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Is This Knucklehead Serious?

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I’m sure you guys remember this video coming across your desk at some point last year. First and foremost, this modern day DIVORCED black female just like most Western women today doesn’t have a clue as to what men are actually looking for in a woman.

The parts about men requiring women who are submissive, cooperative, friendly, feminine, agreeable and CHILD FREE fly right over this siren’s head, however can we really say we’re surprised by this?

Notice how this delusional witch stated that Passport Bros are looking for economically disadvantaged women, it just goes to show how Western women as a collective believe that their money somehow gives them leverage in a relationship, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Black women also go into relationships with an exit strategy in mind and money forms a large part of that plan. If their finances are poor then they’ll try their utmost to syphon as much money from the man as they can for use in case of an “emergency”(I’m not happy/satisfied in this relationship anymore so I’m leaving).

The bottom line is black women even though they’re trying their best to play it cool are extremely upset that their fallback option is no longer available to them, more black men are seeing the light and realising that they don’t have to tolerate abrasive, masculine, uncooperative, belligerent, rebellious, uncouth black women:

You black men who are still on the fence, I keep on telling you that until you leave, black women will never see the light and change their ways for the better, they’ll forever look at you black men as weak punks who will always tolerate their dysfunctional antics.

Black women believe that whatever money they make or manage to syphon from elsewhere is going to save and help them get through whatever trials and tribulations life throws at them, in their hedonistic frame they wholeheartedly look upon their money and materials as god.

Very hard times are coming for modern day black women, the likes of which they’ve never seen before neither will they ever see again and we’re slowly beginning to see the birth pangs of the black witch’s approaching tribulation begin to surface:

In their quest to live the most hedonistic lifestyle possible, most black women make absolutely no preparations for the future. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If you keep on saying that you’re an independent woman who can go it alone, eventually you’ll be given the opportunity to prove yourself.

The women who are screaming the most from the rooftops that they don’t need black men are the same ones now finding themselves being thrown out into the streets because there are no men around to help ease their financial burden. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

I find it quite rich that a black woman would press record on a camera and talk about a system that’s oppressing everybody, mind you the same system these black females are overtly helping to uphold and keep in place in exchange for sundry government treats, benefits, assistance and welfare.

Continue to get your passports gents and as per usual give women like this an extremely wide berth. As Long as Uncle Sam continues to subsidise their bad behaviour and poor life choices, they won’t change at all.

Black women are NOT going to go up against their white lord and saviour anytime soon, don’t believe them about “fighting the system”. In the same way black females back in the day sabotaged countless slave revolts, they’d do exactly the same if black men were to stand up and go against the current system.

Leave black women to crash and burn in their own calamities and failures, don’t save them because they don’t want to be saved. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Shouldn’t Be Concerned About The Passport Bros, They Need To Worry About Their Own Lives

Most High Bless

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8 thoughts on “Is This Knucklehead Serious?

  1. The slave trade back in the day benefitted black women, not black men.

    Black wall street benefitted black women, not black men.

    Civil rights movement benefitted black women, not black men.

    Welfare benefits black women, not black men.

    Child support benefits black women, not black men.

    Black on black crimes are benefitting black women, not black men.

    Black men in prison benefits black women.

    No black men should be on the fence about black women.

    Unfortunately most black men want to be blackistan males for a sheboon negress.

    The only thing right now that benefits black men is having a passport to leave anglo western societies permanently.

    When I looked at political science and social economics of black men with white women, this actually benefits both parties abroad.

    Both parties are 2 people in 1 relationship in this situation that has a 2 way street.

    It is better overseas to build roads with a quality stargate.

    It ain’t wise to build a new family in anglo saxon.

    It ain’t wise to raise biological kids in the west.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Black women absolutely loved slavery especially getting their cheeks clapped by Admiral Frost. If they could turn back time these black sirens would have black men back in physical chains and shackles once again while they themselves would be freely frolicking in the hay with Major Sleet.

      Therefore, in the continuation of Shea Whitey’s system, how can black women be believed when they talk about black men being weak because we refuse to overthrow it? Black women benefit too much from Babylon, its dainty treats and benefits to overthrow anything.

      Remember during slavery it was black men who wanted and fought for freedom, meanwhile it was black women as well as their Sambo blue pilled simp warriors who wanted slavery to continue as it was, smh.

      SYSBM™ and getting that passports are still the best ways forward for the free thinking black man. Leave these disjointed black harpies to wallow by themselves in the muck and the filth that is called “Da Communitah”.

  2. Nothing this annoying, Mr Ed teeth having harridan is even worth dignifying with a serious response.

    Apparently every woman outside of the west is making a penny a day while living off a spoon of rice and a cup of water every week and has the vulnerability, social awareness and intelligence level of a toddler lol. Filipina Pea addressed this nonsense over a year ago in great detail, but these same chicks still think repeating the same lies over and over will make them true.

    Her other points on men (I’m assuming she’s aiming this at black men in particular) not choosing to dismantle the system they supposedly created is something I’m not gonna bother address.

    She’s been married and divorced three times and she’s not even an old woman. That tells me all I need to know.

    Let’s just grab our passports and get the hell out of Babylon for greener pastures. That’s all.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s all about black women trying to guilt trip and shame black men into remaining on the plantation so that they can continue to syphon from our money and resources.

      Because black women don’t have the truth on their side, they have no choice but to repeat the same old lies hoping that one day something will either stick or come true, smh.

      Again, black women are liars when they talk about wanting the system dismantled because they benefit too greatly from it.

      If black women were deadly serious concerning “dismantling the system” then they would stop taking from it.

      The fact that they can’t wait to put a black man on child support, call the police on a brother or run to the system when they need some welfare and assistance tells us everything we need to know.

      This is the problem with today’s world, unfortunately too many knuckleheads have been given access to the internet, they honestly believe that their opinions matter and carry some weight, smh.

  3. SYSBM: The passport bros are getting attacked.
    White sugar honey: Why I’m not surprised.

    The passport bros gets attacked once again. The ratchet black women are coming after black men who are passport bros are just women that no man should settle down with. So black men have no choice but to date out or take their passports are leaving the US without thinking. Not only that but the simps are coming after the passport bros as well.

    Like I said before that the passport bros is more like a American thing. UK is catching on but it’s not like in the US. I don’t call myself as a passport bro but I have no issues of anyone who is going to other countries to look for a woman to wife up. Since this passport bros comes about, all of the scraggle daggles and the simps were attacking it left, right and centre.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Just like SYSBM™ these dumb broads think they can stop the Passport Bros but nothing they do will ever be able to derail the movement.

  4. Here we go again; these straggs stay repeating the same old misinformation about Passport Bros looking for economically disadvantaged women. So, I guess being fit, friendly, feminine, and cooperative is synonymous with being broke now? Foreign women aren’t the ones making videos about how a man should give them money just to speak to them; it’s funny, as I was typing this comment, I saw a post on an IG page where some daggle tried to expose Twitch streamer Kai Cenat for sleeping with her and not giving her hush money (swipe to the third slide to hear her for yourself):

    Again, if foreign women are so economically disadvantaged, why aren’t we seeing an abundance of videos from them trying to extort money from Passport Bros? I’ll wait, but I’ll probably grow old before I get a decent explanation out of the swirlers, divestors, or Passport Keishas; they know their future is bleek, but their recompense is LOOOONNNGG overdue. Don’t save her; she don’t wanna be saved!


  5. In the West, General Blizzard segregated black people from all other races for centuries. On top of this, he designed a matriarchy in da black communitah.

    This allowed black females to ensnare black men who were far above them in terms of looks, intelligence, means, and every other qualities. Black women got accustomed to hypergamy on super steroids.

    Now, with segregation eradicated, black men have access to women of all races all over the world. More and more black men are refusing to limit themselves to a pool of black females who are not on par with them in terms of quality, who are not their equals in terms of looks, character, wealth, etc. Women who are simply not good enough for them.

    Black women can cry all they want, but I’ll never settle for a woman who has nothing that I want, just because she’s black. Instead of complaining about not being able to get black men who are better than themselves, these scraggle daggles should be trying to self- improve.

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