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Your Standards Are UNREALISTIC, Not High

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So, you’re possessed by an uncivilised demon for telling her that her standards are unrealistic, really woman? Now this black female is from Roatan, part of the Bay Islands which are around 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras, however she lives in Miami Florida which explains the ultra high delusion.

One of the main reasons why I’ve posted this video is to show those black men who believe they can find a quality black female in Latin America how many of the non mixed black women over there are travelling in the same direction as these modern day black females of the West.

If you sift through this heifer’s TikTok profile, you’ll clearly see that she’s wearing all of these different coloured weaves/wigs, fake extra long nails and also isn’t afraid to spray paint her face in thick layers of makeup. Additionally, in the video above she has the hashtags “no broke men” as well as “bougie black girl”, this tells us everything we need to know about who her true role models are(Cardi B, Meg The Stallion, City Girls, Ice Spice, Nicky Minaj, Destiny Henderson aka Sukihana Da Goat, Doja Cat, Saweetie etc).

Social media has bewitched Western women in general and black women in particular into erecting unrealistic standards which they incorrectly label as “high”. The reality of the matter is these women who have chosen to adopt Western ideologies only bring their cooch to the table, they have nothing else to offer a man of quality who is worth his salt, NOTHING.

Remember what I’ve stated before about not falling for the witchcraft of filters and heavy makeup, here is a picture of the true package you’d be receiving:

Once all of the filters, makeup and weaves are removed, this haughty harriet is an average looking 32 year old black female and just like black women in the West is living in a dream world honestly believing that a guy who “meets her standards” is going to come along on a white horse, scoop her up, they both ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

This is no different than these single black mothers out here all of a sudden adopting “standards” with 2,3,4,5,6,7 children en tow, the so called standards should’ve been put in place before you had those children. The same goes for the black female above, she should’ve put in place reasonable standards from her mid to late teens, don’t tell me about “standards” now that you’ve exited your prime years.

I don’t know whether she’s currently got a boyfriend or not, however Prince Charming who’ll put up with her materialistic nonsense isn’t coming. High standards when dealing with black women simply means unrealistic and outlandish rules that certain black men must qualify by.

I’ll stand by the same statement I’ve been making for years, in order to find a woman of at least decent quality, one must either mix the black bloodline or depart from it altogether. Unfortunately this remains the case no matter where on the planet you reside.

Gentlemen, it’s long overdue that you begin withdrawing your money, attention, time and energy(MATE) from women who don’t appreciate them and who also refuse to reciprocate. The woman who demonstrates that she appreciates your attention, kind works and feels no way in making returns in like manner is the woman that is worth her weight in gold.

Attention is the main currency these dysfunctional black females as well as Western women in general look for, thrive and survive on, stop allowing your money attention, time and energy to be used, sucked dry and wasted on women who never reciprocate the same actions in your direction.

Finally, leave these goofy, delusional black females on the top shelf to continue believing that their outlandish and unrealistic expectations now somehow equate to “high standards”. Unfortunately some folks are extremely hard headed and must learn their lessons the hard way, black women are one such group. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Reciprocating Women Are The Only Ones Who Deserve Your Attention, Time And Energy

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Your Standards Are UNREALISTIC, Not High

  1. When you see her face without the makeup, you are looking at what Kevin Samuels would call “average at best”; so, the men who tell the truth about her unrealistic standards are “possessed by an uncivilized demon”, but if you really want to talk about uncivilized demons, look up the name “Shanquella Robinson”. She was murdered while on vacation in Mexico (there was a viral video of her getting beat up by another daggle); her friends left her dead body behind and told her parents that she died of alcohol poisoning, but Mexican authorities said that she suffered blunt force trauma to her neck and spine and there was no mention of alcohol in her autopsy. The scraggle daggles are uncivilized demons in human form, both them and the maggles alike!

    1. The #ProtectBlackWomen crew always crying about Black femicide and abuse are weirdly SILENT on #ShanquellaRobinson. I wonder why?????

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Shanquella Robinson will definitely be dealt with this Open Mic Wednesday, isn’t it funny how because her potential killers are most probably female, the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure are eerily quiet on this one, hmmmm.

        1. I saw this article.
          It was BW and some were transwoman.
          No men involve.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Unfortunately, many black women get caught up in the hype of having 1000s upon 1000s of desperate blue pilled simps sliding into their DMs, they mistakenly believe this equates to an increase in their value.

      NO, simps in the majority of cases simply want to clap the cheeks and will say and do anything they can in order to get that itch scratched. I will be dealing with the Shanquella Robinson saga in this week’s Open Mic Wednesday.

      1. Forgive me if I went off topic a bit, but my point is that the scraggle daggle are so backwards that they never have smoke for the correct people; a man having standards and telling a woman to be more realistic with hers is uncivilized, but simping to get a chance to smash and then leave is not? At this stage, I can’t feel sorry anymore for obstinate females when they get hurt by Slim Sauce and Field Mouse.

        1. Blue Collar Trevor,

          No apology required sir, was just letting you know that I’ll be raising the topic of her murder as a feature this Wednesday. We have to remember that these delusions of grandeur these females wallow in are only allowed to manifest and fester in the West.

          Travel to a non Westernised country and you’ll have no problems running into women who have no choice but to live in reality.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black womens dating standards is definitely unrealistic because they are always looking fake from head to toe but they want a perfect man or a real man. Make that make sense.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      They always want to put so called “standards” in place after they’ve already been ran through by 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh, Slim Sauce and the rest of the block. Black women have adopted looking fake from head to toe as a religion, they see nothing wrong with looking outlandish and goofy, smh.

  3. All Blackistan American men should move to Latin America.

    Their ghetto environment is no different than the ghetto in USA.

    South America is obviously closer to North America than Africa.

    If they don’t want to move there, the Ghanaian government is allowing black Americans to live in Ghana cause of the slave trade reparations.

    All negress American females can follow all blackistan males out of USA.

    The truth is most of them won’t take advantage of this opportunity.

    They want to stay where they ain’t wanted.

    The USA as a whole won’t care about them at all and never will.

    Ghana does have a white population of 21,000 people.

    This can also solve a perfect solution for black men who are still into snow bunnies of white quality women.

    1. Witwijf,

      Not particularly true, ghetto areas in South American countries are not nearly as dysfunctional as those ghettos in the US.

      Anybody who’s life is taken in a South American ghetto normally had it coming to them, there isn’t any of this drive by shooting, random killing, start shooting at anybody and everybody for frivolous reasons type garbage that goes on in Blackistan either.

      Additionally, poor folks in South American typically work together in managing their poverty stricken status. The main reason why ghettos in South American countries aren’t nearly as bad as those in the US is because they’re NOT run and controlled by the women, that makes all the difference.

      1. If it ain’t nearly as bad then they could move there and learn Latin languages.

        It would perfectly suit their blackistan lifestyle.

        Latin America still has higher rates of crime and single parenthood overall.

        This article was published in 2016.

        In 2022, I’m sure the numbers have gone up to 94%

        I can clearly see where this is going.

        Broken families leads to destruction.

        Blackistan males and negress females have the same mindset.

        1. Witwijf,

          Children born out of wedlock and children born to single mothers are two very different things when it comes to Latin America, a lot of Colombians are now choosing to forego marriage and instead just stick to being involved in committed relationships with or without children.

    2. Nah, Blackistanis should stay right where they are, they built it so they need to live in it. Tired of Blackistani ghetto nigguhs following people like me around. Work your ass off and stack your paper to get away from nigguhs, then you wake up one day and they right back next door, no thanks. That one black braud on TikTok had it right, she move to a nice apartment complex or house and her hoe neighbors let their Pookie boyfriends lay up and it all turns to shit. Blackistanis let me know they don’t value me as a productive, intelligent Black Man. Don’t follow me around, then.

  4. American Negress females are already trying to follow the Passport Bros around. Mark my words the next move is for them to start popping up where ever BM go. Europe, Thailand, Brazil, all the big SYSBM destinations. Just to harass and try to one-up the brothas, because they can’t leave us alone. One of my predictions for 2023.

    1. Schadenfreude.

      Yep, I came a cross a video of a daggle who said she was going to do just that, pop up in popular Passport Bro destinations in order to interrupt, ruin and sabotage their freedom from the Matrix as well as these dysfunctional Western sirens, smh.

      1. Imagine literally chasing guys around the world who don’t want you lol. Guys that you rejected in the first place. What then, drag them back to the plantation to be once again mistreated by Keisha? These new era slave catchers are wild.

      2. Verbs/Schadenfreude,

        This has already happen since after the Covid lockdown as General Tito’s supporter has mention this.
        I did saw one before.

    2. …I have long gotten reports of american black women going to Brazil to eyeball black american men down there. To make matters worse, some men actually acknowledged those women and answered their concerns of why they chose foreign women over them. I would not of had one single word to say to them!!!

  5. I’Mo gO tO dA CaRriBbEaN aN giT mE a sUbMiSsiVe bLaCk qUeEn! LOL little do they know that those island chicks have smart phones and internet and reality TV and are as contaminated as the sustahs in North America.

    If you’re into BW, this chick doesn’t look half bad. Great body, nice dark skin, natural hair, likes to SWIM and can GET HER HAIR WET. Unfortunately her delusional standards will do her in. Dark-skinned chicks just aren’t high end, sorry. Chads and Thuggos with money are checking for the Ice Spice light-brights, or straight up WW. They not scooping up dark chocolate for the long-term, I’m sorry.

    Not to say girl should settle for scraps far from it but maybe get a decent BM with a job? Nah these hoes are addicted to Pookie, let ’em learn the hard way.

    1. little do they know that those island chicks have smart phones and internet and reality TV and are as contaminated as the sustahs in North America.

      In the case of Jamaica, almost all of the TV channels on cable directly come from the USA. Not that any American brother should even consider shacking up with a violent Daggle battleaxe from Jam Town.

  6. Guys, did you see the amount of weave that the harridan is wearing? Right, I don’t have a problem with Latinas but when it comes to the black Latin woman now, they are wearing weave like not only the black American woman but also the black British woman. And this is the type of scraggle daggle that will say that she will be with a broke man or call herself bougie black chick. Let me tell you something. If a woman say that she’s a bougie chick, then she shouldn’t be ratchet whatsoever. And when she says that she don’t want a broke dude, she wants a man that has money so she can use him. If you are a man that has money in the bank and you hear that she wants no broke dude, you have to walk away fast as you can. Like I stated she will use you. I saw her Instagram. Some of her pics, I see her with her natural state but then I see her weave the frigg out. And also, I have seen her without make-up as well. When a woman is wearing makeup, she is wearing it because she is ageing. You can age well if you take care of yourself.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe all the time as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women, especially when it’s raining.


  7. Money Cultural,

    When I travelled to the Dominican Republic back in 2008-2009, the darker skin women out there look fantastic and they were all natural, fast forward to 2022 and large portions of the darker skinned Dominican women are now rocking weaves, fake eyelashes, tattoos, raptor claws, heavy make etc, looking no different than the daggles in Western countries, smh. A great disappointment, however darker skinned women around the world seem to have the lowest self esteem with black women being at the bottom of the bucket.

    1. Verbs2015,

      The entire hotep mindset is delusional. The elder hoteps want to live in gated communities as the token black neighbors of their white overlords. They largely make their living by selling you out to these same white overlords.

      These are the same hoteps who tell hard working Black men who are striving for something better, to save da communitah. They are telling upwardly mobile younger Black men to go save the low IQ, mentally ill, homocidal black male cohort that wants nothing more than to murder young upwardly mobile Black men who have their heads on straight.

      These elder hoteps want to live their delusional lives behind gated developments while sending others into da communitah as cannon fodder. They also want you to wife up Shaniqua with 5 bastard nigglets by 5 different thug-simps.

      Most hotep niggesrs are insane. Be they scraggle daggles or black male simps, two sides of the same coin.

      Social media is exporting hotep madness worldwide. And dark skin scraggle daggles worldwide are sopping it up.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        I still remember years ago when Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson on a radio show berated a brother for managing to get himself and his family out of the ghetto even though that same brother had been shot at by Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim.

        Tariq Nasheed is another pro black hustler who springs to mind, claims to love black folks so much but yet he’s living very comfortably amongst white folks with his mixed wife and mixed children, make that make sense.

        Nasheed reminds me of these on the corner black pastors, bishops and reverends who will only be seen around black folks when it’s time to fleece the flocks for money.

        I refuse to become collateral damage for Keisha and Tanisha, I’ll keep my backside OUTSIDE of Blackistan where it’s a lot safer.

        Daggles will continue to daggle and spread their madness to black women in other countries, a sad sight which is why I understand why so many true SYSBM practitioners are choosing to avoid melanated women altogether.

      2. “They are telling upwardly mobile younger Black men to go save the low IQ, mentally ill, homocidal black male cohort that wants nothing more than to murder young upwardly mobile Black men who have their heads on straight.”

        I meant to say homicidal instead of homocidal. Even so, many of the simps in da communitah are both homocidal and homicidal.

    2. Yeah, some of the black women have this lack of self esteem with all of the weave they are wearing and so on. It’s nothing but insecurities when it comes to black women and that is one of the reason why black men are dating non black women in large amounts in Britain.

  8. This is a sad article for a reason because she is one of the family oriented BW for Latin Countries.
    Unfortunately when they move to America such as Miami, then associate with ghetto BW, she gets poison by the Scraggle Daggle and become one of those American BW.

    I use the term ‘sad’ because this is rare in the UK as they get poison by liberals and the economy meaning they cannot get married because they focus on the next bill to pay due to how expensive it is.

    This is no different from Foreign BW which I am referring to Africans where they come to America and then listen to these Bitter Black Females because they are nothing but Femcel, then these African BW gets poison by these BM hating BW and start making videos about how they hate BM and becoming pro-divesters, saying White Men do ‘no wrong’ and how perfect the White Men are. One example of a YouTube is ‘CrysLogic’. She has no logic anyway.

  9. Someone told me on Facebook this truth. If the vast majority of black women don’t like you, you’re doing something right. Remember, game only works on masculine women.

  10. …Roatan, Honduras is very different than the mainland country. It is basically a semi English speaking Caribbean enclave of a Latin country with a very high tourism industry. These women are already well aware of the North American culture of harlotry and female arrogance due to interacting with Americans and the internet. Her stepping off the plane in Miami meant business as usual. Also, she might be like many afro latinas in Florida where she is in the faces of those white hispanics like what many of them are known for. Black men don’t have much to concern themselves about here!!!

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