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For those who continue to seek out the truth regarding this Covid-19 plandemic/scamdemic as well as those who wish to know what’s really going on, I would highly recommend checking out the website above. As I’ve stated before, the mainstream media are covering up Covid vaccine deaths worldwide via the “new strain, South African strain, Brazilian strain, whatever new strain we want to create” propaganda.

As I’ve stated before, the so called “new strains” are the bioweapon potions being rolled out and the bioweapon potions currently being rolled out are the so called “new strains”, both are one and the same. The UK government has invested so much into this DNA altering, population reduction bioweapons program with primary sponsorship by the wizard Bill Gates himself, they don’t want to see failure at any level.

Here are just three articles from the covid blog detailing the absolute horrors of what is happening to those who are stupid enough to allow themselves to be injected with Bill Gate’s eugenics cocktail:

Additionally, these supposed “new strains” are being invented to stoke up more fear especially in those who are on the fence about getting “vaccinated”. These techniques aren’t even that sophisticated to those who know how propaganda works and exactly what end goal is desired.

Remember, as I stated before, Eugenicists such as Bill Gates don’t sit down navel gazing wondering how they’re going to achieve their world population reduction goals, they actually get to work and implement programs that they believe will bring about their end desires, this is what too many folk don’t seem to understand.

Never forget, this potion IS NOT a vaccine, it is a DNA altering bioweapon, a steriliser and ultimately a killer, always remember this. As stated before, at this stage and beyond alternative sites are the only places to go to in seeking out the truth relating to this pandemic scam, the mainstream media will NOT be telling you the truth as to what is going on anytime soon.

For those living in the UK, when was the last time you heard the BBC, ITN, Channel 4 or Sky News report on deaths relating to the Covid “vaccine”, I’ll wait? Gentlemen, another Open Mic Wednesday is here nice and early, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. What next, the West Indian variant? Stubborn as hell and only responds to Red Stripe? 🤣

    I’ve gotta say, of you remove the steel grade Tavistock brainwashing on TV, there is no real “virus”, no variants isolated in a lab and no observable evidence of mass deaths. Have you seen hordes of ambulances and hearses rolling down your local street? Deaths on the street?

    The fact that they wheeled out the Queen to convince us to take the shot says that the Government are losing the information war. Endless BBC propaganda shows telling “people of colour” they are somehow dirty disease carriers and we should be first in line to be exterminated still isn’t working.

    (I still suspect my mother got sold the flu jab, however given the tons of info she herself looked up, I’m still disappointed at how weak minded she turned out to be.)

    We lost a year on this fake rebranded flu bullshit, it’s time to end it. Maybe I’m a little more optimistic but I believe their CONVID plandemic plan has largely failed. It was instigated too early with far too many people around aware and armed to make a serious dent.

    1. Michel,

      I’ve seen nothing, everything has been very quiet on the home front. These variant creations have to be laughed at, I haven’t seen much of the mainstream media propaganda demanding that black folks get vaccinated because I don’t watch commercial television and haven’t done so since 2003.

      As if the BBC can ever be trusted, weren’t they the same corporation that covered up the dark escapades of Jimmy Saville for 30 years, yet I’m now supposed to trust them, what a joke and that isn’t the only thing they’ve been dishonest about.

      I do have to agree with you regarding the failure of this plandemic, they honestly believed that people would be lining up around the block to get “vaccinated”, however even a 6 year old child can see that something is wrong with all of this.

      Take a supposed “vaccine” that doesn’t even give you protection from the Convid boogievirus, smh. You still have to wear a mask, social distance, you can still catch the virus and pass it on, what’s wrong with this picture?

  2. I’ve recently seen a separate article stating that 38% of UK and USA citizens won’t have sex for a year to be able to travel safely again. That means they won’t hesitate to get a vaccination certificate and take these sorcery potions known as fake covid vaccines.

    I can’t imagine being deaf and blind at a very young age. I won’t be able to cope with that at all. This sorcery potions are very deadly and should be banned from the public. Bill gates should be in prison for the rest of his life or be put on death row, including other elite governments supporting his illegal bioweapons.

    90% of people believe the mainstream media on everything. 10% of people think outside the box. My mum wants to travel to Egypt this year in October to visit the pyramids and was asking if I wanted to come. I said to my mum that Egypt will eventually require all tourists to get a manadatory vaccination certificate, if she wants to get vaccinated, its her choice. I don’t trust covid vaccines.

    My sister tells me there are more patients in her nursing hospital dying from covid than dying from covid vaccines. I mentioned the mainstream media covering up covid vaccine related deaths. She says don’t believe everything you read. I get that but because she is a qualified nurse, I bet she gets paid to list patients dying from unrelated covid deaths as covid deaths. She mostly believes the mainstream media over alternative media. She was surprised when I said I don’t want to have a vaccination certificate before travelling and prefer to just stay in the UK to travel to other areas within Britain for a holiday. I would end up going further up north. The negress bloodline needs to end permanently. It ends with me. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Verbs 2015.

      The above link thecovidblog. com showed us that these covid vaccines are not to be trusted because it is poison and it kills people and I am not taking that fucking vaccine because I want to live a long life until my late 80s at least. I don’t trust the UK government because all of the sudden now Boris Johnson is slowly starting to open up shops and other forms of businesses again between 8th March 2021 to 21st June 2021 showing us that this pandemic was a scam from the beginning because if the coronavirus was real then the world will descend into a post apocalypse society like the film 28 days later.

    2. Witwijf,

      The problem is the people currently running the world are doing so under the direct instructions of their high lord and chief commander Satan himself, we’re now moving into a time of complete lawlessness and injustice, on the flip side though, these psychopaths believe that they are untouchable, however they’ll receive an extremely rude awakening when they’re not expecting it.

      The black market vaccine certificates are coming, you don’t attempt to mandate such a dangerous concoction in the name of so called “public health and safety”.

      As for your sister, it sounds like she’s been indoctrinated to the point that she can’t recognise that folks are now dying from the bioweapon, like I said before Covid bioweapon deaths from all over the world are being documented, however when it comes to the UK, all of a sudden there’s nothing to report, really???

      It’s exactly as I stated before, the UK government are covering up deaths from the bioweapon using “new strain” and “new covid variant” propaganda as the cover, smh.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      As much as I’m not a fan of Shawn James, the simps have really come out of the woodwork for this Winbush chick hoping they can catch a whiff of her snatch. Her Twitter feed is loaded with desperados, lol

      1. Verbs,

        If you caught the video that he put out, you can hear Shawn James is hurting inside when he stated the Camile Winbrush is alleged to be in a relationship with an Asian dude. The pro-blackness took over. It seems to me that he had or has some kind of crush on her but he’s into goth white women on the low.

  3. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! Before I begin, I’m saddened to say Jamaica has lost one of reggae music’s pioneers and founding member of the group ‘The Wailers’ alongside Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer (born Neville O’Riley Livingston) has passed away; he was 73 years old. Rest In Power, Bunny Wailer!

    I find it interesting that you shared that word ‘sorcery’ at the beginning of this post; in Strong’s Bible concordance, the Greek word for sorcery is ‘pharmakeia’ which means “the use of medicine, drugs or spells”.

    What’s interesting about that word ‘pharmakeia’ is that’s where we get our English word ‘pharmacy’; the pharmacy is where many go to receive drugs, flu shots, and vaccinations each year. So, what does that say about the pharmacists who administer these drugs? What does that say about men like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates who insist on everybody getting vaccinated?

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Funny you should bring up scripture because in the book of Jasher just before the great flood, you read how the same type of thing was going on in Noah’s time, DNA splicing, mixing one type of animal with a completely different type.

      We already know about the fallen angels mixing with humans and producing mutant type variants who later turn upon mankind to the point where the flood was necessary to start over again. I also seem to remember Christ stating that shortly before his return, conditions on this planet would be as in the days of Noah.

      Bill Gate’s is now embarking upon his population reduction program and those who are not killed by his bioweapons in years to come will NOT look like, resemble or be human, that’s guaranteed.

  4. The US Council of Catholic Bishops is openly defying the Pope regarding vaccine use:

    The Bishop of New Orleans kicked it off when he pointed out the the J&J vaccine is developed and produced using cells propagated from aborted fetuses. Yep, you heard that right, people who get the J&J vaccine are being injected will cells propagated from aborted fetuses.

    The pope says all the vaccines are morally acceptable, but that isn’t true, the J&J vaccine is not. The US Bishops are telling people to avoid it if possible, but they should be telling people to simply refuse it.

    1. James SYSBM,

      You’re right, seeing as this bioweapon clearly falls into the category of sorcery and witchcraft, those Bishops ought to be telling their parishioners NOT to take the bioweapon period. The DNA altering magic potions being produced by Astra Zeneca, Moderna and Pfizer are no different, even if they don’t contain aborted fetus cells they still contain ingredients that are going to alter an individual’s DNA.

      I’m still scratching my head as to how so many people are so willing to accept an experimental substance being injected into their bodies with no studies in relation to long term effects, smh.

    1. Wendy Williams is the first Black celebrity I’ve heard speak openly against receiving the COVID-19 sorcery potion; I wonder if more Black celebs will come out and speak after her?

  5. People are getting silenced all because of this vaccine. But hope everyone is doing alright. Watching V: The Mini Series on Forces TV with Jane Badler. SYSBM. Man, this vaccine is nothing but poison. It’s just killing people. And these people who got jook with the vaccine, them fool you see!? The worthless government are more crooked then the character Alonzo Harris in the cop thriller Training Day. When this Covid 19 ends, we are goanna have the biggest recession Britain has ever seen. And Britain will not recover from it. Yeah man for real. The government has an huge issue of the economy.

  6. This vaccine is killing people and dumbasses don’t fucking see it. We tell them so many time and they don’t listen but hope everybody is doing alright. Me, I’m just watching V: The Mini Series with Jane Badler. SYSBM. When this Covid shit is over, we are goanna see the biggest recession Britain has ever seen and the country will never ever recover from it. The government has an issue with the economy and I really don’t know why. And this Bill Gates. He’s a wicked bomba claat that needs to get hung. All he thinks about is his money. Nothing is wrong getting money but he’s just taking out people.

  7. Once again, it’s just a matter of time when the truth comes. To be honest, I can’t take no more of the lies and just sitting back, and letting all this madness happen. Bill gates, and these corrupt, power, money hungry folks have gone off the deep end. They talking about digital passports, immunity passports, man why are trying to put a monitor on our health? Too many red flags have been put out here to the point where this shit needs to end because I’m not trying to live with the dangerous technology they’re pushing. There are some questions that needs to be answer about this whole mess, because they done a good job putting fear and scaring these innocent people out here, trying to punish people for telling the truth. If they said the vaccine is “safe” and “effective,” why the hell are people dying, and having severe side effects left and right shortly and days after taking them vaccinations? Plus, Bill Gates and some other politicians said they took the vaccinations. So if they took the vaccinations, how come they never had no severe side effects or collapse, or didn’t die from it, but other people who did take it had severe side effects and/or die from it? That right there should’ve been an extremely red flag. A stop needs to be put on all of this nonsense, the whole covid 19 mess, these folks forcing that transgender mess (which I will talk about in the second paragraph along with some other things), the plan to depopulate the whole freaking worldpopulation and making everybody become slaves because I don’t wanna hear that mess about them saying there’s nothing we can do, human race is gonna go to an extinct, like people stop saying that shit because it’s aggervating the hell out of me, and it’s making me assuming that people are too scared to fight back. These folks acting like they too scared to fight back, that’s why these silly plans these corrupt people are pushing may go successful because people are to scare to fight back. If I die of something, I die of fighting back, and that’s for damn sure. They folks that are pushing these evil agendas thinking they’re gonna gain money, but they actually gonna lose money. With them digital health passports these airlines are pushing, they gonna lose money definitely. These people are trying keep us as slaves while they living fancy, and something definitely needs to be done. And I don’t care if these evil people got protection, or we can’t sue them, they don’t scare me. They can keep on acting like they innocent, and they the hero, but sooner or later, it’s gonna die out.

    Now on to the forcing transgender mess, they gone too far now. I’m trying to figure out what the world would be like if everyone went transgender, because these Alt. People are not normal man. They done destroy female sports by putting “dudes who wanna be women” into the mix, and boy women are super mad about it. Now they forcing this mess into kids and teenagers, yeah they gone way too far now. These Transgender people are not normal. Why would someone wanna change their gender? Folks ain’t down with that mess. If they force a sex change on me, trust me, it’s not gonna be pretty for them. They’re only needs to be two genders, male and female, Period. If I have kids, they staying the gender they were born with. If I have boys, they staying as boys. If I have girls, they staying as girls, No sex change operation. Then also, These Leftists done straight up lost their minds. A couple of days ago, I read an news article saying that Students of the University of Washington demanding they take down the statue of George Washington because it’s symbols racism, white supremacy. Am I missing something here? These leftists talking about these whites are racists, but the left is practicing reverse racism. Do anybody notice that?

    I think I said I lot, but I extremely had to get this off my chest. I’m really sensing a war is gonna break out in America sooner, and it’s all gonna be because of these sick, psycho agendas that were pushed, and the covid 19 shit, and these corrupt people trying to tell the people how to live their lives, but I know for damn well they ain’t practicing what they preach. I can feel it. These sorry politicians, Bill Gates, these corrupt billionaires, and Dr. Anthony Fauci done played the people big time.

  8. What do you guys think of this?

    Didn’t even know this is starting to be trend, you don’t see non-western do this, if they do I’ve never seen it. I think it’s just attention seeking, because years later she’ll probably regret it. But it seems most western women don’t have the foresight to see the consequences. Unfortunately there were a lot of simp men in the comments defending it. I’d say brainwashing complete as decades ago this would be unacceptable.

  9. Verbs2015,

    I’ll tell you what I know about Covid-19. I know that I don’t know the truth about its origin. The public might never know that. I know that Donald Trump and his entire family took the Covid-19 vaccine in January while he was contesting the election. This is part of his white house medical record and he does not deny it.

    It begs the questions. Why would he take it ? If he didn’t take it, why won’t he deny taking it, and call the record of him taking it a forgery ? In the US, when you take the vaccine, it becomes an official record, that is kept by the state that you took it in.

    I also know that I have a brother who is a physician. He is very smart, and went to an outstanding medical school. I come from a family that very much believes in science and education. My brother caught Covid-19, his wife caught it, and their daughter caught it. He got pretty sick, but recovered, his wife got sick and was hospitalized and recovered. His daughter only had very minor symptoms for a couple of days. She really didn’t get sick. I trust my brother. And while he doesn’t claim to know the truth about its origins, he says the disease is real.

    I also know other people who have gotten it. Some got very ill, some got moderately ill. I know 2 people who got it and barely got ill at all. They were both children. I also know someone who died from it. This person never had a serious health problem prior to Covid-19.

    My brother believes in the approved vaccines, and he has taken the pfizer vaccine. He knows more about medicine and science than I do, and more than most people do.

    As for whether the virus is real or not, you can actually see the virus under an electron microscope. Every virus has its on distinct appearance. My brother has shown me real slides of the actual virus. I know that the virus is real and that it does kill some people. It makes some people very ill, it makes others slightly ill, and it has no effect on some people. I also know that this virus is very contagious. Any non immune and unmasked person who gets in close proximity with an unmasked person who has Covid-19, and does it for over 15 minutes, will get catch this virus.

    But I say this to anyone who doesn’t believe in Covid-19. Go spend some time in close proximity to someone with Covid-19. And neither of you wear protection. On second thought, don’t do that.

    1. A couple of questions for curiosity:

      1. What was the age range of your brother, relatives, and those you said who got this virus?

      2. Based on his background in science and education, does your brother know the testing phase of a virus in this case isolation and was said virus a major factor of damaging one’s health?

      3. Were there any past health complications for the person who died of this virus if so by what was their age?

      4. Can you provide sources that actually confirm Trump took the vaccine and the effects afterwards.

      5. Can you provide content that actually explains the difference between those who don’t wear a mask contract this virus aka BS-19 and others who wear a mask.

      Final question, can you explain by providing a source or word of mouth the symptoms of this “BS-19” virus and its difference to other known illnesses.

      Anytime you’re ready.

      1. Blackdjedi,

        My brother who is a doctor, is 52 yo. He has had both pfizer doses. He has had no adverse consequences whatsoever.

        He has a 16 yo daughter who caught Covid-19 and she had very few symptoms for 2 days. Just a slight fever, and mild tiredness. After 2 days, no symptoms. The other child I know who got Covid-19 is 11 yo. My nephew. He had a mild fever, no other symptoms.

        The person I know who died was 48 yo. No comorbidities. But he reacted strongly to Covid-19. He developed double pneumonia. His oxygen got very low. He had high fever, and was totally weak and lethargic. This was early in the pandemic. He was put into the ICU. There wasn’t much treatment other ventilators. Toward the end, he went on a ventilator, his blood was clotting, and he went into cardiac arrest. He had no history of heart problems. Doctors said that Covid-19 cause his blood clots.

        As for Trump taking the vaccines, this was reported by many news outlets the past few days.

        Some articles about Covid-19 and its effect on the heart. There are literally thousands of published articles about the various conditions caused by Covid-19. It effects people differently. Research it sometime. I believe the scientists, especially sources like Johns Hopkins and MAYO clinic.

    2. AmericanBlackMan,

      When dealing with any virus there are certain protocols and procedures you must follow in order to first identify and isolate the virus itself and then further prove that the virus is actually causing the illnesses and ailments claimed, nothing of the sort was adhered to when dealing with Covid-19, in fact these two articles below talk about the phantom virus and seriously question the legitimacy of Covid:

      Furthermore, Dr Andrew Kaufman who I featured many times on the old website actually read the papers surrounding this supposed Covid virus and he notes the same, no virus was ever isolated or proven to exist, here once again is the video that I posted almost a year ago with Dr Kaufman explaining the identification and isolation process and how this never happened with Covid:

      Therefore anything surround the supposed Covid virus is going to be a fraud, which brings me onto the Covid test itself which has been proven to be 97% inaccurate ie useless by a court in Portugal:

      The guy who invented the PCR Test Kary Mullis out of his own mouth stated that it is NOT supposed to be used for infectious diseases because IT DOESN’T TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE SICK:

      What people are getting sick from is the flu, however because of the extra stress that has been brought about by governments around the world locking people down, restricting their movements and preventing them from meeting up with family and friends, this has taken an extra toll on people’s immune systems, additionally most folks are Vitamin D deficient hence why they’re more prone to coming down with the flu as well as other ailments.

      Trump most probably took a saline solution(if he took anything at all, as far as I know his taking of the vaccine wasn’t documented on video), anybody who’s of some importance will NOT be given the actual supposed vaccine, I’ve already posted the videos of people like Kamala Harris faking her injection, that would also have been put down on the record as having been administered even though we clearly saw from the video that it wasn’t.

      What it being seen under a microscope is what scientists have been TOLD is the virus, Koch’s Postulates were never followed, this is why I’m confident in stating that Covid is a complete and total fraud. Folks are simply coming down with bad cases of the flu and in some cases pneumonia, they’re then being tested using a test that is NOT meant to test for infections, has an incredibly high failure rate and thereafter being told that they have “Covid-19”.

      The vaccine is NOT a vaccine because there is no protection provided against the “virus”, it doesn’t stop an individual from contracting the supposed Covid virus and passing it onto others, social distancing and masks are still a requirement even after having both shots and even then folks are now being told that they will have to take future jabs every 6 months.

      Lastly, as proven many months ago masks don’t stop any viruses, they are completely useless in preventing people from contracting the boogievirus Covid:

      If you’re not walking around at minimum in a space suit then you’re not fully protecting yourself if we choose to go along with the “official narrative”.

  10. Recently a guy online tried to talk to me about how he was tired of Republicans and conservatives demonizing homosexuality and homosexuals. Nothing is ever good enough for these freaks, who are rightfully “persecuted” in other countries.

    Again, if anything, Christianity, at least in the west, is limp wristed (no pun intended) about the lgbt anyway, when they should be way harsher. Trannies especially need to be publicly lambasted at the very least, and those wanting to force that on kids SHOULD be hunted down and put down.

  11. Also, there are several states opening up, and many liberals and Democrats are pissed. This is because it exposes the corona agenda as a scam, and shows how non deadly it is.

    Texas is reopening but it should have never closed down. Florida has been open and DeSantis had the class to be apologetic about closing in the first place. Meanwhile, South Dakota had the longest 🍆 and biggest pair of 🥜 of them all and never closed.

    A few observations: the Bible Belt still has mandates out the ass, but Florida and South Dakota don’t? That “God, guns, grits and gravy” yee haw crap is just that, crap. As proven, the same rednecks who claim that they’ll bust out the guns when 💩 hits the fan will send their elementary school kids to class in a mask.

    Texas took way too long to reopen, all that “freedom” crap is a LARP. Also, notice it is a WHITE WOMAN governor who’s had the most sense of them all.


    I’m not sure if this is true, but they are asking for a straight up, borderline war, because this is silly. Innocent lives are gonna be in danger because of this. It’s too many corrupt people running shit. At this point, I don’t care if a war breaks out in a second, because the west needs to collapse, and rebuild up to the point where these corrupt people won’t have anything left to stand on.

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