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Here we are again folks, another Open Mic Wednesday is upon us, the 4th for 2021. Please excuse me while I’m still getting to grips dealing with a new website head on, when I was under the roof of there were a number of bits and pieces that were already included, with self hosting however you literally have to build the website up yourself as well as install the relevant plugins and widgets required.

I really don’t understand what these lefties no matter what form them come in believe they will achieve trying their hardest to shut down any views they don’t agree with, additionally, it’s not like people are bothering them, no, the left will go out of their way to congregate around people and opinions they don’t like rather than not even going there to begin with, smh. is here to stay and there isn’t anything these dysfunctional black sirens and their bootlicking pro black female/black women first simp brigades can do to change that.

In other news:

Pay attention to those elderly dying in care homes, they’re actually dying from the vaccine, however the Spanish authorities are covering up the deaths claiming them as so called “Covid” instead of “covid vaccine” deaths, the same massive cover up is happening over here in the UK:

This is NOT a vaccine, it is a weapon, always remember that. There is no mutant variant/new strain going around, this propaganda is simply being used to cover up the deaths that are racking up from the huge numbers of elderly folks who have have been injected with the Convid weapon and have died as a result. The so called “mutant variant/new strain” is the killer jab. What’s on your minds for this Open Mic Wednesday, as per usual you’ve got the floor, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.
    These Lefties are fucking cry babies because they don’t like the fact that we SYSBM black men have a backbone to think for ourselves and that we won’t be brainwashed by the mainstream society like everyone else. As for the covid vaccine, I ain’t taking it because I know for sure that it’s going to kill but all these other people throughout the world are in a rush to take the jab because they believe in this foolishness and I was having a chat with my landlord the other day about this whole covid bullshit and he agrees with me and he also thinks there is something sinister going on with the government.

    1. To Gates that is not happening as his actions will catch up with him.

  2. Even my mum is considering of taking the vaccine in a years time from now. I did mention it being used as a weapon and some are dropping dead by the vaccine. Her response was there are more people dying cause of the virus and less dying from the vaccine. She says through out history, god has used volcanoes, earthquakes, floods to depopulate the world to its natural order. She supports depopulation. She also said if she dies after taking the vaccine, then so be it. I did also mention how nurses are getting paid to declare unrelated covid deaths as covid deaths. The statistic stats are not 100% accurate. The older generations are lost. If my dad dies suddenly cause he has been vaccinated, maybe my mum will change her mind but I doubt that. No future stargate of mine will take vaccines. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  3. If you didn’t watch any of the TV news this side of the pond, you’d think that life is a little bit quiet, and not in the middle of a health emergency. Just stand outside your flat and observe the amount of ambulances passing by. Where’s the pandemic? Do you see it?

    Something’s not adding up – 100,000 new deaths, 9.8 million UK citizens have taken vax. No reports of Vax deaths? Complete bullshit.

    Just going by how ordinary people are behaving, they’ve had enough of the 12-month S&M role play and just want to get back to normal. Governments better take heed, lest they be faced with mass disobedience. Fear works, until it doesn’t anymore.

    1. Do any of you know any SYSBM Twitter accounts I can follow?

  4. I have had enough with this COVID 19 thing man and yes, they are killing elderly people. The elite are nothing but murderers. Right, other shit now. You know Bareback Fountain, oh boy! You know why this fool is making these videos of SYSBM and so on? Because he’s siding with these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats, just like Steve The Dean Simp Williams. I heard that Steve The Simp Williams is married to a white woman who is a single mother and Bareback Fountain is in a relationship. Right, if this guy is in a relationship then why is he dick policing other black men? It makes you think really.
    Peace guys

    1. Fake Academic Fountain is not in a relationship.
      Dick watchers tend not to be in relationships with women. Read in to that.

      1. @Michel
        He doesn’t want that action, it’s men he wants. And it will come out sooner or later, trust me on that.

  5. Top of the morning to my fellow SYSBM brethren and free thinking brothers; I trust that you all are staying safe and healthy out there. In today’s news, nobody knows the whereabouts of Kyle Rittenhouse:

    This so called “patriot” is now a fugitive from the law; I wonder if the Manosphere guys and the SYSBM Practitioners who empathized with this kid and the ‘Proud Boys’ (whose members who serenaded him with song at that pub) will condemn his actions. These guys hate Pookie so much, but turn a blind eye to the White male terrorists who they coon for in the name of conservatism; what’s ironic is that the only Black conservative who called out these White supremacists (who supported Donald Trump) is Tree of Logic, a Black woman. It’s not a good look when a member of the group who they condemn for their role in destroying the communitah is the sole person calling out these terrorist groups who supported the same candidate as the Manosphere.

  6. These elder geechees like Kareem Abdul show exactly why blacks are where they are in the world. Advising the younger men to take this poison, SMGDH.

    Again, white celebrities are the only ones who have spoken out against this COVID nonsense, meanwhile these negroes are jumping back into slavery and following these celebrities there. Let black people get railroaded into extinction, they deserve it.

    1. Hank Aaron did that as well and now he’s dead. Oh well. Sheep to slaughter. In Toronto every single black restaurant has cnn (cable negro news) on 24/7 and they’re just lapping this up. Who in their right mind would take a vaccine that took only 6 months to get approved? An idiot that’s who.

    2. So, watching some famous people get inoculated will do more to convince people to also take the shot than “months of experts, charts, statistics and studies”? Celebrity worship needs to die right along with the folks who take the Covid jab.

  7. 1) Man, I’m just out of words right now with the whole Co-vid 19 mess because I’m extremely ready for this crap to end. Speaking of Vaccines, it’s weird because some people said they’ve took it, and experience no side effects but the soreness of the arm they were injected with, and there’s people dropping dead after taking the vaccine or having adverse side effects. It’s also weird because I’m remember when I was a teenager, I think I did remember taking the HPV vaccine, but I didn’t felt nothing afterwards, and it had said, and I don’t know if they’re still doing it, but it had said it’s recommended at age 11 or 12 to get it, and I never knew about it. I’m like if somehow or some way that vaccine gets into my body, I don’t know what the hell is gonna happen to me, because I’m not trying to die early. Plus they talking about in order to do whatever, you have to get vaccinated and show proof, like have they lost their minds?

    2) I was looking at the 8 predictions of what will happen in 2030, and boy, I’m not impressed with it. They talking about “You will own nothing, and You will be Happy, everything will be rent and sent by drones,” like what the hell? What they mean by “You’ll be happy?” Happy for what? Happy that the people will have nothing while the rich and the elite get all the good stuff? I telling y’all brothas something, there is a lot of serious questions that need to be answer right now about these current events that’s going on, because I can tell the future is not gonna look great with these corrupt people, these globalists, these sicko billionaires that’s gonna ruin the goddamn earth with the sick stuff they trying to pull. Like I said before, these people are not normal. Talking about a “New Normal,” Man what New Normal? This new technology, and ideas they pushing, it’s seem dangerous to me if I were to describe it.

    3) Look at “President” Joe Biden, my only question is this, why did this man decide to run for president? It’s not looking good at all. I remember on one of the article where I talk about them Democrats taking away guns, Yesterday, why did I just read an news article saying they gonna pass a bill that’s gonna take away second amendment rights? I can see that going real ugly because somebody gonna get smoked. My theory is that if they take away second amendment, and strange events start occuring, what are they gonna do? Then, He signing executive orders left to right, and it looks like he didn’t even read them. Plus I watch a video from Sky News Australia, and Let me tell y’all something, I wish gender change wasn’t a thing at all. There needs to be only two genders in this world: Men and Women, Period! What be going through some of these folks mind when they wanna change from male to female or female to male? Some people are saying this is obama 2.0, and let me be the first one to say this, and I’m sorry for saying this but I have too, but there are times where I said Obama shouldn’t never ran for office. When it comes to politics, black folks got to be the most easy mainuplated people. It like black folks get hyped when they see another black person in a field, or places where it ain’t majority black or it’s all one race or different races other than black, thinking that person is all for black people, but when that black person true colors come out, game over.

    To sum this up for all the three things I was talking about, What the hell do these people be thinking? Do they ever think about the downfalls of the things they trying to push? I swear, these ignorant people, these corrupt people, they all make me sick. That’s all I gotta say. I think I said too much, but I had to get some stuff out my chest.

  8. Let’s do some 6 degrees of separation. I know my neighbors, everyone is fine, nobody is missing. I live 50 meters from a very prominent hospital in the 3rd largest city on the continent, it has been so dead for almost a year they’ve even closed down a wing. The testing line was 4 blocks long though while the emergency was empty. I live there so I know the usual traffic. At the top of the street is a bar, I know the owner well because I use to DJ for him back in the day, and the manager is an old friend of mine from childhood, we were room mates in our 1st apartment when we were 17. They’re good and all of their employees. Beside them is a noodle house, I don’t go there but they’re open, so I’ll assume that nobody there died. Beside them WAS a bar owned by a good friend of mine. The bar has shut down after 17 years due to the “crisis” but my friend and all of the staff are healthy. I could go on and on. I know thousands of people and I do not know a single person who has died from this b.s. The only person who I know who genuinely knows someone who allegedly died from this is a girl I know who’s great aunt died in a nursing home and they claimed it was from the cerveza. I personally know people who have died from heart disease, cancer, rare blood disorders, even aids, yet not only hasn’t a single person I know died from this, no acquaintance, no one from a store I frequent, not even heard from a single friend someone they know died. In 2021 lots of people are going to die, but it will be from the vaccine. If people still believe this is real, no offense but they deserve to die, how could they be so stupid. This virus is like Pokaroo, never see you and him in the same room at the same time.

    1. Cancer and heart disease are #1 and #2 in worldwide deaths. I know at least two people who died of either.
      I don’t know a single fucker whose passed from the cerveza. Anyone?

  9. What do you all think of this?

    Funny there’s no black men that get involved in this or even given the chance but to be honest what black man or black person will work a job that pays 15k per year that’s full time that’s minimum wage I think. And this probably the same black woman that’ll look down on a blue collar black man who is earns more. You can’t make this stuff up.

    In my opinion diversity schemes don’t work I just apply to job because I know I can get it. I don’t need a diversity scheme as that would make people assume that someone got the job on the basis of their skin colour. It’s true the system does need to change to stop allowing incompetent Eton people from getting cushy jobs instead of working for them. Just look at the UK government.

  10. Here’s some fcuked up newz for ya Verbs! This shit is all over the Net. All it takes is one fugly scraggle daggle & her dumb simp husband to stir up race “relations”. In this expose, this black couple adopted a 3 year old white girl child. How the fcuk were they able to adopt? Check this shit out…
    ** South Carolina mom who won Season 20 of Worst Cooks in America is arrested with her husband for battering their three-year-old daughter to death **
    “Tragedy In The Upstate: Details In The Case Of The Adopted SC 3-Year-Old Beaten To Death”
    “Her Name Is Victoria “Tori” Rose Smith: Three-Year-Old White Girl Beaten to Death by Her Adopted Black Parents”

    1. Black Picard,

      Black devil spawn scum buckets strike again, smh. I know that black witch was the instigator of the abuse and the simp followed her degenerate orders without using his brain. Some black folks don’t deserve life, especially those who deliberately use their lives to inflict pain, misery and suffering upon others.

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