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Heavy makeup, check. Ridiculous coloured weave, check. Fake eyelashes, check. Masculine disposition, check. Tattoos, check. Tranny-esque look, check. She said that her body count was 7×12 which equals 84. This woman has slept with 84 men, she KNOWS that she’s flushed her value down the toilet which is why she LIED to the guy in order to make her hoeism look less horrific.

Everyday women like her throw themselves onto the whore bandwagon believing that they can sleep around and still retain their value as quality women, however nothing could be further from the truth.

The colossal conundrum many Western women are facing today is trying their utmost to present themselves as females of quality and value despite having diminished the same because of their venturings down 304 Avenue.

This is why many of these whores are pathetically trying to conjure up all manner of sorcery and witchcraft in their attempts to steer men away from focusing on their sexual history.

This includes the use of shaming, insults, and guilt tripping techniques, however those enchantments only work on the blue pilled simps, the men that count aren’t falling for these lame methods of bewitchment.

SYSBM™ is all about seeking QUALITY STARGATES, it looks like this is becoming very difficult to achieve in the West which is why I strongly recommend that brothers who have the ways and the means to do so go foreign as too many women in the West simply aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm anymore.

They’ve willingly squandered away their purity(from which there is NO COMING BACK) and now they’re desperately scrambling and running around like headless chickens because more men are demanding higher standards ie exactly what they’ve thrown away to the swine, that is the likes of Chad, Tyrone, Cheezy Grillz, Chunky Bruh and Shorty Fist.

Brothers, you are NOT nor will you ever be obligated to take onboard whores, sluts, slappers, harlots, hoes, 304s and whatever else they’re labelled as, you deserve women of quality, DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Body Count Matters And Nothing Whores Say Or Do Will Ever Change That

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. The obese mammy Stacey Abrams loses Georgia, and she-male Brittney Griner is moved to a Russian penal colony to serve out her 9-year sentence. Tough day for the strong and independent demographic lol.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I’m glad Abrams lost, she would’ve turned Georgia into a liberal hellhole just like California had she become governor.

      1. Verbs,

        I guess the “Get Your Booty To The Polls” and “No Voting, No Vucking” campaign ads didn’t work on straight, productive Black Men, go figure.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Heterosexual, free thinking black men already knew the score, Abrams was never going to get their vote. I’m also glad to see more black men are finally beginning to figure out that black women DO NOT have their best interests at heart, especially in the political arena.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I will never settle down with a whore who slept with lots of different men because she is not good girlfriend/wife material.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Unfortunately these “sexually liberated” women don’t want to understand that men are the ones who control relationships. A quality man worth his salt will NEVER settle for a whore, those sub standard pickings belong in the realm of the blue pilled simps.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. As a quality man myself I don’t take these hoes seriously.

  3. My values and standards are too high to a point where most women in general would avoid me.

    Most women will settle on males lowering their values and standards.

    These same women can tell guys about their higher values and standards.

    These same women have issues with guys like me having higher values and standards.

    This is why most relationships fail.

    I don’t want to be in a failing relationship.

    I also have to be careful with foreign women aswell, it ain’t just the west.

    Although finding a white minority wifey increases, there are still some western women going to foreign nations.

    There are foreign women in western countries getting westernised.

    1. Witwijf,

      Another reason why large swaths of relationships in the West fail in these modern times is because too many men take onboard women who simply aren’t relationship material and then embark upon a mission to accommodate and adjust to the heifer’s dysfunction, smh. Many modern day relationships unfortunately have turned into all about trying to please the woman and keep her happy as opposed to doing what’s best for both parties as well as putting in the time, effort and energy into the relationship in order to keep it strong, health and prosperous so that it goes the distance. No, foreign women aren’t perfect, nobody said they were, however overall you’ll have a much higher chance of finding a quality female in a non Western country than you would over here.

  4. Verbs,

    Have you typed ‘MadbusDriver’ on the YouTube search recently?
    When you typing MadbusDriver on the search it automatically put ‘MadBusDriver doxxed’ as a report search prediction.
    This parameters changes since he got doxxed.

    1. Mister Master,

      You’re right, I went and typed his name in myself and the doxxed part did come up, it seems that every man and his dog has got it in for SYSBM™ founder MBD and any heterosexual free thinking brothers who have chosen to expand on their dating options. We shouldn’t be surprised at YouTube being the ultra leftist platform that it is.

  5. Meanwhile, Clifton Rainey who was engage to Bareback Fountain, he called off the wedding because he found out that Bareback was sleeping with Woke Poofgressive 2.0. Woke was blowing his back out. He jump pan him batty!

    Anyway, when the girl say that she has 7 bodies x12, I took off the headphones and said “Oh God!” Let me tell you something guy. These women are throwing their punany all over the place. I have seen some hoes when I was in my 20’s and 30’s as well but in my 40’s now, I have seen more and more of these women. These type of women are not girlfriend material or wifey types. They’re for the roads which in other words they are for the streets, you get me? You can only sleep with them and nothing else.

    I was watching a video clip of Kevin Samuels. People says it’s suspect and all. Not really a clip though and he sad there are two types of black men that black women like. One is the bad boy. Well, lets say the worthless dude that has no life. They love them type of men. And also, they like the pretty boys. Black women say that they don’t like pretty boys, that’s a down right lie. They don’t want a good black man. They want him afterwords. And they really don’t like the simp. But they end up with the simp as a last option.

    I was on Instagram and I see the women twerking their booty as all. And I look at the people I know section. I scroll across the screen. There are some people I know and some I don’t know. And I saw this fat ting and I said “Hold on. I know that fatty browning. That’s the chick I got pregnant when I was 13 and she was 12. And she abort the baby as well.” I know you guys are not with the abortion thing but I would off been a teenage father. Oh wow! In my life, I have dodged more then one bullet. There are some women I don’t wanna be with.

    You know when black women that are on YouTube say that they hate black men, they wanna delete black babies, they wanna have mix children and all that. You know that they are lying? I don’t believe what they say about black men. When they show that hatred towards black men on You Tube, as they come off YouTube, they are crying their eyes out because they want black men. But the thing is that black men are just walking away from black women, you understand? And have you hear that in these sperm banks that there is a shortage of black sperm? You know why? Because that black men are not donating their sperm to black women because they are tired of the disrespect they are going through with black men. I heard it D’Nieka Marie’s live stream on the weekend.

    End of the day, a scraggle daggle is a scraggle daggle.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. And it was windy today as well so lets see if the wind blow these scragglies away.


  6. The average black female in the US is very unattractive. The obesity and bad body epidemic among American black females is off the charts. And it starts at an early age.

    Some Gen Z black guys might think that black women have always looked like this. But I am old enough to remember when they looked a little better. I sometimes wonder if some Gen Z black men have been conditioned downward so much, that they don’t see how bad these black women look.

    No doubt American black women are looking so bad, partly because of their bad character, which causes them to over eat and under exercize. Their hateful nature also plays a part. If you are 24/7 ugly inside, it will manifest itself outside. But I strongly believe that most American black females under 50 are the spawn of Pookies, 12 Gauge Mikes, Slim Sauces, Tyrones, and Field Mice.

    Generations of bad breeding between Shaniquas and the dregs of black male society, have produced the collection of beastly looking and beastly behaving black females that you see waliking the streets of any American city.

    Add to this toxic mix, the fact that many of these beasts have body counts appoaching 100 men, by the time they are thirty. I wouldn’t waste good wood on beasts like these. And shame on any black male who does.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I have to agree with you, I also remember a time when black women as a collective at least looked reasonable, they weren’t rocking silly coloured weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails etc, they didn’t spray paint their faces with 10,000 pounds of makeup but instead commonly swore by the use of cocoa butter.

      What you said about ugly inside eventually manifesting itself outside is exactly what I’ve been stating about black women embracing feminism and masculinity, both have manifested themselves into the black female’s physical appearance, hence why so many black women today look like black men, trannies and cross dressers.

      In 2022 and beyond the dearth of attractive black women within black female society is also another major reason why so many black men especially amongst the younger generations are leaving the building in droves and seeking out love and companionship amongst non black women.

      Let’s not even get started on black women, their promiscuous nature and the fact that they’re proud of it. As I’ve stated many times before, no quality black man worth his salt is going to deal with a woman who has a high body count, these women can attempt to implement whatever shaming and guilt tripping language they desire in trying to change that outcome, however such a change is NEVER going to happen.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I have a question for you guys: has anyone else noticed that they have been coming for all of the outspoken men who have influence on social media? I’m talking about men like Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, Andrew Tate, and Alex Jones, to name a few; they’re quick to silence all of the free thinking men who can wake people up about the changing world order and then employ negative bias to turn people against them and their message. I recently saw a clip of Andrew Tate where he said he believes that the powers that be are trying to kill him; when you’ve gotten to that point, you know that you’ve become a serious threat to their plans.

    1. BCT,

      These lefties don’t want the truth to reign supreme, they’re so used to dealing with lies, falsehoods, fairy tales and deception.

      In relation to Irving and West, they both committed the so called “unpardonable sin” of calling out these Jewish dark lords many of whom are orchestrating the lawlessness, skullduggery and deception we see unfolding, however for fear of finally being exposed, they much prefer to operate from within the shadows.

      So, they want to come for Irving for recommending the movie Hebrews To Negroes which documents the real Jews as actually being black(which I myself discovered back in 2009).

      The Jewish contingent’s move to openly castrate and emasculate Irving speaks volumes to the fact that he’s struck a serious nerve by posting about information the imposter Jewish cohorts never wanted black folks to know about.

      The same goes for West, they know that he has incredible influence and don’t want him to use it for the betterment of mankind.

      Kanye also woke up from the plantation spell his Jewish handlers had him under and they’re not happy about it.

      You already know my view on Andrew Tate, they attempted(and failed miserably) to cancel him because he came out of nowhere and injected a triple strength dose of traditional masculinity and undiluted classic manhood back into male society.

      Traditional men are a serious problem for a bunch of elites who want to control the world without having to deal with any obstacles or hindrances in their evil path.

      Alex Jones was one of the first major names to get cancelled from these lefty social media platforms, however Jones already had and shortly after the ousting set up, so once again the lefties haven’t really cancelled him at all because I know exactly where to go to find him.

  8. Great timing with this article.
    Going to say something that is controversial. Please don’t get mad at me. If you believe in vetting, one of the key tenets, you all would agree with me. Unlike mostly in who lack experience and are too damaged to still vet other women, you guys don’t fall for that. But this is controversial still and some of you will probably be pissed at me. I understand but…


    It’s been a hoot to see her go up against the BW chameleons and some of these dumbass maggles and scamming “advocates”. But she’s won herself. And if anybody did their research before she cleaned up her channel, you also know that she “metoo’d” a brother. I know some of you will say he should Not have been in that situation, fine. But this has to be red flag. We still do have to vet, not get overjoyed off of her using some of our talking points. She is still a chameleon. Plus she’s from the midwest, not too far away from where I grew up. Those chicks are a dime a dozen. I went to Summer sports camps seeing chicks like her pretty often. And yes even back then in the ’90s, the white girls were definitely checking for Bros. no doubt.
    Personally, I am way too experience with the WW to even just get all giddy without doing my vetting. But I do enjoy seeing people overreact. I do enjoy seeing people heads explode over this chick. And like MBD says, this is useful for us. Anybody with even a generic understanding of marketing will understand why a woman like that would succeed over a D’Nieka Marie. Who also grew up not too far from where I grew up.

    But we are thinking black man so let’s keep everything perspective. More power to pearly things, but we recognize what’s up. Are, at least I believe and hope we do.
    That’s the type of chick you hang out with, have fun with, if you feel her like that maybe try to hook up with, but anything beyond that? Just think about it guys


    1. I don’t watch JustPearlyThings on YouTube (or any female content creator), so I get where you’re coming from; I think we should look at them the way we look at these outspoken right wingers: they are saying these red pill things to cover for some skeleton in their closet that they’re trying their best to hide. I would never have guessed she Me Too’d a brother, but I’m not surprised in the least.

    2. Mack G,

      Recently I also raised the issue of too many black men wanting to be lead by women and seeking out female validation, leadership, approval and guidance before they’ll look to the same coming from a masculine black man. I personally am skeptical of any female who has chosen to comfortably enter into male spaces, that action in of itself is highly disrespectful and must be looked upon with extreme suspicion.

      If we’re calling out black women for coming into male spaces when invited instead of turning down the offer, the same goes for mixed and non black females, Pearl included. I heard about her MeTooing a black man, this is certainly a serious blemish on her character that these excited, jumping over the moon Negroes ought to be taken note of before crowning her Queen of the Black Manosphere. She also recently deleted a video entitled “Why I Hated Men” which again I find very suspect.

      This is one of the great things about SYSBM™, women play their role in a completely different setting, over here there is no inviting women onto panels and livestreams, therefore there’s no room for infiltration and usurpation. I really have to wonder how serious some black male sectors are regarding empowering black men when they’re inviting women onto their panels every 5 minutes.

      From a far I’ve been watching Peal stealthily maul these angry and disgruntled black females and I’ll admit that it’s entertaining, however the fact that so many black men are pied piping behind this woman is scary and disappointing. This is one of the reasons King Sigma told me why he stopped making videos, he realised that most black men have serious mummy issues and as a result are a lost cause.

      I agree, vetting any female is of the utmost importance especially when dealing with ones who seem to say all the right things and repeat red pill speech. Hard economic times are upon us with even harder times coming down the pike, brothers with sense and intelligence will see the chameleons and fraudsters coming from 100 miles away, the blue pilled simps however will forever be enamoured and suckered by any and every woman who shows them even a minuscule amount of attention.

    3. I give you my viewpoint about Just Pearly:

      What I observe and heard is she is one of realest people on YouTube from the manosphere side.
      Unfortunately the manosphere is trying to find new leadership since Kevin passed away and get someone to replace him. No one can take Kevin Samuels place because he was the Real McCoy/Deal not on Social Media, but in Real Life. In Real life Kevin ran business with like minded brothers but he became famous because of the Average at best video from World Star. Haters made him big and he ended up overworking on YouTube which killed him.
      What I notice that we have these Kevin Samuels wannabes such as Pearly and Kendra G. But Kevin is more experience when it comes to Liberals, feminist and hypergamy because of of is Real life status outside of Social Media.

      Back to Just Pearly: I personally don’t watch Just Pearly as I watch important videos such as Madbusdriver and Kid Organic.

      Also now we have a Becky (Just Pearly) as the Queen of the black manosphere. I did looked up the history of she use to be me-too person.

      She may do real talk, but SYSBM keep women like her neutral/mutual. The reason I use the term ‘neutral/mutual’ because SYSBM knights do not invite women to panels or talk to them as this is male space as Verbs stated and one of the Tenets state this. Only fake SYSBM does this as they talk to BW.

      By the way Madbusdriver already made a video address this:

  9. Gentlemen,

    The reason why overweight, ugly looking creatures such as this ridiculous specimen below have gotten so arrogant, haughty and out of hand is because there are a multitude of blue pilled simps jumping into her inbox as we speak, giving her praise and accolades she doesn’t deserve.

    10 years ago who would’ve thought that in 2022 ugly fat women would be talking the same “I want a man who’s making six figures” mantra as the women who look half way decent to very attractive.

    There is so much ammunition that can be use against this grotesque looking mutant, she shouldn’t have opened her mouth.

    1. She actually fixed those dry, concrete, unmoisturized, dehydrated lips to say what she said in that video; kissing her lips would probably feel like making out with sandpaper!

  10. Verbs,

    I seen this video few times. I am talking about this ‘Itsgabbyfe’ person who thinks she has high standard.
    I don’t want to look at this thing and I am not sure if this is a women or a mutant.


    From the article’s subheading: “The works of Alfred Kinsey sparked a revolution and serve as a basis for sex education in America. Then, it was discovered that his “research” was flawed and included the “findings” of a pedophile who systematically abused over 300 children. Why did Indiana University unveil a statue honoring Alfred Kinsey?”

    This has to be the most disturbing revelation I’ve seen all year; the sex education they want to teach children in school is based on the “research” of one insane pedophile who gave his “findings” over to Kinsey (this deranged sex pervert remains anonymous to the present day). It should be no wonder anymore why we see the grand levels of degeneracy that we are currently dealing with in society. “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” – Psalm 12:8

    P.S. Who do we know of that attends Indiana University as a Ph.D. candidate in History and has been on a crusade against SYSBM?

  12. Would you write something about the new Black Panther movie? I heard Wakanda is now some black female led empire, and negro women are so excited about it… Despite it being a FAKE city in a comic book.

    1. James Q,

      I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve also heard that it’s pushing more of the black female empowerment nonsense, I already predicted that it wouldn’t be anything like the first movie. Once the woke crew get their hands on something, it’s a wrap!

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