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I’m sure by now most of you guys are familiar with the Shanquella Robinson saga, how recently she was killed while holidaying in Mexico with her so called “friends”.

As some of you have correctly pointed out, notice how the majority of these black male hating black women have yet to touch this story, of course, they’re reluctant to delve into it because the potential killers of Robinson are most probably female.

It’s amazing to me how the dregs and the scum buckets of black society cannot put away the ghetto behaviour even when they’re on vacation, smh. They were in a country where the culture is completely different and where they had a chance to unwind and relax, but no, these mentally disjointed black sirens still felt the need to throw hands.

Notice in the video Shanquella Robinson didn’t want to fight, she wasn’t interested in brawling which is very unusual for a black female who normally relishes the chance to dive into battle.

The moral of the story here is don’t hang around with trash individuals but still expect your life to run smoothly.

Meanwhile in other “she belongs to the streets” news:

This is your typical daggle right here, no commitment switch is embedded into her psyche which is why she has no problems opening her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks by. As I keep on saying, all the best to those black men who still believe that these modern day black females are worth it and a unicorn can be found among them. When your hands get bitten, take it on the chin and don’t complain.

In other news:

Yep, it’s what we’ve already known for quite some time, large swaths of black women are rolling in these streets with bald heads. It’s no wonder they’re so overly keen to throw on weaves/wigs.

The Black Witch of Scalp Summit and rag tag babymother one Miss Cynthia G immediately springs to mind, always protesting and putting maximum energy into speaking ill against black men, yet at the same time point blank refuses to put that same energy towards solving her bald headedness. Oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

Finally, in other news:

Yep, she’s got two children from two different men and she still believes she’s a catch? You cannot make this stuff up. On top of this calling the guy the N word right off the bat clearly illustrates what type of guys she’s used to dealing with and opening her legs to, dregs and scum buckets.

The brother’s questioning is more than reasonable, what qualities are you as a single mother of 2 children going to bring to the relationship that is going to help it run the distance?

Of course Alicia-Marie like your typical Western harriet has NOTHING to offer outside of two bastard children, her halfway reasonable looks and her used up snatch which no doubt she still believes is a pot of gold, smh.

Additionally, notice how Melli Monaco clocked the disparagement and the disrespect coming from Alicia towards the brother but still chose to fall in line and uphold “the coalition of the sisterhood” over morals and sound principles, smh.

Note, in foreign countries where traditional customs reign supreme, women will check other women who engage in reprobate, dysfunctional and goofy behaviour, not defend them.

I still stand by my current position, at this stage you’re much better off dealing with non westernised foreign women. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I got somemthing on my mind and you can disagree with me:

    I am not knocking BM with big beards, but every time I watch videos with BM with Big Beards and they are masculine, I see them nothing but a simp and cucks. These Women and hoteps talk about having muscles and beards makes you a real man masculine, but I keep seeing these men doing all of the Downlow stuff. Example I see one tall BM acting like a sissy to a BW and they think this is all funny. But it does look bad on them.
    They keep defending it saying ‘oh, it is fake’. No it is real because they put this out there.

    Maybe it is just me observing this. I think this whole masculity image is hijacked by those Rainbow/Alphabet people.

    1. I try to explain as I can:

      Unfortunately I do agree about BM with big beards, macho and hoteps are portraying as cuck.
      The reason why I agree because I have notice and keep on seeing on Social Media such as Minister Jap’s Church Group. It is kind of annoying that these type of men on video portray as some type of simp for these BW.

      I can give you few examples I saw:
      I saw videos seeing a macho man licking BW’s toes during the wedding. Another one just simping on this hoe getting pegged.

      What has happen is for many years these simps let these BW control what is a ‘Real Man’ is. Example, ‘Real Man, have beards, muscles, date and wife up single mothers, baby mamas, be 2nd to the kid’ and all this Real Man. Then you notice these big macho simps becoming emasculated.

      I will bring up Kevin Samuels because at the time he looks flamboyant which people assume that he was gay. The reason why some brothers defending him because he said himself that he is not gay because he is straight.

      The point I saying that which Black Men need to understand and got to be careful as they got. That in the Rainbow/Alphabet community, they do not need to be fruity and suspect to be gay, you can be a macho-masculine man, buffed up and still into men as a preference, even he does not look gay, he is gay because he is into men regardless how he looks. You can meet a man who look straight, but when you check is preference and he said that he is into men. Also mind you he mostly a top, just like a homothug in prison and make sure you do not end up be a bottom, you catch my drift.

      Another note you mention about these hoteps macho simps, this is all from Hollywood, where you see people like Tyler Perry or Terry Crewes look all macho-masculine, but being a crossdresser by wearing women’s dress which looks bad on ordinary BM because BW are pro liberal and they love to emasculate BM into submission because they do not respect BM.

      There were 2 movie actors who retired and quit Hollywood. One of them was a wrester name Tommy Lister Jr (aka Zeus) and another DC Curry they quit and retired Hollywood because they refuse to wear a dress which I applaud them with respect as they refuse to sell themselves out.

    2. Beard Master,

      Genuine masculinity at its foundation is based upon having that mindset first and foremost before anything else. Sure, a beard can give you an increased masculine visage, however the mindset of the man is where masculinity must truly lie.

      As you’ve correctly observed, the man’s actions and mentality will determine if he is truly operating in a masculine frame. Black men who act fruity or behave in a suspect manner are NOT to be looked upon as true representations of black masculinity and manhood.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women in 2022 are not the catch or wife material because they are always having kids with the worst type of black men and they still expect us good SYSBM black men to come in and be the clean up men to their bastard kids. No thanks because I am only interested in dating single childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. Child free, intelligent, educated, upwardly mobile black men have so many options at their disposal, there are no longer any excuses for chasing after these, fake eyelash, fake nail, heavy makeup wearing, tatted up, single mother weave walkers.


  3. I saw this article about Shanquella Robinson’s death:

    First, the black community was blaming Mexicans for racism aka Alcohol poisoning, then they were going after Black Men because these BW hate BM so they find way to blame BM for killing.
    Then suddenly when the video shows up, it was BW all along.

    The reason why women like Cynthia G and Divestors are silent because this video shows that it was her own friend who did the killing. On top it all, they left her for dead whilst these hoes quickly jump their plane back to America and saying ‘It was Mexican’s fault’. Guess what the Mexicans found the footage of the culprit.

    This is another reason why these hoes and simps are not smart in the communitah:
    In the communitah, they all talk about ‘war on snitching’ yet they always self-snitching on themselves by recording and put it on Social Media to go Viral. Purposely uploading criminal evidence on Social Media for the world to see. Where is this ‘Snitches gets Stiches’ when these BW put this on Social Media. These simps fail to realise that the BW are the most snitches.

    I saw a critique video on this by a BW youtuber. I did not watch the video. However I saw the comments and one of scary. I cannot find the link but I remember what the BW said on the comments:
    She mention that her and her friends went to a girl-trip somewhere in the Latin America (I cannot remember which one). She said her friends want her to go to the hoe club, but she turn it down because she was tired after the plan ride. One of her friend left her phone and she saw the message from her phone. The message said between her friends basically stating how they trying to her her up for a fight to get beat up. When she read that she realise that her friends have this hate towards her for some reason and trying to find out what she done wrong. Is it because she turn down the hoe club? So she raise her guard up and keep on hanging around with her hoe friends until she reach back to America. As soon she head back to America, she instantly ditch her friends ever since. I do not blame her.

    Basically saying this is her own friend, her home-girls just done a U-Turn, Turn-Coat out of nowhere for no reason at all and suddenly you get set up for a fight and pookies whip out their phones out to record this.

  4. Is it a curse when black women give a black man compliments???

    1. If a black woman showed interest in me, I would take that as an insult.

      1. In some countries, that’s considered an act of war.


  5. Let me tell you something. With all of the videos I saw, I was thinking that no wonder 60 per cent of black men are non black women in Britain. The reason why is that these scraggle daggles are acting dysfunctional especially in public. And also, that black men are leaving the country and looking for women overseas and not coming back. They good black woman is now a rare breed as we see these scraggle daggles all over the place. When they get older, all of a sudden they are looking for the good black man or try to go back to the ex boyfriend that they played numerous times. Black men has had enough with the black females because of their bad behaviour.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe from these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles as they are coming after non black women, especially when it’s raining.


    1. Witwijf,

      Salute to King Sigma for sending me the video below. I’m seeing that foreign women are beginning to clap back and weigh in on the disrespect and disparagement being thrown at them by Western women.

      A Filipina who goes by the name of The Filipina Pea has begun to speak out on the Passport Bros saga and the relentless flack they’re getting from the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure.

      She’s also addressing the many misconceptions Western women are putting out about foreign women. I honestly saw this coming, there’s no way that foreign women are going to sit back and watch as Western female spread lies, falsehoods and disinformation about themselves and their daily lives without throwing their hat into the ring:

      1. WW3 has officially started between foreign women and American women.

        Foreign women are winning the war.

    2. Witwijf,

      By the way, there’s another Filipina who brothers have posted here before, Helgababushka, she’s been getting some serious heat on Tiktok especially in recent times for encouraging passport holding black men to walk away from black women(since they’ve already stated that those particular black men are “lames” )and instead get themselves a Filipina.

      Obviously this has not gone down well with the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure who are extremely frustrated at the fact that they’re losing control over black men. Helgababushka recently made a video talking about why she doesn’t compliment black women like she does black men:

      Black women are losing control on all sides and there’s literally nothing they can do about it, if it’s not The Filipina Pea then it’s Helgababushka, if it’s not Helgababushka then it’s JustPearlythings, if it’s not JustPearlyThings it’s Booty Bri, the list goes on and on.

      Again, notice how whenever non black women praise and salute black men, black women will immediately jump in and attempt to muscle in on the attention, yet when these disgruntled black sirens are receiving their accolades, they’re ferocious in ensuring no black men are in the immediate vicinity while getting their shine and moments in the spotlight, you cannot make this stuff up.

      1. The one thing I disagree with what she said is she wish she was a black woman.

        Even I would never wish that on myself and won’t wish that on anyone either.

        A negress woman is the worst creature creation on earth.

        I agree with the rest of what she said about them.

        1. I agree, but then I think about it, she probably wishes that she was a BW so she could date a BM without any impunity? She wouldn’t have to worry about any type of criticism or getting disowned or any BS like that. What she doesn’t realize is that well men don’t date on Race we date on character and potential.


  6. Gentlemen,

    I didn’t hear any lies in what he said, as a black man throughout my life I’ve experienced the same thing, many of you also have testified to the same.

    Most black women stay being masculine due their embrace of mutant feminism as well as their drive to compete with black men(which they cannot do well on any level).

    What makes me laugh is black women somehow believe that outsiders cannot observe their aggressive and coarse behaviour and of course when a non black person steps up to point this out, he/she is immediately labelled as a racist, smh:

  7. Verbs2015,

    Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving Here in the Western Wilderness that is North America. I Can Honestly say with Great Conviction ”That I’m Very Thankful, For not Dating nor Matting with Anyone from the American Black Sistah Hood”, And that’s All I Got to Say on that Note. If Any Brother is Here in America, Try to Have a Happy & Safe Holiday. SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      Well stated bro, indeed, SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Let’s get into it: the Shanquella Robinson situation goes to show that the scraggle daggle’s hatred for other daggles is just as bad, if not worse, than any “misogyny” they can point to; Shanquella’s father believes his daughter was set up, and the trip to Mexico was a means of luring her there. It’s stuff like this that makes me glad that I’m an introvert who would much rather isolate myself.

    Next up, I’ve seen the full episode of that particular case on Paternity Court; every time I’ve seen such cases on that show, I’ve felt secondhand embarrassment for the rampant whoredom and simping that gets put on blast. It’s a bloody shame how far we’ve fallen in Western society; from the moment they broke up the Black nuclear family, it was a wrap. Now, it’s no strange thing to see street fights like the one where that girl had every track of hair yanked off of her head; I literally had the same reaction as those young people who watched her lose her hair faster than Samson!

    Lastly, that disrespectful braud is the textbook example of what we call the scraggle daggle; she has NOTHING to offer a man, and she thinks her being successful in her career is enough. I believe this is the same show where that one chick turned down that young nuclear physicist because he “lacked personality”; these brauds don’t deserve whatever they’re asking for in a man. Women want masculinity on their own terms, and red pilled men are not having it anymore. #SYSBM



    I find it funny how all of these defective Western women have so much to say concerning black men in particular and men in general getting their passports and travelling to foreign countries in order to connect and intermingle with NORMAL WOMEN.

    If these disgruntled heifers aren’t bothered about what the Passport Bros are doing then why are they constantly sticking their noses into the space?

    Contenting about why Passport Bros are making announcements concerning their departure, however the announcements clearly are NOT for women, they are calling out to other like minded MEN demonstrating that other options of better value are available to them.

    Brothers, NEVER be afraid to put yourselves first and never allow any of these disrespectful harridans to shame you into doing otherwise.

  10. Brothers,

    Here is more proof that you ARE desired by other women, here is a video of D’Nieka Marie lamenting after discovering that foreign women are now setting up YouTube channels advertising their countries as places that black men can visit in order to meet their women.

    These foreign women are extremely smart, they’re capitalising upon the stupidity, ultra stubborn nature, pride, arrogance and ignorance of the modern day black female.

    As I’ve stated to you black men many times before, you better believe that non Westernised non black women both foreign and domestic are watching what is going on, as far as they are concerned, since black women don’t want the best and the brightest black men, said foreign women are only too happy to take them.

    Lastly, I remember back in 2016 being contacted by a woman from Indonesia telling me that black men should travel to her country to pick up quality women since they’re not getting anywhere with their own female counterparts. Women from all over the planet are watching you black men, believe it:

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