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This is exactly what happens when you put your faith and trust in the State as well as believe that your rights come from the government and not the Most High God, you’ll be sorely disappointed, shafted and let down every single time.

This is what most so called UK authorities do, build your hopes up only to dash them down at the 11th hour. Once you understand and fully accept that governments, local authorities as well as the police are actively working against you to destroy your businesses, livelihoods as well as your own lives, the dynamic in how you view them completely changes and thus so do your actions towards them in accordance with your new understanding.

This is unfortunately a sample of what we’re currently dealing with in the UK for the most part, a bunch of ultra obedient, weak and spineless cowards who believe that if they simply go along with the government diktats and cooperate with the local council, in time everything will work out just fine, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Most folks including blacks over here are spiritually dead, they have no idea what is actually taking place and honestly believe that the UK government is looking out for their best interests.

I really cannot understand the UK public, they’re pushing back heavily against the vaccine, yet they don’t seem to understand that those who own businesses must once again begin operating them from NOW in order to avoid falling into the trap of having to be reliant upon the State for money because their business folded from being closed for too long.

Here is the link to a petition of the UK public asking the government not to introduce vaccine passports(which were already planned out and drafted up from June 2020), smh:

What part of NOT negotiating with terrorists don’t the people of the United Kingdom understand? I seem to remember during slavery that it was those slaves who rose up and fought for their freedom,(such as the Maroons) were the ones who eventually obtained liberty.

Freedom/liberty has to be fought for NOT begged for, this has always been the case throughout history. Regrettably most men in the UK have been castrated and domesticated, conquered and defeated, your 12 Gauge Mike, Cheezy Grillz, Slim Sauce roadman type Negroes have plenty of fire in the tank to fight amongst themselves as well as kill each other, however the government who is the root cause of their problems they’re deeply afraid of, the Covid propaganda truly has these dudes shook out here.

If you’re unable to relocate to a different part of the world, at least try to ensure that you’re not surrounded by cowards and weak people who blindly obey government rules and regulations without question, as such individuals can and will turn on you when times get really tough.

Unfortunately now these wizards and warlocks in the name of so called “science and public health” are now coming after children with these Covid “vaccines”, you remember, the same children they’ve forever been telling us are completely unaffected by Covid:

Any parent who’s stupid and wicked enough to deliver up their child for this experimental sorcery doesn’t deserve life yet alone any offspring. If this potion doesn’t outright kill their child then you already know that it will ensure those children who are given it will grow up sterile and won’t be able to have children of their own.

Again, just in case people have forgotten what the true agenda is here, allow me to point you to the words of the dark wizard Bill Gates himself:

Remember, there is an extremely large contingent of doctors, nurses and physicians around the world  who have already spoken out against the vaccine and advised people NOT to take it, however these individuals have received very little if any attention or coverage from the lamestream media. Click on the red dot to play the video below:

Always remember that in order to discover the truth about this Covid Scamdemic, places like YouTube are now officially dead, YouTube has now turned into a platform that is only catering towards folks who want laughs and giggles, the platform should not be taken seriously when researching and trying to get down to the bottom of this engineered crisis. Meanwhile in other news, UN Women decided to troll black women by posting this on Valentines Day:

You’ll notice that everybody in the picture has a significant other including the black man at the far right together with a white female, however who is left standing by herself forced to hug herself, that’s right, the black female.

Folks aren’t stupid out here, the modern day black female’s astronomically high single rate hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst other groups, remember, these are the same black women who are constantly declaring themselves as “strong and independent” and how they “don’t need a man”, the UN Women’s graphic simply reflects the modern day black female’s life.

“I can do bad all by myself”, this is what we’re constantly hearing coming from the mouths of most black women, now in light of the graphic going viral, they want to cry foul and play the victim, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here folks, you’ve got the floor, roll the dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. The fact that there is medical doctors being silenced from mainstream media about the truth of this planned plandemic just confirms not only agenda 21, but also for depopulation by UN agenda 2030. I don’t know why people believe in petitions. That ain’t going to solve anything. There is no such thing as democracy. Human rights are being taken away by local authority politicians, police, elite governments and possibly the military that could lead to martial law. The UN knows negresses are the biggest failures not only in the west but the whole world. Negresses need charities to aid African kids starving in Africa. Typical negress having kids they can’t afford in unstable environments. Black male simps globally are the biggest problem. I refuse to be treated like a guinea pig for these vaccines. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Bill Gates has successfully gotten the mainstream media in the West to push into obscurity any viable treatments that don’t involve vaccines. The majority of people will always be the problem, they blindly trust in so called authority and always fail to question recommendations and guidances that are obviously questionable to those who are awake.

      Human rights aren’t really that good because there are always other humans who believe they can remove those rights from you, this is why I much prefer God given rights as they’re inalienable, they cannot be moved, waived or taken away by any man or government.

      What has now come is exactly what most people have been trying to avoid, literally having to fight for their rights

    2. @Witwijf,
      I concur which is why i call the hospitals “companies” and each one should have that in there title on the building outside here in the US. I pissed off a guy that works in the hospital with this statement I do not care.

    1. Michel,

      I’m struggling to understand why certain shops and supermarkets are going beyond what the government guidelines state, you don’t need to acquire any official documents to demonstrate your exemption, you don’t need to declare your exemption if questioned and you don’t need to wear a badge or a lanyard:

      If they’re going to fall in line with the government guidelines then they need to fall in line properly, this yellow sticker garbage is well out of line, as if they can’t do their research and discover that Hitler forced the Jews to wear yellow stars.

      I partly blame the general public most of whom are still fast asleep at the wheel, they’ve no idea of the inferno they’re sleepwalking into the longer they continue to happily go along with the program, smh.

  2. I have a few questions on this so called quean. Why did she allow her baby to be out of her presence with man that is not the father.

    I think most of you’s would have seen this?

    In my opinion he should have called for help. I think this was the case he’s damned if he does and he’s damned he doesn’t. Employers do have some draconian rules that the public don’t understand.
    What do you guys think of this?

    As was said about petitions I agree they don’t work. Unless people take action they deserve what they get. It’s harsh but it’s true. I predict the UK government has till the beginning of summer to last after that all bets are off.

  3. Verbs 2015.
    I never liked or trusted the UK government because they are using this covid 19/ scamdemic situation as a opportunity to control peoples lives and livelihoods by closing down their own businesses, forcing employers/companies to sack people or make them redundant due to the social distancing bullshit and this government is also forcing people to wear masks due to the fake rise in covid 19 cases/ deaths. Like I said before I ain’t taking that bloody vaccine because I know for a fact it will kill me and I am not even a doctor. Even the above video clip showed you that all these well qualified doctors throughout the world are warning us not to take the vaccine because they can also see through the bullshit and they also believe that every human being on the planet deserves to have a chance in life and that they shouldn’t be forced to do things against their free will. Only black women have themselves to blame in the current situation that they are in when they are depicted in negative memes throughout the world due to their bad behaviours and that no quality man in his right mind would want to date them.

    1. Interesting how therapeutics like HCQ, natural remedies like Neem leaf and the already scientific proven herd immunity concept are completely eliminated from the equation. It’s a scandal that people’s lives could have been saved with cheap drugs, instead of having their lungs blown out by a respirator.
      Hat tip to the brother here who recommended Neem 👍

  4. Interesting how therapeutics like HCQ, natural remedies like Neem leaf and the already scientific proven herd immunity concept are completely eliminated from the equation. It’s a scandal that people’s lives could have been saved with cheap drugs, instead of having their lungs blown out by a respirator.
    Hat tip to the brother here who recommended Neem 👍

  5. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! The US is experiencing some extreme winter weather this week, but Florida is still sunny and nice; I’ve actually been unable to get to work this week because the roads are so treacherous, and my employer has advised me to stay home until the roads improve. Now, to start this Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday, I’ll address this UN Women tweet that shows just how the United Nations really feel about the scraggle daggle; they show what appears to be a White feminist and Punjabi woman embracing each other, an elderly couple, & an SYSBM Practitioner with a snow bunny (SYSBM for the win), while the Black woman is all by herself. What better representation of the “strong, independent Black woman who don’t need no man” caricature do you need?

    This week in “Believe All Women”, a NY scraggle daggle by the name of Kalina Collier went on vacation to Jamaica in late January, and sparked an internet firestorm when she made posts on social media alleging she had been kidnapped or was being held against her will, garnering online support from many people, including celebrities like Amanda Seales; turns out, after having tested positive for the “beer bug”, she made the whole thing up to avoid the 14-day quarantine (as required by Jamaica’s health protocols):

    After being criticized for lying (and rightfully so), she sought to justify herself by blaming the hotel and Jamaican authorities for trying to hold her accountable for her blatant dishonesty by having Collier make a statement that she was okay and never in any danger, but the daggle is bereft of all accountability and moral integrity; she’s since been fired from her job as a flight attendant at JetBlue Airlines. The world is getting tired of Black women and their foolishness; I hope that Jamaica bans this heifer from traveling along with her block headed friends who left bad reviews of the hotel. Don’t believe women, believe SOLID evidence; lastly, as we always encourage you to do, save yourselves and be free! #SYSBM

  6. Stressful day for me with the Virgin Media getting cut off and me ready to cuss them. But you want stresses me the most is Bill Gates voice and his damn vaccine. He’s just a mass murderer with glasses on. He should off went to spec savers and get some decent ones. But hoping everyone is doing well. Hope SYSBM is doing alright. Right, let me tell you something. When I was living in Brent, I wanted a flat from the council. I ask them time and time again for them to give me a flat. And then I just stopped bidding and look elsewhere. Let me tell you something. Do not really on the government. They will do nothing for you. I rather really on the most high more then the government. They have done nothing for people. With the vaccine they are jooking people with, it’s killing people. There is a old Jamaican saying and it goes “Duppy nuh fraid fi frighten!”

  7. As Verbs stated, most of these people are spiritually dead. The sad part is, those in organized religions, namely negroes in the church, are the most blinded. They think their religious affiliation shields them, when it’s anything but. After all, after years of letting that pastor treat you like a cheap whore and not use your brain, why not let the government have some fun?!!

    I hope that even these conservatives in the states stop sucking up to the police now. They’ve chosen a side, and it ain’t for the people. Likewise, I better not EVER hear someone say, “the military is about protecting rights and freedoms.” Please tell me one right or freedom that was protected during all of this by the fact that someone’s loved one got blown up in Fallujah?

    Also, all that shit in the media for YEARS about Russia? Just imagine if a fraction of that fire was directed toward China. A MUCH more “Christian” nation is constantly blasted, but the communist devil hole of China is praised and fellated?

    Shop owners should just open up, with NO socialist BS, btw. That’s the only way you win.

    As always, the same negroes who harangue the slave trade will gladly rejoin it. The only ones worldwide who are fighting this shit en masse are white people, that’s unarguable. I will give some credit though because Haiti has had less than 1000 deaths from this “virus” and has had packed out concerts with no masks, distancing or any of that stuff. Why? Yep, hydroxychloroquine. They take it al the time for malaria, so they’re good. That lets you know this WHOLE thing is political.

    1. Keep an eye out for Haiti. Maybe black folks will start waking up from their democratic plantation once that atrocity gets revealed…

  8. Are you guys keeping up with what is going on with Cuomo in New York and the nursing home coverup?

    It’s bad. Feds finally investigating it. Even liberals are calling for his head. Hopefully he is at the very least impeached and removed from office. Deblasio hopefully is next as NYC controls this state.

    On another serious topic, how are you brothers who are down in Texas and in the south doing?

    1. Had no idea Cuomo was such an asshole. Nursing home deaths higher than reported? Covering up their tracks? Threatening co-workers? “Who cares?”
      Hopefully the FIBs give him a cheap Caribbean holiday with a room for one.

  9. Watched Naomi Osaka hand Serena Williams her ass last night. I loved every second of it. While I can’t deny that Serena Williams was very good at tennis, everything else about her repulsed me. And one day, the truth will come out about her use of male hormone drugs to enhance her performance.

    A female does not morph from having a normal female athletic physique, to having the physique of a huge male body builder with breasts; not unless she’s using some sort of steroids or hormones. The drug tests are beatable. With the aid of skilled physicians, many athletes have learned how to beat the drug tests. Barry Bonds beat the drug tests for years. The truth will out itself, about Serena Williams.

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