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Black Woman Attacks A White Woman For Dating A Black Man – Their Talk Of Divestment Is A Straight Up Scam!

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What have I been telling you for the longest, that black women are incredibly jealous of white women and the black men who choose to deal with them. All this talk about divesting is a straight up crock of garbage which only remains in the heads of these delusional black females who subscribe to the philosophy as they are unable to manifest the same in real life.

Remember, these are the same women who claim that they are “bad all by themselves, strong and independent, don’t need a man” and all that, yet when we stare into the glass of reality, it paints quite a different picture. I told you before, these disgruntled black sirens aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset with your non black female significant other without them at least attempting to derail the interracial union.

You pro black female/black women first shine buckets are completely disingenuous, you continue to ask the question as to why free thinking black men are still talking about black women even though we’re done with them in terms of dating and mating, this is one of the many reasons why we still have black women in our mouths, pulling ridiculous and dangerous stunts like this and we shouldn’t be able to talk about it, really???

I wish a black witch would try this type of violence with me, she’ll forever regret that day for sure. Violence coming from any individual must never be tolerated, especially these modern day black females who seem to believe that they’re above the law and can execute violence against anybody at anytime, black men as we know are the primary group they choose to take out their frustrations on.

Again, as far as I’m concerned, once any woman has chosen to venture down the road of violence, all bets are off, she will be recompensed and punished in full for her stupidity. The rule is simple, everybody should keep their hands to themselves, NO individuals or groups are exempt from this rule, NONE.

Black women are walking out here trying their hardest to out becky Becky with their European style 21 inch yaki weaves/wigs, a whole load of foundation/makeup on their faces trying to make themselves look lighter, using blue/green/grey contact lenses, bleaching their skin and they wonder why black men with sense and intelligence are jumping ship, we’re attracted to genuine articles, not horrible looking knock offs.

Of course as many other folks have pointed out, the most vital part that black women choose to NOT take from white women is a better attitude. Free thinking black men have been stating for the longest that this is one of the major turnoffs with black women as a collective, yet black women continue to make up excuses as to why they refuse to deal with this area, some are even bold enough to state that black men must accept them and their broken personalities, smh.

SYSBM black men, these end times are now becoming extremely precarious with black women sinking deeper and deeper into the realms of jealousy as well as insanity every time they see a black man with a non black woman, be on the look out and always be on guard for any black females who feel they can puff out their chests and believe they can attack you or your non black girlfriend/wife freehold.

Don’t believe black women for one second when they say that they don’t care who black men date, if you already knew you were the least desired group of females on the planet and that they only men who will deal with you en masse are your own male counterparts, seeing more and more black men dating out WILL cut them straight to the heart.

Black women as a collective are really a strange bunch, this is the same group who for many years have openly rejected the best and the brightest black men preferring instead to hook up with the scum buckets and the dregs of black male society, now according to the black female in the news clip “we should only be dating black women”, what the same women that didn’t and still don’t want us, how on earth is that supposed to work?

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Continue To Avoid Dysfunctional And Violent Black Harriets At All Costs

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Black Woman Attacks A White Woman For Dating A Black Man – Their Talk Of Divestment Is A Straight Up Scam!

  1. Notice what the black woman did. Pulled the whites woman’s, yep, hair! Black women are a race of damn near bald headed harpies, and seeing black men enjoy the company of women who don’t have the exact same hairline makes them jealous AF.

    Black women also know that they are headed for destruction. The permanent underclass of non-mixed blacks that James SYSBM and I have predicted will honestly be the BEST case scenario for them. Expect to see black women and their brood begging on the streets because no man worth a damn wants anything to do with them.

    Learn an Asian, middle eastern, or Slavic language and get TF out of the West. Go where black women would never venture (winter can be hard on a weave) and laugh ad they suffer. Breed them the hell out, they are an absolutely worthless group of women.

    1. Most of them understand at this point that decent men don’t want them, the best that they can hope for as far as relationships go is being pookie’s baby momma. The odds of getting a wedding ring from a good man is like winning the lottery for them, this is why they try so hard to normalize single motherhood and dismiss marriage as an “outdated concept”. Most of these BW are overweight and horrible looking and I honestly don’t see it getting any better, only worse because they continue to double down on their obesity, tattoos, weave, bad attitudes, and bastard kid having ways, you cant tell them anything and they refuse to admit to any dysfunction. They are the permanent underclass, and its their own fault, we just have to avoid them and their bastard kids.

      1. James SYSBM,

        They shouldn’t really be surprised seeing as for the longest while they’ve told decent black men in no uncertain terms that their preferences are towards the gutter trash of black male society. Free thinking brothers have left the building for much greener pastures and won’t be returning.

        Like you said, most black women will have to resort to being a side piece or Trap House Jim’s babymother as any black men worth a damn just isn’t checking for them(for many obvious and valid reasons including the ones you’ve listed above).

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Willie D before he recently decided to venture down Simp Ave was calling these bald headed black females out from the late 80s to early 90s:

      As I keep on saying, it’s pretty much a wrap for the modern day black female, outside of turning lesbian and eating snatch or going it alone, she’ll have to turn towards the many simps she’s created and choose from one of them short of her other options which are 12 Gauge Mike or Field Mouse from the block.

  2. To date interracially, its best to not live in predominantly black societies. Get out of there. Try to live in mixed communities or go to areas where no negress is present. No stargate should live in danger zones. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      I agree 100%, the less black women around the better as they are the main instigators behind any violence brought against black male/non black female couples.

  3. What a start to my morning, an SYSBM fueled article on my favorite blog site while I’m eating breakfast; watching that news video just confirms everything we say about this Black heifer regarding her hatred and jealousy of the White female. Note how she pops off with the racial discrimination about how White women don’t belong in that area, and how ‘forbidden’ their interracial relationship is. She then pulls her hair (typical of a stragg smitten with envy of non Black women), assaults her face (also very typical of the stragg), and then proceeds to choke her; she then grabs her gun to ‘finish the job’ which I believe she would’ve done were it not for the person telling her they have her picture. When I saw that picture, I didn’t see a Black woman; I saw a being bereft of humanity and femininity. Look at her face; she has a demon controlling her!

    So, let’s go down the list: she spews racist rhetoric, she attacks the person she sees as her competition, and resorts to violence; who does that sound like from a historical perspective? As a former contributor used to say, the Black woman IS the White man! This story affirms David Carroll’s notion that being a Black woman should be added to the ‘Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders’ by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental illness; they act like retarded children and the only way of ridding ourselves of these feral straggs is through breeding them out! #SYSBM

    1. This Black woman was so effective as the agent of white supremacy the Klan wasn’t needed in North Philly. A fucking gun…

      1. The gyal had a piece and ready to shoot them you know. I bet you that the simps was rooting for her yelling “Open fire black queen, open fire! Do that Terminator shit!”

      2. Michel,

        Racist white men downed their tools and went to lunch a long time ago, with this modern day black female around, who needs Neo Nazis or other extreme right groups?

    2. This scraggle is representative of what Tommy Sotomayor calls the BT-1100. You will see them on the streets of any major North American city. They are loaded with testosterone, and are usually a product the simp/thug/scraggle-daggle cultural matrix. These beasts are hard, evil, and capable of enormous violence.
      Any black man who doesn’t defend himself with full force when attacked by one of them, is putting his own life in jeopardy. They are just as dangerous and deadly as any simp-thug, and must be dealt with accordingly.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        “Any black man who doesn’t defend himself with full force when attacked by one of them, is putting his own life in jeopardy. They are just as dangerous and deadly as any simp-thug, and must be dealt with accordingly.”

        This is exactly what I stated in my book Negro Wars, because black women have that extra testosterone in their system, they pose much more of a threat than your average female and therefore must be dealt with as you would a man. Violent women must always be subdued quickly before they’re allowed to do something stupid.

    3. Like Verbs always says, these chicks are demonically possessed. They are agents of chaos, they LITERALLY breed dysfunction for their communities.

    4. Blue Collar Trevor,

      “This story affirms David Carroll’s notion that being a Black woman should be added to the ‘Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders’ by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental illness; they act like retarded children and the only way of ridding ourselves of these feral straggs is through breeding them out!”


      I’ll keep on stating the same, most black women today are possessed by evil spirits, the soul/real individual checked out a long time ago and has been replaced by a brood of devils who are fully in control of these creatures, abandoning ship and never looking back is the best policy when dealing with the modern day black woman.

  4. This witch had a handgun 😒 what’s the betting this dirty slag would have popped off several shots if the white woman put up a fight? Divest, my ass…
    Stay alert US brothers and avoid shithole cities like the corona. #TeamWhiteGirls

  5. It’s interesting in this story that the violent ABW went for the white woman’s hair.
    The long, stringy hair blowing in the winter wind represents a feminine power source of her envy and rage. What does this remind you of? You guessed it: White men castrating their Black male victims whenever possible. Why? It is symbolic, a masculine power center and a focal point of their inner rage and envy. Hence the hate-based attraction white male worshipers have to their white idol. A union built on hate, envy and rage that eventually reveals the root of itself in the DJ Pope and Chad Wheeler type scandals.

    By 2024, ‘divesting’ will be listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as a bonified mental illness somewhere between bi-polarity, schizophrenia, and delirium. The hateful Black misandrists are losing their allies by the day, and it won’t be long before even the white feminists turn on the Black Feminists completely.
    We will see more violent episodes against BM and non-ABW in western countries as the post-CoVID economic woes snowball.
    But watch what happens when free Black men start to defend themselves without hesitation – the pearl clutching will be shatter the sound barrier.
    The evidence of the failure of ‘divesting’ will continue to roll in weekly.

    1. As a person who own’s a (DSM) got one in graduate school, I concur. However it will not be 2024 there is a process to file a mental disorder. First, get familiar with APA style of writing. Most of us have knowledge of writing legal briefs, and MLA, Turabian Style and for engineering students only using san serif font and writing on one side of the paper. It will take a few years and has to be reviewed by the governing board who writes the DSM , it usually changes after a decade+. Sadly we will have to wait until the DSM 6 comes out that will take some time sadly.

    2. King Sigma,

      These black sirens always go for the hair, I remember seeing a videos from a few years ago where a black witch attempted to bully a young white female cheerleader, thankfully that white girl beat the black witch into the ground, however as Afrofuturism1 and yourself have pointed out, the hair on non black women reminds these black harriets of the femininity that they don’t have, I would even go one step further and say the white female herself is a heavy reminder of the femininity that the overwhelming majority of black women seriously lack:

      These modern day black women are positively done, 2 of the worst mistake they ever made, placing non black men(especially white men) over their own male counterparts and dissing the best and the brightest of black male society while at the same time exalting and worship the worst specimens, smh. The black witch will try everything in her power to evade the consequences for these foolish actions, however the dice has already be cast, it’s too late to turn back the hands of time.

      1. @Verbs
        There is no denying their infatuation with non-Black women’s hair. Even when the dust bunnies wear non-BW hair on their head they primp, preen, pat and wear it until the very last strand is withered and dry – until they can afford the next hair hat.

        Their last resort is to appeal to the White cuck, but he will fail to save them from themselves. As with every action, there is an equal or greater action. As more White cucks hear the non-virtue bat signal, they will have to decide between alienating WW or saving the Black banshees.
        Does anyone with an iota of sense believe he will choose the delusional ABW over his White mother and sister???

  6. Was that a “Female” or a “male cosplaying as a female”? The report said the attacker was 6 ft tall. Obviously the attack is more so about limiting the man’s options and having him seen as “weak” and “unable to protect”. Completely a politically and (hate) motivated attack. Terrorism I believe the law calls it in any regard.

    1. The ratchet broad is 6ft tall. I’m 5’11”. Hey don’t mind tall women but her though, I’m good brother!

      1. @Money Cultural
        nothing wrong with tall woman but with that height she is a serious contender…lol
        I think some of these very tall women are the product of the local athletes sowing their wild oats into the surrounding area, so to speak. Instead of beating up other women she should be trying to get a basketball scholarship or something.

        1. Yeah, that’s the thing about her. Why just get a scholarship and get into woman’s basketball? She’s got the height. And when she attacked the white woman, guess where she grab first? The hair.

    2. “Was that a “Female” or a “male cosplaying as a female”?”
      Its hard to tell with the modern day testosterone fueled BW.

  7. I have to learn how to use improvised weapon like Jackie chan in his movies if I start to dare a white woman in the future

  8. If black women were to develop feminine qualities, act more like a woman, and drop the big chip on their shoulder, strong and independent, that diva bougie ass attitude, maybe they would be more desirable, but no. Can’t do stuff like that for the black man, but will do it for the non black man huh (especially the white man)? When are black women gonna learn how to drop that tough girl act? It’s like everyday 24/7, black women stay having a nasty attitude at everybody, having a big chip on her shoulder like nobody can’t mess with her, like you’ll say hey or good morning or afternoon to a black woman, what happens? The ghettoness comes out of her. Can’t achieve nothing with the black women, but who cares though? Black women think they’re achieving something by acting like she’s a tough cookie, thinking she’s the boss of everything, black girl rocks, black girl magic, but in reality, they ain’t achieving squat. They can miss me with that black girl magic, because I got the magic to pursue my preferences since I’m an outcast in black society.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Black women as a collective view anything feminine as weak even though that’s how women are supposed to be by default, this is of course until there’s a white man involved but even then the witch can only keep up the charade for so long or she decides to show her true colours once Lord Roundtree has had enough of her.


      1. Jedi Master Coon,

        Black women stay steeped in witchcraft, sorcery and many other dark arts, just ask Sheraseven1, Christelyn Karazin and her bum chum Kendall St Charles.

  9. I think I have said this before and I’m goanna say this again. Keep your white sugar honeys safe. Why? Because these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats are coming after white woman. The black woman who attacked the interracial couple had weave in her hair trying to compete with Becky. And not only that. She takes out a handgun for what? Who she think she is? Dirty Harry? When these scraggle daggles see a black man with a white woman, they go into rade mode. But these scraggs never ever wanted them. And I bet you that these simps are happy that this happened and calling this ghetto harlot a black queen while they are living off the woman with a whole squad of children. This is nothing new. I have seen this all the time. And I heard that the woman driven off in a Lincoln MKS with a temporary tag and broken passenger side head light. I beat you she got the car with her welfare money.
    Have a good weekend guys!

    1. Money Cultural,

      “Keep your white sugar honeys safe.”

      Many may have wondered what you meant by continually making that statement, this situation right here gives the full explanation why.

      1. Yeah man. Because these scarggle daggles are attacking non black women all they think that non black women are taking the good black men away!

  10. North Philly. The Capital of Blackistan. Color me shocked. (NOT).

    1. I am a 40 year old black man. The only time I have ever been assaulted in my life (mind you as a young man my family moved from Baltimore and moved to a town where the KKK marched thru yearly on parade)…was in north philly when a demon crazed black woman tried to attack my (at the time) 2 year old son telling him to shut the fuck up. I confronted her and her loser baby boomer boyfriend attacked me (they were both older black Americans). I know it sounds harsh and god forgive me but if god rained fire and brimestone on north and west philly I would not bat an eye and probably would pour myself a drink. Nuking both regions of blackistan in an otherwise cool city would be greatly beneficial to black men and improve race relations in America in general by at least 50 percent.

    1. That’s a good question. It doesn’t matter what colour my girl is. If anyone especially a straggle daggle attack her then it’s on!

    2. Tony Stack,

      That’s a very good question, I think the dude might have been a softy and a pushover because I would’ve lit that violent black witch up for sure.

    3. @Tony Stacks
      Lady was 6 ft tall apparently and the dude looked a little fragile…

    4. Apparently he did. Only problem was he was face to face with a BT-1100, even the biggest nigha is no match.

  11. Verbs 2015.
    Black women these days are way too violent for my liking and that’s the reason why I refuse to date them and I avoid them like the plague. If anyone puts their hands on me, I will punch them in the face because they have no right to put their hands on me and to be intrusive in my life or who I date. These fucking simps want us SYSBM black men like ourselves to limit our dating options and date only the ugliest manliest overweight weaved headed black woman who the majority of them happen to be single mothers and that isn’t gonna happen because we SYSBM black men are going to practice our dating options and we are going to date the most beautiful feminine childfree non black woman who grows her own hair and who is in good shape because its the best option for us decent black men and there isn’t a thing that these stupid pro black simps can do to stop us SYSBM black men living our best life. Black women also hate the fact that they are the least desired woman by every man on the planet whereas black men are the second most desirable man on the planet when comes to mixed race relationships with non black women and that’s the reason why black women attack black men with non black women on the streets when they see those types of mixed race couples together because they haven’t got the same type of appeal to non black men like we SYSBM black have with non black women and that what gets black women so mad at us, but it’s their own fault because they did it to themselves when they reject the decent black men for all the thugs and gangster type of black men and that leaves decent black men without any other options but to date non black women who love and appreciate us for who we are and not what we are pretending to be.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Notice the Fake Academic in as much as he loves to talk about what SYSBM practitioners are doing with their family jewels as well as with other aspects of our lives, refuses to be honest and talk about many of the reasons why we’ve decided to leave off dealing with black women. His excuse is he’s “exposing the manosphere”, the reality of the situation is as Blue Collar Trevor has stated before, Fountain is practicing an extreme form of yellow journalism, as a typical male feminist attempting to spray paint in a bad light any black men who rightfully critique the dysfunctional and unacceptable behaviours too many black women exhibit.

      Yes sir, classic, traditional, submissive, feminine, young, attractive, childfree women are the way forward for black men with their heads screwed on straight.

  12. Guard yourselves and your stargates, brethren. You never know what could happen.

  13. Another day, another angry/mentally ILL BW. Divestment is a ploy to see if BM still care, they think that by advertising that they are leaving they will make BM want to marry them, they are wrong. If they actually had the ability to date out they would, but they don’t, and seeing BM do it likley makes them angry. Lesbianisim, spinsterhood, and single motherhood await most BW today, but they told us for decades that they were strong and independent and didn’t need us. Oh well. Watch your backs, you needed to BOLO for the Angry BW and her out of control bastard kids.

  14. Another day, another story of these useless broads showing the world why they’re single at a hilarious rate and with no hopes of changing for the better anytime soon.

    Anyone who idiotically messes with one of these parasites, or god forbid get one of them pregnant deserves all the hell coming their way.

    It’s unacceptable to NOT know how dangerous, dysfunctional and useless these so called women are.

    With the welfare state ramping back up and about to go into hyper speed, expect their behavior to get worse. It’ll be a cold day in hell if you think these boons are going to just let you walk around freely with your non black significant other, without running their mouths at the very least.

    Get back in shape, invest, stock up, get those permits l, and have a escape plan ready for the worst case scenario gentlemen.

    1. FDC,

      “It’ll be a cold day in hell if you think these boons are going to just let you walk around freely with your non black significant other, without running their mouths at the very least. Get back in shape, invest, stock up, get those permits l, and have a escape plan ready for the worst case scenario gentlemen.”

      Quote of the month right there.

  15. Truly saddening but not surprising at all regarding the mental disorder and attitude Black Women as a collective display towards Black men and non-Black women.

    For Open Mic Wednesday @Verbs, when I comment can you provide a list of references regarding the climate change hoax? I am curious and will do some research myself.

  16. Blast from the past here. Legitimatizes everything we say on here. Look at this 6 foot, thick necked WNBA she-beast in the wild lol. Becky’s hair set her off and was the focus of the BW’s blind rage, that she was with a Black Man was a close second. But I thought they diDnT cArE whO wE dAteD?

    And don’t be like this gay Black dude screaming and not physically getting that beast off his woman, be ready to protect her and yourself at all times! Like my man said above it’s best to floss your white girl in safe, non-Black non-daggle communities!

    I’m shocked I didn’t comment on this sooner!

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