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I see that this Covid killshot weapon they’ve conveniently labelled as a vaccine continues to mangle as well as kill people on the daily, I’m wondering how long it will take for the general public to realise that they’re being killed off according to a 90% world population reduction requirement as per the Georgia GuideStones in addition to Bill Gates’ 10-15% Eugenics program starter pack:

Meanwhile, here in the UK as I imagine with the US so called “celebrities” from the BAME(Black Asian Minority Ethnic) communities as per their puppet master’s instructions have put out a video trying to encourage Blacks and Asians to take the jab as well as attempting to use their fame and status(not the facts and REAL science) to rebut the fact that this Bill Gates potion is literally a devil’s cauldron, Russian Roulette, experimental witch’s brew that nobody knows what the long terms effects will be on any individuals(if they don’t first die), not even the vaccine manufacturers themselves:

Looks like they’re having a shortage of “BAME” folks stepping forward to receive their jabs, I wonder why:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, just doing my part to keep you brothers informed as to what is really going on out here, unlike the mainstream press who are actively keeping the masses in the dark and pretending everything is OK while at the same time the general public are being systematically killed off with a so called vaccine that is supposed to bring an end to the “Covid nightmare”.

On the contrary, the nightmare is only just beginning. Remember, as I mentioned before, you’ll notice how in most of these disease/virus outbreak movies, the vaccine is the saving solution, however in the real world dealing with this so called “pandemic”, the so called “vaccine” as you’re beginning to observe for yourselves is going to be the origin of woes and the root problem.

Beware of so called “experts”, community leaders, religious clerics and celebrities attempting to lead you up the garden path ie in a wrong direction to your death. Always remember the Tuskegee experiments. What’s on your minds for this week gents, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. I know it is a little bit off topic but I just completed a video for the truth of Valentine’s Day and its arcane past. It is a good watch so you can show the true reason for the evil holiday of valentines day. This can come in handy if you have a lady and she want’s to celebrate said holiday. I call it the billion dollar theft/hustle day. It connects the industrial hustle complex ie the corporations and stores, old pagan religions, and a Black Saint in the 3/4 Century that was a African Saint called St. Valentine who was beheaded. It premires off the tube on patreon for the public on the 13th New York Time ie Eastern Standard time at 11pm. Which is 6 pm Cali time or Western Standard time. Hopefully i can put up part 2 also before the 14th. As always VERBS THE SITE IS DOPE LOVE THE NEW LOOK. SUPPORT THIS BRO AND DROP SOME COIN HE IS DOING GREAT WORK.

    1. G1,

      Much appreciated for the kind words bro, still tweaking around with the website but what happened back in December last year was a blessing in disguise. I’ll continue to bring real news to the forefront, folks have to continue deprogramming themselves out of believing that the mainstream media needs to confirm a story or put it’s rusty and dishonest stamp of approval on any information presented before it’s to be believed.

  2. What the puppet masters don’t realise is that the Asian (Desi) communities have insiders in the health industry, doctors talk amongst other doctors, who have family members and they talk to other family members… If one person learns the truth about the dodgy shot, *guaranteed* word gets around.
    No suck luck for the bLaCkS – we’re all too happy wearing masks, because we love recreating our slavery trauma. Then we ignore our historical guinea pig status to accept a free gift from “Massa”?
    But “we’re right wing tin foil WuFlu-denier conspiracy theorist black white supremacist bigot racist fascist coon ass nIgHaZ”!!?!?!!?”

    1. Michel,

      Too many Negroes are dumb as hell, they’ve already forgotten about the Windrush scandal, now all of a sudden the same government during a “pandemic” is their closest friend and looking out for their best interests, smh. Again, all of these Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, road man types who are going about stabbing each other, why don’t they have that same energy for the government and the police who are the real oppressors in this plandemic climate?

      Yep, I’ve grown up amongst South Asians, I know that many of them are disgusted at how some of their celebrities are trying to sell them down the river for 10 pieces of silver, they won’t get sucked in by this and they despite their various shortcomings have much more of a functional community and are observably more unified.

      By the way, it seems up North is where the real soldiers of the United Kingdom are at, here is a channel called The Great Reopening which is documenting people reopening their businesses because they’re slowly beginning to realise that the UK government wants to keep the British public locked down forever:

  3. Verbs 2015.
    These BAME celebrities are brainwashed into believing that this vaccine will save them when the vaccine will kill you and I am not taking that bloody vaccine because its going to kill me or its going to damage my health in the long term. The dating app Bumble are now going to start banning men permanently for so called body shaming fat women and transgender people, but what Bumble are really doing is banning men for rejecting women that they aren’t sexually attracted to and having a high standards dating criteria in the women they want to date because no man in his right mind would want to date ugly women, fat women, transgender women, feminist women and single mothers because they want to get with good looking childfree single women who is in good shape and what Bumble are now doing is they are trying to make it fare for women but we all know that women these days in 2021 have unrealistic expectations for men in terms of dating because they all want to date the good looking tall man who is at least 6ft tall, has 6 pack abs,earns at least a 6 figure salary, (or be rich or in a well paid job) must have a nice expensive car, live in a manction like you see in the footballers wives TV show, he must have at least 2 university degrees, be rich and have gone to a top ranked University whereas women reject short men, fat men, ugly men, poor men, bald men and sometimes women reject men for not having a University degree all the time in which I think it’s bollocks because Bumble is giving women all the dating choices that they want with impunity no matter what the woman looks like but they are punishing men for doing the same thing and that is double standards hypocrisy right there. You cant negotiate sexual attraction towards a woman full stop. Either you like the woman or you don’t.

  4. Greetings. I will definitely enjoy reading these sources and keep them for myself Verbs.
    That being said, do you also have sources regarding the hoax/money hustle of climate change so I can read and keep them as archives.

    Many Thanks in advance and always cover your 6s everyone as TMT would say.

  5. Also, your thoughts on this article because the woman who got into trouble with the university receives no sympathy from me on the fact.
    1. She admire Cardi B which she is a degenerate mess
    2. She engaged in form of prostitution which is being a sugar baby for a sugar daddy.
    3. The fact she’s doing this confirms the fe-fail logic when it comes to pursuing education.

  6. It seems the North of England are not only the real soldiers fighting against the planned plandemic, but also the friendliest group of people in UK. When I went to Newcastle in 2018, I saw that first hand in my experience. It’s also a lot cheaper to live up North. The only downside is the cold. It is the most coldest area in Britain. Maybe I could find a quality stargate from there when I travel on holiday to Northern province states within Britain. In future, I do want to travel to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Belgium. I have family members living in Belgium. Hopefully the Eurostar train from London to Brussels won’t require mandatory vaccination. If it does require it then I’ll have to book a ticket on the Mega bus to Brussels or Antwerp. The downside of that is a very long journey. If all airlines require mandatory vaccinations and they find out I got fake vaccination certificates from the black market. I won’t be able to travel by plane ever again. They will have scanning systems to check fraud. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

  7. Gorilla Glue Girl Gets Lawyer To Sue Company:
    The lawyer, named Exavier Pope is “going in so hard on that BLACK woman because Black people are disproportionately impacted by being injured in products […] cause, you know, systemic inequality [..] and 85% of lawyers are white.
    Exavier Pope performing janitorial services, saving another scraggle from herself. What a goddamn simp.

    1. WHAAATTT?!? This simp lawyer is stupider than this tranny looking daggle to even take on this case; I’ve never come across a hair product that advertised itself as an ‘adhesive’. It’s not the fault of Gorilla Glue that this brawd has a comprehension problem and ‘thought’ this would work the same as what she used before; as for the dumb negros who back her, *sigh* I have Black Twitter with a passion! This just goes to show that David Carroll’s notion of adding being a Black daggle to the DSM as a mental disorder is not too far fetched; they need to add being a woman raised simp to that manual, as well.

    2. We in the SYSBM movement hate the scraggle daggle. And for good reason. I try to look at the source of the problem. For me, the source of the problem is the black male simp. I will believe this until I’m blue in the face. The black male simp gives the scraggle daggle agency and power. Without the black simp, the scraggle daggle is nothing. Nobody respects the scraggle daggle, nobody desires the scraggle daggle, nobody likes the scraggle daggle, except the black male simp. He alone worships the scraggle daggle. To every other cohort of men, the scraggle daggle is nothing more than a place to take a dump when nothing else is available. And non black men will only take a dump in the best among the scraggle daggles. On the other hand, the black male simp will gas up the most hideous, most beastly, most foul smelling, most obese scraggle daggle. The black male simp is the source of economic empowerment of the scraggle daggle. He directs all his resources and all the resources of da communitah, to the scraggle daggle. As I have said a million times, the black male simp is his own worst enemy, and the enemy of all SYSBM oriented men.

      So I ask you this. Where would the scraggle daggle be without the black male simp ? She would be at the rock bottom of civilized society, devoid of resources, humbled, with the knowledge that she has to work hard just to make herself acceptable to civilized society.

      1. You know something. I thinking that the lawyer is strategizing to get the scraggle daggle draws down! I bet you!

  8. Just some news in case you didn’t know. I remember a couple months ago you guys mentioned Hardcore tito well he’s back on YouTube as General Tito

    Anyways in regards to the covid situation. I did view Hugo talks on YouTube and he seems to be speaking a lot of truths and very good points but unfortunately the majority of British people are sheeple. As for Americans you’re own problem except with what I believe is that everything that happens in the US comes to the west and the UK within 6 months especially dysfunction.

  9. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! I just came across this piece of news:

    So, it’s no secret that Lil Fag X is an out of the closet battyman, but he is now going a step further with this androgynous image he shared on his social media of himself sporting some large breasts (like when he dressed up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween last year); gentlemen, save yourselves so you won’t be lumped in with booty warriors like this guy who is being put forth as a representative of Black men in entertainment. #SYSBM

  10. This pandemie or plandemic is getting my nerve. This lockdown this driving everyone so damn crazy. And this vaccine is nothing but a dangerous fluid which is just killing people or making people ill. This Bill Gates, this good for nothing beta male bastard is just nothing but a mass murderer. Anyway, I’m just tired and I need to rest man. Buy day, more like busy week.

  11. The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano he’s been fired over controversial comments:

    I wouldn’t say hating your neighbor for being Jewish in Nazi Germany is equivalent to hating somebody for being conservative in America, but I do get the principle of what she was trying to say; nonetheless, we are slipping into a state of hatred and intolerance against people who are viewed as problematic and enemies of the State. Also, these same Jews help influence gullible Negros through media manipulation that being Black is equivalent to being gay, trans, fat, etc., but you can’t make parallels between the Holocaust and the persecution brewing in American society? Hypocrites much?

  12. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Banned from Instagram:

    In my previous post about Gina Carano, the link also mentioned her stance on mask wearing and voter fraud; notice it’s only Whites facing these harsh measures over what they say regarding the election and mask wearing. To date, I still haven’t heard from a single Black celebrity speaking out against what’s going on; while Black History Month continues, I don’t hear Negroes speaking about the iconic figures of Black History, nor do I hear them speaking about how this plandemic will affect the Black race (given that Bill and Melinda Gates wanted to inoculate us first).

  13. As Blue Collar Trevor stated, it is only white celebrities, male or female, that have the balls to call this stuff out. It started with Larry the Cable Guy and that white UFC guy, now Gina Carano and others.

    Notice all the fire negroes have in their chest to combat the invisible amorphous “wAyCiSm!!” is conveniently absent when it comes to facing very tangible issues and problems. This is what’s wrong with the negro, they live in fantasy magical thinking land and reject reality, which is why their reality never improves. Add in a number of janky spiritual beliefs, such as bastardized versions of Christianity, Islam, or African religions, and they will never get off their ass to fight for anything.

    The Left is going to IMPLODE, mark my words. The biggest problem is that most of the current slaves and sheep will die with them. Sadly, that’s the majority of black Americans and blacks in the West in general.

    1. To be fair, black conservatives have been vocal too – Tariq Nasheed routinely calls out liberals for their hypocrisy. Then there’s Candace Owens, Hodge Twins, Anthony Paul Logan etc…
      But to most Negroes (especially some who identify as SYSBM) they’re “tap dancing minstrels cooning for white approval.” That label is however never launched at the likes of LeBron James or Snoop Dogg. Wonder why?

  14. Gentlemen,

    Yet more celebrity Covid soothsaying garbage:

    Additionally, here is an article of a doctor who had a miscarriage after getting her Covid jab, if she ever manages to get pregnant again, because of the vaccine I reckon that her body will reject that baby as a foreign intruder, this may indeed happen every time she conceives, always remember who is behind this worldwide “vaccine” program, Bill Gates and his sorceress wife Melinda.

    By the way, when was the last time you saw Bill Gates and his side witch wearing a mask? I’ve yet to see that clown and his siren wearing one:

    1. They really think you’re stupid.
      ITV and the scumbag Z-lister shills is all it takes to convince us to take the death shot?
      Harry Redknapp for fuck sake? How many brown envelopes did he take to promote this deviltry? Get lost.

      1. Blackdjedi,

        Unfortunately we have some knuckle headed idiots out there who will go along with the program and actually start wearing 2 masks believing that they’re doing something for the “greater good”, smh.

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