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Black Women Stoop To A Pathetic New Low Trying To “Help White Women” – We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People!

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Firstly, why should I trust or take seriously any woman who is ashamed of and afraid to put her own natural hair on display? Secondly, those women in the video are very bad liars as the overwhelming majority of black men deal with BLACK WOMEN, not white and other non black females.

Allow me to explain what is really going on here. This is yet another feeble and pathetic attempt by black women to stifle black men who choose to expand upon their dating options, however they honestly believed they could disguise their real intentions under pretending to want to help white women, even a 6 year old child could see through this garbage from 20 miles away.

You see how these 2 weasels attempted to play the “we’ve got the big scoop for you white women on black men, we’re helping you out” card? The fact of the matter is white women overall make better choices when it comes down to the men they choose than black women do, the single mother rate in white female society is around 25% the last time I checked, however the same obviously cannot be said for black female society(especially in the US) leading the world in the religion of single motherhood who according to the Washington Examiner are way out in front at a 77% clip.

Even if we go by the stats in the first link provided, single motherhood in black female society exceeds that of their white female cousins by over 3 times, yet black women all of a sudden are claiming that they’re trying to help white women avoid black men because we supposedly “talk bad about those white women”, smh.

Black women as a collective simply need to take 30 seats and sort out their damn selves first because it’s been observed for many years without dispute that black women themselves are the ones who require serious help and advice in choosing the right type of men. Black women are the LAST group of females non black women ought to be listening to concerning so called “dodgy black men”.

Most white women who deal with black men aren’t stupid, they’re already aware of the turbulent relationship between black women and black men and how most black women actually hate black men, some of that hatred can be heard in the clip below:

White women are already aware of the fact that black women like a true bunch of zealots and fanatics deliberately choose the worst kinds of black men to date and get pregnant by, they’re already aware of the fact that black women are the least desired females on the planet and thus fully understand why black females are desperate to secure the only men willing to deal with them en masse.

White women are equally aware of the fact that black women in general have horrible dispositions, nasty attitudes, can’t conduct themselves properly around anyone, are ashamed of the way they look and as a result more black men are choosing to give black women the boot in favour of greener pastures.Β 

This “breaking news, we’ve got a big scoop for you on black men” Texas Two Step will go absolutely nowhere, those white women who deal with black men will continue to do so, this also goes for women of other ethnicities and there is nothing black women can do to change this, NOTHING!

Remember, these are the same black women who claim to “not care” about who black men choose to date and marry, yet don’t you find it strange how these mincers are constantly trying to stick their dirty noses into the dating affairs of black men in some way, shape, form or fashion?

As I stated in the article I wrote at the beginning of February detailing how an interracial couple(black man/white woman) were harassed and subsequently the white woman was attacked by a black female, black women aren’t about to allow black men to smoothly expand upon their dating options and easily transition into an interracial dating/marriage lifestyle without at least attempting to throw as many spanners into the works as they can.

Gentlemen, be aware of the various dirty tricks and schemes desperate black women are openly engaging in trying their utmost to keep you locked in with them on the proverbial plantation.

The majority of black men still deal with black women yet black women always seem to be overly concerned with a minority of black men who choose to go elsewhere, smh. The bottom line is white women don’t need your so called “help”. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Nice Try Black Women But You’ve Failed Yet Again

Most High Bless

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32 thoughts on “Black Women Stoop To A Pathetic New Low Trying To “Help White Women” – We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People!

  1. Ahhhhhhhh… the Daggle has truly hit a new low! {That’s shocking considering who we’re talking about}This reminds me of that story about a group of Daggles that begged a white woman they knew {I believe she may have been a coworker} that dated black men to stop dating black men πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜ but of course the white woman refused to stop dating black men. 🀣😭😁 SYSBM today…SYSBM tomorrow….SYSBM FOREVER!!!βœŠπŸΎπŸ€΄πŸΎπŸ‘Έ

    1. Val Zod,

      Begging a white woman to stop dating black men, the very black men these same black women are NOT interested in? It’s exactly as MBD said years ago, black women find no interest in the free thinking brother until he departs for greener pastures, even then they still aren’t interested, they’re just upset that they can no longer access his resources, smh.

  2. Gotta give it to them out of their desperation they actually came up with a new shaming tactic lmao

  3. This is a prefect example of negresses trying to group black male simps with black men. The difference is black men are not their kind but black male simps are their kind. The word “male” and “men” are two different words. The truth is white women date black men, not black male simps. Majority of black males outnumber black men. These are facts. I wish it was the other way around. Unfortunately most black males globally choose not to date out. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The pro black simps choose to keep it real and stick by their black queanies, yet black women continue to sniff around and harass the very black men they claim they’re not interested in. I have to laugh really, black women will try anything to entrap the black men they DON’T WANT other than venturing down the road of self examination, scrutiny and improvement.


    2. Witwijf,

      I like that you differentiate between black men and black male simps. I don’t refer to black male simps as men either. There is nothing manly about simping to scraggle daggles. As many have said on this forum countless times, most scraggle daggles are unattractive on their best day. Among the few that look like something, most of them have so many other liabilities that they are not worth the time of real black men.

      I actually hate the black male simp more than I hate the scraggle daggle. That’s because simping is directly proportional to stupidity and bad character. I have observed that the more a black male simps, the dumber he tends to be, and the lower his character tends to be.

      The scraggle daggle is largely a product of the black male simp. Her lack of feminine hygiene, her refusal to take personal responsibility for her fuckery, her shitty attitude with all black males, and her delusions, are all born out of the constant gassing up, flattery, and boot licking she receives from the black male simp.

      1. 100… They are the problem, not us. Black men are not Black males, a world of difference that is easily seen.

  4. This is what I keep saying about black women. If they would act more like a woman, and be feminine, maybe they would be desirable in every race of guy’s eye, but hell nah, instead they want to be this dominate, nobody can touch me, run the show type of chick. Some knowledge needs to be drop on black women heavy who keep on spitting the same stuff talking about “Black Men ain’t shit” because I’m getting annoyed every time a black woman says that, when they know a lot of times it’s the same black men that they stay choosing. The hatred black women have for black men is so strong to the point where I don’t even know if I might end up with a black woman, as a 21 year old Black American man. Even if I did, 9 times out of 10, she’s probably gonna be a mixed chick, Afro Latina, Blasian, or Caribbean. That’s the closes I can come by. This crap is ridiculous. By the way, Like the new layout of this website Verbs.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Thanks bro, this layout is more user friendly from a commenter’s perspective, you can now space out your paragraphs and the set up looks just as good on the mobile, not like the old theme where all the words and letters were scrunched up together. I did like the old theme, however the developers need to work on it more and tie up the loose ends.

      Black women don’t know anything about actually acting like women ie being feminine because of that mutant form of feminism they subscribe to, they equate being feminine to being a softy and a pushover.

      This is what they mean when they say that white women let black men walk all over them, what they really mean is white women despite their various shortcomings actually behave as women ought to.

      Black women deal with the worst kinds of black men imaginable and everybody knows this, this is why I have to laugh at this attempt to give white women “the scoop on the majority of black men” when we already know that most black men don’t date out. These black sirens stay delusional.

      You’d do well to steer clear of any black female who comes from an English speaking country, give them an extremely wide berth, Afro Latinas are OK though I personally feel you’d do better diluting that black bloodline or departing from it altogether.

  5. WOW…That last video watch was very stupid. And to that dumb ass daggle the white man doesn’t you ad their queen. Bitched like only proved one thing they really are. They are a liability to all men. Stupid daggle ain’t nothing but these non black men’s whore.
    One last last time, the black woman is and black men don’t really need you anymore

    1. Antonio Johnson,

      Remember what I’ve been stating for the longest while now, how black women believe the relationship they have with white men is more than what it really is? The black witch is Admiral Frost’s flunky, however to this day she can’t seem to understand this. Notice how no other race of women are throwing down their own counterparts in favour of men from other ethnicities, let black women continue to berate and mock the very men they need, they’ll learn their lesson the very hard way.

  6. We just wanna help [ourselves] out!
    Yeah… No white woman is going to take the advice of some Daggle trying to “help them out”. Firstly, they be out here sniping brothers. Secondly, they know they’re at the head of any dating queue you care to mention. What advice could they possibly impart from above? How to leave their privates unwashed?

    1. Michel,

      Black women believe that they’re qualified to advise white women on black men because they’re our counterparts, however as you pointed out white women are at the top of the pecking order when it comes to dating, they don’t need any external help especially from a group of women who unlike white women refuse to take pride in their natural looks, smh.

      These black women be out here talking about black empowerment while at the same time gluing or stitching white women’s hair on top of their heads, make that make sense.

  7. love the new layout brother as @DarthAmon stated “Gotta give it to them out of their desperation they actually came up with a new shaming tactic lmao” It is a losing strategy… Why? white women have one trump card …. Data provided to them from the different state departments/federal departments. Some of which they work for… Men lie, women lie but the federal/state/county records and archive departments do not lie.

    1. G1,

      Notice how black women refuse to humble themselves and change their ways, they’re always plotting and scheming against black men in some way, shape or form, yet these are the same females claiming that “they’ve got our backs”. You have to laugh, black men who date out though the number is increasing is still in the minority, yet even such small figures have these black harriets running around like headless chickens in a full scale panic, smh.

      Appreciate the compliment brother, like I said to D.K, this layout is much more user friendly from a commenter’s perspective and it functions the same when commenting from a mobile device.

  8. That TikTok video was beyond pathetic; let’s start with the young hair hatted hooligan with the double barrel shotgun nostrils; so, Black men are dating White women just to use and manipulate them? Since when? White women have been dating Black men for several decades now, and you don’t think they would’ve recognized if they were being used by now? Plus, they have produced their own videos explaining why Black men choose to date them; none of them have said anything about being used, but I can tell you who have: Black women. And by whom, you might ask? Lord Euro.

    Now, for the second young stragg; is it just me, or does it sound like she’s projecting her thoughts onto young Black men? That sounds like a conversation she’d have with one of her friends about Black men who date out; she says White women are ‘easy’, but could it just be that they are more cooperative and friendly? Could it be that they know that their strength lies in their femininity, not feminism? These heifers continue to indict themselves as being the insecure, envious sacks of human flesh that they are; they, like their White god, make it easy for Black men and White women to pursue relationships with each other. As for the second video, that masculine sounding banshee is a perfect example of what David Carroll has stated about the DSM needing to consider declaring being a Black woman a mental disorder due to their delusional mindset.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The mental disorder amongst most black women is very, very real, resorting to spreading lies, falsehoods, fair tales and fables about black men in their feeble attempts to ruin the interracial dating market for us, however they forget that white women are much smarter than they are, they know that black women are incredibly jealous and envious of them, thus anything coming from the mouth of a black female in their direction will be cross examined 2,3,4, and 5 times over for authenticity.

    2. When you take Jack Johnson and Fredrick Douglas into account White women have been MARRYING Black men since the late 1890’s… Once they had free access to them it’s been on and crackin every since. Black men are just slow to realize that Black women to get ahead they had to jump ahead of us and they succeeded.

      However they are unhappy like the majority of women in Western society. They are not built to run society, nor do they really want too. But the feminist can’t be told that which is why they jump on Jordan Peterson at every turn.

      He has the data, men are attracted to women who act like women not like men. When left to their own devices they trend towards they things they do best at which is community. Men go towards things which they do best which is to build and lead.

      That is one reason why mental health problems with women are on the rise in Western Society they are pushing too hard to reject what nature has told them to do.

  9. Right, the reason why 55 per cent of black men in Britain are with non black women because that we have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of the ratchet black women. So it just like fuck it, we’re gone blud! They the Latina, The Asian or most of all the white woman. And black women don’t ask this question of why black men are dating non black women. They know the answer of that question. When I saw the second video, I wasn’t surprised of what the ghetto gagging, ghetto hoodrat harridan. These ghetto, multiple dick sucking, thug loving hood whore was complaining about black men yet she pick the worse type of black dude. And then when she get breed up by Ghetto Charmer and Gyliss Micky, all of a sudden she is looking for a good black man. Foolmar Johnson says we have to wife these harlots. Why don’t he wife up these harridans? Oh, they want a simp. They like the ruff, rugged and rogusih type. They don’t want a Bareback Fountain, Woke Poofgressive, King Incel Shawn James and Dry Chrisp Miller aka Blackupinya!

    1. Money Cultural,

      Most black men here in the UK recognised the deal from a long time ago and got the heck out of dodge, the interracial dating rate between black men and non black women over here is only set to rise as black women continue to cast themselves deeper and deeper into the sewers.

      1. The more dysfunction these scraggle daggles are showing, the more black men will date out. Black men will refuse to deal with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. And I know that there some black men say that it’s not all black women. But there are more and more black women acting like this.

    2. How about this for irony –

      Black women like that roughneck song from MC Lyte. Lyte is a lesbian.

      Black women love U.N.I.T.Y by Queen Latifah and wait for it…. She’s a lesbian

      So Black women are listen to carpet munchers to get advice about Black men?

      You really can’t make this sh*t up.

      1. Most black hoes are only one step away from dykeism on a good day. Now with this whole alphabet push most of these broads are baseline “non-binary” at best. It’s a wrap for Western females.

  10. Loving the new version of the website Verbs and anyone familiar with the book “Daughters of The Trade”? Because it is definitely an eye opener. Also thank you for the recommendation of spirulina powder.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Thanks bro. I’ve heard about the book but I haven’t read it. Watch out, the fake academic Aaron Fountain is going around claiming that black men are misquoting and not understanding that book properly, he holds himself up as some kind of “expert” in how the book should be “correctly” interpreted, smh.

      1. Really lol. At this point, he’s an example of what happened when you’re raised to believe liberal values to dangerous extremes and single motherhood.

        Still will read the book and provide book recommendations to feed the mind right on Open Mic Wednesday this week.

      2. Fake Academic Fountain interprets books now? Since when? 🀣 Genuinely not a surprise coming from a limp wristed weasel assuming a fake appeal to authority.
        Funny how this moist negro hasn’t got the time to interpret the contents of “Negro Wars”, I wonder why?

        “Words don’t mean what you think they mean” – comes straight from the neo-Marxist communist playbook. May we remind brothers that this is where the same simp found the 1970s racist term “whataboutism” to dismiss any criticism of his queanies.

        *Hat tip King Sigma*

  11. There’s just no stopping BW from stooping any lower, huh? I’ve been studying narcissism in my free time for a while now, and I’m convinced that BW are, among any ethnic group of women, THE most narcissistic ones. And any wise individual knows to stay the hell away from any narc. person. It’s never their fault, they seek control as much as possible, they never evaluate their own actions.. all the while praising their own so-called righteousness. These are people who’ll abuse, manipulate, gaslight and threaten you into submission. Don’t these check everything on the list regarding these so-called queens? I swear, it’s like there’s a curse among them.

    It’s true: WW, in fact, most non-black women, have a track record of picking better mates. And the ones who are serious about finding a mate, can tell a decent, smart, caring and ambitious BM over the junk ones. It’s NON-black women who are the actual teachers to these “queens”. Because BW are champions at throwing away and ridiculing BM for being decent, normal men with values, but then turn sour when someone else values us.

    Seriously, all I can do is laugh at their sick mindset. It’s nothing to take seriously.. Just remember: when they criticize you for living life according to honorable values, BM — it means you’re doing something right!

    1. Samurai Leon,

      This is the truth right here and black women haven’t even reach the bottom of their depravity yet, expect to see more black females resorting to even more outlandish, buffoonish, degenerate and desperate acts as more black men continue seeking out the exit to the building.

      Acting like men, not allowing black men to take charge, believing that they have to compete with us in everything, refusing to take pride in their natural looks, giving themselves over to the worst in black male society and they still cannot figure out why decent black men more and more are saying enough is enough and wisely choosing to seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

      Mocking and ridiculing the best and the brightest of black male society while at the same time exalting and uplifting the dregs and the scum buckets of the same, what exactly did they expect would happen?

  12. Verbs 2015.

    I had so many black women diss and rejected me in my younger years because I wasn’t a bad man or a thug but at the same time they get vex and upset when decent black men like ourselves choose to date outside of our race with non black women because they treat us a lot better plus we can be our authentic selves with those type of woman whereas with black women we have to act like a gangster just to get their attention smh.

  13. The “chick” in that last TikTok with that deep roughneck voice can go kick rocks lol. Go be a stud for some “non-binary” black bitch, what do you care what Black men do?

    Amazing that these are the same bitches I’m supposed to put on my red cape for.

    SYSBM continues to dominate, simple and effective. Deny your “toxic masculinity” and resources to these hyenas, let them fend for themselves.

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