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This Is NOT Healthy Nor Attractive!

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From now on, at the wise suggestion of King Sigma, I’ll be adding an audio option to every article so that you can choose whether to read or listen, see the audio version of this article directly below and please excuse any errors:

No matter how hard it is marketed and promoted, being a fat black woman will never be seen as attractive to the overwhelming majority of black men, only the pro black female worshipping blue pilled simps will break their necks to impress and bend over backwards for these behemoth sized creatures. It’s been stated many times before and it looks like I’m going to have to state the obvious once again, overweight and morbidly obese women are not attractive to the majority of men.

As it stands in 2021, black society is the only place where you’ll find on average the women are larger than the men, black women on average have literally ballooned to over twice the size they were 60 years ago. I’m sorry, I like my women with ample proportionate size, however those two women above as well as land whales like Lizzo are NOT ATTRACTIVE.

Even Lizzo being the fat tub of lard that she is recognises that she needs to shed a lot of pounds, hence why near the end of last year she embarked upon a 10 day smoothie detox diet and to no surprise received a lot of heat for doing so.

Can you imagine that, being lambasted, berated and disparaged because you decided to take care of your health and do something positive towards having a healthier body, only in black society are good deeds laughed at, mocked and ridiculed and I find that it’s predominantly these mentally deranged black females leading the charge in attempting to shame others for making good choices.

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that in some cases losing weight isn’t as simple as changing your diet and exercising because there may be other underlying causes disrupting your hormones and pulling them out of synchronicity that first need to be dealt with.

However, when it comes down to the overwhelming majority of black women, they simply can’t be bothered, whether to lose the weight or to at least begin investigating the causes behind their weight gain(if not diet related). As I’ve already stated in my book Negro Wars, most black women are lazy bums, this is the truth that most folks in black society refuse to accept.

It is incredibly irresponsible and outright stupid for Cosmopolitan Magazine to attempt to promote being morbidly obese as somehow a healthy position, however when it comes down to these lefty publications, what do we expect?

Any women with sense and intelligence would do wise to consult with MEN as to what they find attractive in a woman, don’t bother listening to these silly leftist publications who deceive you into believing that you can walk around looking like an overloaded oil tanker and still garner plenty of attention from the opposite sex, NO!

By the way, the fat black female in the thumbnail for those who don’t know is a British television presenter, actress and personality by the name of Alison Hammond, I only came across her recently when a friend sent me a short clip of her investigating the history of black people in the UK and how we settled here long before white folks ever touched these shores.

Back to the topic at hand, additionally you’ll notice how it will be these same fat black women who will openly engage in guerrilla warfare shaming tactics against black men who prefer younger, child free, slimmer women, often even going as far as to insinuate that such black men should be classified as paedophiles, smh.

The ongoing disparagement war by black women against black men continues, more free thinking brothers will continue to exit the building and there isn’t a damn thing that these broken beyond repair black termagants can do to change the tide.

How dumb is your average black woman in 2021, she still thinks that she can use the shaming and guilt tripping witchcraft techniques in order to try to get black men to return to the plantation while at the same time looking like a water buffalo and behaving like a rabid dog, all the best on that one. Black women continue to reign supreme as the fattest women on the planet. #SYSBM

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40 thoughts on “This Is NOT Healthy Nor Attractive!

      1. I’m surprised Exxon didn’t sue them for copyright infringement on their oil tanker design.

  1. Couple of years ago big women look up to monique as a role model then she (monique) lost some weight and they turned on her.

    1. Same thing happened with Oprah a long time ago. The funny thing about Oprah was that black AND white women turned on her.

    2. Remember Rebel Wilson?

      She started losing weight, and the entertainment industry went apesh*t on her.

  2. ” often even going as far as to insinuate that such black men should be classified as paedophiles, smh.”

    i heard this comparison of black men to pedophiles before. an American based escort on twitter who descriminate against black men compared them to pedophiles

    1. Beat Man,

      The paedophile card is the black female’s sideways attempt to guilt you into accepting her in her post wall, downtrodden, broken state over younger, fresher women with less mileage and who are more intact.

  3. Good Monday morning, SYSBM brothers! So, I clicked on the link to Cosmopolitan’s article to get a look at the females who are being represented as examples of health, and what I suspected was pretty much confirmed; the non Black women of color were all in pretty decent shape as well as some of the White women (of course they had to put a fat White woman, a crippled White woman, and a midget White woman). As for the Black women, the two who were fit were either mixed race or looked racially ambiguous; the dark skinned oil tanker was the only one who was unmistakably Black. I know I can’t be the only one who observes how these left leaning publications make the dark skinned scraggle daggle the fattest model; is it any wonder why they are the least desired of all women? The scraggle daggles fail to realize when the world is disrespecting them to their fat faces in the name of ‘diversity’. #SYSBM

    1. Well rEpReSenTatiOn mAttErS to these black wildebeests. It’s all they care about.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        No problem, overweight black women can represent their fat selves over in a different corner and NOT expect free thinking black men to scoop them up just because the simps they created worship and grovel at their feet, we are NOT one and the same, the sooner these disjointed sirens accept this, the better.

    2. When it comes to this, Black Lives Matter and voting democrat, black women love to be merchandised, sold and taken advantage of – to their faces. The light skinned chicks were all fit as fuck.

    3. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These leftie publications don’t seem to realise that you cannot force men to find overweight women attractive, admittedly some men do, however they are in the distinct minority. Most men go for women who are in shape, from legitimately thick(not these fatties that are being labelled as “thick” by the pro black female foot soldiers to slim. I really don’t understand how black women can walk around and be proud looking like wide load hippos, smh.

    4. I think society does see it, but for Whites to make that observation they’ll be painted as racist. That is why they stay silence on many of these issues. Remember only a Arab comedian has been able to get away with saying the Black heckler was an example of why Black men are dating White women.

      I am glad BHM is almost over, it’s a complete joke because the sign post that would point to the success of failure of Government policies when it comes to the health, wealth and wellbeing of Black men and Black women for that matter has not improved one iota, it’s worsen by all measurements.

      That is why it’s time to strike. I am making a serious move in the next 30-60 days. It’s time to light these shines up but like you Verbs, they will come after you so the infrastructure need to be in place first. Like the audio add-on.

  4. Verbs 2015.
    Excellent audio clip Verbs. Society can shame men all they want in trying to get us to date and be interested in fat overweight women but that’s not going to work because men in general worldwide are hardwired to like younger childfree in shape good looking women who have good health, who is slim or athletic build because that is a clear indication that she values herself and takes good care of her body and has a pleasant and feminine personality. Men in general throughout the world are not interested in dating ugly women, fat women, single mothers, sarcastic women, women who think that just because they have a degree and a well paid job that they think that they are better than men, feminist women and rude women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      They keep on trying to repackage fat black females in a way they believe will make them appealing to your average man, sorry, that is NOT going to happen. Black women will never be able to circumvent the fact that they need to lose weight, we always see white women in the gym working hard, the black witch however is nowhere to be found because she doesn’t want to ruin her weave, smh.

    2. 100 – Western culture has a real problem on it’s hands. But as somebody said in the comments a few weeks ago, big business loves Feminisms. They are benefiting from the increased buying power of women, including the oft mentioned “Pink” tax that is a real thing.

      Ironically most married women are protected from the most expensive forms of the Pink tax that come from automotive repairs and vehicle sales.

      SYSBM can save Western Culture from itself but has to come to terms with a bi-racial future which the Government has accepted but the population hasn’t. As you correctly state continued belief in racial purity.

  5. They let Fake Academic Fountain guest edit this month’s Cosmopolitan? 🤣 Man, the drive to re-educate men along the decadent woke doctrine never lets up… But then again what kind of man is reading Cosmo?
    No woman that dark and **OBESE** will ever be happy with themselves. Lizzo isn’t kidding herself, she knows the writing on the wall and it makes her cry to sleep. Celebrating looking like two merged aircraft carriers won’t get you top of the shelf Tyrone (more like Yaya bin Hotep).
    Like I said before it got taken down, White women are better (generally!) and at losing weight – Rebel Wilson lost 2 stone and is on track to lose 3. I want to get hard looking at Rebel, not at some amphibious attack tank.

    1. Michel,

      Let’s also not forget our long time no see nor hear from resident pro black simp D32018, remember he told us that fat black women are an overlooked catch, however he labelled them as “full figured”, lol. Here’s his article from 2017, smh:

      I’m just waiting for the fake Academic to create a video talking about fat black women and how they’re being marginalised and persecuted within black society when nothing could be further from the truth, you already know that video is coming, lol.

      Like I stated before, most black women are chronically overweight, lazy and expect all black men to accept them in such a rundown state, sorry, not this bloke over here, nope, that’s never going to happen.

      1. I refuse to believe @d1ckh38d wrote that Pulitzer prize-losing article. Full, coherent sentences and well thought out arguments (however wrong they are) just doesn’t chime with that simp’s usual one word refrain of R O A S T E D N U T S¡¡!

  6. Ancient and Modern Britons (book series) by David MacRitchie is a good read if you want to know about the previous darked hued peoples that lived on that Island, including the Picts, the Britons, etc.

  7. You know some savages are running all up into Jaimee Mays ass raw as we speak lol.

  8. Being skinny or slim is way more attractive to me than an obese overweight land whale. There is a reason why I eat a lot of vegetables that can maintain my balanced diet to lose a bit of weight and never gain so much weight. I wish I could go swimming again but can’t do it due to covid restrictions. Swimming is more effective than gym workouts at home. Whenever I see a black male simp with a negress, I’m disappointed and see it as a sign of failure. My brother and brother-in-law is married to negresses like my sister. They won’t see it that way but I personally do. Both of them can do so much better in life without a negress. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Swimming has to be one if not the best exercise out there, I was swimming like a true professional back in my hay day. Can’t take a black witch swimming because her weave will be ruined, smh. Black women as a collective have thrown their image and reputation so deep into the sewers that they’re seen as a booby prize, the black male simp however doesn’t see things this way, he worships and adores his “fat black queanies”.

  9. Verbs2015,

    Great article. Hard truth. And da communitah hates the hard truth about itself, and especially hates anyone who speaks truth to it.
    “No matter how hard it is marketed and promoted, being a fat black woman will never be seen as attractive to the overwhelming majority of black men”.
    You are being overly generous to black males with this statement. Take the land whale above. The one in the skin tight light blue outfit. The majority of black males I know, would find her overwhelmingly attractive, because she has a big round ass, her waistline is much smaller than her hips, and her stomach is relatively flat. Plus, they would be turned on by her long multicolored blond wig/weave. Now, this woman might very well be morbidly obese in a clinical sense. But, the majority of black males in the current era are simps, who would find this land whale to be a goddess. I like to believe that the black male collective writ large, has not always been in the degenerate state that it is in today. But the overwhelming majority of today’s black male collective are simps for the scraggle daggle, and their standards are low to nonexistent. The truth might hurt, but I have to say it.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      This is why I had to follow that sentence up with:

      “only the pro black female worshipping blue pilled simps will break their necks to impress and bend over backwards for these behemoth sized creatures.”

      Your average black man with his head screwed on straight is going to look at those fatties above and feel disgusted and repulsed by them, the emasculated, yellow bellied, blue pilled simp however will quite happily drink the dirty bath water of the fattest black female he can find. No thanks, not me, I’ll pass, I’m good.

  10. My exes where fat. One was from Kingston, Jamaica who was a big time gold digger and the other one was living in Church End, North West London. When I saw the Cosmopolitan magazine cover, if they are goanna put a fat woman on the cover, they will goanna put a fat black woman there as they know that 90 per cent of black women are fat. And the Jaimee May. I know that she has weave, blonde but some of the black men will ignore that I see her ass when she turn around. The first girl I ever had sex with was a fat chick in 1995 when I was 13 and I know I got her pregnant as I heard her vomit in the upstairs toilet and she was 12 at the time. And the last black girl I had sex with was with a fat chick who was a single mother and her house was dirty in Stonebridge in 2012. But anyhow, MGTOW, SYSBM and IBMOR including thinking black women knows that the majority of black women are fat. But there are some simps and scarggle daggles say that black men are with fat white women. Yes, I agree but the thing is this. The fat white woman knows that she’s fat and she knows also that she can grow her long wavy hair and black women have to buy it and glue it and the black men who is dealing with a fat white woman is not suffering the stress and the headache when it comes to with a black woman. The obesity rate with black women is very, very high but it’s been like that for years now.

    1. Money Cultural,

      The issue I have is the fact that black women as a collective alongside their simp flunkies are trying their hardest to push forward this fat acceptance witchcraft racket and promote being overweight as well as being unhealthy as a normal thing. I remember Christelyn Karazin a few years ago hosted some kind of swirling event, no surprises when various photos from that event surfaced that the overwhelming majority of black women who attended were overweight(and butter faced). Bottom Shelf Brad and Chad don’t do fat black women by a long shot, if black women believe that they can literally roll over the fence as fully loaded aircraft carriers and snag themselves a white man, an extremely rude awakening awaits them.

      1. Yeah! Chad and Bottom Shelf Brad don’t like black fat women. Right, Gabby Sidibe and her man. You know why he’s with her is because that she has money bro. So the man has hit the jackpot with the rich fatty. And these simps pushing the fat acceptance movement. These simps are pushing the fat acceptance just to get some punany. Look, these simps are just strategizing just to get some. I know that black men are with fat white women but most of the time, black men are mostly with fat black women. There is a guy from Kershaw, South Carolina who has two fat girlfriends and I think he’s making them fatter!
        I Admit that I have approached big women from black and white but a black man rather be with a fat white woman then be with a fat black woman.

  11. I hope SYSBM enjoy their Valentine’s day on Sunday. I hope you and your snow bunnies broke the bed, star! Breed it up!

  12. Like I said before, the only thing I like fat/big on a woman is the butt. Every time I hear that being big is beautiful crap, it just makes me wanna vomit so bad. What the hell is so sexy about a fat woman? Fat women don’t turn me on period. Then of course, the black simps would make the slick move calling them thick and curvy, like no my dude. Try again! When I talk about I like my women thick and curvy, I mean the hourglass body figure, or the tone pear body figure. Being obese is not healthy, period. I don’t give a damn what nobody says. That instagram post with the chick saying “I just wanna be ya girl,” she can’t be my girl because I don’t do hoodrats at all.

    My Discord Link:

  13. “being a fat black woman will never be seen as a attractive to the majority of black men” Its not attractive to the majority of men regardless of color.So all to these divest women better jump on a treadmill instead of this fat acceptance bs if they actually want to divest.Cause Lord knows bw love obesity and will defend this stance at any cost devoid all logic and even at the expenses of their image and health.

  14. Perfect for the Open Mic Wednesday. Looks like some media outlets are telling the truth about this PLANdemic. The jig looks like it is well on its way to being up.
    ‘Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic’: Alan Jones.

    Sky News host Alan Jones says he has warned time and time again the political leaders who are the architects of this coronavirus response will not be able to escape the criticism that is now finding its way into the public place.

    It comes as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, on Wednesday penned an article in the Australian Financial Review announcing his resignation from his position.
    Mr Sabhlok wrote he resigned “so that I would be able to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection”.
    “I made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them.
    “I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia,” Mr Sabhlok wrote.
    Mr Sabhlok continued to note a number of his other criticisms over the response to the virus.
    “One question remains, how many others have been silenced across all arms of government, including in Canberra,” Mr Jones said.
    Mr Jones also reiterated his call for a national advertising campaign to “tell the public the truth about the fact this virus is not a pandemic”.

    Hopefully more comes out! Wouldn’t be surprised if he “DIES FROM COVID 19” soon.

  15. I’ll be honest, I like thick women. Keyword: THICK. CURVY. Not 100+ bigger than me all while being much shorter! Also, I’ve noticed that more and more black women, namely the fat ones, are lacking in the breast department. Wtf?!! Fat but with no boobs, how the hell does that happen?

    Black women, as we’ve pointed out, are also increasingly short. White women are the tallest women. Asian women are typically the shortest, and they don’t have even a fraction of the obesity rates of black women. Helps when you don’t eat a steady diet of hog maws, chitlins, and hot Cheetos and Takis sandwiches.

    It’s amazing that half of these chicks can even get pregnant when these simps nut up in them, most women LOSE fertility at certain sizes.

    I’ve seen that fat black woman on the magazine before, she was on some commercial doing yoga. Yeah, if you’re that damn big, yoga probably ain’t gonna cut it. Those commercial makers and advertisers know what they’re doing, they’re clowning the hell out of black women. The face of black female fitness and she looks straight out of pork rinds.

    These chicks wouldn’t look good thinner either, that’s the thing. Rebel Wilson can be fat and you still know she’s pretty if she loses weight. Gabourey Sideofbiscuits would look like one of your homeboys if thin, hell, she’d look like Money Cultural.

  16. >> “I just wanna be ya girl”

    Really? No thanks!
    In fact, I just wanna get the fcuk OFF this insane Planet of the Apes.
    There’s got to be some place better & more sane in the Universe than this dive of a planet.
    Seriously, black womin as a collective have hit ROCK BOTTOM. Even the sewer rats are more intelligent than these scraggles. God damn!! smdh

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