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Yep, this superficial harpy is back at it again. These are the money centric, materialistic Jezebels I’m referring to when I talk about most women in the West being professional beggars. This woman does absolutely nothing for her East Asian, blue pilled simp fiance outside of possibly giving him some occasional snatch.

Unfortunately he was swooned by her half decent looks and decided to roll in leading with his wallet. As I’ve stated before, if the money begins to slow down or dry up, she’ll be out the door faster than Speedy Gonzales.

The reality is most of these pan handling Western harridans are broke and up to their eyeballs in debt, they project their broke status onto men and also engage in reverse psychological techniques in their attempts to make men feel “inadequate” if they’re not so called “providing”(in other words funding their pathetic, childish, hedonistic, lavish, materialistic and superficial lifestyles).

This automatically gives these sirens the cover they require in order to hide the fact that they have nothing of value to bring to the relationship.

If you were to be a fly on the wall and observe Michelle Diaz’s relationship with her East Asian flunky, you’d quickly realise that she reciprocates very little in the relationship, in other words she’s actually useless and a burden/liability.

Michelle Diaz serves as a case study and a cautionary tale in the type of woman you MUST give an extremely wide berth to, she is the leech that is happy to continue sucking a man’s money and resources dry.

The main theme behind the Soft Guy Era/Drizzle Drizzle movement is RECIPROCATION. Men are tired of being looked upon as ATMs, wallets and financial instruments. Men want and have a right to receive the same energy they’re putting in.

This is why most of these delusional Western misandrist females are so afraid of the Soft Guy Era, they realise when the rubber meets the road, they have little to nothing of true value to contribute towards any relationship.

Women are NOT the prize, they never have been and they never will be. They were created as a help meet for the man, it’s only Western society that has reversed their position and exalted them above men.

It is NOT the man’s job to cater to the woman’s lusts and desires. Conversely, it IS the woman’s job to pull her weight and contribute towards keeping that relationship strong and healthy.

Fellas, don’t allow these women to just sit around doing nothing, they’re obligated to prove themselves worthy to be kept around, not the reverse.

Let these women earn their keep, they must show you why you should stick with them and not go with other women. It’s NOT your job nor position to serve any female, the woman was made to serve you. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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13 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. This is why if the internet never existed, I don’t think anglo western females would reach this low of no return.

    It has only reached this low cause the internet has convinced them to reach this low.

    The internet has also convinced white knights and blackistan simps to be more feminine for women than masculine.

    When I looked at films from 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, women were more feminine despite feminism, men were more masculine than today.

    English is widely spoken internationally as the number one language globally.

    This is another factor of why anglo western societies are going down sewer drains at a faster rate.

    French and Spanish are also widely spoken in many nations after English.

    I would stay away from Francophone societies when it comes to dating.

    I would still stay away from Spaniard societies when it comes to dating despite hot weather there.

    I would also avoid most western European countries in general when it comes to dating.

    I would only give white Dutch women a chance when it comes to dating in western Europe due to their upbringing Dutch culture that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The internet ie social media and dating apps have definitely accelerated the decline of the western woman. Feminism has been promoted since I was born but the internet especially through the smartphone has pushed its decadent doctrine directly into the woman’s psyche at a much faster rate.

      The most disappointing aspect of this is the fact that most Western women are too dumb and stupid to see that they’ve been played and still are all too willing to continue going along with the program because of the power their father the State has given them.

      Social media especially TikTok has become the Western female’s god, the blind continue to lead the blind. Most of these elder females are the worst, deliberately leading younger women down a calamitous path because of their seething jealousy and hatred of them.

      These younger females claim to be smart and intelligent yet they still fall for the okey dokey traps and pitfalls they are lead to by many older women, you cannot make this stuff up.

      All these younger females are clones of each other, in 2024 you’ll struggle to find one who can actually think and reason for herself and who doesn’t follow stupid and destructive social media trends.

  2. ***long post alert***

    Watch up until 2:20:

    These black females are beyond repulsive and it seems like they’re going out their way to be because they know they have nothing to lose at this point.

    So this horrid gargoyle claims that a financially successful man who is “stingy” (which basically means he’s wise with money and not splashing it out on her from the jump) still hasn’t managed to “change his mindset”. The real kicker was when this beast claims a “stingy” successful man is worse than a broke man.

    LOL…OK. So a few things:

    – Of course she’d despise a successful man more than a broke one, because the latter can be controlled. As much as they complain about “broke dusties”, these chicks have all the leverage in the world over them, plus they get to play the typical victim role and complain once things inevitably go left once they hook up with a guy they knew was a loser from the jump.

    Contrast that to a successful man who is able to stand on his own two feet, doesn’t need these chicks for anything, knows himself and has OPTIONS. This is what bdubs fear. That’s why as soon as they hear of a successful black man the FIRST thing they want to know is who he’s sleeping with and breathe a sigh of relief when he makes the unwise and disastrous choice of laying with a weavehead.

    – She’s so dumb she hasn’t realised that successful people who have managed to gain and MAINTAIN their wealth is because they’re frugal and have always had great money management skills. Most people who really have it like that aren’t always driving around in Maseratis, wearing five grand worth of clothes at a time or constantly flossing and wasting money on stuff that ultimately has no real value. Look on the driveways of houses in rich areas and you will still see Toyotas, Fords, Nissans etc. Smart people invest in things like property and land and save their money.

    – She said “god forbid you have kids with that man”. The only “god forbid” is that a man be stupid enough to lay with her in the first place and produce a child. How is someone who is wise with money a bad parent? If a child has, food, shelter, clothing and a caring father present in their lives, what more would they need? You can tell she’d be one of those mothers who think it’s cute to dress her kids in all designer gear that they’d only grow out of weeks later while they barely have anything to eat. Wise men teach their children self sufficency and if I ever have a son I will deliberately teach him to be the same kind of man she’s complaining about (and to stay away from women like her in the first place which hopefully he won’t have to worry about too much as most likely he won’t be in the west anyway).

    – I don’t expect her to have any kind of sociopolitical/geopolitical awareness whatsover. I know the concept to them is like explaining astrophysics to a hamster, but when you look at what’s going on in the world right now, we’re probably on the brink of a third world war. We don’t know what’s around the corner. Who is more likely to survive harsh times, a man who has saved up for a rainy day who can afford to relocate or at least sustain himself for long periods, or someone who wants to splash out just to show off and impress strangers?

    – Finally, she says you only have one life so women don’t have time to be with “cheap and stingy” men SMH. Life is short, sooooo what, we’re supposed to spend everything we have and not invest, save, pass on a legacy etc? We’re not drug dealers. We don’t have time for YOU, bitch. That’s why you complain when we go overseas and settle with REAL women who DESERVE what we have to offer because they do their part and make much better wives and mothers.

    You notice how she says “that kind of man”. It shows you how vile black females are in particular. All western women have a similar mindset, but bdubs go at it to the tenth power. Everything they touch turns to shit. Notice how when western women imitate them (like the bird in the video in this article) it’s always negative? Plus look at those aggressive mannerisms. That type of stuff would get them knocked out in other countries or worse which has already happened. Bdubs don’t exactly exude peace, tranquility, femininity and wisdom and no man worth his salt will ever deal with females like them. They’re not exactly great with money which is why they’re broke most the time and always trying to finesse something from men (something I’ve seen in my own family which I’ve mentioned in the past) I don’t remember her name but I’ve seen that ugly face before and just looking at her for a few seconds makes me feel drained.

    Good black men are always being disrespected (the suit thing is happening again as we speak) but we’re waking in mass numbers and like a tweet I posted the other day stated, a woman actually said she used to blame black men for single parent households but now she can see it’s BLACK WOMEN WHO ARE THE PROBLEM. Good. That’s not the first time I’ve seen this sentiment expressed and there needs to be more of it.

    I’m not looking for validation from other races, I just want them all to see our counterparts for who they really are. I know that Suerayya really wants to say “black women” but doesn’t want to appear “racist”, but she should and so should others. When other men and females who are friends with bdubs want to pander to them, they call us out specifically, so black women should also be called out specifically too.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      These braindead social media raised zombies are everywhere and black women as per usual are leading the charge in subscribing to Tom Foolery doctrine.

      This is the knuckleheaded black female right here, she thinks everything revolves around her, she thinks she is the centre focus of the relationship, she believes that catering to the man is irrelevant, obsolete and beneath her, smh.

      Again, the main reason why these black sirens focus on money and finances so much is because they don’t want to give the man an opportunity to take the time out to accurately evaluate them for who they really are.

      Black women as a collective especially bring nothing of value to a relationship, this is why so many of them continue to remain single at such a high clip.

      Black women have completely take out of context the act of providing, most of them have become the men they wanted, therefore there is no room for a man to step in and provide for them.

      More men desperately need to grow a pair and seriously have to nip this garbage in the bud, it is NOT the man’s duty to cater to a woman’s carnal, superficial and material desires despite what these delusional heifers claim day in and day out on TikTok and Instagram.

      As we’ve pointed out before, the sad part about all of this is the fact that a large portion of non black Western women are now happily singing from the same song sheet of failure that the black witch has been following for years.

      Just look at how many non black females are gleefully following the sidepiece black siren named SheraSeven aka the sprinkle sprinkle queen(most of her dummy followers don’t even know what “sprinkle sprinkle” really means and stands for), she now has over a million followers on TikTok.

      Suerayya Brooks should at least think about starting her own website(if she hasn’t already) which she can use to speak the uncensored truth(or start posting videos on Rumble).

      I do see that as well, if she started to call out these black sirens exclusively, they’d immediately shout “racism” from the rooftops and attempt to get her YouTube channel shut down, smh.

      As I stated in my last article, the message over here remains the same, get those passports and get the heck out of dodge.

      Black women sure don’t appreciate good black men and now many Western non black women are also jumping into the fray with their feminist brainwashing and indoctrination.

    2. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I don’t think I want to waste too much time on that airhead who is with the Asian simp; she sounds no different than the scraggle daggle, which is why SYSBM Tenet 22 warns against dealing with non Black women who associate themselves with daggles. *drizzle drizzle*

      Anyway, I wanted to highlight something that shows how simpish these young Black entertainers are; I’m sure that you guys have heard about the situation with Kai Cenat and the OnlyFans 304 who leaked photos of her laying with him to try and extort him for money; he could’ve saved himself from all of this drama if he would just leave these 304s alone, but I doubt that he will given that he already got involved with Teanna Trump, the same broad who racked up at least 80 bodies by the time she was done with high school! In the end, Kai has the last laugh because he has good legal representation behind him, but this is yet another reminder that SYSBM is for the few thinking brothers, not the many. Don’t be a simp, and to the Soft Guys, drizzle drizzle. #SYSBM

      1. BCT,

        She really leaked photos of his meat online but what did the dude expect? Why was Cenat even talking to that whore in the first place? He did this to himself, she demonstrated how she would give him oral and the dude couldn’t control himself. So many of these black entertainers lack penis discipline, that’s why they continue to get caught up and they still believe that black women have got their backs, smh.

        This is the downside of “getting your money up” in the public spotlight, without fail you’ll attract the gold digging sharks who will take the first opportunity to sink their teeth into you whenever they can. Black men in the spotlight just need to leave black women alone as well as read and accept the writing on the wall, they’re NOT our friends.

        1. Arako TV did a video breaking down the whole debacle between Kai and this 304:

          Like I said, he has the last laugh because of his legal representation, but he also has all of the evidence needed to take her down; I am sickened by how bold and brash this stragg is about her behavior, but this IS the scraggle daggle we’re talking about. I suspect she’s gotten away with this in the past, and felt she could do the same with Kai Cenat; this underscores EVERYTHING you say about just how materialistic and hedonistic modern women are, especially Black women

  3. SYSBM: The women are calling the men who are in their soft guy era dusty.
    White sugar honey: But the women are dusty just as the men they sleep with!

    So, the soft guy era is getting attacked again. The best thing to do for a man is not entertain them and give them money. Don’t do anything for them as these scragglies don’t do anything for the men. as these women say that the men who are in the soft guy era dusty, some of these men do have money and dressed neat. They are not like Dusty Mike, Scruffy, Crease Up Clothes Denny and Stinky.

    The men have had enough with these women because they are not bringing anything to them. So, the men have to go elsewhere with the passport brothers movement. And for black men, they have to date non black women because of the ghetto ratchetness with some black women. This soft guy era has really triggered women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  4. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t chasing no women isn’t interested me. As a childfree good looking SYSBM black man at 41, I know my self worth in the dating world. I am only interested in dating childfree non black women who naturally likes me for me. I avoid gold digger women like the plague.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Western women are trying their hardest to persuade men that it’s normal to be used as financial slaves. These harriets know that if they’re evaluated and examined for qualities, they’ll come up extremely short, this is why they’re attacking the Soft Guy Era on all fronts. As we always say, go where you’ll be loved and appreciated.

  5. So, it’s been a week since O.J. Simpson has passed away, and it didn’t take long for this Black Twitter flunky to throw shade on his name:

    Do you see how he started out being disrespectful? How exactly is O.J. an “abusive liar”? How did he abandon his community? Is this because he married a White woman? Hill then ended his tweet by calling him a monster; also, what is this strawman about him dying a martyr’s death? He sounds like Candace Owens when she said George Floyd wasn’t her hero (nobody ever said he was); these Black liberals are some of the worst hypocrites ever. This is one example of why I dislike the Black male academic; they will beat their chests about Emmitt Till and George Stinney, Jr., but when it comes to Black men like O.J. Simpson, they turn into Rush Limbaugh. They also sell Black masculinity out to please these straggs, and offer no pushback against the misandrist talking points they spew online. Kinda reminds you of a certain Ph.D. candidate who stalks this website, don’t it?

    1. You mean that moist candidate?


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