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Red Pill, Feminism The Same, Really Bruh?


Preach’s statement about the Red Pill and feminist communities being one and the same is completely ridiculous and totally nonsensical on its face. The reality is feminism staunchly rejects the truth(Red Pill) and seeks to uphold lies and falsehoods(Blue Pill)at all costs.

I’m beginning to believe that many of these bigger YouTubers are having their strings directly pulled by the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki as Preach was clearly unable to successfully quantify his convictions on the Red Pill in that clip.

When we look back to the movie The Matrix, the Red Pill represented the truth concerning the real world we live in, just because some folks have a bad reaction when discovering that many things they believed in are actually lies, that volatile reaction is NOT the truth’s fault.

This is where so many of these Red Pill detractors seriously derail(some unintentionally though many deliberately), they lay fault with the truth(Red Pill) just because some people have a hard time re-adjusting to the new found realities of how life actually works, smh.

If you place butter and mud out in the sun, when the butter melts and the mud hardens, we don’t turn around and say that the sun is evil or a bad influence, no, we accept that the sun will cause various organisms, substances, chemicals and elements to react differently in its presence, THIS IS LIFE!

Originally the Women’s Liberation Movement was initiated by a group of lesbians who desired a greater expansion of their dating pool, the movement was later picked up and sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation who saw it as a viable means to get women into the workforce so they could be taxed which would in turn initiate the destabilisation of society.

Feminism is diametrically opposed to classic masculinity and traditional manhood, there can NEVER be a meeting of the three in the middle, NEVER. To even put forward such as suggestion is beyond outlandish and makes absolutely no sense.

A massive part of feminism’s goal is the complete subjugation of men(the State using women as well as legislation) by stripping male society of its last vestiges of traditional masculinity and manhood and having women place their feet on the necks of men for eternity by elevating them above and giving females favour over said men within the system.

Another part of feminism’s goal is to completely destroy the family structure which is the foundation of any functional society. We only need look at black society and the disgusting fallout as a result of the same family structure being decimated to note the direct correlation between strong families, rugged and working societies.

The reality of the matter is Aba N Preach are a pair of blue pilled, middle of the road fence riders who are allergic to traditional masculinity and classic manhood.

Additionally they don’t want to rock the boat, they desire that YouTube money to continue rolling in unhindered, so they’ll do exactly what they’re told for fear of being cancelled.

As stated before, they’ve essentially become puppets/flunkies of Susan Wojcicki, just like Logan Paul when he offered up his bootlicking and brown nosing services earlier this year when the powers that be tried and failed to cancel Andrew Tate.

Mentioning “the prize” issue, when dealing with precious metals, gold is more valuable than silver because it is less abundant. The same principle can be applied to men in that they’re the ones who create societies and all things contained therein but overall are less in number than women(who create nothing).

Therefore on numbers alone, being the rarer of the two sexes, it isn’t wrong to state that men are the prize. Gentlemen, as the war on true masculinity and manhood continues to rage, expect more prominent figureheads to step forward and align themselves with the gynocracy as instructed by their handlers.

Fellas beware, in the very near future you’re going to note an extremely sharp decline in people who are not afraid to stand upon sound morals and grounded principles. At the same time you’ll also observe a rapid rise in disingenuous and unscrupulous individuals who are willing to do and say anything in order to secure the bag and/or not get cancelled, coming soon to a street near you. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Sellouts And Folders Are Around Every Corner

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Red Pill, Feminism The Same, Really Bruh?

  1. Oxymoron statement of being the same thing.

    That is like saying being a christian and being muslim is the same thing.

    Whats next? Being conservative and being liberal is the same thing.

    Fluoride is dumbing down populations.

    Anglo English societies are done.

    Feminism has mostly damaged Anglo English societies for the most part.

    This is why I can’t seek white unicorn women in Britain anymore.

    1. Witwijf,

      Dudes like Preach make foolish statements without thinking them through. I honestly believe that he’s been told to speak out against the Red Pill by YouTube higher ups, he’s living quite comfortably off that YouTube money and doesn’t want to see that revenue go down the drain. Neither does his blue pilled co-host Aba.

  2. That blue pill negro is definitely the ops! These cats just sit around waiting for their simp chip to be activated like some type of Manchurian Candidate. Whether it’s people trying to misrepresent SYSBM, Passport Bros, or the red pill just know they see the free thinking black man as a major threat & they would love nothing more than to get cats back onto the plantation & have us overdose on the blue pill!

    1. The blue pill negro first of all is a crab in a barrel just like his single mammy, and don’t want to see his brother get up. That’s number one.

      Number two is the blue pill simp negro wants the “educated lames” and “squares” on the plantation to a) marry his daughters when they come of age and b) marry his babymamas to get him off the hook for child support.

      Number three, misery just plain loves company simple as that.

      Simps like Preach have platforms to protect, which means kowtowing to the gynocracy.

      1. Rapid Fire Rasta,

        You nailed it!

        Some blue pilled simp negros want an ‘educated lame’ to marry their scraggle daggle daughters and then be a meal ticket for the entire degenerate family.

        Some blue pilled simp negros want the ‘educated lames’ to marry their babymamas and get them off the hook.

        Some want the ‘educated lames’ to marry their scraggle daggle sisters and be a meal ticket for the entire degenerate family.

        The bottom line is this. The cream of black male society do themselves a great injustice when they settle for a scraggle daggle. They get the scraggle daggle and her dysfunctional kin folks.

        They sell themselves short and usually suffer grievous harm when they do this.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          It’s long overdue that the cream of black male society began looking out for themselves instead of settling for less ie looking after Keisha’s bastards believing they cannot do better for themselves.

          SYSBM™ and Passport Bros movements are snapping more quality black men out of the plantation trance and ran through, rinsed out, washed up black females are NOT happy about the transformation taking place.

      2. Rapid Fire Rasta,

        I reckon the word came down from above, speak out against the Red Pill or you’ll be de-platformed just like many other prominent figures we’ve taken down.

        Too many folks have gotten too comfortable with that YouTube money, they haven’t created any other means of viable income, so they have no choice but to “bow down”.

        With the rise of SYSBM and the Passport Bros, the blue pilled, pro black simps definitely has his work cut out trying to rally free thinking black men back onto the plantation, oh well, that’s his problem, not mine.

    2. Val Zod,

      The heterosexual free thinking black man is the most dangerous and feared man on the planet. Unfortunately we have too many black men who are not principled nor morally grounded and are more than prepared to sell themselves and their people down the river for a few shekels of silver and a piece of mouldy bread.

  3. I heard something similar to this in recent years that both sides has the same views for their respective movements but it was feminism vs MGTOW.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Feminism is the result of the toxic fallout of women being given corrupting rights and privileges by the State, MGTOW is the response to that with men choosing NOT to partake in women who are contaminated, I struggle to understand how certain folks can conclude that feminism and MGTOW are the same.

  4. Preach, despite him marrrying out and practicing SYSBM has become quite economical with the truth regarding black female dysfunction. Even Fresh and Fit seem to skirt around the same issues.

    It does seem like no one will actually go there, at least online, but I’ve met a white woman and a Jamaican man who say the same thing out loud – brash, fake and antagonistic to a Black man. And guess which two groups get together to counteract the bullshit?

    1. Trying to find common ground. But, I don’t think he deserves that benefit of the doubt just because he’s married outside of his race.

      This dude is way too blue pill to say that he’s practicing the SYSBM lifestyle. I believe on this basis SYSBM encompasses being red pill. Because you have to be red pill in order to even have an open mind to accept the concepts and the tenets that SYSBM discuss. Just because he married outside of his race does NOT make them SYSBM.

    2. Michel,

      I’d use SYSBM sparingly when it comes to Preach, yes he married out however the dude is blue pilled to the hilt. It’s funny though how he saved himself from the tumultuous black female yet in his eyes other black men aren’t allowed to do the same.

      I’ve also noticed how both Aba N Preach won’t touch on the black female and her ultra dysfunctional nature, look at how they went in on Fresh and Fit when the video surfaced of Myron talking about how he and Fresh don’t deal with Keishas and Shaniquas.

      Very few folks these days have the balls to call out the contaminated black woman, as we’ve seen quite a few black men started off addressing dysfunctional black female nature but then quickly folded once things got heated.

  5. I like the fact people like him say ‘we should learn how to conflict resolve’. He right that we should conflict resolve.
    But, I never conflict resolve with blue pillers, liberals or a feminist because you cannot reason with them. So no, I will no go 50/50 with feminist because they can never comprehend logic.
    As Verbs stated, liberal feminist’s job is to destroy family values.

    I will give you the ‘Man of Steel’ analogy:
    We all know that Superman kill General Zod to save the plant.
    General Zod want not that of a bad guy, he was just pissed because he fail to save the planet (Krypton) before he got sentenced. Now he saw another plant, he is full of rage and want to create the new Krypton.
    What I am saying? Basically people and the fans got upset that how Superman kill Zod and call him a murder.

    What these people fail to realise that once Zod is full of rage, you cannot reason with him, Superman tried to conflict resolve with Zod, but Zod just want to destroy and kill, the only way to resolve the problem is to put him down.

    Now put that into feminist prospective, they rather die than call it a truce meaning if the police said ‘dead’ or ‘alive’, the liberals chose death, why because they want to destroy and take over.
    The simps think that you can reason with a feminist.

    Ask Obsidian and Oshay when they create this manophere/Black feminist alliance because they give in to the Hit List. They not just have this alliance, they even let these BW take over the manosphere. Block and banning thinking brothers and even kicking them out to the brotherhood group.

    Only Kevin could only reason with a feminist, but now he is gone, the whole call it a ‘Truce’ is fucked. Even I also heard from the ‘Say no to Single Mothers’ Facebook Group that since Kevin has died, Kevin’s Official group (I do not think it was an official group) is now run by simps and feminist, also wrecking havoc there. I do not even go to that group.

    Black American Man will have an input about this topic as he goes hard on blue pillers.
    The reason why I go hard on simps and put them under that bus more than BW is because there are rampart.
    I understand BW are just bad, bitter and jealous towards thinking Brothers. However the blue pillers are the real threat as they are just doing the liberal feminist’s dirty work and are everywhere feeding the 304s. I remember months ago that we use to talk about dick-policing. Dick policing is no longer the trend because they do not after interracial dating, now the new war is American Black Men who hold passports.

    1. MMT,

      You cannot conflict resolve with folks who are actively trying to destroy you and what you stand for, feminism is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum as opposed to Red Pill, as you said there are no grounds nor room for compromise or negotiation.

      This is why Black Manosphere 2.0 was so easy to take down by the black witch contingent, Oshay, Obsidian and Angryman believed that black women could be bargained and reasoned with, however they found out the hard way that such was NOT the case.

      Black women as a collective hate SYSBM™ the most because there is absolutely no entry point for them, this is solidified with the SYSBM Tenets especially numbers 2 and 3.

      Additionally, this idea of people as a collective needing to come together is NOT good when dealing with broken societies, on the contrary, in a broken society division is much needed so that you can clearly see who’s who.

      1. “Additionally, this idea of people as a collective needing to come together is NOT good when dealing with broken societies, on the contrary, in a broken society division is much needed so that you can clearly see who’s who.”

        Look at the ones screaming for “unity” and “coming together” which in the Black community really means “unify with your resources.” The thuggos and babymamas want what productive, heterosexual Black Men have worked hard to accrue. They also want the “good Black Man” to be the clean-up man, mentor, step-dad, and community eunuch while Raw Dog McGee is out there running through hoes dick-first. This double-talk is as old as time. SYSBM™.

  6. SYSBM Halloween! Hope everyone is enjoying Halloween, a rainy one as well. I was watching The Exorcist on BBC2 on Saturday night and it’s the greatest horror movie of all time. In the sequel, you could of seen Linda Blair while she was in the bed. I was like I wish I was 16 again because she was 16 when the sequel was made in 1977. Yo, I would off speck some lyrics to her on that bed. Sweet talk that!

    I got the Matrix on DVD and I try to understand what the red pill is. Great Sci Fi action thriller, one of the greatest of all time. The red pill is about reality. We see what’s going on and we know what’s going on. Feminism is when right want equal rights as men. Right, the equal pay doesn’t bother me. I always tell people go and get your mind. “Mind On My Money And My Money On My Mind!” but what Preach is saying is nothing but nonsense. Preach is SYSBM, right? So if he’s SYSBM why is he saying that the red pill and feminism? I was goanna talk about white women dating black men but that will be on Wednesday. I don’t think about the red pill much because I know what’s going on now but the thing is that I don’t know these YouTubers are coming after the red pill. I don’t know if they are doing it for clout or for money. Maybe one of those things or both but it looks like they these Youtubers are coming after the red pill theory just these simps who are coming after SYSBM. First there was a war against SYSBM, then there’s the war against the Passport Bros and now there is a war with the Red Pill community.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles ghouls are coming after non black women in the rain.

    Happy Halloween SYSBM! Which costume your white sugar is wearing. She dress up like Cat Woman? Harley Quinn? Velma? Kinky Nurse? Nun?

    You know Bareback Fountain is looking for a wedding dress to wear for his wedding for Clifton Rainey, right? And Woke Poofgressive is his side man!


    1. Clifton Rainey is too busy being on tour – next gig is in Manchester O² on 8 and 9 November, Birmingham Alexandra 12th and 14th November and London Jazz Café on the 16th.

      Bareback so wants his asshole greased up by Ringo Raw and Woke Regressive, too bad he’s stalking SYSBM™

    2. Money Cultural,

      Bareback Fountain as you call him thought that he could go against heterosexual black men and snag himself a black queenie in the process, however his plan didn’t work. He hated SYSBM™ the most because once you’ve grounded yourself as a man, getting a girlfriend is a walk in the park.

      Unfortunately for Aaron Fountain Top, he refused to deal with his inner devils, hence why he’s stuck beating his monkey to Pornhub.

      1. Yeah, that is true! Bareback is coming after SYSBM because that he hates it when black men are with non black women. And also, them black queenies he’s trying to get, they’ll refuse to take him because of his homosexual tendencies. And also, his personal life. He hasn’t seen anyone about his mother beat the shit out of him when he was a little child. And that is one of the reasons why he’s stalking men online.

  7. I like Aba & Preach, but Preach is missing the mark on this one; the red pill acknowledges that men and women are different, whereas feminism makes the claim that men and women are the same (regardless of what biology shows us). Now, the red pill gets a bad rap because many guys have “red pill rage” at times; there’s also the negative bias the Left has towards the red pill community where they will frame the red pill as a pipeline to right wing extremism and conspiracy theories. Regardless of how the world perceives it, the red pill represents the truth, nothing more; also, if they are one and the same, why do we only see red pill content creators getting banned?

    I’ve heard this same talking point used against MGTOW back when it was the talk of the town on social media; this reminds me of when the fake academic Aaron Fountain tried to make a false equivalency between “race realists” in the White Manosphere and SYSBM.

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