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Yep, She Just Got Up And Walked Away!


The grossly overweight, wig and fake long nail wearing lump survived. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a black female being hit by a car and thereafter getting up and walking away as if nothing happened. I remember coming across a short video from around 6 years ago where a group of black women got into an altercation and as they were arguing with the other person/group, somebody in a vehicle hit them from behind head on:

Yet again, they all just got up and walked away as if nothing had happened. Now, remember back in spring 2011 when a Japanese evolutionary psychologist by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa wrote an article in Psychology Today asking the question as to why black women were less attractive?

I recall he took quite a bit of flack for that article, however despite the backlash Satoshi Kanazawa received from black women, their handlers as well as their pro black female flunkies, Kanazawa’s proposal that the reason behind their lack of attractiveness being that black women having more testosterone running though their bloodstream than other ethnicities of women as far as I’m concerned is accurate.

When you walk your local streets and look at your average black female, by and large she typically looks more rugged, coarse, masculine and of course FATTER than say a White female or an Asian one. This is especially prevalent when it comes down to black women from Africa especially in the west of the continent, here are some photos of various Nigerian women to illustrate what I’m talking about:

This is my point and what I see on average walking the streets of London. Testosterone is not only responsible for a man’s sex drive but it also gives men a much higher tolerance to pain, higher and lower temperatures, the hormone makes the skin tougher, muscles on average bigger and also is responsible for the competition/drive factor.

Extra testosterone is one of the main reasons why black women on average can get hit by cars and afterwards get up and walk away as if nothing happened. Extra testosterone would also explain their masculine behaviour and the extra aggressive attitudes they love putting on display and pride themselves on.

But there is also another dark side to black women’s limited immunity from injury that very few people have talked about, one that I’ve discussed many times before. I don’t call black women witches for nothing, I strongly believe that most black women are possessed by evil spirits and that this is a major contributing factor as to why many black women can get up and walk away from accidents that would easily kill or at least mangle somebody else.

I’ve said here at Slaying Evil so many times that the souls of most black women departed a long time ago and that their bodies have now been taken over by demons, as far as I can see this is the only viable explanation as to why black female dysfunction is a worldwide phenomenon.

It would also explain why black women as a collective show no remorse, pity or sorrow when taking the lives of so many unborn children in the womb and additionally it would explain why black women as a group only seem to be happy when they’re spilling the blood of others or inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon those around them.

Women who are this rugged need to be avoided at all costs, ruggedness and coarseness when dealing with gender are both associated with masculinity, NOT femininity. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

When Any Woman Is Hit Hard By A Car And Can Still Get Up And Walk Away, Ask Some Serious Questions

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Yep, She Just Got Up And Walked Away!

  1. That would explain their love for thugs and criminals, water seeks it’s own level. That is why they do the SIGN which is shame, insult, guilt and need to be right.

    1. These bear built land whale german shepherds are a different species. Curses to the simps that sleep with these hogs. That tells them its ok to be huge. Even though they doctor told them otherwise

    2. >>That would explain their love for thugs and criminals

      Well, they DID breed these feral ghetto thugs & criminals into EXISTENCE. Didn’t they?
      Much familiarity right there. Good observation though.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women these days are like the Terminator because they don’t know when they are beaten or dead. That Japanese psychologist is right to say that black women are the least attractive women on the planet because they have way too much testosterone running through their bodies and its no wonder why they are so masculine and the fact act like men to the point where no man on earth is attracted to those type of woman. When I date a woman I want a childfree feminine ladylike non black woman, not a man hating feminist single mother she beast and unfortunately a lot of black women fall into that category that is why they are the least desired woman on the planet.

  3. Damn. There are curious times where I wonder is that voodoo, black magic stuff is real because it been kicking in to the black women. This is what I been saying from the beginning: Women + Feminine Vibe = Attractive. Women + Masculine Vibe = Unattractive. I don’t see why some dudes (mainly these black simps) say they don’t like a woman who’s too nice. Like I have to laugh at them because I’ll ask them “Oh, so you like a woman who’s gonna yell at you, give you attitude, tell you what to do, and beat yo butt up?” That right there be telling me it’s about time black men start having some standards, and not giving a F about what these sorry people have to say. When dudes ask me why don’t I like a woman who’s strong, I be giving them a weird look and laugh because first of all, folks need to stop using that word strong when describing a woman because from my perspective, there’s no such thing as a strong, powerful woman, period. And It sad to see how black men are dealing with women who act more manly than them, and it’s coming from women who share the same damn race as them. They don’t what us to be with feminine women or live our own life, but guess what, I can give a two crap about what they think.

  4. I have to ask this same question everyday and I’ll not know the answer alive. Why did god create one group of females with extra testosterone, extra masculinity bodies and extra masculinity behaviours? It sounds like trannies and looks like trannies.

    Negresses are terminators to survive that hit. They are the most overweight with STD’s, single motherhood, and the only group of females wearing weaves from animals like horses, including hair from white women.

    When a white woman wears weave, she is an actress acting for her career. She ain’t wearing it off duty from her job. She ain’t spending ridiculous amount of money on wearing extension wigs from salon shops. She has her own natural hair to maintain it everyday. She can swim without worrying about her hair getting wet.

    Its funny how my sister had a swimming teacher to learn how to swim like I did when I was younger but she would rather choose the gym over swimming cause of her weave. This is just a perfect example. The negress culture ain’t my culture at all. The black males culture ain’t my culture either. My only black culture is a mixed culture. My culture is #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. If a gaggle of single black bitches were on a cruise and an emergency happened and they’d have to get their weave wet to swim to safety, they’d be history.

  5. Verbs2015,

    “But there is also another dark side to black women’s limited immunity from injury that very few people have talked about, one that I’ve discussed many times before. I don’t call black women witches for nothing, I strongly believe that most black women are possessed by evil spirits ”

    I cosign everything you have just said. I also think that the same can apply to many black male simpletons. You see, everyday I observe black male simp behavior that I just can’t find a counterpart to among any other race of males.

    I have always lived in major US metropolitan areas with large black populations. I see black men simping like crazy, who appear to have no reason to simp. We all know that the ugly, thuggish, loser types simp like crazy. But they are not the only ones. I have observed large, athletic, good looking black men who have means, simping by choice. Sometimes to beasts like the one in the video above.

    Most black men in the US truly enjoy simping. No one will ever accuse the scraggle daggles writ large, nor the black male simps writ large, of being the brightest bulbs in the room. But somewhere in their low wattage brains, is an awareness on some level, of the underlying evilness of the scraggle daggle/black male simp subculture. Both groups are drawn to it like moths to a camp fire.

    I don’t hold the scraggle daggle responsible for the fallen state of the black male simp collective writ large. The black male simp chooses to be a simp. He enjoys wallowing in the degeneracy of simphood, like a pig enjoys wallowing in slop and filth. Just as the scraggle daggle hates all things wholesome and good about womanhood, so does the black male simp hate all things wholesome and good about manhood. They have both made their pacts with the dark side.

    1. Well having 18 years to brainwash a human is a notable advantage. Many of these women would be fairly normal if they were themselves removed from the hands of their first tor-MENTORS. There is a book called “Illuminati Brainwashing Techniques”. It is like 600 pages of jargon and techniques but after awhile reading it you realize that some dude just codified the fucked up parenting techniques of a certain already existing population and used creative language to explain its workings.

      1. Lurker,

        I totally get it that the black male simps who I despise were raised and brainwashed by single mother scraggle daggles. But here’s the thing. We were all victimized by the matriarchy and misandry of da communitah, to varyious degrees. Some of us have overcome it better than others. But in my opinion, we all have an obligation to strive to rise above it. Manhood requires this of us.

        I have a lot of testosterone, so I’m repulsed by women who exhibit a lot of testosterone. To me, Serena Williams is the poster child for too much testosterone in females.

        The modern day black simps accept the tyranny of the scraggle daggle. They embrace it and they wallow in her matriarchy. Even before I became woke, the scraggle daggle’s testosterone laden behavior always triggered my cringe reflex. These simps don’t even cringe to the most aberrant testosterone behavior of the scraggle daggle. They bow down to it. It makes me wonder if these simps lack testosterone themselves. SMDH!!!

  6. Scraggle Hood – Men in Weaves.


  7. The level of masculinity that literally permeates the environment when BW are present is extremely obnoxious and unsettling. Their lack of concern and remorse for others and even for themselves is ever abound. This situation is only escalating at a exponential rate. I can’t even recollect the last time I witnessed a feminine looking BW. This article lends validity to what Verbs is constantly conveying to us. I cannot even conceive of any self-respecting BM that would consider laying with or reproducing with these Man-Femes!! I agree!!! It has become quite obvious for those brothers who pay meticulous attention, that the contemporary BW is in a state of demonic possession. Their unusual display of aggression and vitriolic hatred towards BM and to society as whole, can’t be explained away as a simple psychological disorder. The disorder is of a meta-physical nature and it need to acknowledge as such. If, not BW will continue to contaminate all those who come into contact with them. GOD FORBID!!

    1. >> Their lack of concern and remorse for others and even for themselves is ever abound.

      You try to explain or share articles about the Deep State or the ZioPress or ZOG or gangster banksters et al to a MAJORITY of black womin & they won’t even bother to investigate further. Quite a revelation.
      One half of the black race is consumed with their hair HAIR hAir HaiR or weaVes to the point that they are totally CLUELESS about all the shit disturbing going on in the world by the Anglo Kings. UnfcukingBelievable to the point of suicidal.

      When the shit literally hits the fan, a lot of BW will pay dearly for such mass ignorance.

  8. Yo, when fatty get by the Ford Mustang GT, I went bomba claat! And the way she flew. Listen, I have started before that two of my exes are fat women. Hey, that his Fatty Airlines. From Fatland to Fattitina in eight hours. And did you see the side of the Ford Mustang? Dent up! And the other video, I have seen it before in 2015. Lovely Ti did her commentary on that. The incident happened in Lincoln Park, East St. Louis and all four of them get lick down by a harridan. The driving heifer and a passenger drive away and the four hoodrats walked away. I don’t know what these hoodrats where fighting for (probably fighting a man) but they just got token out.

    Black women are very well known as the terminatrix and fatty is a perfect example. When she got knock down she get right back up. And Dr Foolmar Johnson, Incel Shawn James, Chris Miller and Bareback Fountain are coming after us because we will not fate these ghetto scraggle daggles. And the thing is that these harridans don’t want these fools. They want the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man like Rapid Fire Rasta, Weed Man Jake, 357 Jimmy and Pimp L.

    Fly fatty, fly!

    1. Associated with Colt .45 Jimmy, Beretta Mike, Desert Eagle Dave, Double Barrel Bill. Not forgetting the women Hollow Tip Helen and Exit Wound Ellen 🤣

  9. What kind of person would stand in the way of a car that is drifting and doing donuts? Donuts…maybe that’s why this oil tanker was standing in the car’s path; she just wanted donuts! Jokes aside, I’m amazed she went airborne like that given her oversized frame; also, you might be onto something about their bodies being vessels for demonic entities. Ever notice how they seem to have no natural fear of imminent danger? Any person with sense would know to get out of harm’s way, but these daggles just stand there and take the abuse like it’s child play; just look at her as she stood up and started throwing up gang signs like, “Yeah, I took it like a G!” It’s not just adult Black females, but even little Black girls can take the abuse; I remember seeing a video last year of a little Black girl get hit by a car while riding her bike, and she stood up right away as she cried. The scraggle daggle have another thing going on with them.

  10. I too believe that there is a spiritual reason for phenomena like this. In Ancient Rome, the emperor Caligula started off as a just and fair ruler. He later became ill to the point of being on his deathbed. When he recovered he was pure evil. I have always believed that the real Caligula died and that a demonic presence took over his body. It is the same with the majority of black women in the West. You can see it in their very eyes and demeanor. They have rejected the counsel of the true god and worshipped all sorts of false idols such as the white man. They have sought the false praise of the world. They have let every man from here to katmandu nut in them so they have spiritually bonded with all sorts of evil. For these reasons Heavenly Father has allowed for their vessels to be inhabited by all kinds of demonic powers. As in the movie End of Days hard to kill the devil when he’s inside someone.

    1. Supposedly Caligula was also a victim a child abuse. His uncle the roman emperor Tiberius through some sources (some doubtful possibly) used to organize umm….lets say “water sports” for the children where umm they played “fish”. I’ll let you google the rest in his private villa.

  11. Black women can probably be shot at point blank range and survive, as their weave will take the most damage. This is why I have to ask how black women and black people in general can question why others would start doing the most when it comes to physics altercation with black people, namely big ass black peoples. This woman was in horrible shape yet shrugged off being hit by a car like it was water off of duck’s back.

    This speaks to their lack of femininity. Of course you’re seen as a threat, you got hit by a car and then got up to go give a blowjob and twerk! That’s why NO ONE, not even the simps can see them in a dainty, feminine light. Even these simps know that it’s not legit females they’re dealing with. Even they know that they’re nutting up in a vat of cellulite, testosterone and hot Cheetos.

    Forget super predators, black women are Mega Beasts, like something out of an anime that only the strongest warrior can face. Legit, these are creatures that Toriko would fight to use the meat to make a good meal. They are something you kill on Monster Hunter World in order to make stronger armor.

    Could you imagine a Korean woman in this situation? A Russian, Swedish or Icelandic woman? Israeli? Japanese? Indian? Sri Lankan? Lebanese? Filipino? Hell, a thick ass Brazilian?!! Those woman would’ve died upon impact, not these beasts.

    When THIS is what is birthing your children, your nation is doomed.

  12. Not going to comment on the ladies from your tribe in Nigeria. What I can say about the western African woman is they do tend to have especially in Nigeria a much higher propensity to have a muscular frame. I have watched sports and seen such athletes up close and personal don’t ask bro’s lol…. From Basketball, soccer, track, and volleyball as my cousin is currently in the SEC playing volleyball. Those African chicks be mad muscular in contrast to white chicks and even some thinner black chicks.

    1. Dude you can have a female basketball team where the white girl ballers are still hot & feminine while the tattooed black shemales look like Lil Wayne & 50 Cent.

      The late great Don Imus said it best:

  13. I can not stop laughing 🤣! The hair technically moved before her body!

  14. There was a video a few years back on Tommy where this fat hoe was actually shot in the street. She was lying there in a pool of blood flashing gang signs. These terminatrixes ain’t no joke!

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