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Why Do You Deserve Anything? #SHORTS


Every corner I turn there is a cake faced, weave wearing, tatted up, grench face looking black witch calling black men ni**as every 5 minutes, yet so many black men lacking basic testicular fortitude, confidence and self esteem continue to deal with these women despite the overt, blatant and brazen disrespect.

The problem as I’ve mentioned before is black women have been so successful in getting so many black men to adopt and use the N word as part of black culture to the point where they don’t see it as a problem(except when the word is thrown at them from a white or other non black individual, smh).

This is one of the main reasons why I have no hesitation in advising black men with their heads screwed on straight to opt out of dealing with black women altogether and instead choose non westernised non black females who are not going to refer to them readily using N bombs.

Unfortunately we have a situation where large swaths of black men in the US are premium grade, freeze dried, blue pilled simps who have been successfully programmed to the point where they’re afraid to step outside of their boundaries and comfort zones in order to embark upon new territories and lands they’ve not discovered yet.

The modern day black feminist harriet will always be a disrespectful, mean and evil wench towards the black man, nothing will ever change this which is why the unicorn, exception to the rule, good black woman has now become a solid myth and an urban legend.

You actually have black women out here alongside their blue pilled, black male simp flunkies who I might add are so weak, fragile and disjointed that they’ll attempt to reverse polarity and claim that black men who choose to walk away from dysfunctional black women because of their bad attitudes, unappreciative and disrespectful nature are “weak” and “unable to handle a strong sista”.

The opposite is in fact true, those black men who choose to remain and tolerate black women urinating and defecating upon their heads on the daily are in fact the weak ones who lack the self respect and the strength to get up and walk away from such a contaminated and one sided confederacy.

These modern day black females DO NOT deserve gifts or rewards, especially in light of how they’ve sold black society down the river for dainty treats and benefits from Uncle Sam aka Admiral Frost.

This fake fly away eyelashes and thick makeup wearing chick is out here pouting at the fact that she hasn’t received any gifts yet, however you already know that some worthless simp will see her video and jump straight into action doing what he does best, bootlicking, brown nosing and pandering for post expiry date Scooby Snacks and doggy treats.

Gentlemen, stay sharp, we already know that black women as a collective view black men as slaves, assets, commodities and cash cow mules who are there to facilitate them in diving deeper into their materialistic Jezebel fantasies. Don’t be that donkey, don’t be that simp, have standards and hold steadfast to them. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Do NOT Gift Those Who Don’t Deserve It

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Why Do You Deserve Anything? #SHORTS

  1. This is a perfect example of a white woman named Sophie Rosing saying N bombs to a negress female named Kylah Spring.

    If it was another black person saying the same thing to her, no one would be protesting chants.

    This video is comedy of Kylah Spring crying her eyes out because of the N bomb and does a long speech about it.

    Hear the crowd chanting protect black women lol.

    Kanye west was spot on when he said black people don’t have the same connections like Jewish people.

    No one would say the word kike to a Jewish person.

    Anyone can say nigger to any black person.

    I don’t hear non black ethniticies using racial slurs amongst themselves.

    1. WitWijf,

      I really struggle to understand how some black folks can use the N word amongst themselves and label the practice as a term of endearment. As pointed out, no other ethnicities are engaging in this degenerate custom. This goes to shows you just how far black folks as a collective have fallen into the mire.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women fucking hate good black men like ourselves and that’s the reason why I have gone fully SYSBM from the age of 16 years old all the way back in October 1998 and I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40. Also I am not going to save the black community as it can rot in hell for all I care.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Going full SYSBM was the best move you made from such an early age. As for the black community, there’s nothing to save, it’s already dead and has been for a very long time.

  3. Be aware Verbs, the rise of the bonnet in America and now staring to be imported to the UK.
    I have seen BW wearing bonnet outside and in London.

    1. You know you would be called a misogynist if you pointed out the FACT, that women are followers by Nature? LOL Especially the daggle

      I see why a majority of Bros over there don’t deal with them. I mean s***, they have no room for error over in Europe. At this pace, us Americans Bros won’t be far behind

      1. The old man use to say on Kevin Samuels comment saying ‘That term like Misogynist or phobic only work on white men, this does not work on Black Men’. Why? Because we are realist.
        They will always label ‘Real’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Observation’ as ‘Phobic’ or ‘Misogynist’ because they fear truth and accountability just like Vampire fears sunlight.

        Minister Jap said something interesting and mention this few times that these BW with weaves hates water because water reveals their true ugly selves. Example you do not see BW going to the pool and swim because they know their weaves comes off and fell humiliating. I do not think they take shower without the bonnet.

      2. Mack G,

        UK brothers read and accepted the writing on the wall a long time ago concerning the daggle, I’m glad to see that more US black men are following suit and finally accepting that the modern day black female doesn’t have their best interests at heart, far from it.

    2. Andy C,

      It’s even worse than that, I’m now seeing young black boys out here in these London streets rocking bonnets, smh.

      1. It’s really that bad, the worse I’ve seen was in the workplace. As you can see, we know who they are raised by.

  4. What does she truly deserve? Shit. She won’t even get love from me. I have stated before of why black men in the UK are dating out in high numbers is because of black women’s ratchet behaviour. And it looks like black American man might date out in high numbers because of the ratchetness of the black American woman. Have you heard that Lori Harvey went back to Future? I’m not shocked that she went back to the fool with a whole leap of baby mothers. I don’t know how many. We know that black women who are ratchet treat black men like shit and don’t care until they meet the scum bucket black men who will dog them out. And as they get dogged out by one worthless dude to another, then they wanna look for a good black man. But as they start looking for the good black men because they are taken all ready, they’ll be asking the question of where are the good black men.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Lori Harvey, LMMFAO!!

      Of course she did, even despite stories of her supposedly getting smashed out by that rapper Jack Harlow.
      She probably did it because supposedly Michael B Jordan sneak diss her on SNL last weekend. Basically, he improvised an intro for Drake and saying that he is “her loss” or her L


    2. Money Cultural,

      Lori Harvey was for the streets from day one, Michael B Jordan should’ve known better than to believe he could turn a whore into a housewife. Lori Harvey is your typical City Girl type female, however she just like all other women out here cannot avoid The Wall and will collide into it head on at some point in the near Future, pun intended.

  5. Can somebody help me to understand what was the point of this TikTok? She did a whole lot of yapping while saying nothing at the same time! A daggle’s words are like the calories found in junk food: there are loads of them, but they are empty and have no value whatsoever; also, they can never miss an opportunity to disrespect Black men and complain about them (especially the ones they chose). Water seeks its own level, so if you want better, be better.

    1. BCT,

      You already know the drill, most black women stay rambling about nothing and talking jibberish. It’s extremely rare to hear constructive words come from the mouths of these modern day black females.

      Since they subscribe to the degenerate religion of their lords and saviours Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion, City Girls, Dojo Cat, Sukihana etc, don’t be surprised that in 2022 so many black females sound baseline retarded.

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