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Your Cooch Makes You The Prize, Really???

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Yes witch, based upon your snatch you’re the prize……..TO A SIMP. Any man worth his salt would be looking at much more than your cooch. Modern day women in the West for the majority part are done, they’ve completely lost their value as women and most of them in the back of their minds already know it.

This is why they’ll either try their utmost to put their vaginas on a pedestal knowing that hoards of simps by default will exalt, praise, defend and worship them or instead they’ll focus on superficials and implement a reverse psychological jedi mind trick in order to manipulate gullible men into believing that they have to build up x amount of money, materials and wealth in order to obtain said women.

As I’ve stated before, a man of quality will never fall for these “see the scam from a mile away” ponzi schemes, that witchcraft and sorcery doesn’t work on the wise and prudent man, only a foolish knucklehead would find himself entangled in such buffoonery and simplistic trickery(and fortunately for them, these modern day women have surrounded themselves with plenty of them).

The wench in the video above made me laugh, when all else failed by default she fell back to the one thing that has these simps drooling, snatch. The blue pilled simp is a serious pestilence to modern day society and is probably the number one reason behind so many women liberally and proudly swimming in delusions of grandeur.

Men build and run societies, men are the ones who are keeping the infrastructure clock ticking so to speak, all women do is participate in said society and complain that they don’t have more of a say in something they haven’t built nor contributed to, the audacity of these disjointed harriets is off the damn chain.

I’ve said this before and I’ll do it again, the reason why delusional wenches such as the above claim to not be able to find quality men is because those same men see dysfunctional women like her from 10 miles away and quickly opt to give them an extremely wide berth way before those men appear on the radar.

Unfortunately in the West we now have a situation where average women through receiving constant excessive attention from Simp Central now believe that they have a right to high quality men. As we already know social media and dating apps have really turbo charged women’s unrealistic and outlandish expectations as to what men they deserve and can obtain.

This “women are the prize” talk is social media deviltry on its face, how can a group of individuals(women) who don’t build or create anything exalt themselves above another group of individuals(men) that do? Cooch makes the world go round for simple minded simp flunkies who these women deliberately trick into believing that the possibility of sex is real when it in fact isn’t.

Gentlemen, ignore these unbridled feral harpies shamelessly exalting themselves based upon that hole between their legs, such delusional women in time will be brought down to the ground and humbled once the plentiful amount of attention they’re receiving fizzles out as new, younger, fresher, more attractive women arrive on the scene.

Just like the latest mobile phone, being the top model is short lived. Most women in the West unfortunately are easily bamboozled and hoodwinked into squandering their prime years jumping from penis to penis in the name of so called “female empowerment” as opposed to finding a man of good quality, settling down, having children as well as cultivating a strong, prosperous and healthy family(which is where the true powers of femininity and womanhood lie).

Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Chicks out here believing their cooch is on the same level as gold bullion when honestly they ought to be comparing their vaginas to the contents of the nearest sewer treatment plant, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Delusional Women Get Left On The Top Shelf To Collect Dust

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Your Cooch Makes You The Prize, Really???

  1. Verbs 2015.

    A womans rinsed out pussy is not the prize because she has given her best sexual prime years(18 to 30) with the worst type of men by having sex with lots of different men. A valuable woman is a woman who is either a virgin or a woman who has a very low body count (i.e slept with 3 men or less) because they make a great girlfriend or a great wife because they can form a good relationship with the right type of men because they are less likely to be damaged by lots of previous relationships. Women that sleep with lots of different men will have mental issues in the future to the point where they will never have a good relationship with a good guy ever again.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      If we didn’t have so many simps lurking about, these Western women would learn very quickly that giving away their snatch willy nilly has negative consequences.

      That being said, they’re seeing the men that count on a daily basis rejecting them because of their high body counts and these dysfunctional harriets don’t like it at all.

      Western women hate it when men have standards, foreign women however love men with high standards, go figure.

  2. I am make this simple for BWs and simps using sex and security analogy:

    Penis represent the ‘key’ and vagina represent the ‘lock’.

    Basically means in a wise man use to say ‘A key which can open may locks is the master key and a lock can be open by multiple key is a weak lock’.

    So no, women are not the prize because they can get dicked down by thugs.

    So if she thinks she is the prize because she holds power to decide to can bang this broad, then she is a weak lock because she letting on the wrong key inside her aka bad boys.

    Good rigeous men knows if the lock is weak by type of women they are.

    1. As the man who does IT, the sex and key/lock analogy is spot on.
      I think the liberals always think that the lock is the prize, but it depends on how hackable the lock is.
      Just like how women easily give sex to thugs vs withhold sex (celibacy which BW says) from good men.

      1. Andy C,

        These whores can never get around the simple lock & key analogy. Their bird brains are working overtime trying to crack that simple logic to make it come out in their favor. SPOILER ALERT: It won’t.


        1. Schadenfreude,

          Having wasted their purity on guys that weren’t worth it, it’s quite a spectacle to see your average female go through the daily mental and verbal gymnastics she does still attempting to palm herself off as a woman of quality, smh.

      2. Andy C,

        A woman who heavily restricts access to her snatch is a woman to be valued, I really don’t understand how these modern day females can squander their purity on dreg and knuckleheaded males and still believe they hold some sort of value, the delusions of grandeur are off the damn chain at this point with these delusional harridans.

    2. MMT,

      These disjointed harriets stay exalting themselves because the feminism in conjunction with the Western system and social media has deliberately misguided them into believing that liberating their coochies makes them powerful when nothing could be further from the truth.

      The woman who restricts access to her snatch is the woman that must be valued, not the one who allows gutter trash males to run up in her, such a female is to be rejected and avoided at all costs.

  3. Even the interviewer can smell a ponzi scheme scam from this negress.

    That question went over her head.

    Rare quality men are obviously the prize for only quality women.

    She don’t want to admit it cause of low self esteem.

    False sense of security is real when it comes to female empowerment.

    I’ve never gone anywhere near a black cooch pussy cause I find it disgusting.

    I’ve only been near a snow bunny vagina in the past and I’ll see it again with a white quality stargate in future.

    There is a lot more to life than just pussy.

    Cesar Nostradamus predicted the west being destroyed by the east in one of his writings between the years 1555-1567.

    This prophesy prediction has become truth of reality today.

    Something needs to be done against all blackistan males globally.

    1. Witwijf,

      Western women are a prize but not the one they think. They are the booby/consolation prize to any poor sucker who decides to take them onboard.

      As soon as you step away from Western shore and embark upon lands where traditional values are still the order of the day, the attitude of said women of those lands is completely different, like night and day, a breath of fresh air.

      Female empowerment only has legs because large swaths of men believe they have to succumb and acquiesce to it in order to give women a so called “fair shot”.

      Men could shut down feminism and so called female empowerment tomorrow if they would simply muster up some testicular fortitude and thereafter cease placating to dysfunctional women.

  4. You know when I say that the good black woman is like a rare car that has good looks, Recaro leather seats, cool alloy wheels, great engine, handles well and really fast but you don’t see one on the road because it made in small numbers? Well, it’s the same thing with the high value man. They use the term “Men are the prize” because the high value man is very rare. It’s like a unicorn. You don’t see one very often. But when it comes to the browning that is answering the question, now she is like Ford Fiesta. Them girls are made in very large numbers. Why would any girl say that their punany is the prize? Any man can get it. And some of this girls pum pum has been used up because they have been rammed out by the worthless bums that they are chasing every time. The high value man is there, but he’s a rarity!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. And Christmas is coming as well, so these ratchet Christmas moles have joined with these scraggle daggles to look for non black women and spreading their legs to worthless men they love so much.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Men because of their creative and innovative nature have always been the prize, women in non Western countries recognise this, it’s only here in the West where women have chosen to drink the feminist Kool Aid which has lied informing them that they are of higher value than men because they have a wet hole between their legs, smh. Your average woman cannot build anything to save her life.

  5. I think it’s time we settle this discussion about who the prize is with a little bit of logic and common sense (which isn’t so common these days); so, this braud believes that women are the prize because they have a vagina. Don’t get me wrong, vagina is important in a relationship, but it’s NOT RARE! The late comedian Patrice O’neal once asked women what would they do if they lost their vaginas; most of the answers he got from them were either “my butt” or “my mouth” which shows how most women classify themselves as just a series of holes, so what real value do they have then?

    Also, vagina doesn’t make the world go round because it’s not a valued economic resource; nowhere in history nor the present day do we see vagina as being of especial importance in national or global affairs, especially where economics is concerned. Did Klaus Schwab and the WEF consider the importance of vagina when they were planning the Global Reset? Did it have any bearing on the implementation of CBDC’s in various countries? Of course not; none of the globalists care for vagina, except for weaponizing it to bring down powerful men and attacking traditional masculinity.

  6. …Most women in the United States have this mentality that vagina is the most powerful element in the known universe. Never mind the fact they have had scores of men and even women sexual partners. I am not going to fully dismiss this woman’s statements because the absurd levels of simping in society causes women to think this way. Men out here WILL KILL YOU over some brawd that is not even his. White men are well known for not wanting black men in work force because HE wants to be the center of attention in the corporate offices. It goes on and on with stupid men who ruin their finances over treacherous women!!!

  7. Geez….Are western women really this self absorb and entitled?? How pathetic!
    It’s because of these DAMN simps that’s why! Simps are truly a social disease in any society for men!

    How can we get rid of these simps?

    1. Garlic Rice,

      The ultra level simping being carried out by these blue pilled, female worshipping flunkies is the primary reason why so many women in the West have become so entitled, prideful, arrogant and haughty. When the West slips into survival mode, that’s when we’ll see a sharp decline in the simp population, unfortunately until then, as long as these dudes have extra coins in their pockets, simps will continue to do what they do best, simp.

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