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Why Are You So Concerned With Who Another Black Man Chooses To Date/Marry? These Pro Blackity Black Simps Stay Homosexual!

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Again, as has been pointed out numerous times before, notice how these so called “keep it real”, black love, blackity black unity Negroes have white women on the brain more than they claim we do. These dudes think in exactly the same manner as the black women who raised them, constantly cackling and hen pecking over another black man’s choice to expand upon his dating preferences, this is why I have to call these dudes out as homosexual because only a sodomite concerns himself with where another black man is choosing to place his family jewels.

These dudes are constantly harping on about who this black guy over here is dating and who that black guy over there is sleeping with, what heterosexual grown men engage in such behaviour, I’ll wait? You have to laugh really, these guys use the same lame duck, redundant talking points as the black sirens who put the batteries in their backs and wind them up.

“The white man’s last trick is his white woman. It will be up to the black man to realise this and make sure he avoids this. The black man has to be strong and intelligent and avoid this. My melinated brother you must make it your business to marry and have a family with the black woman and the black woman only”.

Really woman??? In 2021 do you think it’s that hard for free thinking black men to make the decision and move over to white and other non black women when they have to contend with misandrist female counterparts such as the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G, Paris Milan, Sheraseven1, Tonya TKO, Chrissie, Crystal Swirlz, The High Priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin etc.

These slimy critters are nothing but washed up black female failures who are desperately trying to keep the “I hate heterosexual black men/blame everything on the black man” flame lit and fanned because without this bullet in the clip, their core audience(mostly consisting of ran through, washed up, angry, bitter and broken babymothers)would disappear immediately.

I realise that these deceitful buzzard black feminists require black men and the disparagement thereof to remain in the overwhelming majority of their discussions, in order to keep their supporters satisfied. It’s extremely hard being a black woman, especially when you’re faced with the task of taking up responsibility for the bad decisions you’ve made in life and not having the “blame the black man/it’s the black man’s fault” card to hand.

The above witch’s coven is predominantly who these pro black, blue pilled jackals get their talking points and marching orders from, as long as there are folks like this constantly slinging shots at heterosexual black men, websites such as will ALWAYS be a necessity to counteract and push back the misandry, the propaganda as well as the slander slung in our direction.

Here we go again, Mr Incel himself Shawn James to the rescue, always talking a big talk about black love yet out of his own mouth the guy has already admitted that he hasn’t had a girlfriend since 1989, smh, come on bruh. What’s even more disturbing are the guys who follow him and hang onto his every word especially in relation to dating and foreign women and this is despite the enormous discrepancy in his dating life, smh.

The reality of the matter is as I stated in Negro Wars, these simp stooges are the black female’s last bastion of hope in avoiding being cast upon Mount Singledom forever, even though they have a million and one simps to choose from, they still aren’t satisfied, they still want the “educated lames” to bow down at their feet and worship them even though they’ve mocked, laughed at and ridiculed non criminal minded, intelligent, educated, progressive black men for the longest.

Gentleman, this is what we have to contend with, it’s understandable why black women would be upset at the sight of more black men choosing to give them a wide berth, however these black men who are engaging in the same shaming and guilt tripping techniques have to be called out as homosexuals plain and simple, straight black men do not concern themselves over where other black men are choosing to place their private members.

By the way, this is the main reason why we have no problems call out the fake academic Aaron Fountain as a suspected homosexual, again, simply because heterosexual grown men DO NOT obsess and concern themselves with what other black men are doing in terms of sexual exploits, however Fountain Top would have you believe that he’s being maliciously  labelled as homosexual just for the fun of it, WRONG!

The main elephant in the room that these dick police officers are purposely omitting is the fact that black men in the overwhelming majority of circumstances are turned over and shafted by BLACK WOMEN, not white or other non black women. Why are these guys so afraid to highlight the numerous cases of skullduggery towards black men coming from the black female camp itself?

That “dem white woman are gonna get ya” line is well outdated, it’s Admiral Lime’s righthand flunky in the form of the modern day black female that black men have to be afraid of and look out for the most, she is the one continually shafting and stabbing black men in their backs, not Becky.

With black women at the helm black society as a whole has literally turned into a court jester’s entertainment block, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my entire life. The bottom line is NOBODY is going to shame free thinking black men out of exercising their dating preferences, you’d think that these dick police detectives and their black female overlords would’ve learned this by now, oh well, they will eventually. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are The Biggest Threat To Black Men, Not White Women

Most High Bless

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77 thoughts on “Why Are You So Concerned With Who Another Black Man Chooses To Date/Marry? These Pro Blackity Black Simps Stay Homosexual!

  1. What I find to be utterly ridiculous is the amount of queans and simps playing dick police when black men date interracially are amazingly silent when it comes to black women dating anyone but black men. Where is the outrage? Where are think pieces? Just sycophantic nonsense that furthers their dysfunction and delusion.

    1. So Stoop Kid aka Shawn James is at it again huh? Some of these cats are definitely homosexuals but I think some of them really want to date out but don’t have the backbone to do so. They just took the bad deal of getting into a relationship with the black witch & her demonic offspring because up until recently that’s what black men have done for the most part. These cats didn’t realize they had the right to say no to the black witch & they’re mad because we were smart enough to get the fuck outta Dodge! It’s just crabs in the barrel mentality in it’s purest form! They want us to come back so we can be miserable too & they can feel better about themselves for their dumb ass decision to remain in the Daggleverse!

      1. Val Zod,

        I know many black men who dick police other black men. I have black male relatives who do this. All of these black men are totally heterosexual. In fact, they all crave and worship the black scraggle daggle.
        What do all these black men have in common ? They are all extreme simps to the black scraggle daggle. In every case, these men make a big show of criticizing and demonizing other black men whenever they are talking to a black scraggle daggle about black men.
        It doesn’t matter whether they are talking about black male athletes, black male entertainers, educated professional black men, working class black men, or never do well thugs. They all seem to be of the opinion that if they show the black scraggle daggle that they side with her against black men in all matters under the sun, that they will win her favor and have a much better chance at her toxic cooch.

      2. General Zod this is why we have to carve out our own community and this is critical. We need our own media attack dogs as this will be talked about more and more on mainstream media going forward.

        The Daggleverse has attack dogs already.

    2. Burt,

      Black women and the simps who worship them apply the black witch’s philosophy, one rule for herself, another completely different set of rules for black men. Black women in their own eyes are permitted to date interracially, black men however are forbidden and additionally are expected to “keep it real” and be loyal to a group of females who know absolutely nothing about loyalty to begin with, smh.

  2. I understand why pro blacks want a black amalgam so them wanting black men to marry black women is what it is. However. can they please get some new quotes I have literally heard those old quotes for over a decade or two. Heck my Uncle who was stationed over in Korea and married a Korean woman they are nearing there either 45-50 year anniversary idk. She said she heard that quote over 50 years ago also.

    1. They are aware that there are brothers who engage with Black women but from the horn of Africa. Some parts anyway that are not contaminated of course. Which as I recall there was a mention in one of the tenets of SYSBM.

      Here it is:
      Third Tenet: SYSBM is all about expanding one’s options to date, marry & procreate with high quality women of different ethnicities outside of U.S. including Black Women. That are good quality, feminine, in-shape, natural-looking, submissive, cooperative & child-free.

      1. Bonus: SYSBM reject scraggle-daggles from women of all cultures and races.

    2. G1,

      Pro blacks just like these modern day black females fail to move with the times, the old guilt trip techniques and shaming tactics don’t work anymore especially in light of the modern day black female’s current in the gutter condition. If black women as a collective were honest with themselves and had no problems with self scrutiny and self examination, they would understand exactly why more black men are choosing to abandon them for greener pastures.

    3. Now you know why many Black servicemen never came back. Including the men who sang for Mili Vanili, among many other things Black American men have done in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

      When I was in Europe in 2007, I thought seriously about moving to Germany, Norway, Sweden or The Netherlands.

      I should have, from 2007 to 2017 I would have easily carved out a nice life with a non-BW before my parents health started to fail them.

  3. Everything they project onto “Trophy Becky” black women themselves do in the rare instance they can snag a high-value Black man. But instead of using the Black man’s body, divorce and child support to “generate generational wealth,” they generate wealth for Asian beauty supply/weave shop/bundles and Italian designers/clothing manufacturers, not for their own children. And as you stated, what’s the deal with these homos and incels like Shawn James clocking where another Black man puts his penis? Hella sus behavior. But we all know these matriarchal simp drones are not men. And of course, stone silence about the divesters, swirlers and neo-Mammies who not only (try to) date out, but do so loudly, trying to get the attention of the very Black Men they’re so-called “divesting” from lol. SYSBM has had these hoes shook for the past 5 years at least, from Trump coming in cutting Section 8, double-minority gubmint job hiring freeze, Backpage shutdown (no more lowkey hoeing) to the current pandemic. These “strong independent” bitches are scrambling for the same so-called “good men” they curbed for decades and have been scooped up by Becky, Ling and Marisol, with even Pooja now getting in on the IR action lol. As you pointed out, they’ve got their choice of ready-made simps but they don’t want them, either. Kevin Samuels has exposed the desperation of these German Shepherds all of a sudden wanting to be “wives.” All that independent bullshit is out the window. This new generation of young brothas is no longer falling for the shaming tactics and are not motivated to save these hoes, I’ve waited decades to see it. Keep expanding your horizons, gents, and start young. Black hoes raise your blood pressure, White hoes raise your credit score.

    1. I think that Kevin Samuels has basically changed the game, love him or hate him.

      1. Yup pretty much. His whole thing is to get BM & BW together but an unintended side effect is that his videos show the thinking brothas with options how delusional and toxic these BW are. You do everything right, stay out of trouble, no criminal record, no liens, no warrants, get good grades, get a good job and old, fat, washed up multiple babymamas are your reward. Expecting you to pay top dollar for used goods and other niggas kids. Like I said in the last entry even the attractive, lightskin viable ones can find a way not to be shit. Usually on some 3rd wave feminist man hating shit. How many dudes silently checking out after watching his videos lol.

      2. True, he did what Tommy refused to do which is moderate his speech. In Tommy’s defense as he said recently he talks like that because if he talked like KS most of it would go over the heads of the Black Community that does the most damage to our collective reputation.

        He’s addressing the very Simps, Midnight Freddy’s and 12 Gange Mikes to get them to change direction. Those willing to listen do, but it’s often when they have no other choice but to change. Otherwise they would end up in jail for long periods of time or dead.

    2. >Kevin Samuels has exposed the desperation of these German Shepherds all of a sudden wanting to be “wives.”
      German Shepherds: “Hey brother – don’t associate us with the scraggle. Even WE have standards!”

    3. Schadenfreude,

      Over 4 years ago Professor Trick Daddy tried to warn black women exactly what would happen if they continued down the said destructive path, they didn’t listen and now look at the mess they’re in. As I’ve stated many times before, black women MUST be left to rot, stew and marinate in their own failures, no exceptions.

  4. These black male simps won’t mention being in child support because of their negress. Most black men are not divorced nor paying child support because of a white woman. Let that sink in their useless thick skull for a moment. Dick policing ain’t a normal behaviour at all. They must be bisexual or homo. They say nothing to their swirling movements. This goes to show liberalism and matriarchy is cancer to civilisation. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

        1. @Verbs2015

          Next thing, you’ll be telling me that it’s “anti-clockwise” instead of “counterclockwise”.

          (To be fair, that variant term is used in Australia. It was something I found out in reference to toilets and the urban legend that they swirl/drain opposite of the direction they do here in the United States due to the location of Australia and having something to do with Earth’s gravity.)

          1. It’s not an “urban legend,” it is fact that drains and toilets flow in the opposite direction. It is also summer in Australia right now lol.

            1. The funny thing is, I discovered that fact from an Animorphs book + the Animorphs wiki in recent years.

    1. Witwijf,

      The fact that black women are the ones who shaft black men the most doesn’t matter to these mullet headed simps, as far as they are concerned we should feel honoured to be railroaded, shafted and stabbed in the back by these black queanies, smh.

    2. Let this sink in –
      Tiger Wood’s ex, Michael Strahan’s ex, Russell Wilson’s ex nor Dennis Rodman’s baby momma are out here talking sh*t about their ex-husbands on social media or the mainstream media. Neither is TIki Barber’s ex-wife who Black women sided with once it was exposed that while in divorce proceedings that Tiki was dating an intern at NBC Sports, who is the WW he’s married to and has three kids with now.

      But you do Nicole Murphy out here talking about Black men…

  5. Verbs 2015.
    These dick police pro black men are jealous of the fact that we SYSBM black men have walked away from black women and the black community for good and we ain’t coming back. I am going to date any non black women that I want and there isn’t a thing these idiots can do to stop me. Like I said before, I refuse to date black women, ugly women, fat women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because I have high standards for myself.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women and their simp flunkies realise that the very black men who amount to something are the very same men they’ve been religiously mocking, ridiculing and laughing at for years. The pro black philosophy is simply outdated, as I’ve stated before it doesn’t have a contingency plan in light of black women derailing out of control.

  6. What the hell does King Buckethead know about divorce? And why does he presume the NFL gives two fucks about some 70s throwback “black love” bullshit?
    These eternally jobless Yaya bin Hoteps stay sitting in mother’s basement making YouTube videos slurring in the dark in betwen eating crowdfunded chicken, sparking off some weed and jacking off to “Round and Brown”. Not just watching a brother’s penis but his wallet.
    All they’re doing is shuffling their peacock feathers to the same washed out Erykah Badu type low class females who will gladly keep Heru Pyramidhead and Raas Bloodclaat on ice forever. They ain’t slick.
    As for Fake Academic Fountain, sugar in the tank is more his style…
    Luckily no young bro gives a damn about “keeping it black” and is actively pursuing white girls. Dem white girls gon get ya!. Good, bring it on!

    1. Michel,

      The witchcraft black women have spun on these hotep, red, black and green, back to Africa, pyramid heads is strong, they can’t even wipe the scales from their eyes in order to see the decrepit state black women as a collective are in. As I’ve stated many times before, they refuse to improve their product, they just keep on returning with the same cruddy goods and then get upset when we rightfully reject them over and over again.

      As for Fountain Top, exactly, his zealousness in pursuing other black men as well as constantly sticking his nose into their affairs can only be fully understood when you logically conclude that he’s not interested in women at all.

  7. First up, we heard that Woke Poofgressive come out as gay. That’s what police dicking does to a man. Bareback Fountain, his movie up in the DVD shelf in the One Pound Shop up at Luton Town. Blackupinyah. Did you hear the name. That really sound suspect. And Shawn James. Listen, the man haven’t seen one pussy yet. He hasn’t seen not a pum pum! So what the hell is joining up with these fools? He did a YouTube video about black men going to overseas to get a woman. At 13, I got my first pum pum and and I breed her up and she was 12 year old at the time. The man is older then I am and them man haven’t had a girlfriend since when? This pro wanks are nothing but prime suspects because they are dick policing another man. You see these simps, they come like the white beta males. That’s where the dick policing come from. These simps need to cut out the fuckery and leave the black man date whoever he wants. If they want to date a black woman, then that is fine. I don’t have a problem with that but what black women wanna date this fools? And Aaron Fountain said that he’s in a relationship? Come on, if he was in a relationship then why is he dick policing? The Homosphere is something I stay away from.

      1. Bareback Fountain is nothing but a fruit. If he wants to be homosexual, then he can go on and live his life. But as a man who is dick policing like Woke Poofgressive and Shawn James who hasn’t seen not a pum pum, then you start to think why they are dick policing? Because that they have this homosexual tendencies. When lockdown is over, Woke Poofgressive, Shawn James and Blackupinya is goanna be really exited going to the gay night club in The West End.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Men who are in relationships with women don’t have the time nor the energy to fuss over what other men are doing especially with their jammy dodgers. Aaron Fountain, in a relationship???? Not with any woman, that’s for sure. Again, the only place you’ll see rampant dick policing is either with extremely insecure men and women or men who are homosexual.

      1. There is no way that Bareback Fountain is in a relationship with a woman. You know what I call dick policing? The Willypolitan Police.

  8. Verbs, your timing is impeccable as I was reflecting on the subject of trauma and how there is a double standard as BAW are allowed to express their grievances but BAM can not in the West.
    For that, there will be a time to acknowledge said grievances and move on with the intention of not wanting to suffer under that trauma.

    For numerous thinking Black men, that include traveling overseas, learning new skills, focus on their health(physical, mental, and spiritual) or all of the above. In time the trauma will dissolve and turn into this source of strength and intelligence of avoiding pitfalls.

    As for the BAW, not only they embrace the dysfunction from the trauma they experienced, but have worked to ensure their offsprings and men suffer the same destructive path. That’s why you give them and those who do you wrong nothing. Conquer your hate, not the other way around.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Indeed, this is what the Black Manosphere was supposed to be about, a place where black men could air their grievances about important matters without being mocked, ridiculed and laughed by the likes of these black sirens, things were going great until they decided to grant the same women entry who had been dissing them for years, the rest is history.

      Free thinking black men simply need to keep on doing themselves and not worry about what outsiders and people who have clearly demonstrated not to care about them(black women) have to say. Even know black women having walked through the Black Manosphere’s front door are now attempting to rehash the same old lame talking points that were deconstructed and rubbished a number of years back, smh.

  9. They are aware that there are brothers who engage with Black women but from the horn of Africa. Some parts anyway that are not contaminated of course. Which as I recall there was a mention in one of the tenets of SYSBM.

    Here it is:
    Third Tenet: SYSBM is all about expanding one’s options to date, marry & procreate with high quality women of different ethnicities outside of U.S. including Black Women. That are good quality, feminine, in-shape, natural-looking, submissive, cooperative & child-free.

  10. There’s a good reason why they’re called ‘maggles’: they are literally the carbon copy of the scraggle daggle in mind, character, and personality; the only major difference between the daggle and the maggle is what they have between their legs. Just like the stragg, these dick policing faggots think that the wealth these successful Black men accumulate will end up going to the White girl and her community; all the while, Black women have been shafting good Black men in family court for their assets and using it to make Lord Euro and Admiral Eggroll richer by buying weaves and material things. Have you heard of White women doing the same to SYSBM Practitioners? I see Shunned Lame–err, I mean Shawn James, is still talking out of his rear end; since when were White women given to these Black athletes as part of their contracts? Funny how they have nothing to say about the star athletes who sleep with and impregnate strippers and bustdowns, but then again, these shines are the same way; SYSBM continues to rise above, and it stands as a rebuke to those who chose the path of failure! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Simply sit back and relax with some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice and watch as the pro black hoteps scramble(albeit in vain) and struggle to secure quality men for their black queanies. Again, where is the improvement in their product, they can see the extremely poor state that black women as a collective are in, they don’t seem to understand that you cannot barter and bargain with poor quality merchandise. More black men are waking up and realising they can do better than settling for used up, ran through, major attitude yielding, weave, heavy make up and fake eye lash wearing, overweight, multiple children en tow female counterparts. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  11. Bareback Fountain is nothing but a fruit. If he wants to be homosexual, then he can go on and live his life. But as a man who is dick policing like Woke Poofgressive and Shawn James who hasn’t seen not a pum pum, then you start to think why they are dick policing? Because that they have this homosexual tendencies. When lockdown is over, Woke Poofgressive, Shawn James and Blackupinya is goanna be really exited going to the gay night club in The West End.

    1. Even the fruits are distancing themselves from him.

  12. I swear some of these simps a lot of times are just weird in the head. I’m just gonna say it like it is: The person you fall into a connection with may or may not share the same race, ethnicity, or nationality as you, so what does it matter? I don’t understand these type of people. They need to grow up and stop living in the past. Everyone in this world are gonna have their own preferences, including the black man too. So guess what, live with it. I tell my folks that maybe I might end up with a black woman, maybe I won’t, but guess what, it doesn’t matter, but like they said, love is color blind right? These black women, and simps need to stop riding the black man so much because they starting to creep me out with this telling the black man who he should and should not date. My taste in women don’t concern these people man.

    Now as for Shawn James, shouldn’t he be worrying about his comics and moving out of his mom’s crib? Dude ain’t have a woman since 1989, but tryna preach black love? He need to take his fat self to church and find him a woman so he can shut up. Dudes like Shawn James, and The Fountain dude, just need to give it up already because they’re wasting their time. All these false labels and claims they make against the SYSBM and Traveling Bros, make themselves look ignorant as hell. That’s why I’m glad I don’t have that ignorant gene in me.

    My Discord Link:

  13. These guys don’t know anything about how these football players met their souses. One of those guys shown is Golden Tate, who met his wife when he was still in college before he had NFL money.

    1. Justa Joe,

      Yep, there is no doubt in my mind that Golden Tate fellow was dismissed by black women before he met his wife, we already know the story, black women want a ready made man who they can boss around as well as use up his resources while at the same time stacking theirs.

  14. I thought the Black Eunuch Initiative was refuted in 2019? The Black eunuchs are a class of some of the most pathetic men you will ever cross paths with. When they are not d*ck policing, they are enabling the anti-Black male culture. The male feminist cucks put into non-virtue signaling for a group of women who have not and will not elevate them in their own eyes or the eyes of the world.
    The same Black eunuchs will remain mostly silent about the white male worshipers deifying the white idol above and beyond.
    But when you have no woman checking for you, its easy to spend the bulk of your time d*ck policing.
    Often, the d*ck police Gestapo are men women don’t want, madden kings or are afraid being dragged through the family child support ringer by a 3 or below.
    Funny enough, the d*ck police and Commuteps that are the most likely to pine for a non-BW.
    Problem is, no woman wants a eunuch…

    1. King Sigma,

      Questioning the black queanie and her extremely disturbing worship and admiration of Admiral Cooler in the eyes of black women themselves and the simps who worship them is a sin worse than blasphemy.

      As I stated in an earlier comment, the black witch has one set of rules for herself and a completely different set for black men and she has successfully brainwashed her domesticated pro black flunkies to continually repeat those rules, however the only black men who actually care about them are those who still choose to deal with black women.

      1. @Verbs
        The more they d*ck police, the more obvious their low status in the eyes of the Black women they cape for.
        The Black eunuch is one of the most pathetic roles one could play in 2021.
        All that effort to be a slave, when it takes 10% of the same effort to be free.
        But, not everyone wants to be free.
        Thus, they will remain matriarchal drones from dawn to dust…

  15. These football players are “given” white women as per the elites instruction? And yet those “fake” relationships seem to be doing way better than anything you can achieve with a daggle!

    And now Shawn James, I’ve always got a bone to pick whenever this shine flaps his fat ass lips.

    Shawn James shouldn’t be opening his mouth to instruct others on a damn thing, unless it’s on how to be a worthless, shiftless, sorry ass son of a bitch. That dude has not achieved half of what several dudes half his age have, let alone dudes his own age. This dude is basically Black Caesar, expect that he occasionally spits out “Christianity,” which only makes him look worse.

    Misery loves company, and maggles like James are miserable as hell. There are TEENAGERS AND YOUNGER who have made their comics a success, and this gap toothed, Frankenstein head, horse’s ass for a face old shit can’t get his off the ground?!! Maybe start putting energy into THAT, and stop getting mad that actually successful black men get to do with their wangers what you can only dream of. These dudes STAY watching Round and Brown and hentai, hell, probably Ghetto Gaggers!

    The worst part of Shawn James is not that he’s the ultimate loser, but that he has followers (granted not many). Your “movement” has followers when people look up to you, so there are dudes so pathetic out there that they look up to SHAWN JAMES!!! They literally wait on baited breath for the blue balled ramblings of a dude in his fifties who has to crowd fund for KFC and toilet paper to wipe his ass. Scary!

    1. As Philko has said before. Incels and the like incorrectly blame feminism and society for their lack of sexual activity. Much like the Incels that dox WW for dating Black men, they just don’t want what’s available to them.

      1. These dudes could be in the most remote villages in Russia, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan and still having to tickle their todger at night because no woman wants them.

        Shawn James couldn’t make it in a traditional society, he knows it. That’s why he hates passport dudes.

        Even the black QUEENIES (besides the dude’s mother maybe) can’t be blamed for his being a complete and utter waste of a 2 piece combo.

    2. Afrofuturism1,


      Be on the lookout for another dick police officer who needs to be lit up once again, stay tuned for Friday’s article.

  16. I think that biracial daughters from SYSBM need to date out also since our farthers hate us because we have black blood. We get abused by our dads a lot as well. No wonder our mothers want to divorce our dads.

    1. I Reckon This Is A Black Witch Pretending To Be A Biracial Female,

      Nobody is falling for this garbage anymore, still trying to claim that biracial children are being abandoned by black fathers even though over 5 years ago the CDC proved that black fathers are the most active in their children’s lives, get outta here with that nonsense. You dark sirens love oft repeating lies that have been debunked and deconstructed many times over:

      1. Yo Verbs, I got the same message from her today. I knew something was up with this broad!

      2. Well my mother is Arabian and my dad is Black. I’m glad that this website exists so that biracial girls eyes will open that there is not such thing as good black men. Even Kim K is filling for divorce. Typical virgo male with Hitler Moon who owns this website

        1. Black Witch,

          I still don’t believe you, I already know how so many black women attempt to lurk in black men’s digital spaces pretending to be other people. Kim Kardashian though she help boost interracial dating between black men and non black women was not a quality woman by any means. All you black sirens deal with is trash black men but at the same time you mock and ridicule the decent, upstanding brothers, get outta here with that bogus nonsense.

        2. Actually its better that black men date out. More non black men for us biracial women. Yum yum

          1. ItYeah they don’t y’all for anything other than ghetto gagging en mass.They choose asian latina Arab women to marry or date not yall 😂😂😂😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡

        3. And I’m a Leo male and us Leos don’t play. You don’t want to have a good black man. You want the thugs, criminals, hopeless man, worthless man and the unproductive man. And Kim K’s divorce, there are rumours that Kayne West was having a sexual relationship, with a man! Hey, that is Hollywood there.

        4. Nobody cares if your eyes are open to whatever.Women of other races can find good black.So don’t don’t worry you napy little head good black men are in the good hands of non black women 😌

    2. Fresh blood typically possesses the color quality of a reddish value.

      The colors (or colours for our UK or older audience) of blood have more to do with its functional state of the blood relative to the body’s work. You need to ease up of that colonial mythology and pick up an Anatomy book. Several versions of Grey’s Anatomy Encyclopedia are available on the internet at the cost of the time to search and locate it.

  17. black men who follow this page, this guy is going to lead you off a cliff. you can’t love others when hating your own. a white woman will do nothing for you but remove some of the black from your gene. society will still hate the kids. let people who aren’t into interracial fetishes alone.
    Not everyone has white on a pedestal.

    1. Lostones,

      Lead black men off a cliff? The evidence posted at the beginning of every article speaks for itself, you like a premium dullard continue to ignore the elephant in the room, your modern day black female has an image and reputation that are both squarely deep in the sewer, that is her own fault. By the way, using shaming language, insults and name calling won’t work over here in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

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