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A young guy in Israel collapses after receiving his Covid DNA altering bioweapon, this is happening worldwide as I speak, however the mainstream media are deliberately choosing to cover up covid “vaccine” related deaths, rather instead they are blaming the deaths caused by the jab on so called “new strains”.

Always remember, these “new Covid strains/variants” that the mainstream media will announce are simply the cover for the new vaccines that will be rolled out and in the process of time mangle and kill people thereafter. Salute to those countries in Africa who have chosen to take the herbal medicinal route.

I find it extremely suspicious how the so called “vaccine” is being touted as the only way to so called “freedom” and a normal life, however whenever you bring to mind exactly who is funding these bioweapons programs against the entire world, the move to eliminate safer alternative herbal remedies and medicines from the equation becomes more understandable:

Bill Gates is actually implementing his Eugenics program to reduce the world’s population and unfortunately the sheep are walking straight into the slaughterhouse. Even after receiving the “vaccine”, social distancing and mask wearing for the recipient must still remain, so what’s the point of being injected in the first place and why on earth do I need to receive a DNA altering solution for a virus that’s supposed to be a simple variant of the common cold?

Governments around the world evidently have gone completely rogue, the State no matter what country you reside in should NEVER be trusted under any circumstances, fasten your seatbelts and batten down the hatches, the next few years are going to be an extremely bumpy ride.

Lastly, don’t forget that is you want ad free YouTube viewing, be sure to download Vanced YouTube for your mobile and Brave browser for your desktop, the links to both are below. Remember, Brave browser also provides more privacy and security when surfing the web in general. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll the dice:

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of The Bill And Melinda Gates DNA Altering Bioweapon

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.
    I always knew that the so called vaccines was dodgy from the start from the evidence from the above video showed you that a young man died after taking the vaccine. Now all of the sudden Boris Johnson announced plans to get the UK out of the lockdown for good goes to show us that this pandemic was planned from the start from last year in March 2020 and it was the governments way to control peoples lives by shutting down businesses and it caused people to lose their jobs, lose their homes, it disrupted the UK education system, people had relationship break ups/divorces, people got into debts and people went through servere depression and anxiety.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This last year has really shown me the serious lack of critical thinking skills as well as the severe lack of intelligence most people possess in this country, even with the numerous irregularities, anomalies and inconsistencies with the “official narrative”, most of the British public are still rolling along with the program and honestly believe that we’re in the midst of a pandemic.

      You’ll notice how the momentum is now shifting from Covid to Climate Change and how the “goals” to tackle covid just happen to be the same as those for Climate Change. When these clowns talk about reducing carbon footprints, most folks can’t figure out that this means reducing the world’s population as mankind is the biggest expeller of CO2 on the planet.

      1. Verbs 2015.
        I fully agree with you bro. The majority of people in this world are so bloody brainwashed that they can’t think for themselves and the shocking thing is that some of these people are highly educated people with good jobs and they also have bachelors degrees, masters degrees and phds qualifications.

  2. Most British people are still a sleep. I don’t know if most will wake up to what is really going on or not. From what I’ve seen, the only group that have woken up are in the North of England. This covid vaccine is part of the eugenics program. There is a reason why Bill gates has invested billions of dollars into these vaccines for agenda 21 and UN agenda 2030. This vaccine not only kills, it changes DNA, it can sterilise women from pregnancies if they take it. Some will end up having a miscarriage because of this. Some women will commit suicide for not being able to have biological kids of their own. Not every woman wants to adopt kids. It sounds like the end times of revelation disasters are coming real soon. Protect and warn quality stargates. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The North of England used to have big industries, however slowly over the years the tyrants in government stripped so many industries away and left the North an empty shell of its former self while at the same time setting up China as the new world manufacturer, this is why Northerners are fighting the hardest, they’ve seen this business destroying garbage before unlike people down south who are more than happy to go along with their own destruction and demise.

      Bill Gates doesn’t have any medical degrees or experience yet he’s dictating so called world health policies which are really death programs. The vaccine will cause the body to think that the unborn baby is a parasite/foreign invader, and so the body will attack the child in the womb instead of nourishing and helping he/she grow, smh.

      Like I said before, these Eugenicists don’t sit their twiddling their thumbs wondering how they can reduce the world’s population, they actually get to work executing exactly what they want.

      1. The world waking up to how the communist Chinese have been getting over economically and politically on everyone is one of the few good things to come out of this mess.

  3. Well, despite showing a multitude of videos and dropping some thought nuggets surrounding the CONVID plandemic, my mother yesterday went for her vacs shot. Her sister is also making an appointment to get hers.
    I am at a complete utter loss. She constantly said “I’m never ever taking the shot” yet a few phone calls from her doctor was enough to change her mind. She’ll be the same person to argue with that morning TV twat Piers Morgan over the whole affair yet it has done nothing to persuade her from taking the needle.
    I have a feeling it was the flu shot she received instead, but even so, I’m done adding my energy to the “communiteh”. Caribbean Black folks are finished. All of that strength of mind heritage from their ancestors sold for pennies. SYSBM for life, this black DNA line stops with me.

    1. Michel,

      Smh, as the Caribbean saying goes, those who cannot hear must feel and unfortunately it seems that some family members will have to suffer. Like I said before, I was very surprised when my mother turned down her appointment to have the DNA altering bioweapon once I spoke to her, traditionally she’s always been a typical hard headed black woman who doesn’t think that her son knows anything viable and tangible that can benefit her.

      Regrettably, it looks like you’re going to have to place your mother and your aunt on deathwatch. These elder blacks for the majority part are completely gone, Babylon has assimilated them successfully, they believe the UK government is their best friend and would never do anything to harm them even though the same government just 2 years ago was throwing Caribbean folks out of the country for a lack of documentation the government itself failed to provide to them, smh.

      I can’t believe how ignorant, soft and complacent black people as a collective in the UK have become, this plandemic has revealed so much especially in relation to how profoundly brainwashed most blacks are.

      1. “These elder blacks for the majority part are completely gone, Babylon has assimilated them successfully…I can’t believe how ignorant, soft and complacent black people as a collective in the UK have become, this plandemic has revealed so much especially in relation to how profoundly brainwashed most blacks are. ”

        Yep, the “black community”? Huge disappointment!! Let the Great Ignorant Black Cull begin. Nature has tried so hard to keep the black race alive for so many depressing & perilous centuries of chaos, ignorance & poor decision making skills.

        Outside of SYSBMers, I don’t really see any long term viable future for a thriving dynamic progressive industrious Black Wall Street collective. Sad but that’s the truth. Blacks are too easily brainwashed by Captain Hollyweird & his King Cold Gang. To paraphrase King Leonitas of Sparta. “Vaccines? You want em, come and take them!”

    A GREAT video exposing more that even a seasoned truther like I didn’t know. A TRUE MUST SEE!
    Vaccine deaths are piling up. A vid exposing 35 of the worst reported.
    Also this Bitchute account keeps compilations of social media and Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) reported deaths and adverse reactions given from real people around the world. Worth following/ checking periodically.

    You can download any good Bitchute videos that you find here:
    *P.S. Is there any way to edit the spacing? Each post keeps getting mashed together.

    1. Matt M,

      I may have to change the theme altogether because that is rather annoying, you would’ve thought that the theme creators would’ve already factored this into the design. I’ll contact the designers and see what they say, if there’s no remedy then I’ll simply switch to a more compatible website theme.

  5. You know why they wanna jab people with the vaccine? They just wanna kill people. And these lockdown, the reason for that is because they wanna destroy the economy. They have been doing this shit for time and they don’t have a problem with it. This Bill Gates guy. You know what he can do with the vaccine? He could jab it up his ass all I care. This man is a mass murderer that needs to be executed. The only thing he care about is his billions of dollars. We know that Britain is now done and it will never recover! All because of this plandemic.

    1. Money Cultural,

      People like Bill Gates, Henry Kissenger, George Soros etc shouldn’t be breathing right now, however as per usual nobody thus far has lifted a finger to arrest any of these these guys who are making the lives of ordinary, everyday people a living hell. Russia currently has an arrest warrant out for Soros which is more than can be said for western countries such as the UK, US and Europe who allow destroyers like Soros and Gates a free run of the yard unsupervised. I never elected Bill Gates to be an authority over my health nor my life, I’ll be looking out for my own life and health, I don’t need Gates’ help to do that.

      1. They have an arrest warrant for Soros? That’s is great. The things these evil fools are doing, they need to get hung and let everyone to watch them getting hanged for the wickedness they are doing!

  6. What’s good, SYSBM brethren? Yesterday, as I was preparing to leave work, a customer came in to pick up some filters and they got into a conversation where it was brought up that my boss had tested positive for the Corona with lime virus; I then learned exactly how he got it: he was doing work changing a motor for a customer when the tenant (who at the time had the virus) came in to the area where my boss was working to watch him work. The infected person had no mask on, but my boss was wearing a mask, yet he STILL got the virus and passed it to his wife and daughter; with that said, a mask clearly didn’t save my boss from getting the Wu flu, yet Dr. Faux-chi and others want to tell the masses that double masking could be more effective than just wearing one? Give me a break!
    In other news, Gorilla Glue Girl’s GoFraudMe is under investigation:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Just posting this article right here, thought you might find it interesting:

      Of course the mainstream media completely ignored this Danish Study and of course the so called “fact checkers” were out in force executing the best damage control they could. Surgical masks and other face coverings were never meant to protect the individual from viruses, however you can’t tell the brainwashed general public this, they wholeheartedly believe that they’re helping “reduce the spread” of this imaginary COVID-19, smh.

  7. Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana:
    Even a Black man who is blind can comprehend the SYSBM way of life and choose to leave the U.S. for a different country where he feels “more of a sense of community”; note that he also said he was doing it for his great grandchildren, so they wouldn’t have to beg to be accepted. Stevie just confirmed that SYSBM is for the children!

  8. The word ‘Simp’ has now hit the mainstream:
    I like how they say this is a “new” slang term; it’s only new to White teens and tweens who are growing up in this internet age where every slang term they learn gets bastardized and loses its meaning. These Karen’s are now gonna Karen all over this term if their son gets called a simp because these White boy YouTubers who identify as red pill and MGTOW have popularized the term in their spaces; we all know how these guys are when it comes to dealing with women, so now using the term ‘simp’ is going to be linked to ‘toxic masculinity’ and every negative trait pinned on men. This reminds you of the modus operandi of a certain Ph.D candidate, doesn’t it?

  9. Just gonna leave this here:

    Poorer countries are saying F U to this hoax, and for good reason. They can’t afford to let this charade play out, and thus are going on with their lives so as to not lose their livelihoods.

    Most Westerners honestly NEED to die or be sterilized/mangled up by this 💉, period. They’re too stupid and complacent to breed or live. And of course, the negro in America, namely the QUEENIES, are only oh so willing to be Tuskegee Chapter 2. As I’ve said before, LET white people be racist, as black people have now proven that they’re hellbent on validating them.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Shame on those countries including the UK still going along with this garbage, especially in light of the fact that all prosecutions under the bogus UK Coronavirus Act have been thrown out because the act itself is unlawful and is a serious problem, smh:

      I agree with you, those who refuse to think and reason for themselves simply need to take their Covid “vaccines” and die a thousand deaths, however there is a slight ray of light. Though there are idiots out there who are getting injected with this bioweapon, governments around the world are not getting the stampede that they hoped for because too much information has been passing hands in relation to Bill Gates, who he really is, what he truly stands for and what this so called “vaccine” is really all about.

      Apparently, even the queen has been chiming in telling folks to get vaccinated(not that I believe this, I think this is an obvious PR stunt to try to get more people to take the bioweapon:

  10. Asia (East, Southern, Southeast, or central), Eastern Europe, as well as former Soviet blocs and countries like Hungary are the places to head to.

    I just learned how homosexuality is straight up ILLEGAL in Malaysia, and how, much like in African countries, no one will give a damn if these sodomites are beaten down, not even the cops. Keep in mind that Malaysia is fairly modern and metropolitan, and is essentially a less expensive version of Singapore. If THEY don’t play, what does that tell you?

    I believe Soros’ native Hungary also banned/has a warrant out for his arrest. This is also where you’re seeing the government encourage marriage and having lots of children, as well as outright outlawing abortion.

    I believe Romania is very similar, and it’s also incredibly CHEAP to move to, even compared to places like Russia.

  11. Another day, another story of why these broads are the worst people on earth for any type of customer service jobs.

    Three weeks ago, I made a payment on one of my bills. I get the confirmation number, email receipt of the transaction, everything. A few days ago, I get a call from one from the same bank (won’t say which one for obvious reasons) and to my dismay, she’s one of these parasites. Before I even say anything, she’s all but cursing me out saying my payment was returned roughly a week ago due to lack of funds.

    I am like why am I just now hearing about this? She’s like we tried calling you, you never picked up and proceeding to again all but curse me out. Im like ok, let me check my checking account. I check it only to find out this payment posted a day after I made it. She’s like no it was returned, you need to make a payment. I tell her not only am I not making a payment, you guys need to figure out where those funds went. I’ve had nothing but problems with this bank (if you follow the news, you can probably figure out which major one it is as they’ve been sued more times than you can count for exactly this reason amongst others).

    I am keeping it extremely professional, and am saying I’ve had nothing but problems with you, I am sick of this. Do you have someone above you I can speak to?

    She’s like, they’re busy you can speak to me. I’m like lady I am done talking to you, and hang up. She calls back three times i finally pick up. I’m like lady I said my piece, we’re done. She then goes “bruh, you’re a cheap sob”. At that point, i lose it. Give her a piece of my mind, hang up. i make a complaint with said bank waiting to hear back.

    After that, just to make sure this cleared I call my bank (another big name bank) and they confirm this transaction cleared the very next day. I tell them what happen, and they are not surprised in the least.

    I should’ve known the second I recognized it was a boon, I should’ve hung up as they are nothing but trouble.

    These chicks are a complete waste to society.

    1. FDC,

      The message will always remain the same, avoid black women when and where possible, these harlots are so unprofessional. They simply can’t do anything without bringing that stupid chip on their shoulder into everything. The least desired women on the planet for many good reasons, most of which are wrought via their own hands.

  12. So liberal Paris and in the states, North Dakota calling mask mandates illegal. Again, do you seem then doing such things in Shitcago? Are Deebo and Nook Nook shooting yo politicians to get this stuff overturned?

    This is why I say **** “unity.” We do NOT need unity, too many people are happy being slaves and sheep. They are honestly worse than the elites. Never let ANYONE tell you we just need to come together when so much of the population are your unwitting enemies.

  13. With all these current events that’s going on today, I wonder how long they gonna keep this mess up because it’s just a matter of time before the truth starts to come out. The Censoring, the vaccines thinking it’s gonna save lives, the lockdowns, these sick people that’s gonna tell us how we gonna live our lives while they living good, the “climate change” theory, oh something definitely needs to be done about all this shit asap, because these people, Bill Gates, “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, Biden and Harris, these corrupt elites, these weird sick people, done lost their mind. The Censoring, they can keep on playing that “we don’t know what we talking about” game, acting like they literally smarter than us all they want too, but sooner or later, the truth needs to come out eventually! Trust me, the truth is gonna save lives. The whole climate change, the whole global reset, I swear to god, what they pushing seems to be dangerous. Not only the mess they pushing is gonna affect us, but it’s probably gonna affect them too. Do they ever think about the fact that they putting the whole earth in danger over their stupid ideas of trying to “save the earth?” Earlier, I read an news article today on 100% Fed Up, why this bill gates idiot talking about blocking the sun? Talking about blocking the sun, making people eat 100% Synthetic meat while he eats good, flying private jets all around? Oh hell nah. I definitely had enough with this crap. Enough is Enough. Shouldn’t Gates be retired or something? How are these weirdos running the freakin country man? Oh I forgot, they rich, no shit. If I became rich, became famous, became a celebrity, I’m still gonna live like a normal human being because what I’m starting to notice is that this corrupt politicians, these rich people, majority of these celebrites and entertainers and famous people, they not normal. Last night, I watch a video talking about they doing an ICarly reboot or something (Icarly was that Nickelodeon show), and the girl that played Sam in that show said she was going to be on their because of Dan Schenidier dude being a weird P, and I’m like what the hell? Not Nickelodeon too. I never knew watching it growing up, but after seeing that video, I was like now I kinda understand what these people are talking about. With the vaccines, half of the people ain’t gonna wake up until it starts hitting their families and friends. I wonder what would happen if the police force, firefighters, and miltary people, take that vaccines, and next thing you know they on the job, and they drop like flies, what’s gonna happen? Plus they gonna making these kids and teens take it, and I know for certain it might go ugly because what if these kids take it, and the same stuff happen to the people that collapse and had them adverse effects? If the vaccine is “safe” and “effective,” why the hell are people getting severe side effects and dying shortly after getting it? How long are they gonna hide the actually deaths, and keep lying? They can’t keep these lies up because suspicious is gonna raise to the surface, and there are questions that gonna need answers and not avoided. Can’t fool everyone. I said a lot, but I had to get this off my chest because this nosense needs to end asap.

  14. I got nothing much to share this week. You guys have pretty much mentioned what I would’ve said about covid so far.

    After long break due to being busy. I managed to run 10km I impressed with myself for it haven’t done something like that for a while.

    Screw these fools saying stay home. Let them stay home and grow weak.

    What is your opinion the census that the UK is planning to do?

    1. Jon,

      If I wasn’t working I’d be going out as well. I need to begin exercising again because I feel myself getting sluggish. I will not allow myself to turn into a fat slob because of a rogue government passing unlawful legislation. By the way it turns out(as was already suspected)the entire Coronavirus Act is unlawful(not that we needed to be told this). Every prosecution in relation to this garbage thus far has been thrown out, however don’t expect the mainstream media to report on this widely and don’t expect the State to drop the Act anytime soon. Here is an article from May 2020 followed by a more recent update:

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