraggle daggle, and the attached video is proof of that fact.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Even those black men who still choose to deal with black women should be asking the question as to why black men every time without fail are being blamed for calamities and woes that black women bring upon themselves with their own hands. The black witch stays stuck on stupid for life.

  8. Black women are finished. The SYSBM/MGTOW/IBMOR/Passport Bro lifestyle will continue to grow. These women don’t even realize how much trouble they’re actually in. They can stay with the Pookies and Ray Rays that they love so much while us free thinking black men get beautiful submissive soft cooperative loving delicate foreign women that actually love and enjoy being women and want a righteous good man to lead them and take care of them and protect them.

    These scraggle daggle demons and these Pookies and Ray Rays deserve each other. These black women can stay with 9mm Peter, Crack Cuttah, Shootah Boi, Crack Slangah Rick, Trap House Jimmy, and Drive-by Devonte.

    1. According to Dr. Umar it’s our fault this gender-reassigned DMX in a wig is so masculine. We so-called “lames” (Thuggo gets a pass) did not build a safe environment for violent lesbo stud BW to rest in their non-existent “femininity.” This one’s on us, fellas. LMAO

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