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Any Opportunity To Rail Against Productive Black Men Is Always Taken Without Hesitation!


I had no idea this took place back in January 2020, I discovered this whilst scrolling through the home page on YouTube. Why are we not surprised? I keep on telling you that the only commonality productive black men and black women share is the same skin colour, outside of that both parties hold to complete polar opposite views on life, goals and aspirations.

It just goes to show you once again how black women are the most racist individuals on the planet, especially when it comes down to their own male counterparts. The majority of black men I’m pretty sure would testify that the most racism they’ve ever received has been at the hands of other black folks, namely black females.

First of all, notice how the majority of the plane was filled with white folks, so this grossly overweight black witch of a flight attendant thought it would be her duty to literally “coon it up” in order to appease her audience. She saw an opportunity to spite a black man in the form of Nathan Davis Jr going about his productive business and she took it.

And to think the pro black simpletons berate and disparage free thinking black men on the daily because we refuse to deal with such a bunch of traitorous turncoat harridans. Again, the question must be asked, how are we expected to deal with a group of women who hellbent on seeing us as black men destroyed and at the same time are actively contributing towards out destruction, I’ll wait?

The flight attendant actually began making stuff up, talking about the dude has a gun, really woman? Do you see how no matter what the environment, black women in the overwhelming majority of cases can NEVER maintain some respectable standard level of professionalism especially when on the job, she literally as a black woman picked on Nathan Davis Jr because HE WAS BLACK, namely a PRODUCTIVE BLACK MAN.

I’m wondering if there’s a possibility she figured out who he was and thereafter deliberately decided to be a dickhead in order to ruin his journey. This reminds me of a similar incident that took place at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas back in August 2018 with Kali Muscle, his girlfriend Helena Vladis and another black siren of a flight attendant who decided to make the beginning of the couple’s journey difficult simply because Kali has a white girlfriend but using their dog as the excuse to be a Hitler, that video can be seen below:

This is exactly why the “since you don’t deal with black women anymore, why don’t you just stop talking about them” crowd look incredibly stupid, they deliberately ignore the fact that black men who aren’t dealing with black women under dating and mating terms for the majority part are still having to interact with these black harriets under other capacities.

This is something I’ve talked about before in my archive articles which will be reuploaded shortly, you can’t tell black men to stop talking about black women when these same black females are openly warring against us and still doing everything within their power to make our lives a living hell.

My motto still remains the same, as a heterosexual free thinking black man you should deal with black women as little as is humanly possible, that way you stand the best chance of avoiding unnecessary drama, conflict, contention and strife.

Black women, the number one trouble makers on the planet, yet they’ll be quick to cry foul when the tables are turned and they’re at the receiving end of the same type of pain, misery and suffering they love inflicting upon others, smh. I’m sure everybody remembers this video below:

Black women as a collective love stoking the hot coals of “racism” as well as many other “isms”, not to say that racism doesn’t exist, however I find that many black women in their efforts to seek attention will very often times inject racism where there clearly wasn’t any or simply instigate some trouble just for the fun of it in order to satisfy that Jezebel itch.

As per usual gents, avoid these black females like the plague, your life literally depends on it. Black women have the backs of black men, really?? That statement is such a joke and can easily be completely deconstructed, refuted and rubbished with mountain loads of evidence.

Black women as a collective STAB black men in the back is much more of an appropriate and accurate sentence. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Stay Instigating Trouble

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Any Opportunity To Rail Against Productive Black Men Is Always Taken Without Hesitation!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The two above videos goes to show you that black women hate decent black men like ourselves because they cannot control us so therefore they use bully boy tactics and racism against us to start trouble. The amount of times that I had to delete racist comments aimed at me on my YouTube channel by black women calling me nigger, sell out, ugly and uncle tom all because I was speaking the raw truth on the negative experiences on my videos that I had with black women while growing up and till this present day. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women and I don’t care if they get offended by it.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women are truly the devil’s right hand henchwomen, they feel no remorse nor are they ever repentant of the evil they regularly execute against black men. By far they are the most evil and wicked individuals on the planet, the problem is most black men have been indoctrinated and brainwashed(by the same black females themselves) to accept their evil and malevolent mannerisms as normal, smh.

  2. Black on black racism is global. Black males vs black men. Negresses vs black men. This has always been the case through out history. Black on white racism is also in existance. Negresses and their black males double teaming against white women with black men. No one speaks about this except sysbm practitioners. The mainstream media acts like these hate crimes ain’t a thing. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      You’ll notice that we are practically the only group who talk about things like this, yet these pro black nuggets will continue to behave as if black women are not engaging in open warfare against heterosexual free thinking black men.

      This is why I cannot take these pro blacks seriously, they want us to get with broken black females knowing that such unions are destined for failure, however to them this doesn’t matter as the “image and reputation” of black love are more important, not the actual foundation of it, smh.

  3. I keep my interactions with the scraggle daggles to a minimum. Verbs is right that it is not possible to totally avoid black women, as we all have relatives who are black women. But some black women are worse than others. So when it comes to my black female relatives, I gravitate towards the ones who are least messed up. I even have a few who share many of my views about how far black women have fallen.

    I rarely eat fast food, so I don’t have to interact with scraggle daggles in the fast food industry. Now, when it comes to retail establishments, I always choose the line without the scraggle daggle cashier. If that is not possible, I will go to another store. The inconvenience is worth it to me.

    There are situations such as airports, where we are a captive audience. In those situations, whenever the scraggle daggle violates her organization’s customer service policies, or is rude and offensive to me, I will make a formal complaint against said scraggle daggle. Now this adds a little bit more work to my day, and it is a hassle that I shouldn’t have to go thru. But I believe that it is worth it. I’m sure the organization does nothing about it in most cases. But I want to leave a documented complaint on record, against the scraggle daggle. I always document the fact that I am a Black man. I believe that most Black men let these incidents slide, believing it not worth their time and effort. But I truly believe that if more Black men start taking the time and effort to make formal documented complaints against scraggle daggles in customer service situations, at some point the plethora of complaints will reach critical mass. At this point, organizations will have no choice but to deal with scraggle daggle behavior. At the very least, this will have the effect of documenting the scraggle daggle’s beastly ways for the whole world to see.

    1. >. So when it comes to my black female relatives, I gravitate towards the ones who are least messed up.
      When it comes to my black female relatives, I avoid them altogether. My life has been devoid of drama ever since.


      1. I Agree in America. on the Eastcoast of the U.S. like Brooklyn NY especially in the Housing Projects. is where a lot of the Mentally ill & Unstable 80’s Ignorant lowlife, lieing and Muliputive, Scraggle daggle Ghetto rat, Crack head, K2 Smokin, Crazy antic, Evil Poltergeist Siren witches and her Lawless Demonic Seeds with no father figure, resides. That’s one the Biggest Problems in the Projects … that’s why SYSBM Must Avoid those Evil Siren Entities at all Cost…

    2. AmericanBlackMan,

      I work with a few black women, I don’t go out of my way to be rude to them, I act in a professional and friendly manner, however I already know what they are capable of doing. This is one of the situations for me where avoiding the daggle is nigh on impossible, therefore extra precautions must be exercised when around them.

      My mother is the only black female family member that I interact with and that many a times that can be a struggle. I still have no problems proclaiming the usual, when and where possible avoid interacting with black women at all costs.

  4. This is what the OLD TESTAMENT looked like minus the paler humans. Lmao nothing much changed.
    If you have not figured out by now the mythical evil European “white man” is the disguise for the so called evil American black woman. All of those names are disguises because the original Europeans were also dark complexioned humans. They play swap games and change names and word meanings to decieve the world. Be not deceived you can find them through history by their pattern of evil religion and deeds. You should view them by their culture and their works as Jesus said “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. This statement applies to the evildoers of which there are many.

    Second video was the blackey girl trying to intimidate the Euro boy into sex and giving her the prized lite skinned baby, to later be abused of course. Grabbing on him like a straight prison rapist. Notice she targeted a much smaller individual. Typical Snu Snu Yajuta (predator) mating practices.

    Notice they hate being recorded, the evil-darkness hateth the light.

    1. Lurker,

      I’d have to agree with you on the last video with the black witch harassing the white guy with dreadlocks, she definitely wanted a piece of him literally. We aren’t fooled over here, these black sirens are desperate to get Admiral Lime’s seed into their cooches so that they can have those mixed children with light skin, light eyes and so called “good hair”.

  5. Damn, he made it through the TSA metal detectors, wands, body scanner, and luggage X-ray with a gun? He must be James Bond or something. She singled him out for some reason, or we aren’t getting the whole story.

    1. James SYSBM,

      She just made up a load of garbage to ruin the guy’s day, typical black female behaviour but we’re supposed to still form unions with these types of women, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  6. Sad day when the white passengers were standing up for the Black kid, even they saw he was being singled out. That fat, black mammy flight attendant was having a bad day and took it out on the only Black kid on the plane. You see the kid was clean-cut, well-spoken and soft as candy, everything that the black mammy despises. See how she flat out lied and said he “had a gun”, even though you have to go through METAL DETECTORS TWICE to board a plane. Good on him that he’s semi-famous so his case will get traction. Hoping the brother wins his suit and that mammy costs the airline $10 million. These black bitches are the thinking Black man’s open enemy, only SYSBM practitioners point it out.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      This is as far as I’m concerned yet another reason of the 50,836,473 we already have to avoid black women as much as we can and most certainly to never consider them as viable and suitable for dating and marriage. It’s always the same story with these women, they see a black man doing something constructive with his life and they feel they have to sabotage and destroy it or him, smh.

  7. I don’t an article today of Animal Farm and on the article there is a 47 minute documentary. It has nudity but no sexual activity with people with animals. Channel 4 wouldn’t dare to show it. And I have done a blog on bestiality on Money Cultural Raw. The link is on the article because it pretty disturbing but I hope everyone is alright. This crap now from black women.

    The black women who was the flight attendant was just a complete nuisance which was irritating me and the pilot is just another beta male who throw him out. The second video, the reason the black women acted this way with Kali Muscle because he had a white girlfriend with natural wavy hair. And I remember the third video as well. These ghetto ratchet ghetto gaggers are just causing black men who are productive.

    Black men are always the target for these ghetto hoodrats and the white beta male are just continuing coming after black men. And these simps like Shawn James who hasn’t seen one pussy yet, Woke Poofgressive, Bareback Fountain was is coming after thinking black men because there is now way that they are dealing with these scraggs. Them simps better be careful because look what happened with D Derailed. These hoes turn on him.

    It’s goanna be way more difficult for black men dating black women because of these troublesome scraggs we are seeing so black women is like dating other races of women. These scraggs love trouble. Just keep your white sugar honey safe.

  8. Blame the Black Man. If in doubt, take it out on a nigha. A non roadman, of course. They know they won’t retaliate and get knocked tf out.

    So….. is Fake Academic Fountain going to do his usual Arsène Wenger impression with this story?

    “Non, I didn’t zee it” 🤣

  9. Keep in mind Brothers – we are behind enemy lines. Maintain good situational awareness and stay alert. Avoid going anywhere near scraggle-infested territory if at all possible. Keep any and all interactions with the scraggle and her male associates to a bare minimum – if at all possible.


  10. These blk sheboons lump all blkmen together and say blkmen ain’t shit,but would give the benefit of doubt to nonblkmen no matter how bad those nonblkmen are.

  11. The featured story reads eerily similar to that of one Jaaye Person-Lynn. Person-Lynn is a licensed attorney in California. One day, he goes to the court house, on his day off, to submit paperwork to the magistrate.

    Initially, a white male sheriff stops Person-Lynn and tells him that only attorneys can approach the bench. He informs the sheriff that he is an attorney (although, he wasn’t dressed like one, because it was his day off). Nevertheless, the sheriff directs him to the BLACK FEMALE bailiff, to check in, to approach the bench.

    Well, you can guess how that went— in vintage form, the bailiff disrespected the attorney and refused to allow him to approach the bench, whilst other attorneys were allowed to approach the bench.

    From there, the situation deteriorated… which was totally avoidable had only the BLACK FEMALE bailiff acted with professionalism (sadly, a lot to ask these days) and allowed the attorney to approach the bench, instead of profiling him.

    You can view the details in the following YouTube video.

  12. “The majority of black men I’m pretty sure would testify that the most racism they’ve ever received has been at the hands of other black folks, namely black females.”

    Man, the stories I could tell you.. It’s one of the most barbaric thing that occurs among black people in the so-called “community”. This is one of the major reasons why I’m personally against BLM, because of the hypocrisy. Black folks can yell, cry and scream against racism 24/7, but turn around and call other black people all kinds of racial names and insults — and then use the excuse that it’s not racism. It’s really sad, but we’re hurting each other the most.

    Black individuals who are on their way to do great for themselves (or already are), are often targeted to be harassed with all kinds of BS, as you’ve shown, Verbs. I was one of them.. The “crabs in a bucket” mentality is REAL. As a result, I’m extremely picky when it comes to dealing with fellow black people. In fact, I only have 2 half-black friends, who came from a household with both parents present (no offense to those who came from a single-mom household, like myself, but took responsibility for the quality of their own lives and behavior).

    A big part of me feels like pointing the finger at single black moms for the cannibalistic behavior among dysfunctional black people, due to the absence of a healthy male role model. I’m honestly still busy figuring this behavior issue out like a puzzle, because it’s dangerous in more ways than one, and something to stay away from wherever this shows up.

  13. Someone please answer this: how did a complaint about music being played too loud turn into a situation involving a gun? This is one of the many things about the Black male’s experience in the West that gets under my skin sometimes; this woman put this young Black man’s life in danger off of a false accusation alone. There is this distrust of Black men that when he’s accused of doing something bad, no one hears him out long enough to understand his side of the story or to determine whether or not the accusation is true before taking action against him. And God forbid he gets upset and vents his frustration or else he gets labeled as aggressive or called a thug; that old stragg who gave him a hard time is a jackass for what she did, as well as the White cuck who was flying the plane and treated Davis, Jr. as if he were a troublemaker.

  14. I hope he wins his discrimination suit against the black woman steward on the flight.

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