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They Hate Seeing You Happy! #SHORTS

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Let me get in here quickly and clarify exactly what ethnicity of men she hates seeing happy, BLACK MEN, one must learn to read between the lines. If the compliment about wearing her hair natural and a lack of makeup came from a white guy, this heifer would be doing cart wheels across the rooftop of Home Depot and jumping for joy.

Of course we shouldn’t be surprised to know that the dysfunctional, tatted up wench above is a single mother. It looks like 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce rolled through, made their deposits and swiftly moved on to some other knuckleheaded black females, the story never changes with most black women, smh.

This wench actually supports single motherhood and like most single black mothers isn’t ashamed at the fact that there is no father around, she even says in the video attached to the “a single mother” link the following:

“Y’all know I’m a mommy first but what am I immediately after? A bad bitch #stopmomshaming #nomoremomshaming #nomoremomguilt”

Even when steeped in motherhood black women are still concerned with being bad boss bitches, and these are the women the blue pilled pro black simps are berating SYSBM practitioners like myself for walking away from, exactly what do they expect any black men with sense, intelligence and his head screwed on straight to do?

You heard what this black siren said, she stated that it bothers her to her core that she’s making a man happy, in other words she wants to see black men miserable just like she is.

Additionally, as far as I’m concerned the compliment made towards her further demonstrates how men aren’t impressed and are tired of the layers upon layers of witchcraft and sorcery black women spray paint on their faces as well as the endless multi coloured weaves and wigs they throw onto their heads and would much prefer to see them natural all round.

However, being the unhinged dysfunctional females they are, most black women already being highly insecure about their natural visage hide behind heavy makeup, weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, tattoos, bull rings, piercings and any other external appendages they can get their hands on.

This is a far departure from the black women from way back in the day who only needed to use cocoa butter in order to project a fresh radiant look, how times have so drastically changed.

Gentlemen, yet another case study highlighting one of many reasons why more black men are choosing to walk away from black women, when you’re dealing with female counterparts who are on a mission to ensure that you DON’T experience any happiness, you know it’s time to seek out love and companionship elsewhere. The exodus from the building is very real, black women are NOT your friends. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Misery Loves Company, Greener Pastures Await You

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “They Hate Seeing You Happy! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Being a single mother lowers your sexual market value as a woman towards childfree men like myself because we refuse to date single mothers because they made poor life choices by having kids with the worst type of dudes ever. It’s better to create a nuclear family with a childfree woman because you are starting your very own family from scratch and also your future children will both have your dna and the childree wife/childfree girlfriend dna bloodline in them. Other races of people look down on single motherhood because it is shameful and so it should be plus it makes you a failure as a woman if you ever become a single mother but black women think that it’s okay to become a single mother when we all know it’s a bad environment for kids to grow up in. This is why the black community is fucked up because single motherhood is celebrated.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, single motherhood is frowned upon in non black cultures, it’s only in the swamp called the black community that single mother culture is accepted, praised, celebrated and exalted. Then these same single mothers attempt to shame child free black men for not wanting them, smh.

      I’m not raising another man’s children, let Tyrone, 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce look after their own stock.

  2. These Daggles will swear up & down they’re the shit but when basic Becky got too close to the Black Manosphere for the Daggles liking they & the simps/Maggles that love them were shook!!! 🤣😭

    1. Val Zod,

      Black women believe they’re the overseers and gatekeepers of black men, they’re not happy that a white woman can roll in, play her magic flute and have black men following her without them first seeking out, listening to and following the instructions and advice from their black female overlords. Black women are losing control of black men and they’re in full panic mode about it.

      1. Verbs,

        You are 100% correct in your assessment sir & the shit is hilarious!

  3. Artificial makeup should be banned from every society.

    Most women in general would obviously riot against this decision.

    Protesting everywhere if it actually got prohibited but very unlikely to happen.

    I only care for white natural beauty.

    No negress can prohibit my happiness.

    However, black women can only prohibit blackistan males from happiness.

    1. Witwijf,

      Most women live in a fantasy land, they throw on the makeup and instantly believe they’re the new person they’re now looking at in the mirror, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      It also goes to show you that women don’t know what men want and find attractive, honestly most Western women don’t care because they’ve already got 1001 simps in their DMs praising them regardless.

      Men of quality look for natural beauty in women, something that is getting extremely hard to find in Western countries nether the less a lot easier to locate in non Western ones.

  4. They don’t want to see black men happy. They wanna see black men miserable just like my aunt blud! Listen here, when they see a black men happy, the hate it with a passion but when they see a black man upset, the love that as they love weave. A woman especially a black women who wants to see a black man miserable, they will not give a man peace. If they try to make 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice and Machete Man Briggy unhappy, they will take them down with one hit. Misery love company and when a person who has a desire of misery, then you shouldn’t be around them. And if you have a woman who is miserable like any ratchet, bitter hoodrat who is now old, then you have to let it go and find someone better.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women wanting to see black men consistently miserable, suffering, in pain or worse still in the grave are everywhere and in abundance. When we say that black women are NOT our friends, we’re not making jokes, that is a serious and truthful statement.

      As I stated before, I cannot remember the last time I received a kind hello or friendly gesture from a black female when going about my day to day business.

      1. I can’t even remember the last time I had a friendly gesture from a black female or even a flirt!

  5. …Black women have long had this worthless mentality of not wanting to be agreeable with black men. They become well trained lap dogs for white men however. The problem I see in Amerikkka is that what starts off with black women eventually makes it way to other races of women. There are white and latina being just as USELESS as the black woman above other than a sex object. Honestly, the non black sex objects are what people will deal with instead of the black ones!!!

    1. Rick,

      I have said on here forever that Suburban Becky and Marisol from the Barrio are taking their marching orders from Lizzo, Cardi B, Megan the Horse, Nick Minaj and random black ratchets on IG, TikTok and Twitter. Black ghetto hoes have always been the handmaidens of degeneracy and The Juice who own the media are all too happy to broadcast it worldwide.

      If a WW or LW have BW friends or emulate black bitch behavior, it’s an automatic no from me.

    2. Rick Scorpio,

      Black women pass down the blueprints of dysfunction, degeneracy and reprobation to other races of women, hence why also we’re now seeing a quick decline of non black females in Western countries.

      At this stage I’ll stand by recommending non Westernised foreign women who are grounded in a sound and functional culture as definitely the way forward for brothers with common sense and their heads screwed on straight.

  6. The main problem with the female in the video is her mindset. To even take a female like this seriously, requires that one come from a very low mindset.

    Her entire speech pattern, her enunciation, her pronunciation, her sparse vocabulary, are all characteristics of this mindset.

    There are hordes of blue pilled black male simps calling this skank daggle beautiful. No doubt, because she has the sort of beefy black female body that black male simps go ballistic over. Never mind that in a few years it will be all flab, blubber, and cellulite.

    As I have said before, the simps who adore her are of the very same mindset as her. I really can’t see the difference between the scraggle daggles like her and black male simps who adore her. They are cut from the same piece of cloth, and to understand them you have to become them.

    Those Black men who want something better must simply leave these types alone. Leave the scraggle daggles like her alone, and leave her black male simp admirers alone. They are Blackistan. And we are supposed to be about the business of exiting Blackistan.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      And yet you’ve still got a multitude of black men out here who honestly believe they’ll somehow be able to navigate through the hoards of trash and locate “the one” while everyday in real time they’re presented with nothing but sub par, man hating, low quality delinquents who live to see men suffer and die.

      She belongs to the streets and the blue pilled simps that pine after her, black men of quality won’t even give her a first glance.

  7. So, a Black man makes it clear to her that he appreciates that she doesn’t sport weaves and excessive makeup on her face, and she takes issue with that?! I remember seeing a post on FB years ago where another daggle posted about how a blue pilled Black simp drove up to her to tell her how beautiful he thought she was; as you’d imagine, she didn’t appreciate his compliments and had to say something. She wasn’t even that good looking to begin with! This is how crazy feminism has made these brauds; if any man were to get on social media and say that they were going to cease exercising and practicing good hygiene because a girl thought they were handsome, you’d look at him as if he had six heads. As you stated, if a White man had stated the same, she would be jumping for joy; what a sorry existence to have being a scraggle daggle!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Seeing as most black women worship white men, a compliment coming from Admiral Frost in their eyes is automatically viewed as more valuable than the same coming from a brother.

      These knuckleheads are extremely irritating, their extra salty bitterness towards men normally stems from their experiences in repeatedly dealing with dickheads ie guys they should’ve steered clear from.

      The decent guys are completely invisible to them until they’re 2,3,4,5,6 children deep, it’s at this point they all of a sudden know where the good men can be located and expect us to take them onboard, smh.

      Non Westernised foreign women appreciate good gestures and kind words towards them, don’t waste your time, energy, money and attention on these bitter, miserable and unappreciative Western female buzzards.

  8. Haha this is the kind of fat, round-faced black heffa you’re supposed to hang around for instead of putting yourself first, traveling, getting those degrees and certs, working out, improving your cashflow, and bagging a cooperative, non-Black girlfriend or spouse. This bish was “bothered to her core” by a BLACK MAN’S compliment. Next thing you know she gonna be crying for pRoTeCtiOn from us same Black Men.

    SYSBM in a nutshell gents. She doing more recruitment than we are.

    1. This Passport Bros thing is funny to watch. Brothas have threatened to leave black hoes for non-Black women before, what changed? I think bros is posting their travels and wins on social media and YouTube and this cannot be faked or debunked. These hoes know it’s for real this time. Their reaction videos are a scream. So much cope. Popcorn ready!

  9. Dr Umar sez:

    Wife up dat miserable, no-compliment having, bloated out da frame ugly ol’ QUEAN NIGHA!

    1. Unfortunately he cannot say that anymore after he accidently put a transwoman on a pedestal and call her a Queen on National Television.

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