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They’re Destroying Their Own Image And Reputation Using Their Own Hands – Stop Blaming Janky Black Female Behaviour On Black Men!

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I see this old chestnut has reared its ugly carcass once again, as per usual black men are somehow responsible for the outlandish and jacked up behaviour that many black women love to partake in. Notice how whenever black men engage in dysfunctional behaviour we are held responsible and never allowed to scramble for any excuses, our bad behaviour is ours and ours to own ALONE, however whenever black women do the same, they as well as pro black simp black men have a 10001 excuses handbook ready to roll out as to why black women should NOT be held responsible for their lot, do you see how this works?

This is one of the principle reasons why quality black men(those black women refer to as “educated lames” and so called “squares”) more often than not are choosing to give black women the middle finger and why black women express a deep disdain and hatred towards those guys.

Black women as a collective purposely pass over the so called educated lames not because they’re boring or actually lame but because those types of black men will hold black women to a high standard and won’t be afraid to hold them to account if they step out of line.

Your modern day black Jezebel in 2021 has no standards whatsoever, certainly is NOT a responsible nor an accountable woman, therefore because of this she much prefers to seek out black men who will allow her to get away with gutter trash dysfunctional behaviour, hence why we not only see numerous videos and social media posts of black women confessing their love for the dregs and the scum of black male society, but also come across many news articles detailing the same.

The above videos serve as a primary example as to why more free thinking black men are choosing to give black women a wide berth, this phenomenon has nothing to do with black men being indoctrinated and brainwashed to hate black women as some would say.

The formula isn’t that complex, if you as a woman engage in degenerate behaviour and also choose to adopt unattractive mannerisms, high quality men subsequently will reject you and rightly home in on women from other ethnic backgrounds who generally carry themselves in a more orderly, feminine, classic and traditional fashion.

Exactly what is attractive about the behaviours above, I’ll wait? Where were the black men holding guns to the heads of those women demanding that they engage in janky and ratchet behaviour or face the consequences of a bullet to the brain, that’s right, there were none.

This is the main reason why I have a major issue with these pro black female/black women first, lick the black female’s muddy boots brigades, because of their continued efforts to help black women sliver out of ever being held accountable and responsible for anything they do wrong, these black harriets have been able to postpone their pending recompense and judgement(which is long overdue).

The pro black simps, those who advocate and support this modern day black female have become more of a problem than the black woman herself, had it not been for these low self esteem/no confidence having blue pilled simps scrambling to get a whiff of the black female’s contaminated snatch, black women as a collective would’ve received their just dues a long time ago and as a result would’ve been humbled enabling a much needed reset to take place.

Black women aren’t engaging in reprobate behaviour because of past so called trauma, no, they are doing it because as a group they have more than proven themselves to be evil individuals who love carrying out dark deeds, we only need look at the astronomical number of abortions black women were executing pre covid plandemic in order to understand just how wicked your average black female’s mindset really is.

Gentlemen, don’t ever be bewitched and roped into somehow entertaining lame reasonings and feeble excuses concerning the uncouth and unbridled behaviour that most black women CHOOSE to partake in, additionally never allow them nor their simp squaddies to somehow blame you for something that is clearly within their own power to either stop doing or avoid engaging in altogether.

Black women voluntarily choosing to act like unbridled vagrants, whores, sluts, tramps and vagabonds is on their own head, don’t attempt to somehow implicate us in their bread and circus monkey show rituals and theatrics, the mental illness in black female society is very real and heterosexual free thinking black men have the remedy, abandon these women, walk away from them and never look back. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are Responsible For Their Own Tarnished Image And Reputation

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “They’re Destroying Their Own Image And Reputation Using Their Own Hands – Stop Blaming Janky Black Female Behaviour On Black Men!

  1. Verbs 2015.
    Its black womens fault that they are in the bad quagmire situation that they are in terms of having multiple kids from multiple different baby daddies, looking fake from head to toe, having sexual diseases, being violent and unruly and being very manly because of their own stupidity and poor life choices, but they want to blame us decent SYSBM black men for their foolishness smdh. I don’t feel sorry for them and I never will because they have told the whole world that they are strong and independent black women and that they don’t need a man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Blame the black man is a very popular culture that is alive and running strong within black female society. I can’t remember the last time I heard a black woman apologise for something she did wrong. Additionally, as you’ve pointed out black women choosing to embrace the fakeness as well as masculine attributes have driven themselves even further down the road of relegation. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        Yep and I fully agree with you bro. I avoid black women like the plague. 🤮🤮🤢🤢

      2. Yes, Here in Trinidad, they’re currently screeching “men are the problem” in the aftermath of a young woman being killed, suspected over her seeing what she should not have seen at her job at a courthouse.

        1. Glen S,

          You’ll notice that no matter where you go in the world, where black women are it will always be the same “black men are the problem” mantra.

          1. She probably injected fix-a-flat into her ass.


  2. WOW!!!! once again the treasure trove of information you possess as a chronicler is amazing. Great drop bro I have never seen these video’s. just WOW!!!

    #sysbm #sysbmtillthewheelsfalloff #fscbm #catchflightsnotfeelings #getoutofmatrix

    1. G1,

      Black women continue to supply me with the ammunition I use against them, this is why anti SYSBM, feminist pundits such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain look incredibly stupid when he attempts to critique SYSBM practitioners for our harsh stance regarding these modern day black females and their reprobation, yet at the same time deliberately failing to make mention of that same black female dysfunction in his efforts to paint a false narrative of unjust, unwarranted criticisms of black women.

      Everybody can see what black women are doing, their degeneracy isn’t hidden in a bush or in a dark corner, it’s out in the open for all to see.

  3. It’s funny how Black women love to throw us under the bus when No one and I mean, No one takes them seriously beyond a one night stand or fling. Like white men, they manipulate and state wrong raw numbers & statistical data that represents Black men.

    How can Black women outnumber Black men by a 2 to 1 ratio, yet Black men have much higher marriage numbers? How can Black women have higher STD rates yet their male counterparts numbers are almost 50 percent lower?

    How can Black women be yet the most educated yet be in the negative when it comes to asset valuation and overall wealth? “Black men date fat women outside the race” yet 80% of Black women are overweight or obese. How can Black men be “dusty” when 61% are in the middle class and 50% are childless? Alot of Black women act like they are immune or above the law.

    Although I’m not a Kevin Samuel’s fan, I see and acknowledge the delusions of the modern day Black woman. They are difficult and impossible to coach and deal with. Even Rebecca Lynn Pope gave up because she stated that many Black women are rather delusional in what they expect and want at a certain stage in life.

    The only thing keeping Black women alive and functioning are the white liberals, the failed sisterhood of feminism, and left-wing propaganda used to keep their image not totally in the trash can. In the next coming decades, I predict more Black women will get the Chad Wheeler, Jason Pope treatment and try to come across that color line.

    Nothing is further from the truth of that. They are mere sheeple and fodder for any agenda that is harmful to people as a whole.

    1. Ryan,

      The black female’s answer to everything that goes wrong in her life is, “it’s the black man’s fault”. Blaming black men as far as she is concerned is a solid fallback option when all else fails and she has to play her final hand in order to once again evade being held accountable.

      What I stated years ago still stands, you CANNOT form a successful union and have a fruitful and prosperous relationship of longevity with any woman who point blank refuses to take responsibility/accountability for any of her wrongdoings wrought by her own hands.

  4. So Black men get blamed for things that aren’t our fault. Well, shieeeet…..!
    Isn’t that par for the course for being Black – robbing, stealing, raping, thieving, breeding, knifing, killing?
    Yet the SYSBM train keeps rolling rolling rolling rolling.
    You were skipped over by narcissistic scum? Be glad, you must be doing something right?
    The blame game only works when you feel guilty inside. No matter what some dutty gully females tells you what you’re “so called” responsible for, you ain’t.
    As for Fake Academic Fountain, the unwitting puppet will be discarded as brutally as his mother did when growing up. No worries.

    1. Michel,

      And black women wonder why at a record clip more black men are opting for women from non black ethnicities despite their various shortcomings. Blame the black man aside from feminism is one of the chief tenets black women as a collective swear by.

      Precisely, only those who feel a way whenever these black sirens rattle their lips to put the blame at the feet of black men for things they brought about via their own hands, will be wounded.

  5. Black males simping is the biggest problem. The issues they have in black societies ain’t my issue at all. I don’t belong there anyway. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The simping in black male society is a major problem, the worst it’s ever been in a very long time. That’s something that “Da Communitah” is going to have to deal with, that’s not my burden to carry.

    2. Witwijf,

      Spot on observation. You nailed it. Black men are not guilty of the things that the scraggle daggle, in collusion with bottom shelf Brads, accuse them of. But black simps are the source of empowerment for the scraggle daggle. They alone empower the scraggle daggle and give her agency. To other races of men, the scraggle daggle is nothing more than a convenient place to, metaphorically speaking, take a dump. Yet, the black male simp gasses her up, worships her, subordinates himself to her, and expects all black men to subordinate themselves to her.

      I blame the black male simp for the empowerment and proliferation of the ratchet ass scraggle daggle subculture. No one else is simping to the scraggle daggle. Not bottom shelf Brad, nor nonblack men, nor those few black men who have retained their manhood and self respect.

      1. Black simps are the drones of the scraggle gynocracy because they were raised and bred BY the scraggle gynocracy.
        Brothers – avoid both at ALL costs to achieve peace and sanity.

  6. She made her bed, now she can lay in it with Pookie, Ray & Ray and Bottom-Shelf Brad.
    All I ask the Black banshees, dust bunnies and their male drones; leave thinking Black men out of your chaos. The Jezebel’s problems are not ALL BM’s problems but her own; created by an abyss of poor decisions with the less than 20% of low-tier men she chooses.
    The Free Thinking BM owes her nothing.
    If it’s not a problem the CommuTeps & her White God can’t solve; she will wallow in her misery into infinity.

    1. King Sigma,

      But don’t you know, we free thinking brothers are supposed to “step up”, place ourselves upon the janitorial altar of sacrifice and perform clean up services for these black queanies seeing as they as well as the simps who worship and exalt them have told us that black women are sinless and above reproach. The simps who have been preventing these black sirens from smashing into a dead end wall are fast running out of road, in time many of them will also be forced to abandon their beloved queans. Conflagration is soon coming and it’s heading straight for the weaves/wigs of these arrogant and haughty harridans.

  7. The more they keep on blaming black men, the more it’s gonna make black men in their right mind to not mess with them big time. I’m already at the conclusion that the black woman in America done sold out big time. Calling black men lames and squares, man I rather be a lame or square than to be a stereotypical kiss ass, and that’s for damn sure. Just look at the black woman in America: walking around with a big chip on their shoulder, engaging in all types of nonsense, talking ish about black men 24/7 and ain’t got a damn nice thing to say about them, staying messing with the same type of dudes but expect a high value man/good black man, but in all honesty, like I said, I don’t think a lot of black women in America deserve a good black man/high value man, let alone an average man at best. They destroying their own reputation by acting like a straight jackass, thinking they run the show.

    These video evidence of black women staying doing the most speak a thousand words. That fourth video with the chicks talking about they want a Big D baller, I ain’t saying nothing when they be in the doctor’s room having sexual health problem because that’s what they get for trying to be a pornstar.

    My Discord Link:

    1. “The more you tighten your grip, the more planets will slip through your fingers.” – Princess Leia

      1. > “The more you tighten your grip, the more planets will slip through your fingers.” – Princess Leia
        Another way to put it:
        The more the scraggle tightens her grip, the more thinking black men slip through her fingers.

      1. This brawd who put Gorilla Glue in her hair is now verified on IG for her dysfunction.

        1. She’s probably a combination of Gorilla Glue hair and Fix-A-Flat ass.

      2. Jon,

        She really put Gorilla Glue on her head then wants the same men she’s no doubt been berating to donate, nope, not me, I’ll pass.

    1. Shawn Swint,

      Black women have to begin taking accountability and responsibility for the bad decisions they make and the resulting fallout, blaming black men 24/7 has become old and simply isn’t washing anymore or gaining them any sympathy. However we know these harriets already, they’ll blame black men for everything until they hit the grave.

  8. You see these ghetto ratchet black women, thinking black men need to stay away from them. Right, the only fans thing now. I have seen black women on that because I know that these are some simps that are that thirsty and will pay to see these scraggs doing something sexual on the camera. I know that non black women do it too but these scragglies from the ghetto or hood are it. As you see these ghetto hoodrats on these videos you must be thinking will a good black man ever goanna date these woman? The simple answer is no. He will not date these hoodrats. But I know that these simps will deal with these harpies, especially the ones with children.
    Oh yeah, I have another website that I have started. It’s Money Cultural Raw on Blogger so check it out. It’s like Money Cultural but it’s more on the raw side with sex, nudity, violence images and other weird things

    1. Money Cultural,

      The simping in black society is at an all time high, however seeing as most black men have been raised by single mothers this type of behaviour is to be expected. Like I said before, most black women in 2021 and beyond are for the sewers, the streets are too good of a place to give them.

  9. Watching those videos I notice some completely viable lightskinned females who would have zero problem bagging the elusive “high value man,” yet here they are clowning with the ratchet, lowlife darker-skinned hoes, shouting out the “big dick ballers” and rapping about OnlyFans smh. I’ve said on here in the past that no matter the looks, family, education, or socioeconomic status of the American BW, expect her to bend towards ghetto dysfunction. I see black dudes out here putting redbones and mixed chicks on a pedestal, uh nope. They are as lowlife as the rest. And like all BW those same yellabones would straighten up and fly right for Bottom Shelf Brad, but y’all already know.

    And what’s up with the hoe twerkin with her tampon string hanging out? These bitches are disgusting. SYSBM now more than ever, gents. Leave them in their self-inflicted misery. These bitches ain’t too big to fail.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      We’ve discussed here many times before how the black witch is efficient at spreading her degenerate behaviour to other groups of women, light skinned and mixed females are no exception. As much as we have anti SYSBM, pro feminist pundits such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain jumping to the defence of the above degenerates, I have to shake my head at the serious lack of evidence he brings to the table in his attempts to salvage the black female’s already in the sewer image and reputation.

      As I’ve stated here many times before, the modern day black female cannot be defended on any level and anybody who attempts to do so is simply embarking upon a fool’s errand.

  10. Are black men to blame for their smelly cooches? Their fat frames? Their manly voices and faces? Seriously, you can TELL when a black woman is speaking, cuz it’s supposed to be a woman but sounds like Lou Rawls!!

    The world sees how much black women blame black men, but they’re realizing more and more unwarranted this blame. As mentioned above, notice the lighter skinned hoes doing this. Those are light skinned chicks that realize that they can’t hash it out/are still deemed too black for the white world and Brad, so they Slum it up with hood booger women. Date out COMPLETELY and hope to God you have nothing but boys when you marry your non-black wife, seriously. Breed these QUEENS out!!

    And with the tampon chick, it’s a growing trend to see black women trying to be sexy and the process do something disgusting. Remember the chick shitting while pole dancing? Exactly.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      This is the problem with the pro black female/black female first pundits as well as anybody else who backs the black quean, in light of the smoking gun evidence that black women readily supply themselves, all they can do to push back is bring their opinions to the table, they can never counter with any facts.

      Black women as a collective have gotten fat because they’ve simply become a bunch of lazy individuals, this has nothing to do with black men. Black women as a collective sound manly because of their embrace of feminism, once again, this has nothing to do with black men. Large numbers of black women are walking around with snatches that smell like sewer treatment plants, once again, this has nothing to do with us.

      SYSBM is the only viable and sensible way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, once again you cannot form a solid coalition with a group of females who revel being in the gutter as well as taking part in degenerate activities.

  11. These heifers are going to continue blaming Black men until they take their last breaths; we never asked for them to start wearing the Wookie weave, we never asked them to start enlarging their donks with Fix-a-Flat, nor did we ask them to whore themselves out on OnlyFans. This is why SYSBM is mandatory for the free thinking Black men of the world; the more brothers begin saving themselves, the less of us there’ll be for them to blame, literally forcing them to look at themselves for what they truly are: perfect failures. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Some black women as you already know have attempted to claim that they wear weaves because “that’s what black men wanted”. We already know this to be a crock of nonsense, at no point have black men demanded that black women glue the hair of non black women onto their heads. This modern day black female and her diving into anything and everything fake and plastic is off the damn chain. Indeed, SYSBM is a must for any black man who wishes to deal with women who actually look and behave like women.

      1. These women are liars. They wear weave to show off to other women and to boost their low self esteem. If anything, mostly all decent Black men hate weave and wigs and want natural hair. Remember when the brothas tried to picket Jun’s Beauty Supply because Jun socked a BW in the jaw? He had a 1/2 off sale the next day and the sustas were yelling at the protesting Black men because they were standing between them and their bundles. Of course, the BW will go natural for Bottom-Shelf Brad, because he wants her as antebellum as possible for their slave play.


  12. I know you guys heard about the clown that poured gorilla glue in her hair how stupid can these dumb witches be

    1. The real kicker is the fact that the scraggle hasn’t reached the floor as she continues to descend the depths of stupidity.

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