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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, nothing major to report this week outside of the same Covid plandemic/scamdemic continuing to be used to usher in a literal Hell on earth regime. You’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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59 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. I’m sorry to announce that Moses McCormick, the extremely talented black multilingual language teacher has died of a heart attack. He was 38.

    Brothers may have seen his YouTube videos of him speaking fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. He married and divorced his Taiwanese wife after she was revealed to be extremely dodgy. His last relationship was unfortunately with a scraggle.

    There’s a GoFundMe page up and running, other online polyglots are thinking of starting a language library in his name.

    Rest in power Laoshu. You have inspired brothers to learn languages and live the SYSBM lifestyle.

    1. >> He was 38.

      Damn, how does a 38 year old brotha who was definitely not overweight get a heart attack?
      Such a great loss.

      SYSBMers, you need to take care of yourselves: Eat right, exercise & make sure you get the proper minerals to give your body a helping hand.


      1. I got a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow set up. With rising food prices and this pandemic, I’m staying on top of things and being full blown sysbm.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I bought your Negro Wars book last week and I read it and I must say that the book is excellent and its spot on because you are speaking the raw truth on how messed up the black community is and how screwed up society is in general these days. My favourite two chapters in your book is black women and children and black women,dating, relationships and marriages because I can relate to those situations that you speak of because it happened to me in my childhood and personal life, but overall the Negro Wars book is 100 per cent accurate and you did not disappoint Verbs. 😊😊

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Well, according to the fake academic and sexually suspect maggle Aaron Fountain, because the book doesn’t have any citations, footnotes, references, bibliographies etc, he insinuates that it isn’t a good book at all, in fact he also said he couldn’t get through it because it was “painful” to read.

      Of course it was painful for him to read because as soon as he began scrolling through it, he had flashbacks of his mother and he immediately recognised she fitted the description of the dysfunction black females I talk about both in the book and regularly on this website.

      For some reason mullet heads like Fountain don’t seem to understand that the book is not a academic work, additionally, we already know that just like the black female Fountain Top will attempt to alter the facts in order to help the black woman save face from looking like a fully fledged loser, therefore even if the book had all of the above criteria present, he would’ve still found fault with it on something else.

      I also find it funny how so called critics of Negro Wars thus far have yet to state that any of the information contained within the book is wrong, hmmm, I wonder what’s taking them so long,lol.

      Thanks bro, just doing my part to help heterosexual free thinking black men decontaminate and deprogram themselves from the years of junk accumulated because of this modern day black female.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Reading your book reconfirms that I already knew that there was major problems in the black community from when I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s,but I had nobody to talk to because the majority of black people was brainwashed into believing that the black woman is god, she a fantastic parent despite the fact that she has lots of kids from different baby daddies plus they beat their kids for any reason that you couldn’t question a black woman because in societies eyes she is perfect. The Negro Wars book made me realise that I wasn’t going mad at all and I was right all along on how fucked up the black community is and it’s good to see that I am not the only SYSBM free thinking black man who thinks this way.

  3. The negro wars book is a book I would expect my future biological child to read it. I would purchase the book myself so that my offspring can share this knowledge to my future grandchildren. My mixed biracial kids and my white granddaughters should permanently wipe out the negress offspring for good. This has to be done forever. It’s very important to raise boys to be men, not males and raise girls to be women, not a feminist karen. Quality stargates matters. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      All support is always greatly appreciated, as we already know, very few individuals can break free from the clutches and the psychological chains that the black witch has put in place at the behest of her white lord and saviour in order to keep black men on the plantation. Negro Wars was written to help those who wish to be free, not those who wish to remain in chains and shackles and be slaves/flunkies to Sharkeisha.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I point blank refuse to take a so called “Covid PCR Test”, as I’ve mentioned here before even the guy who invented the test stated that it wasn’t supposed to be used to test for infectious diseases, however the 97% failure rate of the test being used for something it’s not supposed to be used for suits the elite’s agenda.

      Why continue to use a test that they know is highly inaccurate, like I said before, they can fiddle about with the numbers this way which is exactly what they’ve been doing from the beginning, this Covid fraud is monumental.

      1. When you understand that certain nations and corporations want your DNA profile for data supremacy, the fake PCR “tests” make sense. We are their product.

  4. Minister Jap on Facebook is either cooking or getting cooked by the Passport Bros.

  5. I found this week’s topic about the black female’s testosterone overload and wickedness, to be particularly interesting. This article nailed the essential difference between black women and all other collectives of women on planet earth. It is the extra testosterone she carries and the wickedness of her character that sets her apart from all other female collectives.

    I also like that you made the point that this phenomenon is not peculiar to any one nation or any one continent, but is common everyplace in the world where there is a large population of black females of west African ancestry.

    It is more imperative than ever that the black male collective evolve and stop simping. The mass simpleton behavior of the black male collective, only validates the ratchedness and wickedness that this female collective is predisposed to having. It doesn’t help that the worldwide scraggle daggle collective is aided, abetted, and usually funded by a white beta male power base, that finds them to be useful tools, as well as a convenient place to act out its most depraved and degenerate fantasies.

  6. I need a little break on Open Mic Wednesday from talking about these current events that’s going on, because of what I been reading on Natural News, NTD, 100 Percent Fed Up, and some of the bitchute videos I’ve watch, like I keep on saying, it just a matter of time when the truth actually comes out. With the censoring of free speech, these alt. people forcing the sex change and their agenda heavy, which is making them look like bullies, the covid mess, bill gates and these other corrupt people and billionaires telling us how to live our lives because they got billions of dollars, and we can’t sue them because they got protection, but I can give a two crap about that, these Dems people removing dr sesus and historical figures because of racism and white Sup, but they pursuing reverse racism, and I’m trying to figure out the whole scenario behind that nonsense, changing around the english language, the agenda of depopulation and “You own nothing and be happy,” I’m definitely sensing a war is gonna break one way or the other sometime soon, and it’s gonna be one of the ugliest wars to talk about in the history books.

    On to my two cents, Am I sensing a round 2 or 3 of Passport Bros and SYSBM vs Anti Passport and SYSBM, these “black manosphere” dudes? These false claims they keep putting on Traveling Bros and SYSBM, the heat gone come back strong on these dudes because I’m getting sick and tired of these people. Minister Jap, like really bruh? Some of these dudes man, I don’t know if I can take them seriously. It’s crazy because I used to listen to some of these dudes, but seeing how they changed up, and some of the messages they put out, it’s like man I might need to unsubscribe from these dudes because they acting a little grimmey right now. What’s also crazy is that some of these dudes do travel, but they hypocritical for telling other brothers to not travel and stay with the black community. Like that Ask Nathaniel dude, dude is a straight up fool because he don’t like traveling bros spaces, but he be in other countries like the Caribbeans? Fool sit yo biscuit head ass down somewhere. One thing I know for sure, they’re not finna mess up my traveling plans and getting a passport with their false claims. It ain’t gonna work man. For the SYSBM and Traveling Bros, keep spreading the word, and keep doing what you doing. I salute y’all guys because both you SYSBM and Passport Bros bring it heavy.

    1. >> these Dems people removing dr sesus and historical figures because of racism and white Sup,
      >> but they pursuing reverse racism, and I’m trying to figure out the whole scenario behind that nonsense

      I think this is a deliberate attempt by Lord Euro & company to start a race war thereby distracting the sheep from the impending Dollar Collapse coming their way. Any black folk who “play” along with this dangerous agenda is being set up big time for a lot of hate heading their way.

      You don’t do stupid CANCEL shit like this in a country where the majority of whites own guns. Dumb, dumb dumb. Just asking (praying) for trouble. This is the problem with libtards — no vision, no logical thinking at all. Just chaos everywhere without thinking of the ramifications.

  7. I’m watching Tommy Sotomayor and he’s talking about Michelle Obama interviewing Dwayne Wade’s son. Guy, you wanna look at he blood claat bwoy! The boy is totally feminised from head to toe. It’s not only it’s a attack on the two parent home of the black race but its an attack on the heterosexual black male. Listen here, I have a eight year old nephew who is goanna be nine on April 16th and I will refuse to see him look like that. Black boys are a target for one reason and that is them to be feminised. Not my youngest nephew.

    1. I wasn’t expecting your Moneyculturalraw article. Yep, Shawn James did mention the Ghetto Gaggers’s situation years ago and Ghetto Gaggers went on the attack against Shawn James. G-G took a video that he made on YouTube and taunted him in their video trailer I think called ‘Django Chained’. 😄

        1. Yep. 😃😄😅🤣😂 Shawn didn’t get any royality (💰💰💰💵💴💶💷💳💸🏧) for his appearance.

      1. Get da fuck outta here!!! Pastor Poulet got roasted by Ghetto Gaggers? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        That’s gotta burn, being the warm up guy for his queans getting bukkaked by Racist Billy Bob! 🤣

        1. Even though this was three or four years ago, it is still funny. When the trailer came out on then-Free Speech Avenger site and somewhere else, I was laughing. Shawn was losing what he was going to say, stuttering and all of that mess.

    2. Wade’s son is the democrat/Black feminist blueprint for all current and future Black boys.

    3. Money Cultural,

      As soon as you see the black sofa, you know what time it is. Ghetto Gaggers porn is such a horrible turn off and these black sirens are lining up around the block to get their throats, contaminated cooches and rectums blasted out by the Colonel Blizzard, smh.

      Stay tuned, got an article coming out tomorrow dealing with the effeminisation of young black boys by these black harriets.

  8. I think we’ve reached critical mass as a people tbh

    We of this mindset are gonna have to recruit what young black men we can and let the rest burn

    It’s the only way we will be competitive in the future for too long our best and brightest have been bogged down with encouraged stupidity

    I know we face a hurdle now with the censorship of sysbm but we must still spread it in a respectable manner across the internet

    Hell we have enough evidence to substantiate our claims let’s add more like minded individuals and plant the seeds with the youth so they know there’s an alternative

    1. Probably a male simp who got SCREWED by his ex. But looks like he’s having the last laugh. lol
      Yes, very dumb to buy a house for your girlfriend while not being married to her. A commenter aptly stated that “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

  9. What’s good, SYSBM bredren? So, Fake Academic Fountain is now doing livestreams on YouTube! Here is his first livestream with some dude named PsychoCandy:

    This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Manosphere; Mr. Fantastic has since called him out as no longer having an excuse as to why he can’t defend his talking points in real time. Also, he has stated that he has no intention of doing livestreams over an hour and a half because he claims he doesn’t have time and he gets bored (yet he has the time to stalk Manosphere content creators, cutting and splicing their videos for his yellow journalism). It’s going to be interesting to watch him stand trial for his cyber crimes when Man Of Tomorrow files his lawsuit against his university.

    1. The problem with these 3-4-6-8 hour live streams is that the same talking points are covered over and over again. BGS always dealing with politically conservative Blacks who like to yell and scream.

      What this shows me is that Black men especially have not had a outlet to air their grievances in forever.

      I’ve said this on Tommy’s stream and comment section for years. Nobody puts a mic in from of Black men and say “Have at it, what’s bothering you?”. It’s mostly gotcha interviews to keep the stereotype that Black men are shiftless and lazy.

      When I tell people that Black men have an axe to grind against Black women they don’t believe me. Then I have to lay out all the incidents of the last couple of years that happen online and are never reported in the mainstream.

      Even then I know that’s hard to imagine when all the evidence is contradictory to what you see in your lived experience as a non-Black person.

      Hood niggers say Tommy is too hard on Black women. It’s not the message, it’s how it’s said.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Something about that Psychocandy guy looks and sounds extremely off, just like the fake academic himself. It’s amazing how all of these broken branch individuals can find each other and then attempt to throw shade on legitimate philosophies.

      Mr Fantastic is right, Fountain Top will never stand on his own square and defend his beliefs and his blatant distortion of the facts in real time because just as the clown Fountain himself says, it’s only entertainment, in other words we shouldn’t take the fake academic seriously at all.

      1. Something always appears off about these left leaning individuals who attack ideologies that promote masculinity; they’re so out of order that they begin to look the part, which is why I’ve stated before on the old site that it’s only these ugly, moist looking negros who attack SYSBM. Also, even if Fountain is just doing this for entertainment, he’s already in trouble for his prior activity on his old website (which he’s since abandoned); he can’t undo his track record of cyber bullying, stalking, and doxxing Manosphere personalities, especially a serving military personnel like MOT.

  10. Hello SYSBMers!!
    With “race relations” being all sweet & dandy in libtard Amerika, I thought this was a fascinating find regarding the late great boxer, Jack Johnson. All I can say is that well-grounded determined black men are very resilient. Definitely a SYSBM mentality.

    “The boxing film that was banned” by Lord Euro “around the world.” Hmmmn, I wonder why.

    On December 26, 1908, American boxer Jack Johnson became the first Black heavyweight champion of the world, after defeating defending champion Tommy Burns in a title fight in Sydney, Australia. Black fighters were typically denied the chance to win the heavyweight title, a de-facto line of segregation that was known as “the color line.” So when Burns accepted Johnson’s challenge and lost, the film that was distributed around the fight proved controversial.

    The white boxing world set out to find a white heavyweight to beat Johnson and take back the title. That white fighter ended up being James Jeffries, a former heavyweight champion who had retired undefeated.

    Their fight, hyped as the “Battle of the Century,” took place in Reno, Nevada, on July 4, 1910, in front of 20,000 mostly-white spectators and nine motion picture cameras. Throughout the nation, many thousands more listened to live telegram bulletins of each round. Johnson beat Jeffries easily, and, as a result, racist mob violence broke out across the country, and Black Americans celebrating Johnson’s win were attacked, and some were killed.

    The film of the fight became notorious worldwide and was the most talked-about motion picture of its time. Johnson lost the heavyweight title in 1915 after successfully defending it eight times, but remained an inspiration for many fighters to come.

    1. Let’s not forget Jack Johnson was married to a White woman which was (and still is) anathema in the eyes of Lord Euro

      1. Super Jack was also banging white prostitutes on the regular. Without giving much of a fuck. Original SYSBM.

        This destroyed the white male psyche, so they made another film about him – called King Kong.

      2. If I was Jack back then, I’d buy a one way ticket to Europe.
        On second thought, scratch that! Europe was all fcuked up with WW1 & WW2 with Lord Euro vs Captain Amerika to see who would control the ignorant global sheep masses.
        Imagine being a black man back then coming out of slavery, then jumping right into extreme racism, segregation, The Great Depression, WW1 & WW2. Damn, that is some fcuked up REALITY.

        I would probably have gotten on a ship to Argentina waaaaay down South & open a boxing school. Or maybe even Brazil in Bahia or Colombia b4 the Amerikunts started the chaotic “drug war”. 😉

  11. If anyone asks you what SYSBM Practitioners are saving themselves from, you can show them this article:

    Azealia Banks is the textbook example of what Verbs calls the “Black witch”; she practices a form of witchcraft (known in Spanish as “brujería”) where she sacrificed chickens in a closet at her apartment, she dug up her dead cat named Lucifer and boiled its carcass on her IG story, and she poses with human skulls; witchcraft is practiced by many entertainers in Hollywood (as a means of obtaining occult power), yet and still Banks has not been a successful artist.

    Azealia Banks is the epitome of a Black fefail and has all the characteristics of the scraggle daggle collective; Fake Academic Fountain’s anti-SYSBM crusade started with him saying that we aren’t allies to Black feminists, but these same Black feminists use witchcraft and Satanism against Black men, including Fountain. What man in his right mind would form an alliance with an enemy?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As I keep on saying, black women are the devil’s right hand henchwomen, there are many black women who are practicing witches, however as I’ve pointed out before too many black men don’t take witchcraft and sorcery seriously. I really have to wonder how her cat died in the first place.

      Fountain Top is just like the mainstream media when it comes down to deaths currently being caused by the so called covid “vaccine”, totally ignore the obvious, attempt to talk about something else and shift the focus elsewhere as well as try his best to mock and ridicule those highlighting the truth and speaking out, smh.

  12. Went into a local Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today. They have a sign on the door about wearing masks, but no one obliges and no one enforces it.

    Just as such, pretty much the only ones wearing masks were these few old people, with one notable exception. Two young BUFF dark skin black dudes came in, obviously athletes of some sort. Why the hell did these shines have on masks EVEN AT THE TABLE?!!!

    This is what I mean when I say blacks today are desperate for slavery, for as much as they bitch about white supremacy and government control, they also yearn for it.

    Also, don’t tell me how masculine black men are. The sad truth is that, for as big and buff as many may be, most black men are psychological slaves and eunuchs. I forgot who it was last week on here who noted how even the most in shape, put together black men will lust and Simp for daggles that look like Gabourey Sidibe.

    This is why the communitah has to be abandoned, as well as those in it. This last year should’ve been a wake up call. Those who came out of it even bigger shaves deserve their shackles.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I can’t believe how easily most black folks outside of certain countries in Africa have rolled over on their backs and gone along with the government narrative without asking any further questions as well as scrutinising what they’ve been told, mind you this is the same government they regularly complain about and claim cannot be trusted, smh.

      Like I pointed out in a previous Open Mic, these same 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh, road man type Negroes who are always talking about how the government is against them, the “man” is trying to keep them down and the government is always up to no good(which is a true statement) all of a sudden are silent on Covid and have turned into obedient mask wearing serfs.

      The UK government has NEVER given me any reason to trust them, however they’ve given me piles upon piles of reasons not to and those reasons continue to stack up especially in light of this plandemic/scamdemic.

      What part of the government cannot be trusted don’t these knuckleheads understand, again, maybe I’ve missed something here however I cannot recall a time in history(especially in recent times) where any government has proven themselves to be trustworthy, honest and has kept their word on any promises made.

      The goalposts have moved so widely with this Covid scam and yet most people aren’t able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realise they’re being scammed, tricked and openly mocked, smh.

  13. Looking into countries to mad dash to, or also becomes painfully obvious that many ethnic groups and people are NOT compatible and that a Western style melting pot does NOT work unless the people are all ethnically or culturally similar. That’s why Singapore (Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian) is a veritable Heaven on earth next to Detroit, hell next to London.

    You could add maybe some Swedes or Icelandic people to Singapore en masse, things would remain ok. You add a huge swathe of the average negro (regardless of national origin), it’ll go to the shits starting tomorrow. That’s why SYSBM is needed, to literally breed out the daggles and Maggles and make a much better black race in the process.

  14. Looking at the dropping birth rates in most countries, one has to ask, especially from a western perspective, where the **** are those so called family values these piece of shit pastors always talk about?

    Shouldn’t Christian couples be having several children? Shouldn’t the birth rates in the Bible Belt be ginormous? At the end of the day though, these churches and mega preachers don’t teach anything of real substantial value or everyday effect, just bullshit and “wait til you die for your pie in the sky” rhetoric. Anything that would tangibly effect society is never touched on.

    1. Haven’t you heard? It’s all the Negro’s fault!

      It’s us SYSBM Bros impregnating all the white women needed for the “Christian” Guns and God-fearing folk to increase their numbers. Absolutely nothing to do with feminist, emasculating policies that THEY THEMSELVES voted in… If they seriously think that, after Trump gets back in, that the KlAn WiLl rIsE AgAiN are going to be disappointed.

      The era of tribalism, following the leader and ethno-nationalism is over. It ended since 2012. The new communities are ones connected by ideals and beliefs, it reaches across cultures and skin colours. Resurrecting Black Power/White Power in the new age will fail.

      1. Notice too that when black men marry out, they have no problem having large families. I’ve seen one prominent guy with his white, blonde wife, they have like 6 or 7 kids! That black man who married the Pakistani woman that Verbs wrote about once, they have three so far, and she’s young so she’ll probably have more.

        Corona has shown that these gun hustlers and wanna be militia men in the south aren’t shit. Their time to tear shit up was when this first went down. They out to be home schooling anyway, but instead sending their kids to school in masks on the bus.

        The only truly conservative groups of non-Jewish whites in America are Mormons and some fundamentalist Pentecostals.

  15. I’m not big on Farrakhan, but I’ll give him some props for a video I just saw of his. He said that it’s a GOOD thing that they want to mandate stuff, thus forcing negroes to possibly do for self. Likewise, their kids weren’t learning in school anyways, so who cares if the schools are shut down?

    Sadly, it’ll be non-blacks who form community businesses and schools out of this, not black people. When you have a group who thinks the ultimate form of racism is to not be around to sniff white peoples’ farts, they will never do for self.

  16. I bet you all heard about how some women would like a 6pm curfew on men in the UK.
    My annoyance is how nobody is questioning how a police officer who is in position of trust was able to do this but no they want to come after and punish the average man.

    Some men don’t even acknowledge women in their day to day lives and get on with their day and say not their business. It’s comical women don’t want men around them, some men stay away do nothing to them and women still complain. You can’t make this bs up.

    1. The fake CONVID Corona WuFlu is finished but the government still like their newfound control, so here we are.
      It ends when we say so.

  17. The police caught the rats that attacked the Uber driver in California:

    The driver was one of those Asian men that BW claim love them and want to date them so much. SMDH In that man’s home country those chicks probably would have been dragged out of the man’s car, possibly beaten, left on the side of the road, and then thrown in jail. On in the west do we tolerate BS like this from women.
    Keep the Wall up.

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