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They Demand High Standards But Can’t Even Bring Reasonable Ones To The Table Themselves, Smh!

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Remember, these are the same women who will tell you that you’ve got to bring yourself up to “their level”, their level of having a dirty stained mattress on the floor because the black witch couldn’t afford the bed base, litter and rubbish scattered all over the carpet which additionally hasn’t been vacuumed in months if not years, the kitchen sink full of unwashed pots, pans and plates, dirty underwear and soiled clothes spread all over the floor, this unfortunately is the way that your average black female is living yet they expect black men to bring anything and everything to their beckoning.

I cannot recall how many times I’ve come across pictures of black women taking photos in the mirror complete with what can only be described as a garbage site laying in a pile behind them, where do these women get off? If this is the modern day black female’s idea of levelling up then the mission is already a dead duck out of the gate.

Aren’t these the same women talking about “swirling” and so called “divesting” from black men, right, and which men are going to find this black harriet attractive when number one she’s trying her utmost to look like a white woman and number two, she has a roach crawling on top of her head which she desperately tried to brush off as “hair”, we aren’t stupid over here.

This is why I have to laugh at videos like this one below:

No matter how hard the angry and bitter black sisterhood tries its best to appeal to their white lord and saviour Major Frost, he simply isn’t checking for these black sirens like that. Black women as a collective are so delusional, it’s gotten to the point where they expect all men especially black men to ignore the gutter condition that they’ve thrown themselves into.

Notice, when it comes down to Tik Tok videos of black men and white women, the appeal and the interest goes BOTH WAYS, this is so not the case for the modern day black female on the other hand who as we all know feels the need to dehumanise and denigrate herself in front of white men in the hopes of garnering some sort of attention from them, this is the black woman’s idea of divesting, swirling and levelling up, smh.

Twerking on every corner they can find, tattooed up to the hilt like a pirate, fake eye lashes, fake witch’s nails, 150 pounds of make up on their faces, weave and wig wearing up to the hilt, in most cases they’re overweight, how are any of these appealing to the opposite sex, I’ll wait?

I remember back in the day when I used to frequently various panels on YouTube, I used to ask the pro black simps this simple question according to the corresponding year, in 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021, exactly what is so great about black women that I should consider choosing them over other ethnicities of women?

To date I still haven’t received a quality answer to this day, that speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. Gentlemen, you already know the drill, continue to avoid these sub par black females and their cockroach infested houses/apartments, if anything the roaches moving in and taking up residence are levelling up far more than these black women ever will.

Check out the link below of black men engaging in REAL divestment, leaving the Blackistani hellhole these dysfunctional black harridans created themselves with their own hands.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

You Can’t Level Up With Cockroaches Crawling All Over Your Head And Your House

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “They Demand High Standards But Can’t Even Bring Reasonable Ones To The Table Themselves, Smh!

  1. If I wanted to swim with my future stargate, I could easily do it. She ain’t wearing weave. Her hair gets wet and it’s perfectly okay, but not the negress. Negresses can’t swim cause they can’t get their weave wet. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      I used to swim regularly many years ago, it was extremely rare for me to see a black female in the swimming pool.

  2. I don’t know about you, Verbs, but I’ve personally never seen a piece of hair or glue crawl over somebody’s head before; that ashy roach queen isn’t fooling anybody! I couldn’t finish watching that YouTube video of those swirlers; the comments are another story, but have you noticed how unoriginal the scraggle daggle are? They copy the style of a lot of Black men and non Black women on TikTok; the only difference is Black men and non Black women actually have something to show for their work, and they share mutual interest between themselves. These “divest” daggles can continue to gaslight themselves, but David Carroll has pointed out how many Black women are now starting to acknowledge that there ARE good Black men in existence; as you stated at the end of the article, SYSBM reigns supreme!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Unfortunately, black women believe that everybody around them especially black men are as dumb as they are. Yes, their simp minions aren’t that bright either, however they tend to believe that such a lack of intelligence passes on to the free thinking black man, NOT SO. Divestment, levelling up and swirling as we see are straight up scams, some could even argue attention seeking scams/frauds. It’s funny how black women know where to go to look for a good black man once their options have run out or a Slim Sauce has impregnated them and done a runner.

  3. The only cohort of men on planet earth who obsess over the scraggle daggle, is the black male simp. Unfortunately, this is the majority of black males, and it is so sad. Not all black male simps are thugs with low IQs. But all thuggish, low IQ black males, are simps. Many black male simps have some education, make some money, and can function well in civilized society. Unfortunately for them, they have been brainwashed and conditioned to limit their horizon to the scraggle daggle. Some overcome this in life. I started out as a simp. I have not had the least bit of simp in me in years. I completely overcame it. But most black men will simp their life away.
    In my posts, I sometimes express my anger and disgust with the scraggle daggle’s ratchetness, the black simp’s stupidity, and da communitah’s degeneracy. But most of the time I try to articulate real facts and real information, in the hope that it might enlighten some confused black male simp who is honestly trying to rise above simping.
    The SYSBM movement champions black men. It provides an alternative point of view for black men, that at its core, has their best interests at heart. This is why I am so glad that Verbs, MadBusDriverX, and other SYSBM prophets, are here to stay. The ether is saturated with simp propaganda, aimed at keeping the black man tricked into believing that the scraggle daggle is his destiny. We need a counter to that propaganda.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The black male simp, the main reason why black society continues to trundle even further downhill and why black women believe they can turn to free thinking black men and expect us to perform clean up services once they’ve been ran through, used up and rinsed out by Field Mouse and Shifty Sizzler, nope, that’s not going to happen over here.

  4. Verbs 2015.
    Black women are literally are begging to get with their white lord and saviour so bad that he is not interested in dating black women even though they are putting it on a plate to him. The desperation from black women to get with white men is beyond a joke now. Why would a white man would get with a black woman trying to look like a fake white woman when he can get with his own race of woman that grows her own natural hair from her scalp and who looks feminine from head to toe. As a black man, I never ever begged a non black woman to get with me because she was interested in me from the get go and even if a non black woman wasn’t interested in me I will then move on to find a non black woman who was interested in me because it has to be mutual and go both ways.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Unfortunately black women believe that they can peddle themselves off to white men in their broken down, beyond repair, trying their hardest to look like white women state, however nothing could be further from the truth. Not only that but white men see how black women treat black men overall especially the best and the brightest in black male society and automatically realise that such females can never be trusted no matter what the circumstances. Black men don’t need to beg and plead with non black women to get with us, we simply seek out those who are interested and the rest automatically falls into play.

  5. It isn’t just their apartments, their cars are filthy and unmaintained as well. Hell, even BW’s BODIES are unmaintained, but what else do you expect from the least feminine and most arrogant women in the country?

    1. James SYSBM,

      Fake butts, fake breasts, fake eye lashes, fake hair, tattooed from head to toe like pirates, roach filled apartments, dirty vehicles, overweight, yep, such conditions are sure to attract men from all corners…………..NOT!

  6. You know why these scraggs can’t afford a bed base? Is because that they keep on spending money on that damn weave. And these Tik Tok vids. It looks like these black women on Tik Tok wants a white guy so much so they can have these mix/biracial babies. But the thing is that the white guy is messing around with black women like that. If they want some pussy then they will use them for ghetto gaggers. I have no issues with black women dating out but these black women always end up with the most worthless white dude out there with no job, no money, don’t wanna work, getting into the self employment game, have no car which I’m working on and a home, always on meth and so on. When you see a black women with weave, you must be thinking how her house look like. Is it clean or is it just dirty? And these simps saying that these women are queens? Wow!

    1. Money Cultural,

      It’s funny, had a black female come up to me in my local area begging for money(£1 is normally the nominal fee of request, lol), of course the witch had on a weave on her head. No matter what down and out situation black women are in, they’re guaranteed to have a weave/wig floating on top of their scalp.

      You’ll notice that the fake academic keeps on stating that SYSBM black men have a problem with black women dating out when nothing could be further from the truth, the pro black female/black women first simps are the ones who have major issues seeing their black queanies jump ship, however when you’re practicing yellow journalism and outright lying on a particular group of men, integrity and honesty just like your typical lefties are completely thrown out of the window without hesitation.

      1. Yeah man, that is true. I don’t know why the scragg has weave in her scalp and ask you for one pound. Why is she begging you one pound and she has weave in her hair. I was living in Watford at the time and I was riding my bike to the town centre. I was up St. Albans Road and this black women called me and ask me for a pound. And the woman was wearing weave. No matter where you are, you will see a black woman wearing weave. I was at Seven Sisters, North London yesterday. And I saw this black woman, nice curvy body, big booty and she was wearing weave. So was her friend. They went to the hair and beauty shop for one thing. For black men, looking for a black woman as a partner is getting hard. The weave is one of the reasons.

        1. Money Cultural,

          Unfortunately London and the surrounding areas have now become a breeding ground for drug users and crackheads, this particular black female in question had that wide eyed crackhead type look. The weave/wigs are everywhere, as I’ve stated before weaves/wigs are an indication of broken and severely damaged mentality. Are we not surprised then that most black women walking around are exhibiting some kind of mental dysfunction?

          1. Black women has nothing but insecurities in them. It goes all the way to their childhood. So when you see a black women with weave, something is mentally wrong with her!

            1. When a white woman cuts her hair off, it’s a sign of mental illness.
              When a black woman glues that same hair ON it’s a sign of mental illness.

  7. I know this is a little off topic but, every “lack” female I’ve known who has “hit the wall” has turned into the “Righteous Reverend Shirley Caesar”. All my “exes or friends”, whenever I run into them on the streets are espousing the virtues of the church and how “the lord (white jesus) has changed their lives”, “Man will disappoint you, but the lord never will”…MEANING “I can’t find anybody or nobody wants me”, so I will reside in this delusional world where this white man loves me despite all my flaws. I really don’t have to change only when I around my “church family”, but when I’m in the streets I’m the same old ho’.
    Example: whenever their convinced that I’m not interested in the “church life”, their conversation immediately revert to “how well I look or am I seeing someone or remember the time when we?…” At that point, I remember that she’s cancer and my legs work.
    Peace Brothers,
    Blakstik8 aka Luke Cage

    1. Blakstik8,
      I don’t trust church going black females as far as I can throw them, I’ve written so many articles on black women getting dicked down and reamed out by so called “men of God”, not to mention how much money black female funnel into the coffers of these religious clerics every Saturaday and Sunday, I talked about all of this in my church beast book. Additionally, if you know what specific test buttons to push, it won’t take long for them to once again manifest that Jezebel spirit ie show you their true selves. Church attending black women must be avoided like the plague.

  8. Why would Brad or Chad care about the dag he is more fascinated with Tyrone plucking his wife and daughter. The witch isn’t going down without a final preemptive strike she’s looking to storm the castle before the grid of 911 goes flat. Also like you brothers am tired of seeing useless dating ads with daggles face “this is the girl I want to be with” not in 100 years my ideal is Japanese housewife submissive white girl is just as good.

    1. Frieza00,
      Submissive Japanese women are in such abundance especially if you travel to Japan itself, as I’ve stated before East Asian women as a collective are the least contaminated by the toxic religion of feminism, even though they’re not my first choice, they without question are currently the most feminine, classic, traditional women on the planet. Nobody is interested in the black witch, as Blue Collar Trevor pointed out, black women at this point are simply trying their hardest to hype themselves up, however nobody is falling for this banana in the tailpipe Kansas City Shuffle.

  9. Who doesn’t like seeing roaches crawling all over someone’s scalp? This is disgusting. Just imagine if she has roaches crawling on her head, I can’t even begin to imagine how disgusting her apartment, lady parts are 🤮🤮🤮🙄. This is almost as pathetic as the bitch who used gorilla glue on her scalp 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    I’m not sure if you guys seen that, but one of these broads seriously used gorilla glue to install her weave, and is now trying to sue Gorilla Glue for her stupidity. Sadly, might win given how ridiculous things are today. You can’t make this up.

    Ghetto name, rug on her head, manly looking silverback. But clowns like this demand sensible brothers to “step up”. Right….

    No shot. I’ll take my chance with an actual feminine woman with her own natural hair.

    1. FDC,

      Apparently Gorilla Glue girl Tessica(typical kind of ghetto name these modern day black females roll with) took that money and got herself a Mercedes. I remember a number of years back another black witch getting a substantial amount of money via GofundMe and she also purchased a car(I believe her son was killed). I have standards, I don’t deal with any woman who sport wigs, weaves, fake eye lashes, fake nails, ridiculous amounts of makeup, tattoos, a nasty/rebellious/belligerent attitude, mental health issues, a smelly snatch as well as a dirty apartment/house and is overweight, they can exit stage left as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Tony Stacks,

      The dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all, black women have to have a reachable blame target/punching bag they can use regularly in order to avoid accountability and responsibility for their dysfunctional decisions. The “blame it all on black men culture” is deep rooted within the black female psyche, for this reason alone black women as a collective aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      Additionally, we already know that black women are the least desired females on the planet,(for obvious reasons) which other ethnicities outside of black men are going to accept and deal with them en masse? Enough said

  10. Dark skin, weave, lip piercing, 5 kids, no man in sight, kids with ghetto names, and homeless. This is the Black underclass, this is where Black women’s choices have gotten them:

    I only feel bad for the kids, they had no choice in being born into that situation. Keep the Wall up. Not your woman, not your kids, not your problem.

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