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Fighting For Hair That Doesn’t Even Belong To Them, Smh!

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Do you see how there is an epidemic of black women around the world trying their utmost to look like white women and do you also see how violent black women become once you snatch the white woman’s crown from off their heads?

I could kind of understand the leaning towards being aggressive if the guy had tried to pull their own hair(except the bald headed female for obvious reasons) as that would’ve caused pain, however trying to fight somebody over a wig you picked up from a store is something else.

At this stage black women across the world have become the highest grade mockery and laughingstock known to mankind, these women are in Africa where they are surrounded by nothing but other blacks, yet there still exists a deep desire within these motherland sirens to be white, smh.

Admittedly, I personally wouldn’t go around snatching wigs off women’s heads, however as an experiment or as a prank it reveals so much about the modern day black female and her deep insecurities.

Fighting tooth and nail for a cluster of hair that isn’t even part of your DNA makeup, additionally, remember how we’ve covered stories before of black women violently robbing beauty supply stores just to get their hands on some 21 inch yaki weave:

At the end of the day there is no way that anybody can tell me that there isn’t something seriously wrong with the minds of black women worldwide, the weave/wig industry in Africa is a huge one, no matter where you go in the world somebody is always able to capitalise off the desires of black women wanting to look like their white female cousins.

And to think that these are the same black harridans who have the audacity to call you homosexual simply because you’re calling them out on an unhygienic and dysfunctional practice. Ask these African women why they’re wearing this crap and they won’t hesitate to spew the same lame garbage excuses that black women in western countries use.

The message continue to ring through loud and clear gents, weave/wig wearing is a clear sign of mental illness and any women who engage in such practices should be avoided at all costs.

Brothers, continue abandoning these white girl wannabe black females, go and get yourself a woman whereby if you pull her hair it won’t come off in a clump, natural looking women are the logical choice, #SYSBM:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Weave/Wig Wearing Is A Serious Problem In Black Female Society

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Fighting For Hair That Doesn’t Even Belong To Them, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.
    The above videos show that black woman are the biggest self haters on the planet because they love wearing other womens DNA wig/weave hair on their heads, but they talk about being a proud black woman smh. Like I said before Verbs I avoid black women like the plague and the only type of woman that I am interested in dating is that she has to be childfree, in shape (athletic build or slim build preferred), she has to be between the ages of 23 to 40, and she has to be a Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White Woman with brown eyes or hazel eyes and Indian woman who has her own natural hair on her head and she has to live in London like me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      How can they claim to be confident and proud when they’re ashamed to walk the streets with their own natural hair on display, notice how the fake Academic has yet to talk about the rampant weave/wig epidemic currently sweeping through black female societies worldwide, however that would be going against his black queanies and we already know that he doesn’t have the courage to take that road. The evidence that black men are better off in the short and long term NOT dealing with black women is staggering, I could bring such data forward all day.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        I fully agree with you bro. Wherever I go in London, I always see black women wearing their blasted weaves on their heads that it’s getting beyond pathetic plus their weaves stink really badly as it has a bad pong smell to it as black women don’t wash their hair for months.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      But according to the fake academic Aaron Fountain, we’re the most fringe group in black digital spaces and a bunch of nutty fruit loops because we deliberately choose to avoid the drama that everybody knows comes with dealing with the overwhelming majority of black women, make that make sense. Are we a fringe group for not wanting to involve ourselves with women who engage in behaviour such as this below:

      This is why the court jester Clowntain refuses to debate but much prefers to hide in dark corners and throw stones from the shadows. He can’t stand upon his own square in realtime, oh well, his problem, not mine.

  2. Some negresses have actually cut all their hair bald and use these weaving wigs to cover it up. Some have a hard time sorting out their natural hair and they still use weaving wigs to also cover that up. Every black male simp and negress should move out of the west to live in Africa. Some of actually done that. Most of them won’t have the backbone to do that at all. They won’t experience any racism towards them, but they want to go where they are tolerated, not wanted. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Black women as a collective have simply become lazy when it comes down to managing their hair, black men who grow their hair have the same hair type as black women and on the opposite side have no problems maintaining it whether it be dreadlocks or a sizeable Afro. Again, black women claim that we cannot handle them because of their so called “strength and independence”, yet black women themselves cannot even handle their own natural hair, smh.

  3. Weave wearing is not only a sign of mental instability, but a deep deep feeling of worthlessness. Which is why the Western world is repeatedly bludgeoned over the head with black women wanting “representation!!!¡!!” and “uplifting!!!¡!” and “I’m black up in here¡!¡!!”.
    Black men, even the grimiest, slimiest gold-toothed roadman out has a modicum of self respect.
    Fake Academic Fountain hasn’t got the man balls to stand for anything but mealy mouthed, weasly, wishy-washy BS. The second he grows a spine is the day when hell freezes over 🤣

    1. Michel,

      The fake academic loves spewing false rhetoric about SYSBM via the cutting and splicing of audio and video to suit his agenda, this also doesn’t give folks the full and correct context of what is being stated, classic ultra yellow journalism and that particular technique isn’t even a new one. Check the comment sections of his videos, filled with nothing but braindead knuckleheads who couldn’t even spell SYSBM yet alone recite their 2X tables.

      Indeed, black women as a group know that most of them just aren’t that attractive, so they attempt to boost their looks with weaves, fake eye lashes(which look absolutely disgusting), fake nails, heavy loads of make up, fake nails, breast and butt implants, all which make them look even worse and still nobody is checking for them(for obvious reasons).

  4. Wow.🔥 You just gave me a gem 💎 with @iamtrinityguy this is a classic masterpiece. 🤦🏿‍♂️👏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Put a black man in any environment where the vlak wuhman is not example North Korea he will still ascend to the atmosphere in self progress even low on the social ladder a brother will still catch the eye of the ladies anywhere without the vlak witch to stifle his energy. /

    Jeremiah 4:30 And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life.

    / It’s coming the witch is still puffed up on air even while looking like a clown your done.
    Now for women of other races humble yourselves because the first person you’ll run to when devil man goes on murder spree is the black man keep licking his balls you’ll be sitting there wishing you could be on the winning team for now try to go out of your way to make a black boys day 1000 times better give em a hug give him head wave at him being a privileged snot will lead you to get rejected to die and all you’ll have is your upperclass privileged attitude. Oh it’s true it’s damn true.

  6. Right, you wonder why I have done The Weave Wearing Black Woman series is because of black women’s love for weave. And you know the news reporter Suzie Suh who was reporting the harridans who stole over $6,000 of weave. Her cutie better be careful because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will try to steal it out of her scalp. And the ones who stole $250,000 of weave. I’m not surprised with black women. SYSBM, MGTOW, IBMOR and so on knows what black women are doing. Black women have nothing a huge passion and desire of weave just to look like a white woman.

    1. Money Cultural,

      The weave is an extremely serious problem and a direct reflection of the black female’s broken beyond repair mental state, however rather than actually deal with their crumbled mindsets, black women instead much prefer to call those critical of weave/wig wearing homosexual trying their best to make out as if the critics have the problem and not them.

      Nope, that witchcraft will never work over here, I refuse to deal with any woman who is ashamed to put her natural hair on display, that includes her natural hair colour as well, none of this multi coloured spray paint garbage either.

      1. How can any man with confidence want to be with a a woman with weave? When I walk down the street in London, London Watford, Borehamwood and Luton, all I see is some black women with weave. No matter what colour it is, the ratchet black woman is wearing this fake hair. I was watching a video from Anthony Spade and the video is when a man who gave his girlfriend $500 and she was mad. And when you see his girl, she had this pink weave or wig. It look so ratchet. And I know that these simps like these kind of women.

        1. Money Cultural,

          Exactly what I’ve been saying, weave wearing is an extremely strong indication of mental illness and this lace front, pink weave wearing, loud mouthed, unappreciative harriet was gracious enough to prove me right. The commentator Anthony Spade is spot on, only suckers deal with those kind of chicks.

          Black women stay miserable, the only time they’re happy is when they’re either causing pain, misery and suffering upon somebody else or spilling somebody else’s blood. and to think that the pro blacks are desperately trying to shame us into dealing with women like this, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass!

          1. I don’t wanna deal with these scraggle daggle broads. I rather be single then be in a relationship with these women.

  7. Verbs2015,
    “At the end of the day there is no way that anybody can tell me that there isn’t something seriously wrong with the minds of black women worldwide, the weave/wig industry in Africa is a huge one, no matter where you go in the world somebody is always able to capitalise off the desires of black women wanting to look like their white female cousins.”
    You make a salient point. The black woman’s obsession with running away from her natural looks is a symptom of some type of mental illness. To sew yards of someone else’s hair onto one’s head, to cover one’s face with layers and layers of thick sludgy makeup on a daily basis, to inject one’s buttocks and breasts with silicon and implants, is a form of self mutilation. For an entire racial collective of women to practice this behavior, betrays deep mental illness.
    On the flip side, you have an ever growing army of black male simps who are turned on by this mess. They betray their mental illness as well.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Well I say as per usual it will have to be the simps who will have to deal with these weave/wig wearing harriets because I won’t be. As if the weaves and wigs aren’t ridiculous enough, now black women are wearing those fly away eye lashes which I think look absolutely disgusting. These simps must truly be under a spell to be attracted to all that fakeness, smh.

  8. The African woman in those videos are probably using the same excuse of the wig being a “protective style” for those busted Meek Mill braids they had (with an exception for the bald eagle Synthetic G clone). To be ashamed of your own hair and cover it up with wigs and weaves isn’t self hatred to them, but a Black man dating a natural woman from another race is? Trinity Guy could’ve possibly been inspired by the American prankster Savage Shawn with this wig snatching prank; you know it’s bad when even in the Motherland they are exposing this kind of daggledom. #SYSBM

  9. As Verbs mentioned, this is in da MUDDALAND!! Why the hell would they feel the need to look non-black and literally are surrounded only by other blacks?

    You also have to remember, black women worldwide are known for being broke as hell. Yet they still need this weave?!! Even in the nice African countries (which still typically can’t hold a candle to even central Asian or Eastern European countries), no one really wants to go there. They have a bad image, accurate or not, yet in the midst of that poverty stricken image, black women have a need to weave it up.

    Those videos looked like they were made in some desolate villages, too. Yet, just like in the west, black women had to be strutting around like peacocks.

    As I’ve said before, black people don’t need ANY other groups help to tackle ANYTHING. Their women, the poorest on earth, still manage to scrounge up enough change to singlehandedly make weave a multi billion dollar industry.

    As long as the only thing your women support is their own self hatred, your nation will never prosper.

    1. Not only weave but body shaping and contour makeup techniques as well are prevalent in many African countries.

      Hoteps do need to cut the BS and leave. Assimilation is what is required in the West and if you don’t like it leave!

    2. AfroFuturism1,

      I look at pictures of my deceased grandmother when she would dress up as a young woman. She was very poor, but she was a very beautiful woman. She would have on very light makeup, like say what’s in a woman’s compact. No weave, no wig. Her natural hair only, although she might have used a straightening comb. But the look was not overly made up. Just clean and naturally looking. Her clothes were modest, church woman’s clothes of that era. Nowadays black women go to church dressed like Cardi B.
      I truly believe that black people in 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and earlier, were much more sane than they are today.
      This, is spite of the extreme poverty, Jim Crow, extreme racism, lynching, and other persecutions they had to contend with.
      Today’s black male simps try to peacock for the scraggle daggles who look like bizarre, painted, weaved up, grotesque whores from a nightmarish acid trip.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      Reminds me of the crackhead black witch a number of weeks ago who asked me for £1, this is typically the nominal amount that these druggies go around begging for. Yep, you guessed it, the siren had on a weave/wig. I was also witness to a black man who beat up his sister’s boyfriend in the street because he had turned her into a crack fiend. Things are getting serious out here in these London streets.

      Even with some of these black females from remote tribes in Africa, the silly weave/wig wearing has made its way into those communities though it isn’t as prevalent as in normal African cities, towns and villages. Self hatred amongst the overwhelming majority of black women worldwide is a beast, this is why I have to laugh at these simps and anybody else who feels that black women are still a viable choice of mate.

  10. My vast life experience has taught me to ALWAYS judge a book by it’s cover. God gave you eyes for a reason. A persons physical appearance is a manifestation of their mental life. A man that has the discipline to wake up at 5 a.m. to run some miles is markedly different from a man like say, Shawn James, you can bet the man who’s running doesn’t live in his mothers basement.

    A man or woman who is in really good shape had to have the discipline to work hard to get there. That says a lot about who they are and their character, you might think they’re cocky but as my brother told me years ago, nobody hates the guy that never gets laid.

    Most black women are fat and if they had character they would work on that instead of wearing other peoples hair on their head. In primitive societies they would sometimes eat their victims to absorb their strength, or wear items that belonged to someone they admired for similar reasons. So what is the black woman really saying when she’d rather wear every other race of woman’s hair on her head except her own? Obviously she would rather be them then herself.

    Can you honestly picture millions of women in China paying a high percentage of their salary to wear black women’s hair on their head? Even non black women who exclusively date black men and have black children would never do that, so what does that say about black women? One look at them and it’s obvious that they don’t love themselves so how could they possibly love you or their children?

    Covering up their own heads with someone else’s hair is a sign of covering up something in their character. In their minds their own hair isn’t good enough because their true feeling are that they themselves are not good enough, no matter how hard they twerk.

    1. Upgradd,

      “Covering up their own heads with someone else’s hair is a sign of covering up something in their character. In their minds their own hair isn’t good enough because their true feeling are that they themselves are not good enough, no matter how hard they twerk.Covering up their own heads with someone else’s hair is a sign of covering up something in their character. In their minds their own hair isn’t good enough because their true feeling are that they themselves are not good enough, no matter how hard they twerk.”

      That’s a real quote right there, if you really love yourself then you will automatically seek to keep yourself in the best condition possible which will be a reflection of your peak natural self. Black women as a group already know that they’re no good, hence why they are constantly attempting to shame black men into accepting them in their no good, not good enough, run down and broken beyond repair state.

      No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. You cannot receive love from any woman who doesn’t love herself, if only these simps would accept this harsh but relevant truth, they might learn something from it.

  11. I know this is a blog primarily for men, but please permit me to share a few thoughts. I’m a Afro-Trinidadian woman living in Florida and married to a African American man. I’m over 55 and my husband is over 65 so we both come from the “old school” way of thinking. I’ve been reading the comments with interest and I totally agree with everything that was said. I’m Team Natural Hair and I wear my crown as God intended. My husband loves it! I think I can shed some light on why black women go ratchet and crazy over their weaves. A couple of months ago, I watched Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair for the first time. He decided to trace the source of where the weave hair was coming from and his investigation took him to a temple in India. Women were coming to the temple to “sacrifice” their long hair to the pagan deity over that region and to demonstrate their so-called faith, barbers shaved their long hair. The hair was then bundled into bags and sent to the weave making factories then shipped to the US. Black women are slapping hair on their heads that carries someone else’s negative energy AND hidden demonic spirits. Yes, hair has spiritual energy (look at Sampson) and it’s transferable. India Arie sings a stupid song, I Am Not My Hair. Hello, hair contains your DNA and can tell everything about you. Black women slap that mess on their heads and that negative spiritual DNA transfers to them. That’s why when there’s a fight somewhere on the street or in a store, it usually involves some ratchet, weave wearing heffer who’s screaming at the top of her lungs and cussing everybody out. That’s why the Bible states that a woman’s hair (her own hair) is her covering and crowning glory. It protects us from other people’s negativity being transferred to us.

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