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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Further proof that despite the falsehoods and blatant lies the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure continues to propagate, black men ARE desired by other women, especially in Eastern Europe. Never allow these disgruntled black sirens to bamboozle and hoodwink you into believing that they are your only option.

The witchcraft and the sorcery is very real. Rather than apologise for their relentless treachery against black men and change their ways for the better, the modern day black female’s preference is to double down on her transgressions and ride the path of death and destruction until she hits the grave.

These disingenuous black harriets are really going out of their way to paint a distorted picture of the black man’s reach and potential when it comes to interracial dating simply because they(black women) are the least desired ie clean at the back of the queue while we’re NOT, smh.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    What makes me laugh about these black women telling us black men that we are ugly and that no other race of women will find us attractive, sexy and or want to be in a long term relationship/marriage with us is total bullshit because the above video showed us that non black women desire us black men very much to the point of some non black women would rather date us black men than white men. Everybody knows that black men are the second most desirable men on the planet after white men when it comes to mixed race relationships and black women hate us for it because they are the least desired women on the planet because no sensible man would want to date their manly feminist arses.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s all smoke and mirrors, because black women know that outside of black men nobody will date them en masse which is gradually getting to the point where non black men as a collective are almost turned off by black women completely, black females feel the need to conjure up the illusion that black men are in the same boat as them, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Black men(at least those who are free thinking and don’t hold to the plantation mentality) have much better social interactive skills than black women which allows them to adjust and adapt to any environment with ease.

      Black women however because of their embrace of mutant feminism rather choose to adhere to the victimhood culture, therefore in their eyes everybody around them must bow the knee and cater to them instead, hence why most folks do NOT want to be around black women and are sick of their delusional entitled mentality.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “Black men have much better social interactive skills than black women which allows them to adjust and adapt to any environment with ease. Black women however because of their embrace of mutant feminism rather choose to adhere to the victimhood culture,”

        I work in a corporate environments, have for years. I have observed that what you say is true about those black men who have mentally left the plantation. The blue pilled black male simps tend to fully embrace the victimhood culture. Their behavior perfectly mirrors that of the scraggle daggle.

        Just like the scraggle daggle, they simply cannot function in these environments without some type of allowance being made for them because of their self alleged victim status. And these types behave just like coons did on the plantation, trying to one up other black males in the pettiest of ways. They see their success as a function of making their lord and savior, Captain Frost, see them as the best of the coons. They are boys for life, who can’t even imagine being truly good at anything.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          I completely agree, the blue pilled simp just like the black witch cannot elevate his mind because of the Matrix programming he’s received at the hands of the black female as well as her white lord and saviour Major Sleet.

  2. Most black women have never been to Eastern Europe.

    These are the same negress females telling blackistan males they are their only option.

    I’ll probably travel on vacation to Eastern Europe in 2024.

    Croatia and Slovenia is on my list.

    I know for a fact that when I step foot up north towards the east, many white women would stare at me as the only black guy around.

    Next year 2023, I’m travelling to UAE, Germany and Egypt.

    1. Witwijf,

      The blackistani blue pilled simps will fall for the “I’m your only option” Okey Doke from these black females everytime because to them their queenies are infallible and the best thing since the internet. As for your travels, to the East my brother, to the East. Happy and safe travelling bro.

  3. Verbs, what you reckon on this bullshit avian flu scare? Kill off the chickens, cows, reduce the food supply, so that World Economic Forum global asshats can force feed us fake meat, weeds and insects (yes insects, just ask Australia).

    1. Michel,

      Don’t forget CJD commonly know as Mad Cow Disease, I remember that racket like it was yesterday. The mainstream media kept showing the same staggering cow on TV over and over again trying their best to drive the fear home. The government forced many famers to cull perfectly health cattle with the use of a dodgy testing system similar to the PCR(doesn’t work 97% of the time bollocks) test.

      Now that they’ve tested the waters with the Convid-1984 scam and seen that most folks fell for the bait, they’re now rolling along with another phase of their agenda, getting people off meat so that they’ll be weak and won’t have the energy and strength to fight when tyranny comes knocking on their doorstep.

      The scary part isn’t the WEF and their western government cronies manufacturing all of these “flus and viruses” out of thin air in order to declare fake emergencies, the worst part is the amount of knuckleheads in the general public who simply go along with the program without questioning anything whatsoever and additionally will attempt to police you and I for simply asking questions, using common sense, logic and critical thinking skills, smh.

  4. Oh yeah, the snow bunnies of Eastern Europe love them some chocolate men! The same cannot be said about Captain Blizzard and how he feels about the scraggle daggle, which is why they envy us; also, this explains why Captain Blizzard uses the scraggle daggle to keep Black men down: they wouldn’t be able to compete with us globally in the sexual marketplace, and our strength, intellect, and productivity would also attract suitable stargates to build with. I mean, look at the quality of those women who said they prefer us over their male counterparts; you’d be an absolute fool to say no to that type of beauty and femininity! SYSBM gets another W!

    1. Gentlemen,

      Check this out, had this been a black man she would’ve demanded that all his ducks be in a row and everything be exactly in place before stepping one foot out of her home yet alone her country.

      As I’ve stated and proven many times before, African women as a collective are notorious white male worshippers:

      1. Verbs,

        Some commenters saying that African women supports poor men, I am not sure if I can believe it because this only apply to White Men.
        If this was a Black Man in Africa, the BM have to be a rich pompous prince to date a BW. If you are a white man, he gets picked in an instant.

        Also Coen is thinking of retiring YouTube and he never got a BW:

      2. Verbs,

        I once saw a video about “mole people” who live underground. And sure enough there was this BW/WM couple literally living under a manhole in the sewers. Like the cameraman opened the manhole and there they were. The old WM’s front teeth were missing and they was both nasty, but the old BW was happy as a clam. This was in Brazil somewhere.

        Keep in mind negroes are “broke” and “dusty” if they don’t spend $400 on a dinner date with a heffa they barely know, but those same BW will follow Dwight Mann into the sewers smh.

        But we supposed to build for these heffas. Nope, I’m good. SYSBM.

  5. Spotted at Manchester Piccadilly station:

    A brother with a jiffy pop on his damn head. Complete with chin straps.

    1. They are following American BW in the UK.
      Verbs even mention that BM simps in the UK are starting to wear bonnet here.
      I notice BW in London wearing bonnet outside.
      When BM does this this is embarrassing.

      1. An American simp recently made a TikTok video wearing a bonnet in “solidarity” with the sustahs. These fatherless negroes are an embarrassment.

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