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Deliberate Misunderstandings Of SYSBM™

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No you clown makeup wearing, cake faced siren, the primary reason why you shut off the comment section is because you didn’t want any SYSBM™ members rolling in and providing a thorough explanation regarding the lifestyle which would’ve made the philosophy make logical sense, shaken some of your black male audience out of da communitah’s spell as well as left you looking incredibly stupid.

The SYSBM Tenets are on public display for all to see, in addition to this we have a SYSBM book widely available that dives deeper into the philosophy and answers the most common questions that are raised by individuals as well as anti free choice/freedom of movement pundits and SYSBM detractors.

Do you see how these weave and bonnet wearing black harpies can dish out criticism all day, however as soon as the same comes knocking on their front door, they immediately beat a hasty retreat back into the dark, musty and damp catacombs they crawled out from?

Black women as a group are notorious for not being able to accept criticism, this is why they’ll quickly slide into victimhood mode whenever confronted on things they know little to nothing about or shouldn’t be speaking on to begin with.

SYSBM™ was formed as a direct result of black female dysfunction, some examples of which can be observed in these characters below:

The above is the dysfunction Shanelle Shalom expects SYSBM™ practitioners to mesh with, we’re expected to wife up Slim Sauce and 12 Gauge Mike’s scraps and leftovers as well as rebuilt a community we had absolutely no part in destroying.

The cheek of that cake faced enchantress to claim that there are decent black women in black female society, where exactly, can anybody point to them because I personally haven’t seen any for many, many years.

The fact of the matter is we SYSBM knights and soldiers are building our own communities free from the dysfunctional garbage of “da communitah” and its swamp leader the modern day black female. Note how the witch attempts to paint so called “divestors” as the problematic women within black female society when we already know that most black women regardless of their beliefs and subscriptions are dysfunctional and in most cases proud of it.

Who does Shanelle Shalom think she’s fooling, the so called black community is a dunghill, it’s been defunct for a very long time and black women were the ones who killed it. Division is ALWAYS a good thing whenever dealing with dysfunctional societies, that way you know who is who and where certain folks stand.

Once again, divestors and SYSBM™ are NOT one and the same, divestors alongside other black women are the very ones who’ve destroyed black society and are trying to escape the fallout and judgement of their disjointed decision making, as stated before, decent black men are NOT the one who are responsible for turning the black community into a pile of ashes and rubble.

Divestors are looking for ready made non black men, SYSBM practitioners on the other hand are simply looking for quality women who can build with as well as aid us in keeping our family trees in continuance. SYSBM™ members are NOT whoremongers, that label belongs to the Pookie and RayRay type Negro males black women love opening their legs to and getting impregnated by.

SYSBM™ is all about building for a better future, divestment on the other hand is all about trying to evade the grim future that awaits due to poor decision making of the past.

Overall, the main difference between SYSBM™ and divesting is the fact that black men can successfully date outside of their race, black women on the other hand significantly struggle in trying to land themselves a non black man who’ll take them seriously past the bedroom.

Let the black folks who were responsible for destroying black society rebuild it, don’t ask nor expect the so called “educated lames” you’ve already rejected to return, pitch in and contribute towards a community that doesn’t want them to be a part of it anyway, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Have No Grounds Nor Right To Speak Against SYSBM™

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “Deliberate Misunderstandings Of SYSBM™

    1. No need to apologise for the late post.
      If you got important things other than the website, I will respect it because you spend a lot time getting information about the black community disfunction and I and the some brothers here will applaud for your hard work to help BM to better themselves with this website.

      Now lets get to this woman:
      She is not a bad woman as I looked at her Facebook and her YouTube. She is no scraggle daggle. Also I notice she hide her relationship status which can be a red flag as she can be hiding something. On YouTube she does teach some virtuous stuff.

      However in this case, I cannot find the post you screenshot maybe because the gangs are coming after her when she did not understand the difference between SYSBM and Divestors. This also happen to Shawn James when he 1st time talking about Travelling Bros and he took the video down and decide to go after Passport Bros because Travelling Bros are not into this women and sex tourism. Also Verbs set the record straight with Shawn because he is not experience at the subject regardless of his ‘Critical Examination’ Skill he uses.

      I think she was observing social media and she need to come to this website to understand the tenants because SYSBM and Divestors are completely opposite. I can say more on my comments but your information on your post is spot on as SYSBM are not whore-mogers and do not preach this ‘pump’ and ‘dump’. I know she is trying to promote ‘Black Love’ but it is useless because feminist have no interest in ‘Black Love’.

      Another note:
      SYSBM build and improve self being, look at Madbusdriver’s videos when you see interracial couple. Those photos are a picture of a 1000 words and that is ‘If the brother build himself up, these women from other cultures will come’.

      Swirlers and Divestors take resources from other race of men, just like gold diggers. Yes they are feminine towards other men because divestors are faking it, just like the ‘Soft Girl Era’ or ‘I love you BM’ videos mind trick to get simp back into the plantation. Other race of men see through these BW so they Ghetto Gag them.

      She go on about 50/50 relationship and BW always have issues when BM prefers 50/50 when it comes to dating and other race of women accept 50/50. This is called gender equality, something other race of women understands. They fight for it and they got it. Now they accept the results of it. BW never get it. BW need to deal with it.

      Also I give you a reason BM do not do 50/50 with foreign women. Because when they get married, they have joint bank account which was like this for 100 years and foreign women are responsible with money. Whilst BW will keep the their own bank account when they are married so they have to accept 50/50 because they are financial reckless.

      1. MMT,

        As far as I’m concerned weaves/wigs as well as thick layers of makeup and brightly coloured lipsticks are typical outward indicators of a daggle. I refuse to give this witch a squeeze, she could’ve easily contacted myself or MBD for a better understanding of the philosophy, but no, in typical black female fashion she decided to run with her own mantra in order to paint SYSBM™ in a bad light(nothing changes with the black female).

  1. Verbs 2015.

    This Shanelle Shalom black woman hasn’t got a clue on what SYSBM is all about but we SYSBM black men definitely know what the black community is all about and that’s the reason why we SYSBM black men like myself decide to walk away from the black community for good. We SYSBM black men are building our own nuclear families with good looking childfree non black women and we are not rescuing black women from their stupid life choices especially when they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies. It makes me laugh when you have these black men simps and black women tell us SYSBM black men like myself that good black women exist but they are all chatting shit because good black women don’t exist in 2022 and they haven’t existed since the 1950s well before I was even born.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro, in 2023 good black women have practically become extinct, all you see these days are black women looking as fake as a $3 bill from head to toe with janky and disjointed mentalities to match. For black men who can still think and reason for themselves, SYSBM™ is the most viable and sustainable option available to them.

  2. White Sugar Honey: Can you come over? I have this red wine on the table.
    SYSBM: I’m coming over now.

    This Shanelle gyal don’t have a clue of what is SYSBM is all about. And the other thing is that black men who are going SYSBM, the reason why they are going that route is because of the dysfunctional behaviour of black women.

    So it was like they just go to another race of women. And some of the black men are getting their passports and leaving the country to look for women to wife up. When I saw the videos right, I was like this is so dysfunctional. And there are some black men will say that there are good black women but that’s a rare breed now.

    White Sugar Honey: Slow down!
    SYSBM: What do you mean, boo?
    White Sugar Honey: The night has just begin. Let me pour you another glass of wine.
    (Runs her foot up his leg)
    Ohhhh, you goanna need it, baby!

    The ratchet black women are driving black men away because of their ratchetness and black men will get turned off by that. Black men’s preference is black women but they have tried to date them but they get a bad result so they just leave them and date non black women.

    And when black men are non black women, simps like Bareback Fountain who was abused by his mother when he was a child, Dr. Foolmar Johnson who is obsessed of where black men is pushing their penis in and Woke Poofgressive who confessed that he was homosexual. But at the end of the day, these ghetto hoodboogers prefer Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Knife Man Priest and Machete Man Briggy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Funny you should mention Aaron Fountain, an ultra blue pilled simpleton who believed that in the process of defending the angry and bitter sisterhood, at the same time he could snag himself a “black quean”.

      Of course his plan didn’t work because he clearly didn’t understand how the modern day black female works. Just like most of these lames who jump up to defend dysfunctional black women, eventually he had the throw in the towel and concede defeat.

      Aaron Fountain the fake academic is long gone, however SYSBM™ is still standing and going strong. It just goes to show you how the truth will always prevail no matter what obstacles are thrown in its way.

  3. Black females are hypergamous. There might be a tiny percent who will say 50/50, but even these are hypergamous.

    They dream of a black male simp who will give more than they give.

    I’m putting it out there. When I was very young and had very little exposure outside of Blackistan, my standards were a lot lower. I put black females on a pedestal, the type I wouldn’t touch with a twenty foot pole today.

    By the way, that 20 foot pole comment applies to most black females in the US. As I’ ve become educated, traveled, and refined, I see just how low the American black female, writ large, has become. She is sinking by the minute.

    The sad truth is that the worse she gets, the more hypergamous she becomes. Most US black females have too many negatives for me. Their negatives far outweigh their positives.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      You’ve pretty much nailed it when you said when it comes to black women, in this modern day the negatives far outweigh the positives. The travelling aspect of being a free thinking brother is a serious eye opener, once you’ve experienced women who still practice traditional customs and who treat men with respect and like kings, you’ll be angry with yourself as to why you tolerated dealing with sub par females back in the West.

  4. Sysbm is a lot more than just dating out.

    Divesters is only about dating out but most non black guys would never date a negress.

    They see them the same way as I’ve always seen them at the bottom of the dating pool.

    Only a white wifey woman will continue to be in my dating pool as always.

    Sysbm is more about building a new family foundation and working on ourselves to improve everyday.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Black women have pretty much etched themselves out of ever being picked by the men that count and have options, they’ll have to settle for Pookie, RayRay, ShineBone and Skillet instead ie the guys that get their kitties wet.

      Divestors are trying to escape from the community they’ve destroyed via their own hands, true SYSBM™ practitioners in light of the same destroyed society caused by black women are simply exercising their options and seeking love and companionship elsewhere.

      Divestors and SYSBM™ are NOT one and the same, there are very different dynamics at play when comparing both lifestyles especially their origins.

  5. Once again, we have somebody conflating SYSBM with the Divest movement; one thing I will give her is that she’s 100% correct in what she said about Black women who divest. When I was reading this, I assumed she was a failed swirler, but a quick YouTube search of her name I think has solved the mystery for me: she’s offering marriage prep and femininity coaching services to Black women; I now suspect her motive behind making this post was that she fears the same thing as the male dating coaches: a mass exodus of their clientele for other options will render their services obsolete. Think about it: if more Black men began saving themselves, who would her female clients be feminine for within the communitah? Also, if more Black women divested, what good would her services be?

    Remember that post Verbs made 3 weeks ago about those 2 pandering clowns who attacked Passport Bros? The video in that article came from a dating coach who decided to make light of the matter as if dealing with foreign women over Western females was a lame move; what’s lame is paying money to some metrosexual mangina in an unregulated industry, just so he could tell you that everything about you is wack and that you need to change your dress, speech, and certain behavioral traits (among other things) to attract modern women. What Shanelle Shalom is doing is similar to the dating coach’s MO, except that there’s actually something wrong with the daggle to even offer to coach them in their later years on how to act like a lady; if her mama failed to teach her on embracing her femininity while young, she failed her.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      “What’s lame is paying money to some metrosexual mangina in an unregulated industry, just so he could tell you that everything about you is wack and that you need to change your dress, speech, and certain behavioral traits (among other things) to attract modern women. What Shanelle Shalom is doing is similar to the dating coach’s MO, except that there’s actually something wrong with the daggle to even offer to coach them in their later years on how to act like a lady; if her mama failed to teach her on embracing her femininity while young, she failed her.”

      Quote of the week right here, mic drop!

  6. Fuck em if there are any american black women not smart enough to separate from the average black woman at this point they deserve to be left behind. The era of decent black men settling for the worst women in history is over

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