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Post Wall “Independent” Old Hag Speaks – 3!

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With this cake faced siren it’s pretty much the same pattern in the overwhelming majority of her videos, rather than dealing with the particular topics at hand or answering whatever questions are raised, instead she decides to take the viewer down some Alice in Wonderland, smoke and mirrors, twilight zone rabbit trail.

You’ll notice that she never answered the question, what do you bring to the table? The fact of the matter is post wall, so called “independent” old, cake faced hags such as the above in the back of their minds know full well they have nothing to offer, therefore in light of such shortcomings they’ll attempt to steer you in a totally different direction in order to avoid an embarrassing critique and examination of themselves, smh.

What Cayleecresta fails to understand is since men are the gatekeepers to relationships, we have the right to ask what qualities a potential companion is going to bring to the relationship in order to keep the same fruitful, prosperous, strong as well as help said union go the full distance.

You’ve notice that in recent times since men have been asking what is being brought to the table by the other party, quite a few women have gotten in their feelings and voiced their disgruntlement at being asked such a question.

We’ve really seen a serious uptick of black women especially getting upset, no surprises there because just like Cayleecresta, they themselves have absolutely nothing to offer a relationship outside of weaves/wigs, BBLs, smelly cooch, fake eyelashes, fake nails, a ton of spray painted makeup as well as nasty attitudes.

Just take a look at Cayleecresta’s videos for yourselves and you’ll see the amount of sorcery, witchcraft and magic she applies trying her utmost to distract and redirect, however over here we’re not stupid and we see the Kansas City shuffle at play in plain sight.

As I’ve stated before, the sad thing is this woman has at the writing of this article 2.7 million followers on Tiktok not to mention just under 245k followers on Instagram.

CayleeCresta ought to be informing her younger audience of impressionable women that embracing the strong, independent, women’s empowerment path WILL have long term negative consequences for them, the primary of which is the strong possibility of remaining single for life.

Of course enchantresses such as Cayleecresta don’t mind this outcome at all because they’re already over the hill, washed up, ran through and rinsed out, however for the much younger women who may be looking for a different outcome, continuing to listen to post wall hags like this will most certainly end in calamity, pain and misery for them.

In reality I don’t worry about women like this because a relationship reset is coming, however the road towards such change will be extremely messy and volatile, most women having gotten so used to the power, privilege and the many rights they’ve accumulated from the State over the years will fight tooth and nail to keep the current regime in place.

However this era of Jezebel inspired women being empowered WILL FALL and we’re currently witnessing its gradual collapse and demise in real time. The order of mankind is for men to be in charge and to rule over women in order to keep them in line thus keeping their quality high.

This is a harsh truth that most women in the West refuse to accept and actively fight against, however you cannot rail against nature and the order set up on the planet by the Most High God(whether you believe in a higher power or not).

Gentlemen, these are the types of women to actively AVOID whenever seeking out your quality stargates, additionally be sure to give an extremely wide berth to those women who choose to listen to benighted feminist Jezebels such as Cayleecresta and follow through on her advice and recommendations as they are just as contaminated, reject them also having absolutely no regrets. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Post Wall Old Hags Are Irrelevant And Should Not Speak

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Post Wall “Independent” Old Hag Speaks – 3!

  1. I haven’t posted here in a long while but I check in on you brothers every once in a while. I have something very important to say so consider this as a public service announcement. Brothers need to understand just how dangerous bitches like this Caylee Caked Out truly are. This message is for all you passport brothers specifically and for black men and men in general. It’s time to start being like our grandfathers, our grandfathers kept their cards close to their chest, they kept quiet and carried a big stick.

    STOP TELLING THESE BITCHES WHAT YOUR PLANS ARE! STOP TELLING THESE BITCHES WHAT YOU’RE UP TO! STOP ASKING THE RHETORICAL QUESTION OF WHAT THEY BRING TO THE TABLE! Stop it now! Someone can’t ruin your plans if they don’t know what they are. If you’re a passport brother as I am, just quietly go about your business, do what you have to do, get your paper and your paperwork in order and just leave, don’t tell anybody what you’re up to. And I’m not just talking out of my behind, that’s exactly what I did, when I left Gomorrah I told nobody, you can ask Verbs, I sent him a link AFTER I had already left.

    Passport brothers are catching some major, major opposition right now and it’s all totally unnecessary. Do not put ANYTHING past these beat up, beat down bitches, they will do anything to sabotage you and I mean anything, and they’re getting more desperate, hence more dangerous every week. Just look at and listen to how bitter this Caylee Caked Out is. And she isn’t alone by a country mile, this is the norm for them. I read a post on here by Schadenfreude who says he believes that David Carroll and Kevin Samuels were murdered. While I have no evidence to confirm that I don’t dismiss it out of hand either. David Carroll and Kevin Samuels were the two most hated black men on the internet and I know that certainly many many black women wanted to see them dead.

    Stop telling these bitches that you’re getting your passport, stop telling them you’re through with them, stop telling them why you don’t want them, stop showing them evidence of their dysfunction, stop communicating with them period. Give them the ghost treatment. If you run into them tell them you think the black woman is god, sleight of hand, divert their attention, tell them nothing. If you’re at the passport office and it’s a daggle, tell her you’re going to Africa to volunteer your help at an black all girls school. Keep them guessing, keep them in the dark. If you brothers keep engaging with them they’re going to make life hard for you, trust me. Do you really think if these black bitches complained loud enough to get legislation changed to make it more difficult for you to get a passport some simp or feminist politician wouldn’t support it?

    Half of these bitches worship the devil and I mean that literally. Stop talking to them period about anything and for God’s sake NEVER EVER tell them what you plan to do. Ghost them completely. If you’ve left blackistan don’t talk to, listen to or even diss these savage beasts, just quietly leave, never to be seen or heard from again. When Lot left Sodom God didn’t just tell him not to go back, he told him don’t even look back. Sage advice. You’ve been warned

    1. Thank you for this. Thank you brother for this right here. I learned to shut up when I had a Keshia tell me my options in women are limited but when a woman says that she doesn’t understand that she’s the limited option. When i became full blown SYSBM, I don’t tell anyone about my agenda or plans. That is why so many people especially at the job look at like trying to figure out a puzzle.

      1. Robert Chavis,

        Keisha lives to get dicked down by Slim Sauce and Field Mouse but still wants brothers like us to remain in place as backups/fallback options when her fun days getting ploughed left and right are over. Very few if any black women are going to be honest with black men concerning their dating prospects with black women exclusively Vs instead choosing to expand on their dating options.

        Even the minuscule number of so called “good black women” will still tell you that there are “good black women out there”, something at this stage we know and clearly see is an urban legend. I’ve even seen some guys who are in support of the Passport Bros repeat the same myth about “good black women” still being in existence, smh. Move in silence yes, that’s even more of burn to the black witch’s psyche than broadcasting your agenda from the rooftops.

    2. Upgraydd,

      Yes sir, I still remember you sending me that email telling me that you had skipped out. I understand Passport Bros putting out the word to other thinking black men in order to let them know that there are better options available to them, however the back and forth thing with Keisha is so unnecessary. It goes back to what I’ve said in the past, most black men deep down still want black women, they don’t have the courage to expand upon their options, they cannot let go of the black female.

      So for many when the Passport Bros bat signal was raised, they were really hoping that Keisha would inject herself into the conversation(which she did because black women as a collective can’t help themselves, they always have to stick their noses into black men’s business) so that they could engage her once again with the hope that she would change for the better.

      I really don’t understand what part black men are NOT comprehending, black women embrace the modern day leftist mindset which is one of misery, pain, death and destruction. This is the main reason why the “da communitah” currently sits as a dunghill and will never see its former glory again. Black women are NOT interested in changing for the better for black men, it’s NEVER going to happen.

      To be honest, the guys who are asking black women what they bring to the table still want to deal with black women, true SYSBM™ practitioners such as myself as well as genuine Passport Bros left off conversing with Keisha a long time ago and haven’t looked back since.

      Not all of us are in a position to cut black women off completely, outside of dating and mating capacities some of us still have to interact with them myself included but for my own case it is to a minimum. As I said before Passport Bros need to take a leaf out of the SYSBM™ manual, stop conversing with black women, simply get on with living the lifestyle and enjoy themselves.

      The guys you see going back and forth with with black women who are claiming to be Passport Bros aren’t really genuine Passport Bros. They’ve simply jumped on the bandwagon because they’re hoping that black women will be shook(which they are) and change for the better(that part however is never going to happen).

      Remember, even though Lot left Sodom and didn’t look back, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is still told to this day to warn others of the consequences of not separating and saving themselves from decadent and reprobate people as well as the contaminated culture they enjoy and live for. Warnings are still very much a necessity and somebody has to put them out there.

    3. BRAVO!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!! This needs to be placed in the SYSBM’s Book of Eternal Wisdom for all the brothers still struggling to find their way. The simple statement is packed with so many gems to dissect…it’ll keep you reflecting for years to come!!!

      Outstanding work brother!!! Respect!!!


      1. Melek Taus,

        Indeed, there are too many black men who are still struggling unnecessarily who need information like this.

    4. That’s the best advice I have ever read in my life. 100x better than any dating coach and PUA advices I have ever heard! you sir are truly brillant!

      Even though if black men leave in masses via, Passport Bro movement, SYSBM or just remaining celebrate, black women and the plantation bros will certainly get nosy and try to block us from our path but not to the extend that we are seeing now.

      I live in Kazakhstan, which is like Russia lite. If anyone asks me why I travel, I simply tell them I go to Russia because I’m a communist. They want nothing to do with me afterwards.

      1. Carnio,

        Yes, even I’ve been saying for years that black women aren’t about to allow free thinking black men to ride off into the sunset smoothly with their non black female significant others.

        At least in the West at some point they will attempt to act out simply because black women as a collective are an evil and nasty bunch of individuals.

        Expect them in the very near future to be rolling up on free thinking black men out in the streets with their non black women and attempt to instigate trouble, yes, these disgruntled sirens are prepare to get violent and will.

        Additionally, as has been confessed by some black women already, they’ll begin flying out to the most popular destinations for black men and start their trouble making over in those places as well.

        However, the beauty about them starting beef with black men in developing countries is they won’t have the same protections as they would in the West, therefore you’ll be able to deal with them in whatever fashion you determine is appropriate.

    5. I have said this in the past.

      Black American men should move in silence when travelling abroad.

      I don’t have this issue because me having a passport is standard for identity in UK and EU.

      In my situation I can only potentially find a white wifey woman in one of the EU countries.

      Everyone is different but the main thing for sysbm and passport bros is to stop sharing too much information on social media.

    6. This is right on the money. Many men still want Keisha to care. How about you just stop talking to her and telling her your business???

    7. Upgraydd,

      Great advice. I’ve known from a young age never to let BW (starting with your mama) know if you have any money saved up, or what your plans are. Because they’ll have their hands out like you owe them something, or will try to sabotage or badmouth whatever you’ve got going. On the other hand, I’ve learned in my old age that silence kills. Especially for these narcissistic attention whores. Ghost protocol is the way to go.

      “I read a post on here by Schadenfreude who says he believes that David Carroll and Kevin Samuels were murdered. While I have no evidence to confirm that I don’t dismiss it out of hand either.”

      As you shouldn’t. Anyone with cursory knowledge of the CIA or KGB would consider the possibility. Think of Kevin Samuels and David Carroll as modern-day civil rights leaders, this time for Black Men only. They were waking up way too many resourceful Black Men to both their worth and the level of BW treachery, they had to be silenced to maintain our defeated status as matriarchal Yas Queen lapdogs.

      I suspect Mata Hari/Russian honeypot vibes with Kevin, the woman who was with him when he died was an alleged nurse. Sent in to seduce and poison him. He drank Red Bulls on camera, there’s your cover story, heart attack. If you are a CIA analyst planning a takedown, that’s your angle right there.

      I think COVID killed David Carroll. He complained of flu like symptoms and inability to breathe in his last videos. He was a big man, too. So breathing and heart problems would be normal with a guy like that. Not assassinated per se, but a lucky happenstance. The cover story here was his cigars, oops, they did him in.

      This is the kind of psyop shit they did during the Cold War, regime change, quiet assassination, blackmail, poison, honeypot stings. The KGB would drop a radioactive pellet in a guy’s drink and he’d burn from the inside out. Anti-Putinists just fall from buildings today.

      Tommy Sotomayor they just deplatformed. He is a court jester, a shock jock. Nobody takes him serious like Kevin or David Carroll.

      David Carroll before he died made a Rabbit Hole video where he warned Kevin that someone would try to come for him. He thought a matriarchal attack dog Pookie would try to run up on him in the streets. A year later both were dead. Not a coincidence.

      Look up honeypot stings if you don’t believe me. The fictional movies “Red Sparrow” and “Anna” depict this.

      J. Edgar Hoover during the height of the Cold War and Vietnam said America’s biggest national security threat at that time was not communists but a unified Black America. COINTELPRO is still happening, gents. We are in a psych war against these government sponsored, weaponized black female terrorists. Watch your 6 out there.

      Ghost protocol and SYSBM.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎯💯

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid old hags like Caycee Cresta because they don’t bring anything to a relationship table accept for drama and problems

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s also disappointing to see just how many non thinking women are simple minded knuckleheads to the point where they’ll follow this old hag to their own destruction simply because they believe they’re gaining more power over men.

      1. Further financial collapse will likely be here soon. I actually feel sorry for these women. They are too stupid and spiritually deluded to see society being broken in front of them. They will suffer for their foolishness…question is will simps try to save these heaux once they start to drown?

        1. Autodidact,

          You’re spot on brother, this is why I have to laugh whenever you see these same Western females on panels and livestreams talking about themselves claiming that they’re becoming smarter and more aware.

          All this delusionals are worried about is getting more power at the expense of the men in their society. They will suffer heavily for their folly, coming soon to a city near you.

  4. “What do you bring to the table” is like the loud screech on the chalkboard to their ears. It exposes the hypocrisy that they demand men to give but want to give absolutely nothing in return. So they automatically attack you back with the same question as “No, what do U bring to the table”. As if men don’t already give women everything on a daily basis.

    There are far too many women of this archetype. Their only source in which they can be like this is because of the damned Simps/Plantation bros. Plus our taxes goes right into their pockets. Black women have so many social incentives and benefits that no wonder they can be like the woman on this video… I would never vote for Trump, I am NOT republican or conservative etc. But if trump made a promise to take away all of these social benefits, though I wouldn’t vote for him, I would say he has definitely done good in something.

    Black men have it 4x as hard as black women yet almost all of us do not get near the support or incentives as black women. So if trump takes it away from black women, don’t be shocked that there will be a sudden spike of interests in marriage and more demonization of SYSBM and PAssport bros…

  5. Brothers – AVOID The Sea Hag and her minions!


  6. When a man says what can a woman bring to the table, he means by what can a woman bring to a relationship. When a man ask that question to a woman, she will go crazy and get offended. If a woman ask a man what he brings to the table, she will get the answer.

    I know when a black man ask that question to a black woman, she’ll get really offended. A lot of black women will get offended when a black man ask that question to them. It seems like they bring nothing to the relationship. That’s how it is and I’m not talking about the good black woman which is a unicorn. Oh no, I’m talking about the hoodboogers.

    Ask a gold digger that question and there is one, she’ll get offended by the question or two, she will struggle to answer the question. But we know gold diggers already. They are just there to use the man while they are getting pipe down by the worthless dude.

    The reason why men especially black men ask that question is they are looking for a suitable woman to be with when it comes to be his girlfriend or wife later on in life. They don’t wanna be with the wrong woman.

    And for the woman on the video, when she take the make up of, she looks like a different woman. I don’t know if she’s older then me but — I don’t know man. This woman has hit the wall now and she’s getting triggered of that question of what a woman can bring to the table.

    What do I want a woman to bring in a relationship? Kindness, femininity, supportive (not talking about financially), peace and love.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. The moment I saw this article’s title, I knew it had to be this woman again; she actually has similar facial features as a witch (such as her thick nose bridge). When I was listening to her rant, I slowly began to tune her out because she is rambling about nothing; but let’s be fair and address this: what table have women built exactly? No women of high status has obtained anything without a man’s involvement; even Beyonce Knowles had the decency to give her husband Jay-Z credit for her success (while her unmarried, brain dead fans are running around singing her pro feminist lyrics). Any female who dodges the question about bringing something to the table with ad hominem attacks, or makes statements that don’t answer your question is WORTHLESS!

    Let’s apply some logic to this: do you think any person can apply for a job, and when the interviewer asks about your skills and how you can help the company grow, you flip the script and ask him/her to prove themselves to you? I can guarantee you won’t be getting a call back from that employer; we should do the same with these broads who expect us to fulfill the 4 6’s (6 figures, 6 feet tall, 6 inch cock [at minimum], & 6 pack abs). Also, it should be made clear that when a man asks a woman if she can cook, clean, or do any tasks that are expected of a housewife, it’s not so a man can boss her around; being able to accomplish those tasks will be a must when children come into the picture.

    Women like Caylee Crustacean will never learn; give these hags the ghost treatment, and live your best life without them. #SYSBM

  8. Tiktok. Enough said.

    I don’t know who this woman is as she’s irrelevant to me. But BM need to stop the back and forth engaging with stupid people. “Passport Bros” just need to shut up and live their free lives with their white women, the constant online debating and capping for Jezebel scum is embarrassing. Seeking approval from those that want you dead is some Stockholm syndrome mess.

    Go SYSBM and stop reaching back for mommy.

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