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The Finished Product – This Is What They Want You To Turn Out Like!


Whenever a black man turns out like the fruit above, the black woman/women who raised him that way stand tall and proud of their accomplishments as they have fulfilled their contractual obligations towards the State, that is to keep black society flat on its face via the emasculation and feminisation of the young black boy in order to prevent him from taking up his rightful position as a leader once he becomes a man.

Additionally as I’ve mentioned many times before, effeminate and homosexual black men are not a threat to black women themselves who as we know have been placed as the faux leaders of the so called “black community” by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

The black homosexual male above and in most cases is a direct result of being raised by a single mother, black women of course for the most part wear single motherhood as a badge of honour when under NORMAL circumstances it ought to be looked upon as a shameful and disgraceful position for any woman to be in.

Black society is far from normal as it is being run by dysfunctional groups, namely degenerate black women and their pro black female/black women first knuckle dragging black male flunkies. This is why practically everything in so called “black communities” are almost always upside down.

What makes the video above ironic is even though the guy is a fully fledge sodomite, it’s actually the testosterone running through his veins(albeit not very much) that is responsible for his acrobatic skills, flexibility and motion.

Additionally, as we all know it isn’t only black women who feel satisfied and comfortable whenever they come across a homosexual black man, Major Frost is another individual who just like his black female flunky feels extremely uncomfortable in the presence of a heterosexual free thinking black man.

I remember back in 2019 when a rapper by the name of Lil Nas X landed on the scene with a country/rap song named Old Time Road feat Billy Ray Cyrus, white men who listened to country music were extremely upset that a black man had successfully crossed over into their genre, that was until Lil Nas X came out of the closet as being a homosexual.

Now all of a sudden everything was alright, why, because the homosexual black man is NOT a threat to anybody, it’s the heterosexual black man who is viewed as a nemesis not only by black women and white men, but also by other non white males.

Mind you, we have the least amount of resources and yet we’re still viewed as a problem by other male groups. You’ll notice that sexually suspect weasels such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain also have a serious problem with heterosexual black men, especially those who refuse to tow the black female’s party line, however being the ducking and weaving coward that he is, he much prefers to demonstrate his disdain and hatred for us via his self proclaimed crusade to “expose the manosphere” via the production of his goofy videos which are completely devoid of partiality, nor do they seek to accurately report on the truth and facts.

Despite this relentless assault upon the masculinity of black men which has been going on since the beginning of slavery, black men are the least tolerant of homosexuality which in view of just how destructive the homosexual lifestyle is, is a very good thing.

Gentlemen, it’s extremely important that we continue to push back against any and all attempts to soften or compromise our masculinity and manhood. Whenever you see black women engaging in emasculation tactics against black men, remember the video above and understand that this is the goal these sirens wish to achieve.

As per SYSBM Tenet Number 7, SYSBM practitioners do NOT support homosexuality in any way, shape, form or fashion and NEVER WILL. As per SYSBM Tenet Number 10, as ought to be the case we place the heterosexual free thinking black man first and ALWAYS WILL. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM, The Only Viable And Sustainable Way Forward For The Heterosexual Free Thinking Black Man

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “The Finished Product – This Is What They Want You To Turn Out Like!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    As a heterosexual free thinking black man I don’t support homosexuality at all because it destroys the natural order of things between man and woman and in order to create a child you need a man and a woman not a man and man or a woman and a woman.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, this is precisely what black women as a collective want with black society, an unnatural environment in which they get to be the rulers of it. Homosexuality has NOTHING to do with me as a heterosexual free thinking man and it never will.

  2. With the black community and black women pushing that gay alt. lifestyle on black men so heavy, I don’t wanna hear none of that complaining afterwards talking about “Why are these black men gay?” These folks kill me pushing that alt lifestyle on black men, and praising them calling the face of black men, like no. NO NO NO! These Homo black men do share the same race as me, but they do not speak for me, nor they don’t represent me at all. They talking to the wrong black man. I’m a black man who’s sexually attracted to women, and women only. If they praising the homo black men, then that straight up makes me an outcast in black society, but you know what, it’s alright because I’ll rather be an outcast than to be a kiss ass, and that’s for damn sure. These folks that put black men in the asexual light or the gay light, I’m assuming they’re something wrong with them. What’s crazy is that, I be kinda catching this crap in movies and tv shows where they might put some black men in. They always throw a homo black dude, a black dude who don’t, and won’t have a love interest, or put him in a love interest with a woman, but either short lived or the relationship be in a chaos light. I always say to myself if I ever became a movie director or something like that, I’m definitely putting black men in a more positive, protagonist light than that watered down, Hollywood bullcrap. The black men would have more suitable roles in both movies and tv shows, either it’ll be in Action, Sci Fi, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Crime Drama, Suspense and Thriller, Horror (If I do Horror, the black man ain’t gone die first haha), Martial Arts, Anime, the black man is gonna have actual love interests, whenever it’ll be with an mixed woman or non black woman, and I don’t care what other folks got to say because it’s my production, I can put whatever love interests that’s gonna suit the black man, whenever it’ll be an White, Asian, Latina, Indian, Oceania, Carribean, European, or Mixed, and no Hollywood propoganda bullcrap. No Alt. shit over in my productions. If other folks can’t stand it, then they can kick rocks because this ain’t Hollywood over here son.

  3. This is what happens when a product is raised by a fertilised negress, let alone a single mother. This is what happens when a black male reproduces. Everything goes to shit. Only black men should reproduce with quality stargates to create better products and services. Western societies in general are more comfortable with males than men. Only quality stargates are more comfortable with men than males. Any feminist liberal would look the other way towards males. The LGBT liberals would also look the other way towards males. This LGBT nonsense is already promoted in public schools. It won’t surprise me if it is being pushed in private schools. Fucking sad facts. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The sodomite agenda is pushed heavily in public schools in the UK, what’s sad about it is it’s the Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi communities who are the predominant groups standing up against such abomination, indigenous white English folks for the most part have pretty much caved in to the homosexual propaganda much like they have to the woke lefties, it’s truly a disgrace.

  4. You would pretty much have to like masculine features to find the average non-mixed black woman attractive so maybe that’s why they like to push it?


    1. Matt M,

      Black women pretty much have the Midas touch of disaster, everything they put their hands on crumbles, falls apart and is destroyed.

  5. The West has been taken over by degenerate Communist zombies.

    Every week, there is some new attack on the freedoms of heterosexual Black men. The #superstraight clown-show is a perfect example of lunatics running the asylum and gaslighting the everyday citizen into submission or cancellation.

    Kow-towing to degenerates Communists has turned the West into Sodom 2,0. I’m convinced we have not seen the worst to come for ‘freedom of speech and association.’

    1. King Sigma,

      This is exactly what happens when you give degenerates and reprobates any space, they’ll quickly use it up and then immediately seek to expand and encroach upon your personal area. This is why I cannot understand when folks say that they don’t have any problems with homosexuality as long as homosexuals keep what they’re doing over in their own corner, smh.

      We’ve clearly seen over the years that homosexuals do NOT stick to their own turf, in fact they get a thrill venturing into foreign and forbidden territory. I don’t care what these lefties and LGBTQP pundits say, homosexuality is NOT and will NEVER be welcomed into my house.

  6. As you see Dwayne Wade trying to make his son to look like a girl with his wife Gabrielle Union, I said that it’s time to be a gyaliss. It’s time to do the PUA shit. Listen, they are trying to feminise the black man and to do that is to feminise him at a young age. They’ve been trying to feminise the black man since slavery. To feminise the black boy you have to take the father out of the home or make sure that he never grow up with a father.

    When it comes with the heterosexual black alpha male, the white beta male, the ratchet black woman and the simps sees him as a threat. But when they see a homosexual black male they don’t. This is threating to manhood and we need to neutralized the threat because this is damaging.

    You wondering why non black women mostly white women wanna date black men (some of them) is because they are looking a man who is comfortable to be a man and they beta male refuse to cut it.

    If a man wanna be gay, then leave him too it. That’s the man’s life, they can do whatever he want but the boy is 12 years old and Dwayne Gayde is trying to make his son a girl. When black women sees a young boy being feminised, they love it to the T!

    1. They’ve been trying to feminise the black man since slavery

      That’s because Lord Christian feels some way about your sexual advantages. He also don’t want you nailing his daughter, tainting her “white genes”. Even though his efforts continue to fail 😆

      1. Michel,

        Indeed, Lord Euro and his continued “concern” over our sexual advantages is a sight to behold, we’re the poorest men on the planet and yet we’re still viewed as a serious threat. It just goes to show you how power isn’t only related to how much money you have and wealth you’ve accumulated.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Black men are actually allowed to be men whenever they date out, as we’ve witnessed for years most black women are repulsed by head screwed on straight, productive, intelligent, masculine black men, hence why whenever they come into contact with them, they’ll immediately get to work fratically engaging in emasculation and effeminisation tactics in order to make the man feel uncomfortable expressing his natural state and instead cause him to suppress it for fear of “upsetting the backbone of the community”, smh.

      This is how you know something is seriously wrong with the overwhelming majority of black females, the type of man that they’re supposed to be attracted to naturally, they abhor. The message continues to remain the same, avoid black females like the plague when and where possible and only deal with quality women who aren’t afraid of your masculinity and welcome you expressing it.

      1. These scarggle dadggles are willing to feminise black men because they see his masculinity as a threat. Look at these simps that are defending them from Chris Miller, Woke Poofgressive, D Derailed, incel Shawn James and Bareback Fountain. They have feminine characteristics like 2pac. I watched one of Bareback Fountain’s livestream. Let me tell you something. The man sounds really feminine and I mean really, really feminine.

  7. I have said for years even before the advent of the internet, social media and the so-called Manosphere, that BW would rather us be flaming queers than date or marry outside the race, particularly their bete noire, white women.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      This is one of the main reasons why heterosexual free thinking black men and your average black female simply cannot mesh together, additionally you’ll notice that the pro black female bootlicking squads refuse to address this.

  8. THE black communist community is done. Every time you turnaround you see some agenda pushing Gay agenda on your mind. 5 hour Live streaming won’t save this sinking ship. It disgusting seeing a grown rusty ,dusty,black male wearing pink boots twisting and twirling around filled with sugar in his tank.The demonic black women have destroyed these boys.

    1. Morpheus Tiberius,

      I don’t know how these so called black community pundits ever believed that they could save the black community by hosting livestreams that extend for stupid lengths of time, however if it means not having to confront the sacred cow of the community then they’ll take that preferred route.

      Change comes from getting up off your duff and actually DOING something, not hosting livestreams that typically stretch the length of your average shift at work, smh. As I keep on saying, black women hate heterosexual free thinking brothers.

  9. When all your role models are domineering, controlling ultra feminists, that’s what you get.

    I doubt the little Twinkie is actually gay, he is simply running the programming he was fed since birth. “Give me the boy until 7, and I will show you the queer.”

    Remember when homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder?

    1. Michel,

      Yep, when they sodomites gained some traction they made sure to get that mental disorder removed, however nothing changes, they’re still an abomination, a bunch of reprobates and degenerates I have absolutely no time for.

  10. Looking at this fruit was just depressing !

    How strange that the disingenuous pro black left tries to conflate gender dysphoria and sexual deviancy with the civil rights struggle.

    The same disingenuous pro black feminazi left, that champions gender dysphoria and sexual deviancy, is the first out the gate to try to dick police heterosexual non brainwashed black men, who date non black women.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Because black women have been placed over black society as faux leaders by Colonel Frost, they have allowed homosexuals, trannies, kiddie fiddlers and other reprobates to steamroll in and make disgusting comparisons between themselves and the struggles of blacks.

      Black women who are honest(very few of them) can look at the situation and understand exactly why more black men are choosing to exit the building and taking their chances elsewhere with women who are feminine and who appreciate masculine men.

  11. Thus shows the true colors of Dwayne Gayde. Dude is buff as hell yet shown to be the ultimate cuck. When the world sees you like this on the world stage, your true image is ruined.

    This is again why I say don’t fall for the superficial okey doke with a lot of these dudes, these guys can be built like American gladiators yet be as psychologically castrated as they come. And what shade is the dude’s son, btw? Think that’s coincidental?

    Again, you see how white women have more courage to speak out about this crap than a lot of black celebrities, and now they’re trying to conflate this with civil rights? When you ultimately leave the west, go somewhere that the LGBTVJDSSGHHHTTHCAWAS lifestyle is not only illegal but despised. Malaysia is one such place.

  12. Also, let’s be honest, there are logically SHOULD be homosexuality as the norm amongst black males. Hear me out:

    When you look at the average trannie or drag Queen then look at the average black woman, they BOTH give off the same confused sexual energy. You realize that the only real difference is that one group can get pregnant and one can’t.

    Thus, most of these simps and maggles are completely unable to claim they wouldn’t have sex with a man when you see who they’ve impregnated. Hell, most of these simps ARE downlow, if only because their baby mommas look like their great uncle.

    Thus, TPTB know that it’ll be easier to push tranny shit on an androgynous population, and here we are.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      At this stage it has to be said that there is no difference between how black trannies looks vs your average black female, both typically go for the extravagant, flamboyant, outlandish, way out there look with the clown face makeup, weaves, fake extra long nails, fake fly away eye lashes, body implants etc, and they wonder why more black men are choosing to take their chances elsewhere with women of other ethnicities who actually look feminine without the use of any external appendages.

  13. I won’t even watch the video in its entirety; I can’t stomach watching a young Black man act like a flaming fag! Lately, I’ve been watching David Carroll’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ videos on Free Speech Avenger, and one of them addressed the incident in Harlem, NY where a group of single mother raised savages attacked a Black female after she turned down their offer to pay for her wine purchase; DC then pointed out how back in the day, the scraggle daggle collective got on TV and announced to world that she was a “strong, independent Black woman” and that she could raise her male progeny to be men without a father present and has failed. The single Black mother has not only produced these violent savages, but they’ve also produced these tutti frutti, sugar in the tank negroes like Dremon Cooper who pose no type of threat to Lord Euro’s ethno-nationalist endeavors.

    The scraggle daggle collective, much like their White savior, have always been jealous of/intimidated by Black masculinity’s power to attract non-Black women with ease, which moves them to attack SYSBM; think about it like warfare: the best way to take out an enemy’s army is to attack the strongest soldiers first, leaving the rest as easy targets. There is the one tactic of killing him outright, but another tactic is to effeminize him; where the scraggle daggle is concerned, these aims can be achieved through abortion, child abuse, indoctrination, or “buck breaking” where the strongest male was publicly emasculated for everyone to see.

    The stragg has accomplished this through the public shade thrown at Black men on TV shows like Maury, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Oprah, etc.; they also have done this with the swirlers movement by calling Black men “dusty” and saying that White men are better protectors and providers than Black men. Black women are going to rue the day they ever turned on good Black men because they will have no one left to reach out to but the female-led savages and the queer “superheroes” they gave birth to. White men aren’t coming to save them either; remember, he was the OG antagonist to free thinking Black men saving himself, and still is to this day. #SYSBM

  14. This reminds me of a rapper from 2012 -2015 who use to rap against homosexuality…His name was Charlie Check’m and he was friends with Tariq Nasheed back in the day. Queers and faggots alike hated him and called him the N word for it. So the message was clear: Either be gay, blindly support gay, or be hated and destroyed – liberals are the biggest racists lol. So strange enough: this was back when faggotry was only partly supported by blacks, think lesbianism. But alas, the black community always does whatever evil other communities do x10 culture wise. Be that single motherhood, abortion, AIDS, crime, stupidity, and of course gayness.

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