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Still Talking That “Black Love” Garbage Yet He’s Still Single, Smh!

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As in the case of Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James, Dr Umar Johnson just can’t seem to help putting both feet in his mouth over and over again, here he is once again speaking against interracial dating despite the fact that he has yet to snag himself a black queanie.

For the past 4-5 years I have written a number of articles on this buffoon and his ridiculous and outdated ideologies concerning black men only dating and marrying within the race, yet in 2021 the frying pan African Prince Dr Umar “black love” Johnson is still single, what’s up with that?

Additionally, wasn’t this clown supposed to manifest his Frederick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy many years ago? To my knowledge the school has yet to be opened, what is taking this court jester/buck dancing minstrel so long to open up the education facility that he’s been talking and bragging about for the longest?

Wasn’t this the same mullet head who back in 2015 got exposed for dicking down a woman who went by the name of The Conscious Stripper aka Khym Ringgold:

This is one of the main reasons why I simply cannot take these pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, frying Pan African, pyramid head pundits seriously, in terms of dating and the current in the sewer condition of the modern day black female, these guys are so dumb that they’ve back themselves into a dirty and musty corner from which it will be extremely difficult to escape.

Johnson is talking as if black women are constantly running him down to the point where he has to beat them off with a stick, nope, on the contrary, like many of these pro blackity black flunkies, I suspect most of the time Johnson is forced to beat his monkey to porn ie the black women he wishes would check for him in real life.

A large percentage of his audience are black women, yet the guy is still struggling to land himself a decent black female, make that make sense. Amazingly, even though a black witch blew his penis escapades with her wide open and black women themselves have a notorious reputation for stabbing black men in the back, he’s still preaching that it’s only cool for black men to settle with black women, smh.

Notice how the crack snorting shine bucket continues to repeat the same old talking points about white women only getting with black men for who they are(if those black men are famous), how dating out is destroying the black community(which 50 years ago was already placed deep into the sewer by black women themselves via opting for feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies, facts that have been established for years despite what sexually suspect maggles such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain say to the contrary) and how the so called “snow bunny crisis” is out of control(whatever that is supposed to mean).

If black women as a collective weren’t out here behaving like bottom grade sluts, whores, slappers, vagabonds, unbridled violent harriets and uncouth tramps, weren’t out here trying their utmost to look like the white women they claim are supposed to be jealous of them, there wouldn’t be such a mass exodus of black men seeking out better options elsewhere.

As I’ve stated many times before, black men representing Generation Z as well as Millennials will NOT be bullied and shamed into dating and marrying black women by elder Generation X out of touch, thinking back to the old times Negroes such as no school manifested yet Umar Johnson, that is never going to happen.

Finally, as for the weave wearing black female at the end of the top video who goes by the YouTube name of Tiffany, sorry, we’ve heard all of that “King, I love black men” talk before, at the end of the day actions speak much louder than words.

As commenter James SYSBM has stated many times before, expect to see more “I love you black men, dear black men” videos as more black women crash head first into the extremely harsh realisation that the very black men they’ve been arrogantly scoffing at are those same black men they’ll need during these approaching apocalyptic times.

Popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready. In the meantime, don’t even bother listening to a weasel who has yet to deliver on his promises of an education facility he’s stated is meant to be for young black boys.

Dr Umar Johnson, where’s the damn school bruh? Dude has been running this FDMG Academy racket for years and people are still donating actually believing that he’ll manifest the school one day, lol. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Snorting Crackheads Who Cannot Manifest Educational Academies Cannot Be Taken Seriously

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “Still Talking That “Black Love” Garbage Yet He’s Still Single, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.
    Umar Johnson is still talking that black love bullshit even though black women these days are the worst mothers on the planet, they are fake looking from head to toe and they’re the worst behaved women ever plus what decent black man in his right mind would want to settle for a monstrosity women like that when he can date other races of woman on the planet because us good black men have many options in dating outside of our race despite the negative propaganda in the media and racism that’s aimed against us on a regular basis. Like I said before Verbs as a older millennial black man at 38, I will date whatever non black woman that I want and no black women, simps, pro blacks and racist white men can do anything to stop me because I live life in my terms, not by anybody elses ridged stupid archaic rules.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I keep on stating that most black men have been bewitched by the putrid snatch of these black females and Umar Johnson aka Umi Zumi is yet another example of a Negro who is unable to put these black females down even though it would be to his benefit to do so.

      Again, notice how these so called “black love” proponents never actually deal with the fact that the overwhelming majority of black women gravitate towards the scum buckets of black male society. I don’t have a problem with black women doing this, I take issue with them expecting myself and other black men like me to fall upon the sword and clean up their mess.

      1. Verbs 2015

        I fully agree with you bro. I am not saving black woman from their stupid life choices with her thug baby father. I am SYSBM for life man. 😊

  2. Why are these dudes so angry about a non select black men getting with a non black woman??? You would think that they would be happy since it’s more black women for them.

    1. It’s the true disinvestment that they fear the most. One only has to see enclaves like the Crenshaw district in Los Angles.

      When Pro Wacks complain about the velocity of Black dollars and how it only makes two-three stops before it leaves the community are exposing real concerns about future development and prosperity in Black enclaves.

      Thus your skills are badly needed in the community. You only have to look at KS frequent arguments with single, frustrated, BW to see how much Thinking BM are needed. But as we already know, BW have no interested in Blue collar businesses owners or those who work with the regional infrastructure.

      1. Anthony,

        Let black women form coalitions, unions and confederacies with 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse and Shifty Sizzler, those are the black men they’ve stated on numerous occasions they much prefer. Thinking black men are only wanted in black society for their resources and assets, nothing more.

    2. Because these street niggas want betas to hang around and play clean-up. If we marry their black babymamas, they’re off the hook for all this child support. That Russell Wilson/Ciara/Future situation is their business model. “Corny” niggas paying top dollar for what Thuggo got for free. Treating run-through snatch like a born-again virgin. Raising up another lead poisoned nigga’s dyslexic-ass child. By walking away, the thinking BM is disrupting the game. Also these plantation niggas are jealous we can pull non-black women, simple as that. I’ve experienced that first hand. SYSBM is the solution.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Sorry, no janitorial/clean up services will be provided here, black women are going to have to deal with the cards they dealt out for themselves, they have plenty of simps to choose from, that’s who they’re going to have to settle with as free thinking brothers will NOT be falling upon the sword for any of these washed up black harlots nor their devil spawn seedlings.

    3. Robert Chavis,

      Too many of them aren’t getting black women until these same dark sirens don’t have any options left, most of these pro blacks are forced to watch their black queans entertaining the worst of the worst within black male society. They believe black men like us ought to be holding down the fort and suffering with them, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  3. I’m starting to think that a lot of black men and women don’t want so called lame, nerd black men to have sex with any woman. Black women and alpha black men are sexual communists.

  4. Y’all got some spare time looking in my business like some creeping ass, FBI ass nighas still taking about dat ol’ ho. I’M BUILDING A SCHOOL UP IN DIS BITCH.
    Never mind about what I’m doing, I got da funds from our BLACK QUEANS. Dats right, MOTHER EARTH, your mamma’s be the real backbone of the community and dey be putting in da funds, not like y’all SIS-BEM sellouts looking for that pretty clean hair. What y’all going to do with clean straight hair?
    Running around after Becky, you Karen-loving weak nighas, you are a goddamn disgrace to your proud black ancestors – Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X. What she going do for your dumbass? Lower your blood pressure? Raise your financial worth? Not one of y’all be strong enough to protect y’all kids, so I guess the Prince of Pan Afrika is going to have to step up to the plate and do all your dirty work.
    Weird ass limeys, what y’all going to do once the real Egyptian kings come back to earth to come serve y’all? New Afrika is coming, a powerful new land of MELANATED KINGS and QUEANS! No broke coons allowed.

    1. Look, you hotep hustling bum, it’s not our fault you are out here finessing the Black communitah of what little chicken change they receive from White zaddy gub’mint and rightfully being called on your BS; how about you get a real job and stop desecrating the names of two of our greatest civil rights icons? What do you plan on teaching young Black boys at your school, how to be thirsty, lame p**sy beggars like yourself? Will you have a Hotep Health course detailing how to ritually snort cocaine in honor of the ancestors? You’re a fraud, Dr. Gerbilface!

    2. Wow, this pussyhole has come to this platform just to fuck with people. Ha, ha!

      1. Brothers – that was pure sarcasm from Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson
        A stroke of trolling brilliance not to be taken seriously.


    3. Dr Umi Gerbilface Zumi,

      Stop snorting away those funds and start building bruh, in fact it’s beginning to look like you’ve simply concocted the story of building a school in order to bring in the capital to fund your drug habit.

      Yep, we’ll continue to deal with non black women which will profit us greatly in the longterm, we’ll leave the “strong, independent, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself” black females in your hands, hopefully you’ll manage to snag one of them eventually.

      By the way, you can’t be a king and be a crack/cokehead, just though you ought to know before you hoover up you next line.

      1. What you need to do is to call Umar Johnson to Foolmar Johnson because he’s one fool!

  5. Tariq Nasheed was right, those text messages make him look like a weak willed, thirsty simp. “I need dat booty”? Come on man 🤣 usually the woman is begging, not the man.
    The real danger is Dr Gerbilface actually getting the school up and running. Who’s supervising the children?

    1. Michel,

      A black witch outed his personal business and he’s still talking all of this black love trough, smh. Remember, the dude already has two babymothers, black women are shafting the man left, right and centre yet he still can’t see the forest through the trees. Oh well, his problem, not mine.

  6. Umar Johnson is still asleep behind a wheel and won’t wake up to reality. They think white women are only dating black men atheletes. The truth is white women are also dating black men with all kinds of occupational profession jobs out there. If black male simps and negresses don’t like seeing BM/WW relationships then leave the west and buy land in African countries. Their pro wack ideologies should stay in Africa. Black male simps like Umar won’t have the backbone to step foot in that continent. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Africans don’t want these akatas in their countries lol. There is a story about this black rights activist woman from Detroit that bought a house and land in Ghana and went to retire there with her lesbian partner because of course. Turns out the locals frown on LGBT bs AND women owning property, so a mob killed the couple and burned their house down. Still no suspects after 5 years. Lesson: don’t be bringing that western far-left feminist bs to the motherland.

    2. Witwijf,

      These pro blacks talk a mean talk, however they don’t have the testicular fortitude to make it in the Motherland, being surrounded by other blacks, they wouldn’t be able to play the race card. The pro black, back to Africa, blue pill simp is exactly like the rabid black witch who raised him, victimhood status must be held onto at all costs.

  7. @Verbs2015,
    I tried to get through the first video however, I only got through 13 seconds. I have heard it all before for years . I am a action based person when I wanted to succeed in HS I put in hard brutal work to succeed. College same thing, wordsmith do not interest me, either you do or you don’t. Do not talk me to death, once I see one do that I tune out. Here is the thing if young so called black boys are being miss-educated which they are. I would not care if he opened the school in a sandwich shop the size of a deli section. We have accepted less and made great things with less just get it done.

    1. G1,

      It’s pretty evident by now that the dude isn’t going to be opening up any school, I personally believe that the school talk was just a front in order to garner the capital he needs in order to fund his drug addiction.

      From what I understand his FDMG Academy school campaign has been running for well over 10 years, I suspect his drug addiction has been running for the same amount of time. Folks who donated to Johnson simply need to accept the fact that they’ve been fleeced, accept the loss and move on.

  8. As Hardcore Tito stated, racial purity is the mating call of the undesirables, and this “Black love” crap is the Hotep’s version of racial purity; shines like Dr. Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson, much like the White nationalist groups of America, are stagnant and can’t move beyond what they feel were the “glory days” when tribalism was the norm. With the world moving towards globalism, it would behoove us as SYSBM Practitioners to know how to adapt to the ever evolving landscape, but these tribalistic groups don’t wish to adapt, nor are they mentally equipped to compete on an international stage; since they lack this global mindset, the thought of competing with other groups intimidates them. Sigma Jones did an excellent video where he broke down this battle between tribalism and globalism:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Yes sir indeed, both Sigma Jones and Kirigakure Jones have talked about this subject extensively, commenter James SYSBM has also made mention of the tribalists being left in the dust because of their unwillingness to adapt to the changing times, again, oh well, their problem, not mine.

  9. Dr Umar Johnson doesn’t say nothing when black women dating white men but is willing to open his month when black men with non black women. This man meant t build a school. Where the hell is it? And second of all, he talking about his black queens but don’t have a black women as a girlfriend or a wife. The woman this simp is loving, they don’t want him. They hate it when simps lick up to them. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t want men like him. They want a ruff neck type like Corner Boy Ronney, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake. This music video will prove it!
    This so called doctor will learn the hard way.

    1. Money Cultural,

      How long can a man remain chasing after a group of women who don’t want him? Johnson refuses to give up and simply take his backside where he will be loved and appreciated like SYSBM practitioners have. Imagine how many good, viable women this dude has past up simply because they weren’t “sistas”, smh.

      As I always say, oh well, his problem, not mine and I won’t be following in his footsteps either. Only a bewitched and brainwashed lummox would continue chasing after a bunch of women who wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire, smh.

      1. You see, this man don’t see that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t like simps like him. And these ghetto ratchet black women are not good women. These are worthless ghetto gagging whores that want the worthless man like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta from Harlesden, 357 Jimmy and Corner Boy Ronney.

      2. Imagine how many good, viable women this dude has past up simply because they weren’t “sistas”, smh.

        That’s the real tragedy right there, they don’t know how many White, Asian, Indian and European women are begging for strong, masculine men to take them right now. Guaranteed the second Umar lands in Germany he’ll be knee deep in so many frauleins, he’ll want to throw a dashiki on all of them 🤣

  10. @Umar Johnson

    You gotta build that school and get it up and running bro, your whole legacy depends on it. Over the decades many, many black men who alleged to be building a movement turned out to be swindlers, and your lack of achievement in this regard upholds the stereo type that that is all we’re good for. Also as the self styled “Prince Of Pan Africanism”, a mantle that wasn’t forced upon you, how does it look to you as the head of the movement who is preaching black love, who after over a decade hasn’t been able to find it, telling others that they should not only find it but live it? How do you think that looks to others and us?

    Good leaders lead from the front and by example. And as for what a woman can do for you, your health for example is based on personal choices, and are largely lifestyle dependent, so while a good woman can indeed aid in that, it really comes down to the individual (which would explain why my father is so much healthier than my mother). But if we are going to go along with that premise, black women BY AND LARGE, NOT EMPIRICALLY, are the least healthy women in America no matter who you choose to blame (something good leaders don’t do), so that’s not the best argument.

    If you could just have that school up and running, and find yourself a good black woman to marry and start a family with, leading by example instead of rhetoric, you would silence the majority of your opposition, including many of the talking points raised on this forum. And as a public figure you are open to scrutiny and criticism, it goes with the territory, those are some of the many burdens of leadership, so get used to it. In the end a man is judged by his accomplishments, which means you need to get things DONE, and quickly. History will judge you and the eyes of your community are watching, the ball’s in your court.

  11. “Johnson is talking as if black women are constantly running him down to the point where he has to beat them off with a stick, nope, on the contrary, like many of these pro blackity black flunkies, I suspect most of the time Johnson is forced to beat his monkey to porn ie the black women he wishes would check for him in real life.”

    LOL! Damn, Verbs, that’s some cruel play-by-play relationship commentary on Umar having a difficult task finding a “respectable” Black Queanie. lol. 😉 The truth is staring Dr. Umar right in the face. 😉
    Well, from looking at his face, the pickings must be kinda slim for him in the Amerikan black Communitah.

    So if he expects to find a hot high value black skirt like mine’s, he needs to get da fuk outta Dodge. Finding good quality un-feminized black womin in Amerika is worse than playing Russian roulette. Practically “every black catch” is a fukin scraggle or a fugly black feminazi with a beer belly, tacky fake hair and/or a disgusting lard ass. Eeew, the thought makes my dick cringe having to get it up for such common place black scraggle hideousness that I would be on the next flight out of King Snow’s liberty-infested “New World” — a one way ticket at that.
    I’m ok, no Amerikan Black Queanie 4me pleeeze.

    1. Black Picard,

      He’s not like SYSBM brethren, he has to remain in the US because there he can continue to pull the victimhood and race cards whenever required. Black women as a group have damaged their own image and reputation to such a degree that the very few so called “good black women” remaining would find it extremely hard to gain the trust of decent black men.

      At this point it’s a chicken wrap for Umi Zumi as well as the black sirens he worships and pines after. Exit, stage left.

  12. Isn’t this guy supposed to be some high falutin, philosophical doctor and educator? Yet when you piss him off, he sounds like any rapper or thug, and it’s nigga this, mother****er that.

    Notice that he only demands that you SPEAK YO SPEECH when you’re another black man. He doesn’t go hard in the paint like that against black women, let alone the so called white devil that’s supposedly holding us back.

    This guy, much like Sotomayor with the movie, never produced something that was supposedly so important to him. How can you see him as anything BUT a swindler and shyster? Likewise, if he as the face of the communitah is doing such things, how can they really complain about stereotypes?

    Dude was caught with his nuts hanging out of the Conscious Stripper. Black women are so great that all Mr. Black Love could get for himself was a straight up ho?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      And he called the whore “empress” and “queen”, smh. Umar Johnson unfortunately is a crackhead who concocted a story about building a school for black boys just so that he could have a regular source of income to feed his drug addiction, we simply have to call it like it is at this juncture.

      I have to laugh at these pro black minstrels, just like I stated in Negro Wars in the last chapter before the conclusion, the so called black community will be going nowhere fast as long as black women haven’t been checked and brought back into line. I released that book in 2015, the year is now 2021 and everything I’ve stated has come to past.

      Like you said, if black women are so great then why was he only able to get a stripper? Additionally in relation to General Seti, why is he also still single?

      1. Verbs,

        I’m almost convinced that Umar is, deep down, lying to himself. He’s in such a huge protest against those who don’t follow his ideals, but clearly fails to do better than that stripper he had himself. To me, it devalues the standpoints he oh-so loves to preach, thinking he knows better.. but clearly doesn’t.

        What I find unfortunate though, is how his followers don’t seem to see this or are willingly ignoring the red flags just to remain on the “right” side of the whole circus show rather than to criticize it, in fear of being tamed by his (and his other follower’s) whip.

    2. I’m in agreement but I do believe sotomayor did indeed make a movie. It’s called a fatherless america

  13. Friends don’t let friends take advice from a gerbil.


  14. AfroFuturism1,

    GerbilFace Johnson cannot be very intelligent, regardless of his alleged education. He does nothing but spout the same tired pro black cliches that pro black simps and welfare pimps have spouted since the 60s.

    The tired cliches he parrots have been parroted over and over by hundreds of pro black simps and communitah organizers. He is nothing but another would be welfare pimp/conman, whose con game never got off the ground.

    But this is not the thing that I find the most irritating about him. As I have said countless times, I hate the black male simp. And GerbilFace Johnson is an apex black male simp. The black male simp has values that are totally antithetical to manhood. The black male simp reinforces the stereotype that all black men are stupid, thirsty creatures, lacking in creativity, and needing everything explained to them by the scraggle daggle, as if they are retarded children.

  15. This con artist doesn’t even have a website for his pupils to study online classes. Especially with the current restrictions, surely ol’ GerbilFace can use a $10 LogiTech camera to teach kids the basics of EGYPTIANHISTORYYYYYyyyy….

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