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Post Wall “Independent” Old Hag Speaks – 2!


Below, the full length original video clip the cake faced fossil was responding to:

Once again I’ll have to step forward and declare that the so called “independent woman” is a myth, a fairy tale and an urban legend, such a female has never existed at any point in history and never will, don’t allow these delusional, post wall, angry, bitter and disgruntled cake faced, plastic sirens to deceive you into thinking otherwise.

As I’ve stated before, there isn’t anything a woman does that doesn’t involve a man whether directly or indirectly at some level, if anybody disputes that statement then they’re free to bring forward any rebuttals to disprove it, I’m waiting.

This is the entire point, these contaminated Western females walk around with their heads held high and their chests puffed out talking about how “strong and independent” they are, yet as I mentioned in my book Negro Wars, if we placed these same “independent women” on their own private island and gave them all of the tools, materials and equipment they would need in order to build their own infrastructures, honestly how far do you think they’d get?

Exactly, nowhere at all. Everything would still be in the same places they were left in, not one brick, pipe, breeze block or cable would’ve been moved.

Feminism has these western women out here majorly swimming in Lala land, believing they can actually function without men while at the same time failing to realise that it is those men they claim they don’t need who are keeping the very system going that these same “independent women” are operating in and taking full advantage of, smh.

These “independent women” can’t wait to use their phones, tablets, laptops and computers(all made by MEN) to jump onto social media(created by MEN) so they can garner attention from who, that’s right, MEN, the same men they claim they’re free, independent and detached from. Like I said, there is no such thing as an independent woman, men are involved in women’s lives at every level.

Again, we don’t care about women being able to generate their own money, RICH MEN CREATED AND CONTROL THE MONEY, if money is removed women will no longer possess one of the tools they claim gives them “independence”. Additionally men in general aren’t interested in how much money a woman makes nor her educational status, we’re looking for much deeper characteristics that many western women these days fall incredibly short on and in some cases completely lack.

Notice how ancient relic Caylee Cresta has no problems indulging in the cosmetics industry(created and ran by MEN once again) spray painting her face with layers upon layers of makeup as well as using filters(yep, created by MEN). You’ll also notice how she’s additionally taken advantage of the plastic surgery arena(created and ran by MEN yet again) and duck lipped herself up.

Stop trying to claim you’re confident while at the same time wearing so much witchcraft and sorcery upon your face, such a move alongside duck lip surgery demonstrates nothing short of insecurity, mental instability as well as weakness. Confident, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

If you’re really “independent” then don’t use the things that men have created as you look incredibly dumb and stupid whenever claiming such a position. Men created the same internet and TikTok social media platform that Caylee Cresta is using to send younger generational women down a path of utter calamity, misery and destruction.

Men are intricately woven into the lives of women, this is the way things have always been and always will be. Non westernised women understand this and have no problems acknowledging men as their authority and security, many western females unfortunately have deluded themselves into believing they can “go it alone” and often times find out the hard way they’re unable to.

Finally, the whole new age “I don’t need you but I want you” mantra is a joke within itself. Don’t worry, as I’ve stated before, ultra high inflation, an economic collapse and a desperate need for survival will soon have these delusional heifers running away from the “independence” lifestyle faster than a cheetah chasing its next meal. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Post Wall Old Hags Should Not Be Sought After For Advice

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Post Wall “Independent” Old Hag Speaks – 2!

  1. The old hag was doing a lot of self-projection. Because what she said is what Western women and those with a western mindset have been doing.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      These angry and bitter lost fefails stay projecting because they’re unable to hold themselves accountable for the numerous errors they committed via their own hands.

  2. Feminism won’t survive long during economical crisis of inflation.

    Feminism won’t survive long during civil wars and WW3.

    Feminism won’t survive long during martial law.

    Feminism won’t survive long during migration crisis.

    Feminism won’t survive long when automation puts so many more jobs out of business.

    A white wifey understands protection.

    A feminist understands vulnerability of control.

    1. But never forget that it is not just delusional western females who are feminists, but also confused western males.

      The white female feminists can not sustain themselves without the blue pilled milktoast white male feminists.

      This is very analogous to the blue pilled black male simp collective sustaing the black scraggle daggle matriarchy.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Yep, the white male feminists who just like the blue pilled black male simps mistakenly believe that agreeing with women will eventually get them access to the snatch, smh.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    This Caycee Cresta old hag needs to be quite because if it wasn’t for men who built the world infrastructure today that we humans enjoy in 2022 and beyond these so called strong independent women would not have jack shit. Feminism is the worst thing to happen to human kind because it destroyed relationships and marriages between men and women, it created lots of single parent homes and it also created lots of women who are hoes with high body counts with lots of different sexual partners which makes them bad wives/bad girlfriends that no decent man who wants to settle down with.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The Western female has turned into a complete and utter disgrace, this is why I’m highly encouraging brothers in particular and men in general to deal with foreign women instead if they have the ways and the means to do so.

  4. This is a little off the topic of feminism, but is still something I want to say. Black men need to know that we can never make common cause with the American white redneck male mindset.

    I used to to think that in theory we could find some common ground. But I have to keep it 100 percent real. These cretins might complain about feminist women, but at their core these cretins are 100 percent anti black male.

    Their anti black male racism is the strongest emotion they have about anything. And no matter how disinginuous they are , no matter how good a liar they are, their desire to do harm to the black male will trump all other values in their fevered minds.

    Just because I don’t like feminism and the American white redneck male doesn’t like feminism, this does not make him my friend. He is not just my enemy, but my mortal enemy.

    1. Facts; many White guys nowadays have taken the red pill and are speaking on female nature, but I can’t ignore the other part of them that is central to their identity: the preservation of their Whiteness (which is the driving force behind their conservatism). As Black Caesar used to say on here, White guys are beta males by nature, and it is they who created the feminist monster that they’re now trying to kill; that is also how the scraggle daggle operates: creates Blackistan which is the production center of Slim Sauce and Cheesy Grillz, but acts like they aren’t responsible for what they made.

      1. Don’t forget the standard-bearer Blackistanian male: 12-Gauge Mike.


  5. I want you but I don’t need you thing I really don’t believe it. Because women really needs men. And Caylee Cresta is just another woman that has been with numerous guys under the bed sheets. And now, she regrets it, she’s just all bitter. When it comes to money right, men don’t care about a woman’s money. They don’t care how much she makes every year. It’s all about her looks. When a woman gets older, he looks fade. There are some men that wants to sleep with her, they will say “I’ll fuck her!” Smh! If plastic surgery, cosmetics and make up was created by men, then why this feminist is having them? I thought a feminist hate men? Let me tell you something. If a woman says that she’s a feminist, watch later on when she says where are the good men at. Just wait!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scragge daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      She’s bitter that she wasted her prime years being dicked down by knuckleheads and now she isn’t getting the same level of attention she used to. Therefore her “solution” is to hate on men and persuade other knucklehead females to follow her lead.

      Again, notice that this witch’s channel is still up and running, meanwhile the SYSBM acronym and hashtags have been completely removed from TikTok, make that make sense.

  6. When you hear stuff like ‘I do not need men’, ‘I choose to be single’ and advertising stuff like this. This is basically a ‘Fox and the Grape’ mindset.

    If brothers do not know about the ‘Fox and the Grape’ is basically that the fox tried to grab the grape from the tree but the grape is too high. Instead of the Fox take an L saying ‘the grape is too high’ and need to improve themselves, the fox rather say ‘the grape is bitter’. It is like saying if the women cannot better herself by keeping fit, losing weight. They instead hating men and say ‘I enjoy being single’ because men do not want them.
    Despise what you cannot have.

    As for ‘Do not need a man’. I remember this Asian women friend now in her 60s as she is a ex-scraggle as she use to hang around Jamaicans and still smoking weed. I don’t deal with this person as she is a Born again Christian religious narcissist and telling BW that men are bad because she had a kid with Winston Reedy’s Manager (yes, the famous Reggae singer).
    She goes on an about how men are sin and technology are sin and you ask this person a question that since men and technology are evil, then why she do not live in a place without it? She knows she could not survive without it.

    These of these liberal women believe in this animal kingdom mindset and in reality they could never survive that lifestyle, we had a show which Verbs stated, put them in a Island without men and patriarchy and they could not survive a day. Also liberal women do not get along with each other because we see Ratchet BW fight each other and most of the time I do not know what the fight is all about.

    Also Verbs, if these BW really want to live under no-man village, then why don’t they live in Kenya, there is a village run by Matriarch and they are self-sufficient then the Western females. We all know these western females can never live like them. Take a look at the 2 video link:

    Link 1 =
    Link 2 =

    1. I’ve seen that video in the first link before; the difference between them and the Westernized scraggle daggle is that these women actually are working to sustain themselves without any outside help. The scraggle daggle couldn’t even go a day without Captain Blizzard bailing them out; I also can’t ignore how VICE pulled a mulatto to host this show on the matriarchal village in Kenya rather than a non mixed BW.

    2. I saw these videos like this.
      In some villages, they still do trade with men. Sometime learn blue collar skills from men and bring the skills back to the women only village to sustain the infrastrure from there. Then teach other women the skills to build.

      I look at the youtube comments and I see how these western females saying that how men are hating, envy or jealous of African women independance. No men are hating. We are happy that these womem are self sufficiant.
      These BW are just capping and full of shit.
      They are want to live like in Kenya and they know full well in reality that they can never sustain or live that lifestyle like you see in these women only village because they need the white man government to support them lifestyle as you see in the village, there are no white men in there.

    3. Michael,

      I know that woman you speak of.
      She was a Mauritan and she become contaminated with Jamaican pookies. Now she is born again. I would not worry about her as she is nuts now. Smoking weed.

      I agree with you and Mister Master took words right of my mouth as he is spot on about the comments section of the Woman only village.

      Western women can never live that life in Kenya.

    4. MMT,

      All women need men, they instinctively know this, however because these Western governments have stepped in and postponed the consequence of the bad choices they’ve made, they now mistakenly believe that men are disposable.

      Remember, this delusional mind state is only happening amongst Western women, as soon as you depart from Western shores and land upon those that are traditional/patriarchal, everything returns to normal.

      A relationship reset is coming very soon to a street near you, most of these haughty women will fall right back into line when seriously hard times hit, only stubborn mules like the black witch will continue to ride the road of misery and destruction until they hit the grave.

  7. This is how you can tell she has no real response to this man: she took a 3 minute video and only commented on like 3 seconds without addressing the 3 points he brought up; she deluded herself into believing that needing a man in her life is submitting to an oppressive patriarchy. I don’t know who or what traumatized her to this point, but she needs to get real about life rather than waving her old, haggly finger at random men whom she disagrees with; brauds like her are why the Wall of Silence exists.

    1. BCT,

      Caylee Cresta is a word salad specialist, she throws out of these random words, terms, slogans and phrases, yet very few if any of them actually tackle and counter the points raised. The woman is damaged goods, spoiled when she was younger by the likes of Chad, Brad and Tyrone and now she’s decided to galvanise her bitterness into leading other gullible women down the same calamitous “I don’t need a man” path of destruction, smh.

  8. Despite their rhetoric these bitter old hoes know their time is up, so they’re tilting at windmills. Nothing to do with Carlee Cresta, but look at the backlash to Passport Bros, I’ve never seen the strong and independent demographic so triggered. Black Men are finally waking up and getting some standards and posting their gains on social media, and these 304s don’t like it. On the white side, washed-up old feminist hoes like Carlee are pushing sheer cope, Topher and Connor are not taking her seriously anymore. It’s great to see these bitches take their Ls, you love to see it. Just sit back and watch ’em crash and burn.

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