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The Soft Guy Era Continues To Gather Momentum! #SHORTS

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The bottom line is these Western 304s are heavily dependent on men’s money, remove the funding and these heifers would fold overnight. The last video made by TikToker Don P Sounds Off nailed it, cutting the money off is the key.

I completely agree, if those men who are still choosing to deal with Western women want to see a positive change in them, they’ll have to cut off the money supply.

The fact of the matter is as I’ve mentioned many times before, most Western women within the last 15 years have turned into a bunch of hedonistic, materialistic, superficial, selfish Jezebels who are only out for themselves and nobody else.

Furthermore, they only see men as financial instruments to be used at their leisure and disposal and they fully expect ALL men to accept this position(of course the blue pilled simps are the only ones not objecting to being used as financial slaves).

The men that count ie the men that these Western whores really want have always stood on business, it’s these spineless emasculated simps who have totally jacked up the Western dating market with their constant pandering, simping, white knighting, bootlicking and brown nosing.

As an Original SYSBM™ Knight I fully support the Soft Guy Era movement, however as much as I love the satire in holding a mirror to the faces of these delusional harridans of the West, Soft Guy Era advocates and proponents MUST PUT ACTION behind what they’re standing for.

Actually stand on business and take your money away from these grubby, dirty, delusional Western Jezebels, let them suffer and burn for their constant berating and disparaging of men especially over the last 10-15 years. Now give them the true equality they’ve been asking for since the 1960s.

I still say the best way forward at this point for those Western men who are looking for serious, long term relationships is to get their passports, seek love and companionship elsewhere because Western women aren’t about to let their power go without a fight and any possible reset in the West’s dating market will still take some time to complete.

I’m reminded of the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers For Women list that was drafted up in the earlier part of 2023, this list outlines what types of women are NOT entitled to traditional treatment and Western women automatically disqualify themselves having embraced the decadent religions of feminism, hedonism and modernity.

Essentially what most western women are seeking in 2024 are sugar daddies, spineless suckers who are willing to spend endless amounts of money on them while said fellows expect little to nothing in return outside of occasional sexual exploits if that.

This is what Western men need to understand, you DO NOT have to provide anything for women who are not traditionally minded and who also don’t reciprocate your good works and kind deeds towards them. CUT THE MONEY OFF, that is the best solution currently on the table, how you decide to do this is totally up to you.

Western women MUST be reprimanded and punished for their transgressions against us as well as their unjustified uppity attitude towards men overall.

They’ve really allowed social media to get deep into their psyche lapping up the spells and enchanting words of destruction from paid agent female social media influencers as well as hoards of bitter, lonely and miserable single females, smh.

Men across the board MUST begin holding these women to account for their actions, NO MORE MR NICE GUY, NO MORE FREE RIDES, NO MORE FREE MEALS, NO MORE FREE MONEY, NO MORE GENEROSITY. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Fastest Way To Put Women Back In Line Is To Cut The Money Off

Drizzle Drizzle

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “The Soft Guy Era Continues To Gather Momentum! #SHORTS

  1. SYSBM is red pill version 1

    MGTOW is red pill version 2

    Passport bros is red pill version 3

    Soft guy era is now red pill version 4

    There is no coming back from soft guy era.

    Anglo western females are done, its over.

    The anglo west is finished forever.

    I would rather remain overseas for good.

    Get that passport sooner than later and move abroad.

    In my opinion, the best time for black men dating out with white women in UK or USA were 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

    No internet before I was even born.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’m in your camp, the West is cooked, brothers need to get out if they can and seek love and companionship wherever they go because these Western females have completely lost the plot. They’re the most selfish, self centred individuals I’ve come across in a very long time, it’s amazing how feminism and social media has complete warped and fragged their minds to the point where they’re willing to throw their ability to have children in the toilet just so they can continue getting free attention from random men online as well as likes, clicks and views on their various social media profiles, smh.

  2. What is funny is with all these Third World dudes coming in at the border this Jezebel Matriarchy is almost at its end. These Western broads will not survive the Patriarchy of the Third World. They all talking they gonna vote in Biden to protect them being able to get abortions not realizing that action will seal their fates.

    1. The 8Bit Blerd,

      This is one of many reasons why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and shouldn’t be involved in politics to begin with because without fail they’ll always vote for the people who bring the most damage and destruction upon society. Western women are evil creatures, they’re more concerned about their right to kill children in the womb rather than preserving innocent life, smh.

  3. SYSBM: The soft guy era is here!
    White sugar honey: And it shook everything!

    Holly shit! It looks like the men have turn the tables on these women and the women are made as hell. This soft guy era is goanna be a big movement. We have SYSBM, then the passport brothers and now this. You know what the women have done now with their ways? The men have flip the script and roll with it. Some of these women have done so much damage, it’s like “We’re flipping this!”

    The best thing a man should do is not entertain them at all. And cut the money off to make them behave and act like normal women and not 304’s. What a move these men have made. And women can’t do anything. And you know what else? The men are not giving up the pipe to the women. Another move the men have made.

    I wanna say this. To the men out there, go for the one that likes you. don’t even go for the women that don’t like you and wanna use you. these 304’s are not worth it. The soft guy era have shook the world and the women are losing their minds.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I’m glad to see that more men are recognising the fact that bad behaviour from women must be punished, not rewarded. Let’s hope these guys follow through and actually implement what they’re proclaiming.

      Like I said below, when women declare their list of demands, they aren’t joking, so why shouldn’t men take the same stance? Men have to do better, cutting off the money and cutting off the attention is what will cripple these disjointed western harridans the most.

  4. The Soft Guy Era thing is funny, I get it. It’s even more funny how these women are losing their minds and trying to get men banned from tiktok and other social media sites because they’re either too stupid to recognise blatant satire or they’re just simply butthurt.

    But witholding attention hurts them WAY more than not subsidising them as the last video alludes to. Some of them may have their own money, however, one thing females HATE and cannot take is being ignored and disregarded by men. You see it all the time from women who post tweets and videos ranting and even crying because some random male stranger didn’t get in the same lift with them or acknowledge them somewhere. They will never want female only gyms and clubs en masse. NEVER. So all this #metoo stuff was bullshit and they know it. If it was real, they wouldn’t be complaining about Passport Bros. They’d be glad to see the back of them instead of making long videos about men they supposedly care nothing about.

    I’ve seen many videos on from bdubs admitting that black men are giving them a wide berth and ignoring them or keeping things very brief then quickly moving on (like I do) – good. Keep it up, brothers. Remember, they had no problem and still have no problem doing the same to YOU.

    Soft Guy Era is cool, but ultimately the mindset of men as a whole is what is really gonna change things IMO. Simpdom is the biggest problem out of all of this. You think men from 100 years would have let things get this far? They’d be disgusted to see the state of manhood nowadays and what males have allowed to happen with women they once led.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The simps are a massive problem(I’d say the biggest issue bar none), they’re the ones who have galvanised these women into continuing to walk down their feminist path of death and destruction.

      Moreover, these are the same weak males who are extra willing to stand in the gap and fight those men who have the testicular fortitude to check unruly women.

      Our forefathers would be turning in their graves witnessing how soft and weak men have become. It’s all well and good these guys saying that the Soft Guy Era is satire, however when Western women put all of the crazy demands they have on men, are they joking?

      Of course not, this is why if Soft Guy Era proponents want to see real change, they’ll have to put some action behind what they’re standing for, it CANNOT just remain satire/a joke.

      Western women aren’t going to learn anything or change for the better from satire, nope, the only way they’ll get back in line is through pain and suffering.

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, just as true SYSBM™ practitioners have cut off the modern day black female, men in general are going to have to take the same course of action when it comes to the overwhelming majority of Western women.

      Cut off the money and as you pointed out, cut off the attention. These are the most effective ways in bringing these unbridled Western harridans to heel.

      We have to remember that even though some of them have their own money, they HATE spending it and would much rather have a man foot the bill for everything.

  5. The beauty of all this: These harpies don’t even realize they’re getting TROLLED!


  6. Verbs 2015.

    Thank God for the soft guy era in 2024 because decent men are finally putting themselves first and recognising their self worth when it comes to dating and in life. These modern day western women need to step up and put in the work if they want a decent man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These Western harridans want men to remain subservient to them, they love the fact that most men in the West have been emasculated but at the same time hate that there aren’t that many masculine men remaining, you cannot make this stuff up. I’m glad more men are finally realising that modern women are NOT entitled to traditional customs. #SYSBM™

  7. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with you bro. I fully support the soft guy era in 2024 and beyond 100 percent.

  8. Accountable Commentary made a video claiming that the ‘Soft Guy’ Era always exist for 20 years.
    When I watch this video, I kind of agree that the ‘Soft Guys’ men always exist for the longest and I also agree that the ‘Pookie’ and ‘Ray-Ray’ were the OG of the Soft Guy.

    Think about it:
    Why is ‘Pookies’ and ‘Thugs’ were the OG of the Soft Guy?
    Because they never Pay a Premium when it comes to Keishas, they never get to jump though 1000 hoops for Keishas to get laid.
    Thugs can get 10 BW pregnant and never go on Child Support.
    Only the productive men have to pay Premiums just to say hello to Keishas and go through Child Support and deal with the rigged system.
    Keishas are Paying the Premium for Pookies and Tugs. Also Keishas paying Premiums for White Men.

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