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You Clearly Haven’t Done Any Homework!


This is the type of unnecessary calamity that often occurs when detractors talk about SYSBM™ but don’t bother to contact its true representatives who can and are more than prepared to articulate and breakdown the philosophy and lifestyle in order to give the audience a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING.

Newbie knuckleheads like Hot Sauce boy clearly haven’t done their homework, this dude doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about. First of all oblivious one, the website is owned and ran by myself Verbs2015 aka Babatunde Umanah, author of the books Negro Wars and The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure and coauthor of the SYSBM book.

MadBusDriver has his own website which is in addition to his YouTube channel MadBusDriverX. Secondly, how can MadBusDriver not speak for the majority of SYSBM members when he’s the founder, creator/originator of the acronym, philosophy and lifestyle?

The first part of SYSBM Tenet Number 1 clearly reads as follows:

“1. SYSBM(the movement, philosophy and lifestyle originated, created and founded by MAD BUS DRIVER)……”

This Hot Sauce knucklehead then had the audacity to label MBD as a zealot even though the rookie himself has integrated the SYSBM philosophy into his own lifestyle, make that make sense. No bruh, the SYSBM Tenets are the foundation of the philosophy, you cannot roll in and rewrite what has already been written and published in the form of an SYSBM Manual.

These amateurs honestly believe they can slide into the SYSBM lifestyle and oust/replace its very founder, not a chance pal. This reminds me of a video MadBusDriver produced at the beginning of 2020 when SYSBM™ had a small moment in the spotlight. You had exactly the same thing happening then, newbies with no knowledge claiming that SYSBM™ was started by anybody and everybody but MadBusDriverX, smh.

No, you’re not going to put Richie Mac aka Zoom To Thailand as a talking head and a chase maker of the movement, no you’re not going to put 1MasterTeacher as a talking head and a chase maker of the SYSBM™ movement, the only person who can make those determinations is the so called “zealot” himself, MadBusDriverX.

Please see the video below that MadBusDriver was forced to produce a few years ago in order to put some unlearned ramblers like Hot Sauce straight and in their place:

Richie Mac is NOT the founder of SYSBM™, 1MasterTeacher is NOT to founder of SYSBM™. Even though both of those men have incorporated the SYSBM philosophy into their lives, if questioned about who founded and started the movement, both without hesitation would point directly to MadBusDriver. Those guys know who the founder is, how is it you don’t Hot Sauce?

I blame pro blackity black, frying pan African bootlickers such as Omowale Afrika for deliberately skirting around bringing the SYSBM™ founder or at least true SYSBM™ representatives on his panels to discuss the philosophy and hash out any questions or concerns themselves or the audience may have.

Because SYSBM™ is diametrically opposed to their “rebuild da communitah” construct, they feel the need to demonise the lifestyle because it’s seen as a direct threat to the so called progression of black society(not that said society is progressing in any direction forward, it’s been going backwards at full speed since the 1960s), NOT the black female who in real time is destroying everything within their midst.

In addition to not wanting the real smoke, another reason why these mush mouth talking frying pan African/pro blacks don’t invite true SYSBM™ practitioners onto their panels is because they fear that some of their audience members may be converted once the SYSBM position is accurately laid out and explained from a logical, rational and common sense standpoint.

Back to Hot Sauce, it doesn’t matter who people are gravitating towards, MBD is still the founder and the originator of the SYSBM™ lifestyle/philosophy, he will remain the head of it and there is nothing you or any other misguided miscreants can do to change that.

Passport Bros are more gravitating towards guys like Richie Mac, 1Masterteacher, Auston Holleman, Brazil Yesh etc because those men more align themselves with the Passport Bros movement.

True SYSBM practitioners align themselves with the SYSBM founder MBD as well as the Original SYSBM Knights and other true SYSBM members, I’ve no idea what this mullet head Hot Sauce is talking about.

New SYSBM members would do wise to first conduct some basic research into the philosophy so that they don’t end up looking dumb and incredibly stupid like Hot Sauce over here.

Finally brothers, when out here be sure to watch your six. The relentless attacks against heterosexual free thinking brothers continue, any individual or group within black society who refuses to bow down to and kiss the crusty feet of the modern day black female are automatically viewed as the enemy by the black witch herself as well as her blue pilled pro black simp flunkies, always remember this. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Sure To Check Misguided Hot Sauce Type Negroes As And When Necessary

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “You Clearly Haven’t Done Any Homework!

  1. I’ve never heard of this Hot Sauce cat & it never ceases to amaze me when people want to discuss SYSBM they’ll talk to everyone except the people they really should be talking to. They’re definitely ducking MBD & the original SYSBM Knights on purpose. It’s a cowardly move but that’s to be expected from these degenerates.

    1. Val Zod,

      You are definitely right. These individuals know which battles and opponents to choose hence why they cut and run when things are not in their favor. I may be a newer member yet I do know these people are pathetic to have all this animosity yet not go directly to the source with their vitriol.

      1. Kameran Fleets,

        They don’t have the nuts to confront us, we shouldn’t be surprised at this because they don’t even have the courage to confront the same black women who have turned “da communitah” into a pile of ashes and rubble.

        Disorganised Negroes always get shook whenever they’re up against intelligent, upwardly mobile, structured, solid, robust, free thinking black men who are actually walking the walk they’ve chosen.

    2. Val Zod,

      It’s the same disingenuous crowds over and over again, it’s typically these guys who have a mission(in theory) save the black community but who to date haven’t made any progression towards the goal.

      As stated in the article, one of the main reasons why they keep ducking MBD and Knights like myself is because they know we’re organised, from the SYSBM Tenets to MBD trademarking his philosophy, we’ve got our ducks in a row over here.

      SYSBM detractors stay being cowards throwing stones and hiding their hands, as you said, such behaviour is to be expected from a group of individuals who are going nowhere fast when it comes to restoring and rebuilding the same community they claim to love and care about, smh.

  2. Coming out of the woodworks is expected.

    They are threatened by the lifestyle itself to a point of not inviting MBD to their panel.

    MBD is the origin founder of sysbm philosophy brand.

    Hot sauce is clearly grouping passport bros with sysbm tenets.

    This is their way of targeting their threats from a blackistan view of perspectives.

    I’ve always lived the lifestyle before it became a brand of something.

    The war against black American men with passports is insane.

    If Olowade Afrika wants to build blackistan societies then he can sign up.

    But don’t expect non blackistan black men to contribute where we don’t fit in.

    There are many blackistan males who have tried helping their blackistan communities for centuries.

    They either end up in early graveyards or dead at old age without passing down generational wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

    Everything is backwards over that corner.

    I want to advance forward.

    Only a white Belgian wifey can help me achieve objective goals moving forward.

    1. Witwijf,

      Olowale Afrika just like the rest of these pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green flunkies is all talk and no action, these guys spend all of their time verbalising pipe dreams but never actually put in the work to make the visions come to pass.

      They know full well that they themselves are useless and cannot muster up the practical means to get some sort of action in progress to rebuild their beloved community, this is why they need SYSBM Practitioners and Passport/Travelling Bros as we are the much needed wheels and cogs that “da communitah” decided to cast to the side.

      Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Olowale isn’t very smart at all, he just like your typical black female believes that that insulting those who are needed to repair black society is a solid way of persuading us to return to the plantation, what a dummy.

      You’re right, as an outsider looking in, this war against black American men who have decided to get their passports is off the damn chain, General Blizzard has handed the order down to the black witch who in turn has instructed her red, black and green brigades to go forth and attempt to shame, insult, ridicule, berate and disparage free thinking American black men back onto the plantation.

      The SYCBM/STAB scheme isn’t working, not by a long shot. Olowale Afrika is just another failure who’ll find out the hard way that NO PROGRESS will ever be made in restoring black society as long as he and his ilk fail to bring these unbridled black sirens back into line.

      1. Speaking of which, I have heard that he had a kid with a B-Dub and bolted out of America to live in Nigeria.

        Also that scammer is even afraid of Hardcore Tito since he refused to come to one of his live streams.

        1. That is interesting because I heard that some pro-black African pump and dump American BW making this ABW single mother so she can blame American brothers for he being single mother by the African guy, then flee back to Africa to dodge US Child Support and then they start going going to American Panels gaslighting American Black Men to build the community, preaching this pro-black, pro-hood. I use the term Pro-Hood most of the time because Oshay Duck Jackson come up with this like his is some expert on Hood culture at it whilst living overseas. Then tell BM in America to stay there to put up and shut up. Also blaming Good BM who got nothing to do with the destruction of the community to be the clean up men. I bet this this is him.

          He remind me of a topic Verbs made in April how this elder simp who is an ex-thug telling young cats to date single mothers because he created single mothers himself:

  3. Verbs 2015.

    These idiots have not got a clue what SYSBM is about.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Goofies like Hot Sauce need to slow their roll and conduct some basic research before rattling off such ignorant statements. You cannot oust MBD out of the lifestyle and philosophy that MBD created and locked in. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am proud to be a SYSBM black man.😎😎


    Salute to you Verbs and the other brothers who have gate keep this philosophy / lifestyle.
    It’s obvious they’re trying to infiltrate or put their own spin on it. The only thing they’re doing is making something very simple that we talk about more complex. And that never works. But as I have stated numerous times before, these guys are just not as smart as we are. It’s almost as if they are intimidated by smart, thinking, black men. Just like their favorite people…whites and the Jou. Notice how those two groups act whenever a black man with intelligence and principled communicate this? It brings out there truly racist, bigoted nature.
    Not to digress from the loser who did a review on SYSBM without talking to any of the Knights. These motherf****** are so stupid and sloppy that they don’t even understand that we could easily predict your stance just by how you come into the conversation with us. Probably within the first 60 seconds for some of us.
    I mean, basic decorum and respect would be a start. But they lack the ability to control their obvious disdain and contempt. They’re coming in bad faith and they can’t hide it. So, articles like this and videos will continue until these idiots learn or STFU. Because they wish they could create the tenets and be us let’s just keep it real
    Talk about a brain drain LOL


    1. Mack G,

      It has to be done, dodgy individuals as well as ignorant newbies believe they can roll in and start changing the rules. The disrespect for free thinking black men who are about their purpose and have defined goals in life never ends.

  5. Yo Verbs, this not so hot sauce don’t have a clue what the hell he’s talking about. None of these simps don’t know what the hell they are talking about. SYSBM was created by Mad Bus Driver in 2012. This is it’s 10th Anniversary this year. Since SYSBM has come about and I have done some articles about the lifestyle, these simps were coming after it and ten years later, they are still coming after it. And the dude known as Wally Afrika, he’s just another simp, you get me? He’s just like the other simps that SYSBM token down with nothing but ease. Bareback Fountain got the full brunt of SYSBM. He was just pushing the wrong buttons like any narcissistic person is. These simps hate it when a black man dating a non black woman, have a committed relationship with her or even marry her because there is no chance in hell black men don’t wanna deal with ghetto ratchet scraggs.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. Enjoy bone fire tomorrow guys.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Olowale is just that, a wally. He’s simply another red, black and green pundit who has plenty of time on his hands to roam the internet examining and scrutinising what other black men outside of the community are doing with their own lives, yet the guy himself isn’t doing anything to help and restore the community he claims to love and care about.

      Additionally, he just like the rest of these disingenuous pro black buzzards doesn’t want the SYSBM smoke, hence why he continues to throw stone from afar.

  6. I got my input on this one:

    This African simp Omowale assume that other youtubers founded SYSBM, not MadbusDriver because there are lots of talk about Passport. Most thinking BM on Social Media taking the Passport Bros route because of the liberal society.

    In reality, SYSBM mostly affiliate with Travelling Brothers, not Passport Brothers because Passport Bros is for seeking love else where. Also Traveling is about exploring other cultures, race and languages. This is what SYSBM preaches. Also SYSBM is more about finance, health and improvements on oneself.

    I notice that these foreign Africans coming to American Panels and taking side with SYCBM because they are mostly migrants and coming to America to tell these American Black Men to stay in build the hood.

    We all know about this SYSBM Rival SYCBM and I am telling you this as most brothers stated: No one is buying into this SYCBM, absoultly no one. What is happen now is these BW is recruiting African immigrants to tell Black Men in America what to do and I have seeing this now. Look at Peso Man and Oshay.

    MadBusDriver come up with the term – ‘Save Your Self’, not ‘Community’. ‘Your Self’ for a reason.

    These detractors can make this same question all they want when they ask ‘What are you saving yourselves from?’ Verbs made a topic months ago of what BM are saving selves from and there are a whole of a list for that answer.

    I look at this SYCBM Videos and when you read the comments, most of them are not buying to this ‘Community’ at all and see through the SYCBM Bullshit anyway and stick with the ‘Self’ route instead.

    Also some SYSBM panels which I do not watch at all are mostly fake people and wannabes because they do not know what the hell they are talking about.

    I only watch the real SYSBM panels such as MadbusDriver and Babatunde aka Verbs as they are the real SYSBM and it is better to listen to the originators such as MadbusDriver, Verbs, King Sigma and other Practitioners/Knights because they are authentic people.

    If these outsiders like to know more about SYSBM, they can simply ask Verbs and MadbusDriver because they own this SYSBM joint. Licensed, signed, sealed and Official Trademark.

    1. Michael, that is the best advice to the brothers to listen to the Official SYSBM panels, not unofficial ones.
      Official ones are Verbs (Babatunde), MadbusDriver, King Sigma and other Knights.
      Unofficial ones invite women in the panel which the official ones never do (Tenet #2).
      As for the SYCBM, that is against Tenet #1 anyway because it said ‘Community’ instead ‘Self’.

    2. MMT,

      “Wally” Afrika just like the rest of these red, black and green pundits is talking a lot but doing nothing to restore and rebuild his community. He’s pulling clips from various black sectors and putting them out on his channel as if taking such action is saving “da communitah”.

      SYCBM is already finished before it’s gotten out of the gate, no black men worth their salt are going to sacrifice themselves for ran through, weave and heavy makeup wearing, fake nailed, fake eyelash, tatted up 304s and rinsed out babymothers.

      Additionally, as I’ve been pointing out, black women as a collective are hard lefties which is diametrically opposed to the more conservative/libertarian leaning position of the majority of Red Pill brothers.

      Again, it’s a case where these save the community ramblers DO NOT want to improve on their product FIRST, they want free thinking black men to return hoping they can figure out that irreparable inconvenience afterwards, that’s not how things work in the real world.

      I’m glad to see that more American black men are clocking onto the scam of “saving the community” and instead are choosing to look out for their best interests first, it’s perfectly OK to be selfish whenever dealing with a bunch of militant minded selfish ingrates such as black women and the swamp they rule over called the black community.

      The fact that most of these folks talking sideways greazy about SYSBM don’t bother reaching out to the founder MBD, any of the Original Knights(such as myself) or true SYSBM Practitioners is telling within itself.

      As I’ve stated before, SYSBM detractors want their disjointed view and portrayal of the lifestyle to hold ground and remain in place, unfortunately for them, the lies and deception would quickly dissolve when in the presence of any seasoned SYSBM veteran.

  7. To paraphrase Mahatma Ghandi:

    First they ignore us
    Then they laugh at us
    Then they fight us
    Then we win


    1. Now a very poignant point however Ghandi allegedly a Mi5 agent, and a virulently racist against black native south african’s. Not quite the guy I like to quote but it is a nice quote. By a not so nice fellow.

  8. This guy Hot Sauce doesn’t even know what he is saying; you can hear it in his voice. Omowale Afrika read the Tenets off of the site directly, yet he still comes through and says MadBusDriverX is not the founder of SYSBM? This guy must be smoking crack if he can get it wrong this bad; just like Erich Preach got it twisted with the red pill, Hot Sauce is wrong about SYSBM.

    1. BCT,

      As far as rattle shakers like Omowale Afrika are concerned, the negative perception and portrayal of SYSBM must be upheld at all costs, this is precisely why guys like him continue to skirt around talking to those who actually come from SYSBM headquarters and forever entertain conversing with knuckleheads such as Hot Sauce who know nothing, smh.

  9. I think it’s funny how they have to coin SYCBM and take off from the concept SYSBM to gain any traction. These people can’t come up with an original thought. “Save Your Community Black Man” for what? As Kevin Samuels showed us, you can’t even get a smile from these hoes. I ain’t saving those bishes LMAO! And STAB sounds violent. LMAO.

    I am very gratified to see younger BM putting themselves first instead of being human sacrifices to a matriarchal Blackistan that they didn’t make, that in fact, rejected them for the most part. Also glad to see young BM demanding beauty, femininity and cooperation instead of being a whipping boy slash scapegoat for the skrong and independent SUSTAHS.

    SYSBM all day, everyday.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I’m also happy to see more American black men waking up to the scam that is “saving the community”. The black men that count who could turns things around for black society are the same ones who are packing their bags and leaving chiefly because of the horrible and foul treatment they’ve received at the hands of these ingrate merchants called black women and their pro black simp flunkies.

      As I’ve stated many times before, in my everyday runnings I receive plenty smiles and pleasant greetings from white and other non black women all day(despite many of them swallowing the feminist Kool Aid), on the flip side nothing but cut eyes and dirty looks from black women on the regular. I cannot think of the last time a black female smiled at me and said hello, smh.

  10. “I think it’s funny how they have to coin SYCBM and take off from the concept SYSBM to gain any traction. These people can’t come up with an original thought.”

    Yessir! So true, two steps behind

  11. MBD. The founding father. The Yoda of SYSBM. Accept no substitutes.


  12. …Maybe I am wrong here. I personally do not think all these people who are lashing out at passport bros really give a damn about black men going overseas. It is just a trending topic on social media so by making videos shaming black men it will bring views and then advertising money. I mean seriously, since when do black american women really give a rat’s ass about a non thugged out black man she cannot benefit from? We do not exist to them in the real world but here they are on social media with all this concern for the same men they overlooked before they made their stupid videos.

    That Zoom to Thailand guy is a suspect to me. I am seeing him on videos debating with american black women (Courtney Michelle) as if him having a good Thai woman is not enough. Why the hell would any man who escapes this awful matrix of the United Snakes of Amerikkkan STILL be looking back and having concerns about these women’s opinions???

    As for “Hot Sauce”…his 2 cents worth of opinions are like used toilet paper. Just flush it down the toilet!!!

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