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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


Gentlemen, introducing Omowale Afrika, he’s one of the latest pro black YouTubers that’s rolled in on a white horse believing he can succeed where all other pro blacks have miserably failed ie in redeeming “da communitah” and saving the modern day black woman from her knuckleheaded self, smh.

Just under 2 weeks ago this guy hosted a livestream called The SYSBM Deception in which he just like the rest of these blue pilled, black female first zealots attempted to equate SYSBM™ with the divestment movement.

The obtuse shine bucket just like Courtney Michelle even went as far as to pull up the SYSBM Tenets from this website, however as per usual an invitation to MadBusDriver or myself Babatunde Umanah to come onto his show to address concerns and answer questions relating to SYSBM™ was NOT extended, smh(typical, we’re not surprised though).

One of the reasons why these pro blacks time and time again refuse to bring MBD, original SYSBM Knights or true SYSBM practitioners onto their panels is because they’ve observed that we’re not just some random rag tag group, we’re organised and thorough over here and thus they know full well they’ll have an extremely hard time upholding their dodgy preconceptions concerning the philosophy with a seasoned and well versed SYSBM practitioner in their midst.

If Omowale Afrika wishes to be smoked, roasted and chargrilled just like I did D Derell when he foolishly attempted to defend these black sirens, then by all means he should step up, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

As of late Omowale Afrika just like the black witch contingent seems to have a problem with JustPearlyThings, he just like the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure says that Pearl is capitalising off the dysfunction in black female society, however has this dude ever taken these institutional church beast pastors and bishops to task who have been merchandising and fleecing black women for years upon years……………………………..NO.

Has Omowale Afrika addressed the Chinese and Korean communities and how they have been systematically getting richer and profiting off the black female’s addiction to and ridiculous obsession with looking white and fake as a $3 bill………………………..NO.

See, the solution to black women being exploited and merchandised by others is simple, FIX THE BLACK WOMAN’S MINDSET, then outsiders won’t be able to exploit her. However, we already know these pro blacks don’t have the testicular fortitude to confront their “queenies” and demand they fix up and look proper because in their eyes, “da black woman is god”.

Gentlemen, get your freshly squeezed juice and popcorn at the ready, another blue pilled, back alley, gravel munching, pro black flunky is about to go up in flames attempting to rebuild the black community as well as save the calamitous and fumbling modern day black female from herself.

Remember, the only people who are being exploited in black society are those who place themselves in a position to be exploited, this isn’t rocket science, it really isn’t that hard to figure out.

To Omowale Afrika I say this, if you want some real SYSBM™ smoke then stop being a coward and head directly to the main source, however we already know he won’t do it. Meanwhile in other news:

Stay delusional, non black men aren’t checking for you black females in the first place, nor are they going to put up with your no cooking, no cleaning, constantly arguing, fake from head to toe looking garbage, not by a long shot, don’t deceive yourselves with this “I can easily date non black men” mantra. NO YOU CAN’T.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I think someone post it before, but it is a reminder to the SYSBM practitioners that the modern BW which also originated from Africa.
    The quote came from Robert Mugabe himself:

    “You CANNOT give a woman everything she needs. God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own. God gave them nails, they cut it off and fix their own. God gave them hair, they cut it off and fix their own. He gave them breasts, they repackage it to what they want. God gave them buttocks, they arrange it to the size they want. If even God can’t satisfy them, then who are YOU to think that you can please them? My brother, don’t kill yourself.”

    – Robert Mugabe

    1. I forgot that the quote came from the former Zimbabwe president himself.
      Even he was a dictator but that quote is true words of the modern women.
      I think the whole BW weaves, fake lashes and makeup came from Africa because if what he said.
      Also what he was also saying that if God made BW as natural beauty and they decide to go fake, what make a man make them better.
      It is like saying to the simps, if men cannot fix BW, then what make them think the simps and hoteps can?
      Catch my drift.

    2. MMT,

      None of that matters to Omowale Afrika, once again he’s another delusional pro black who believes he can perform miracles beyond God himself. All these pro blackity black pundits do is talk, talk about what they want to do and talk about what other people are doing, they always fall short however in actioning any of the solutions they come up with, pathetic. The modern day black female is broken and shine buckets like this dude believe they can bring about functional black communities without first fixing black women. Popcorn and juice at the ready, the show is about to begin.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    These pro blacks are fucking deluded into thinking that the black community can be saved when we all know that it cannot be saved because black women and the thug black men killed it. Black women are the least desired woman on the planet because no decent black men or other non black men wants to date their fake miserable ass.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These pro blacks flunkies stay talking about other movements in black digital spaces yet fail time and time again to actually get something done within their own. SYSBM™ is making moves with plenty of receipts on deck, Passport Bros/Travelling Bros are equally making massive strides with more than enough receipts to show and prove. What receipts do these pro blacks have to show in relation to their progression to make their community great again………………NOTHING.

      I strongly believe one of the main reasons why the pro black contingent continue talking about SYSBM™ and Passport Bros is to distract from the fact that unlike us, they’ve made little to no progress in their mission to repair and rebuilt black society as a whole.

  3. What do you all think of King Richez on youtube sometimes he livestreams with justpearlythings.

    As for the current UK prime minister if things become a disaster. UK Society better not make black men the scapegoats.

    1. Trust and believe – We black men have been the defacto scapegoats worldwide and have been for centuries. Nothing new there. No sweat off my brow. I just keep it moving.


  4. The scraggly dangle knows full well that the only use nonblack men have for her is to perform ghetto gagging services.

    Now granted, there are many scraggle daggles who are extremely turned on by being dehumanized and degraded by nonblack men.

    But the scraggle daggle is attempting to gaslight decent black men, when she threatens that nonblack men would love to date her.

    I say this to the scraggle daggles. Go for it, because I don’t want your disgusting ratchet asses !

  5. JustPearlyThings is a white unicorn woman from USA living in London UK.

    She understands the difference between red pill and blue pill.

    Sadly I can’t seek white unicorns anymore in Britain.

    At first I thought she had a lot of negress friends until I realised they are not mates, just guests on her show.

    They keep asking JustPearlyThings to be invited on her pearly show, not the other way round.

    Blackistian couples in general are always choosing to exploit themselves globally since colonisation and slavery.

    EU to consider ban on using A.I. for mass surveillance and social credit scores

    This article was published in April 2021.

    Rishi Sunak has family ties with WEF.

    World economic forum wants a one world centralised cryptocurrency with social credit scoring and RFID microchip technology.

    Prophesy is already happening.

    If I lose my current job, my next job will be in Belgium.

  6. What about this Chantelle Simone, guys. I stumbled on to this video where she appears to be defending SYSBM against this dude who said the movement was “bs.” Is she one of the new YouTube ladies trying to be the female Kevin Samuels? She seems nice enough although I’d never watch her regularly.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yes, she’s been defending SYSBM™ from the outer perimeter ie respecting the black man’s right to seek love and companionship elsewhere. The WeNeedToTalk pro black lame just like Omowale Afrika is a cowardly punk, General Tito went to debate him and he ran like a scolded dog.

      Dude is yet another pro black flunky talking about saving “da communitah”, yet he can’t even stand on his own square when it comes to defending his position when being challenged:

  7. It’s the same old thing when it comes to the simps. The simp Olowale Afrika is just like all of the other simps Bareback Fountain who is still looking for a wedding dress to marry Clifton Rainey, Shawn James who needs to focus on his next book, Dr Foolmar Johnson needs to stop coming after black men when they date non black women and Woke Poofgressive needs to live his life if he wants to get his back blown out.

    I don’t know but it seems like them black women on that panel talking to Aunty Jenny but it seems like they are jealous of JustPearlyThings that she is successful at what she is doing and they feel that she is exploiting black people when it comes to dysfunction. Question, what do they do when these black preachers exploiting them while they are preying to a beta male? They will do nothing. What about it when the Indians and the Chinese them getting off black women when they are selling that weave trying to look like Pearly? They make them richer. What about Vlad TV, Maury, Steve Wikos that I heard that he’s molesting his daughter and maybe his son exploiting black people? They ain’t doing a damn thing.

    I heard that the rapper Take Off from Migos has died. He was fatally shot in Houston, Texas. I don’t know why but it’s sad that something like this has happened. RIP to him. 1994 – 2022.

    Right, as you see the video of them bitter women, I bet you that them women don’t have a husband at all. Because them scraggs are dysfunctional as hell. You know I talk a lot about black men dating non black men but I haven’t talked about white women dating non white men. The reason why white women are non white men, mostly black men is because of the beta male behaviour of the white man. It’s way too much for them. As they see the beta male acting up, that when she dates a black man. And black men usually don’t act like beta males because we act like simps because black men don’t mind having a women that has children. But the reason why the white honeys are dating and marrying black men because they are sick and tired of the white man beating beta.

    Oh, one last thing. Machete Man Briggy talk to the other day. He said he kill off his woman because she fuck another man. He said to me: Why you wan run up mi bloodclaat? Mi find out mi gyal dun fuck annudda man, yesterday, so mi haffi chop it up tuh raasclaat. Chop off di head an dash wey inna gulley. Police nah catch mi, and mi nah care yu know. Nobody nah wan fuck with me, you hear?

    Briggy chop off gyal head and fling it in the gulley you know. And the police can’t find him!

    Hey keep you white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming women that look like Pearly!

    Fuck these simp! Goanna play my PS2, star!


    1. Well Money,

      Since you keep on mentioning Clifton, I though he stop simping since he learned his lesson many years ago when he got locked up by his feminist sisters and his homeboys brag about it but left him in prison to get gang raped, but it took Tommy Sotomayor to bail him out because Clifton’s kin folks didn’t fo what Tommy can do and that is bail him out of prison.

      1. Yeah because his family members, I don’t think they like him. Because that maybe he’s just another jackass that his family wanna get rid off!

  8. just dropping in had a Mid’ day … Both good and bad, I will deal with the bad early this morning. As Jimmy the Greek would say “glad that day is over I’m betting on the next.”

  9. Takeoff #RIP. Another young Black man sacrificed to Moloch. Killed in a dice game? Will brothers ever learn? Shout out to the young Gen Z SYSBM™ brothers who are sidestepping the fuckery.

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