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“I Want To Date Black Men Again”, Smh – Black Men Should Feel Disgusted And Insulted!


Thanks to Matt M for posting this yesterday. What do I continue to say and have been stating for many years now, the base of Swirl Mountain is littered with the bones of many black women who have attempted to climb to the summit but have subsequently failed, Stacey Dash is just the latest victim in a whole line of black women who honestly believed they could escape the Blackistani hellhole they created via their own hands.

As per usual like clockwork, once General Blizzard has used the black female like a tattered rag to his heart’s desire, he will then discard of the goods to which these washed up, sperm guzzling black Jezebel rejects will immediately turn their sights towards black men in the hopes of landing a sucker to take care of their ran through carcass.

The problem is because of the prolific simp epidemic that has been spread amongst most black men by black women themselves, these ex swirlers more time won’t have any difficulty in snagging themselves a black male janitor who will be more than willing to provide his clean up services.

We saw this with the cleavage showing black Jezebel, ex swirler and YouTuber named Irene Yvette, a black female who after she was fully milked and spat out onto the side of the street by Major Frost had no problems finding a psychologically deflated black male simp to pick up the pieces ie look after her and her two mixed race children. The simp who stepped up even married the witch, smh.

I remember when Irene Yvette first came on the scene I believe around 2018 if my memory serves me correctly, much in the same manner as Jessica X blue pilled black men were falling head over heels performing front/back flips and cart wheels every time Yvette brought herself onto a panel, however unlike X, Yvette chose to appear on camera.

I clashed with Irene Yvette at least twice on Obsidian’s livestreams because the siren loved to talked around inconvenient questions instead of being straight forward, up front and honest as a supposed self proclaimed “Conservative Christian” woman ought to be.

What I found amazing is the fact that just like Stacey Dash in her hay days, Yvette overtly snubbed black men when she chose to embark upon her journey to climb Swirl Mountain, in fact when Irene Yvette returned from her failed swirling mission(apart from her mixed children), unlike Dash on many occasions she continued to snub and attempted to berate black men she didn’t agree with ie those like myself who refused to bow down and lick her muddy boots. Yvette faded out of the Black Manosphere spotlight at some point in 2019.

Back to the matter at hand, here comes Dash grovelling her way back to the so called “black community”, her levelling up/divesting escapades having failed miserably. However, as stated before because black male society is overrun with simps, she won’t have any problem snagging a sucker to look after her.

Dash’s prime and best years she decided to give to the Milk Man, however once he and his community finished with her, she knew that she could return to black society(even though I believe she’s of mixed heritage) and at some point in the near future will land herself a no standards having Negro who will have no problems falling upon the sword on her behalf. All we have to do now is sit back and wait to see which sucker will step up for cleaning duties.

Smart black men won’t touch Dash with a 50 foot barge pole, therefore she’ll have to settle for a desperate, blue pilled ultra simp. This is yet another reason why black society is done, there are no standards within it primarily because it is being lead by a group of mentally ill harriets who don’t seem to understand the importance of having standards and a code in order to keep said society strong and robust.

No doubt the sexually suspect, anti SYSBM stalker and fake academic Aaron Fountain will attempt to use this as supporting evidence towards his “claim” that SYSBM practitioners have a problem with black women dating out but not black men even though it is widely known that the pro black female/black women first squads are the ones who hate seeing black women cross the fence, NOT US over here.

Having received and accepted the message that black women proclaim on the daily concerning their love for thugs, criminals and gangsters, we’ve moved on, however as I’ve stated many times before, many of us still have to deal with black females under other capacities which many a time can be a nightmare, this is why we continue to talk about black women.

Dash ought to be treated as an outcast because of her treachery and disdain towards black folks, however we already know that most black people are too forgiving to their own detriment and as a result her mid 50s, used up, broken and defective beyond repair self will be welcomed back into the fold, smh.

Expect the likes of Christelyn Karazin aka the queen/high priestess of Swirl Mountain as well as her swirling acolytes at some point in the near future to also come cap in hand grovelling at the feet of the same community they campaigned for years that black women should walk away from, popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready.

This is the side of divesting/levelling up/swirling most black women who attempt to date out experience, however don’t expect the Pink Pill Pimpstress to relay the truth on this. She may talk about Dash and her failed swirling missions, however don’t hold your breath. Another L for swirling black women, another carcass “dashed” to pieces and lays at the foot of Swirl Mountain broken.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirl Mountain Claims Yet Another Victim

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on ““I Want To Date Black Men Again”, Smh – Black Men Should Feel Disgusted And Insulted!

  1. We need to establish standards. Black Women want NO STANDARDS because they know most of them won’t come up to snuff. A White Broad who exclusively dated/slept with Black Men would NOT be welcomed back by White Men. Seen it in the Midwest. White Broads with mixed kids have to stay looking for Black Men for step daddies as Commander Ivory will have none of it. They can do this because BM are seen as the final back up plan for any and all washed up women. BM will pay FULL PRICE for a bargain basement broad….

    1. Mike The 8-Bit Blerd,

      Unfortunately, because of the single mother upbringing most black men have experienced, black women have indoctrinated and programmed black men to accept below par, mediocre, sub standard goods. This is one of the reasons why black women take particular offence to SYSBM practitioners, we have rejected such a degenerate philosophy, instead recognise our worth and thus understand that we deserve and can achieve much much better.

    2. Interracial websites are located with White women and Latinas mainly who have had children with Black men looking for their retirement plan. The majority of them LIKE Black women don’t want to give you the honor of having a child together. I noticed this nonsense twenty years ago.

      That is why I stop dating single mothers I 100% refuse.

  2. Good commentary. I’ve been watching the whole Stacey Dash “I’m Sorry” tour these past few days. If Black Men still had a masculine code, we en masse would not take back the white man’s leftovers. But as you pointed out, these effeminate, new school simps would have no trouble kissing the same mouth that spouted off right-wing talking points on Fox News and ghetto gagged white penis. I’ve watched with horror online while horny Black males simp for the fattest, nastiest, stretch-marked black ghetto and bustdown cellulite white bitches, they’d do cartwheels for the chance to play cleanup for Stacey Dash, at least she was in the movies and is still attractive. Oh well, their problem, not mine. SYSBM remains the way forward.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Let the blue pilled, black male ultra simps clean up her mess, that is the best she’s going to get especially at her age being well outside of her prime by at least 24 years. The simping in black male society is at an all time high, simping is one of the major reasons why the Black Manosphere is currently in the toilet, no standards having black males getting overexcited and immediately losing the plot whenever a female of any kind graces them with her presence. Again, I’m just waiting to see which sucker is going to “step up” to the plate.

      1. Verbs,

        Even as a ghetto gagging post-wall Hollywood bustdown, Dash is leagues above 98% of these washed-up, obese, bad credit, nappy-headed homegirl babymamas that us intelligent brothers are supposed to rescue. Like you, I’m waiting to see who “steps up.”

      2. I 100% fully agree. SIMPS are the problem, to quote KS “Women control access to sex, Men control access to relationships”

        SIMPS are giving all sorts of throw away women the time of day just to stop being single.

        Get your passport and search the world over, but they won’t do it. I agree, not my problem #SYSBM

  3. Let me translate this bullshit for you: after decades of being sexually unsatisfied with Brad and even more so by the occasional Lee Kim and failing to ever produce a quadroon/octoroon child even less than black than herself, she’s now content in her 50s (read: no longer fertile years) to finally get some good sex and get her cervix slashed to bits by dudes who are actually 6 inches and bigger. After all, there’s no threat of them impregnating her now with their “nigga cum.”

    This woman was more than content to shit on and shun black men, but the white men she deified, knowing she was still at least half black, wanting nothing serious to do with her. At most, they ran Ghetto Gaggers trains on her just to say they nutted on a “black chick” but since she was light skinned and ethnically ambiguous, they didn’t have the shame of screwing say, Gabrielle Union.

    Now I’ll admit that this woman kept herself looking half way ok for her age, unlike most full black women who look 50 at 27. This and her non-black features will get her some brownie points with simps. I honestly wouldn’t blame them for using her as a cum dump and even going reverse ghetto Gaggers on her, but bragging about anything more would show the low standards of the black communitah. Sadly, some big buff Simp half her age who could score the hottest Becky will settle for and brag about her.

    This also goes to show how “conservatism” for black women really is just COONservatism, it’s all to get in bed with white men.

    1. Verbs 2015.

      If a woman rejected me in a disrespectful way in her sexual prime years then I am going reject her in her sexual declining years if she ever came back into my life as its that simple. Black women do this kind of shit with decent black men all the time and it’s no wonder why the black community is fucked and gone to shit because pro black simps do not have any high standards for themselves in the kind of women that they want because they have been brainwashed by the black community into believing that it is a honorable thing to take on some other man’s leftover women especially if these women hit the wall after 30 and they become ugly, fat and the worst thing is if they become single mothers. I will never allow anyone to brainwash me into getting with ugly women, fat women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because I have high standards for myself in the type of woman that I want to date as she at least have to be good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks and above, she has to be childfree and in shape as well. Like I said before Verbs if I can’t attract the woman that I really want then I will rather stay single for the rest of my life then to get with a woman that I am not sexually attracted to. I am SYSBM for life man. We all know that a womans sexual prime years is between 18 to 30.

      1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        It’s funny you should mention black women rejecting good black men in their prime years in favour of the scum buckets and the dregs of black male society only to realise their mistake once they’ve exited their best years, they’re no longer young and attracting men how they used to because this has happened to me on several occasions.

        I remember one woman in particular who I pursued for some time before discovering SYSBM, she was very attractive however she refused to give me the time of day.

        You already know how the story ends, post prime age kicked in, she began to realise that her fast life escapade gravy train was coming to an end, 2 children en tow from two different fathers and so she came sniffing around in my direction looking for me to perform janitorial services, I told her what she’s been telling me for years, that we were better off as friends, of course this didn’t go down well with her however that her problem, not mine.

        1. Verbs 2015.

          I fully agree with you bro. I find it a insult if a woman ever done that to me because she gave her best years of her life to the worst kind of man ever and the worst of it all is that she got pregnant by that particular man, had kids with him, lost her good looks, got fat and now that these women become single mothers they now want me to play clean up man and step dad to their bastard kids while I am listening to their sob stories of how they was treated like shit by their bad boy boyfriends. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit as I am not playing second best to no other thug baby father who is not better than me as I made much better choices in life and know my self worth and value as a childfree black man. This is the reason why dating in the 21st century is shit for good men because of common situations like this when women pick the bad boys over good men.

      2. 16 and 34, best years 16-28, next window 28-34. The rate of women over 35 who need medical intervention to get pregnant doubles and by 40 triples if she’s never carried a child to term.

        I say 16 because it’s legal in some states for woman to get married with parental consent. As soon as a young woman has had her period she can have children, we all know that.

        If you MUST go down that road, women who have had children before age 35 are more fertile than women who haven’t had children before. Fertile not more eggs her body has adjusted to having children making it easier for her to get pregnant and carry children without medical intervention.

        My #1 demand on a single mother, divorced, widowed, it doesn’t matter. We must have a child together and your children must respect me and YOU must treat ALL THE CHILDREN as equals.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      “This also goes to show how “conservatism” for black women really is just COONservatism, it’s all to get in bed with white men.”

      If only black women would be straight, up front and honest about this, there are very few so called “conservative” black women roaming the planet who are genuinely conservative, the overwhelming majority of them simply take on board that position in order to score brownie points with Field Marshal Sleet and hopefully thereafter hope their white lord and saviour scoops them up and rides into the sunset so that they can be impregnated by him to give them the mixed race children with light eyes, light skin and good hair they’ve always wanted.

      It’s just the clear and blatant insult that really bothers me, like I stated in the article she gave up her best years to Captain Frost, however now that she’s clearly come to the end of the road, she’s chosen to make a direct beeline for the black male community already knowing its degenerate composition and that she has a very high chance of snagging a brainwashed and indoctrinated sucker who will be more than willing to cuff her, smh.

      I’ll keep on saying it, I’m sitting back with some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice waiting to see which one of these simps is going to “step up” and take on board ran through and used up goods.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      Let me just say that you hit the mark dead center. This is why I always say that the black male simp disgusts me even more than the scraggle daggle does. They both stand in stark contrast to every value that I have,

      No amount of wisdom can reach the pea size, atrophied brains of the black male simps, with their scarcity mentality. I am perfectly ok leaving the black male simps alone to stew in the hells that they create for themselves. After all, they and the scraggle daggles deserve each other.

      But far too many black male simps have the affrontery to claim that they speak for black men writ large. But I have this to say to the black male simps. Just because you have no self respect, just because you have no standards, just because you have the mind of a child, the body of a grown man, and the emotions of a woman, you assume this is true of all black men. Stay in your lane black male simp, and don’t presume to speak for real black men.

      And to the burnt out scraggs from swirl mountain. Go find dysfunctional bliss with a black male simp. But stay the hell away from real black men.

    4. Afrofuturism1,

      ” Sadly, some big buff Simp half her age who could score the hottest Becky will settle for and brag about her.”

      This statement captures the essence of what black male simping is all about.

      Imagine a white woman in her twenties, letting the world know that she will date and do every race of man except white guys. She makes a big deal of this too. Thirty years later, when she’s in her 50s and long past the wall, she announces that she will start dating white guys. I ask you, who would consider this newsworthy ?

      But with Stacey Dash, it is considered newsworthy when she announces that she will date black guys after swirling for 30 years. This is considered newsworthy because the entire world knows there is an army of black male simps drooling at the prospect of being considered dateable by this washed up, burnt out, used up, swirl mountain skank.

      1. Russell Wilson! The Headmaster SIMP.

        Rescuing Black woman from Swirl Mountain is a massive fail and only simps like Wilson will bailout Dash or Ciara.

        Black women don’t respect you Black man, I shouldn’t have to tell you.

  4. Although Stacey Dash is washed up, she still looks more attractive as a mixed biracial woman than every negress in the world. Why is she trying to appeal to black male liberals? No conservative woman should be appealing to black societies. It would make more sense for her to just stay single than date a black male who hasn’t got any conservative values and standards. In reality, no black conservative men (sysbm practitioners) would touch a female who is broken beyond repair. Stacey Dash is just an example. She is no longer a quality stargate. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      “No conservative woman should be appealing to black societies. It would make more sense for her to just stay single than date a black male who hasn’t got any conservative values and standards.”

      Exactly, which is why you have to heavily examine and scrutinise any black women who claim to be conservative. Dash’s claim to conservatism as Afrofuturism1 points out was simply to help her climb Swirl Mountain which in the end ultimately didn’t turn out well for her at all.

      Additionally, Dash knows that black men in general being raised by feral hogs aka modern day black females knows that they will be more likely to tolerate her garbage, she’ll be able to land a bluye pilled, liberal black male simp who will guzzle down her bathwater while in the midst of being verbal berated and even physically abused by her.

  5. If Stacey really wants to date black men all she has to do is start up a YouTube channel. There will be more than enough simp ass negroes that will be more than happy to come to her rescue!

    1. Val Zod,

      Having travelled through black male digital spaces for a number of years now, I can categorically state that nothing you’ve said above is a lie.

  6. You are absolutely correct. Dash, at the very least should go after a fellow conservative black man.

    1. Antonio Estabon,

      True conservative black men won’t touch her with a 60ft fishing rod, she knows a no standards having liberal black male is her best and only shot to ease her way back into black society.

    1. Alex C,

      She doesn’t mind lying in that bed as long as she has a simp lying down with her to clean up the mess as well as to take up herself and her liabilities.

  7. Hmm, now she wants a black man huh? Here’s a little few words for her: Good Luck with that. Nine times out of ten, she gonna wind up with a sucka. I can feel it. If a chick rejects you, or put you in that friend zone, don’t try to take her back. Get up, and go find a chick that’ll actually start a connection with you. A lot of black women in America don’t know a good man when they see one, and it’s crazy how they throw black men under the bus, but expect them to come back to be their bailout plan like sorry. I’m no government handout lady. If you didn’t want me at first, then why you want me now? When some of these women get in their late 30s and up, talking about I’m ready to settle down, the question I’m gonna ask them is: What Happened? Then again, they gone come at you with them sob stories saying, “I was young and dumb, I thought them guys was perfect, I thought they loved me, I was used like a sex toy, I was having my fun.” I’m just gonna be like, Yeah. Goodbye! Then they gone start calling me names, and saying some crap like, “Don’t you wanna start something together, The past is the past, I said I was sorry, I just realize I just had something good right in front of me.” Then I say, “At first you rejected me, you say no. Don’t no means no? So what makes you think you can just come back around me and be this born again virgin, acting like nothing happened?”

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The overwhelming majority of black women don’t seem to realise that they have a very short window in which to find themselves a decent, high quality man, so they squander their prime years on thugs and dickheaded Negroes believing that once they’ve had their fun in the sun, they’ll be able to land themselves as they called them an “educated lame/square” who will take on board their broken carcass unconditionally and look after them until they hit the grave. Look at the high percentage of single black women, how has such a plan work out for them, not very well at all.

  8. Them assets must be depleted for her to say she’s want’s black men. Which type of black men is the question.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      She desires a high quality black man however they won’t touch her, therefore she’ll have to settle for a fluid liberal Negro.

  9. In the words of King Sigma, “There is no mountain higher than Swirl Mountain, no valley too low, no ocean too deep…”; no, not even Mount Everest’s height nor the Mariana Trench’s depth can surpass the distance that these swirlers will go to snag them that high value White man. Stacey Dash is just the latest casualty of its treacherous climb.

    First off, Stacey Dash is Black & Mexican; I can imagine how she was treated by Black girls in her youth due to her mixed features and naturally straight hair, which probably made her feel like an outcast and a target of the daggle’s venom. This is probably what prompted her to dive into politics as the “angry, conservative, Black woman” after her acting career; it was likely her way of getting back at the communitah for not accepting her because she was “different”.

    Have you all noticed how Black conservatives who criticize Black people seem to be of this class where they were different than everyone else? There’s nothing wrong with being different, but they lament that Pookie got more love than they did, so they seek acceptance from the other side by using their talking points as an attack mechanism; it’s one thing to be a Black conservative, but it’s another to be a boot licking COONservative peacocking for racist Whites who will throw you away once they’re done using you. Don’t save used up straggs like Stacey Dash; save yourself.

    P.S. Maybe Pastor 2 Piece could take Stacey Dash out on a KFC dinner date; it’ll be his first date in decades! Not to mention, Dash looks like the lightskin women featured on the cover art for his comics.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is one of the things I like about SYSBM, even though we reject the black community and all of its dysfunction, we’re still smart enough to understand that licking the muddy boots of General Sleet is another road of calamity and destruction that also must be avoided.

      Lord Euro just like his black female sidekick equally views independent, heterosexual free thinking black men as a serious threat, hence why he employs his black female flunky to run emasculation and effeminisation operations on the minds of black men from a very early age.

      Another victim lies at the base of Swirl Mountain, however before she’s eaten by the vultures, I’m pretty sure that a simp will swoop in and scoop her up just in time, smh.

      1. “This is one of the things I like about SYSBM, even though we reject the black community and all of its dysfunction, we’re still smart enough to understand that licking the muddy boots of General Sleet is another road of calamity and destruction that also must be avoided.”

        I’m glad that you pointed that out, because there was someone who claimed SYSBM who is a bootlicker in the same vein as Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, ABL, etc.; this guy nearly jeopardized the integrity of the SYSBM movement when he compared SYSBM to the Proud Boys and decided to participate in the Capitol insurrection. Guys like that don’t belong here.

  10. “Once General Blizzard has used the black female like a tattered rag to his heart’s desire, he will then DISCARD of the goods to which these washed up, sperm guzzling black Jezebel rejects will immediately turn their sights towards black men in the hopes of landing a sucker to take care of their ran through carcass.” ~ Verbs

    Its pitiful how easy it is for these discarded Swirl concubines to be accepted with open arms by the NO STANDARD CommuTeps.

    I created an upload on this Stacey Dash boot from Swirl Mountain.

    She is just one of many more to be booted from Swirl Mountain in the near future.

    1. King Sigma,

      I made a previous comment on your video, however the YouTube Gestapo deleted it so I had to make another one, this seems to have become a huge problem on that platform, comments being disappeared. As I’ll keep on saying until the inevitable occurs, I’m sitting back with some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice waiting for one of these blue pilled, omega simps to step up and begin performing clean up services, lol.

      1. Verbs –

        What’s crazy, is that I have left replies to comments in my own channel threads and YouTube will delete them! That is why is an important space for free thinking BM. YouTube is slowly diminishing the voices of Black men that speak in ANY non-PC manner on their platform.

        Oh, Stacey Dash will be saved by the CommuTeps. There is a dashiki with her name on it waiting, she will be speaking pro-blackity talk within 3-4 months.

        1. She was on an ending skit on one of Jason’s Black broadcast a few months ago. Many people noticed this and was surprised. Let the tragic mulatto keep her dunce hat and stay in the corner. Unless Jason Black is willing to pick the bones and rotting flesh of leftovers.

    2. yep saw the video another classic….. Smh another swirl mountian victim shouts out to Dr. Kirigakure

  11. After all that throwing black men under the bus, after all that having kids with the white beta male, now she wants to come back to black men. I just read both of the articles. Captain Blizzard had his fun with her and breed it off and now she wants to come back to black men. Halle Berry is next to say that she’s looking for a black man. I bet you my whole money I saved up that she will say that she want black men again. You see, when Stacy Dash find out that the white beta male is lazy, worthless man and cannot match up to the black heterosexual male, that’s when she knows that it time to go back to black men. I don’t have a problem with black women dating non black men even though that Stacy Dash is mixed (Black American/Mexican) but Swirl Mountain is just crumbling. As these simps see her wanting black men, them simps are lined up trying to sweep her up of her feet.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Unfortunately this is what happens when you have a community that is operated by a bunch of degenerate reprobate women, everything goes to hell in a hand basket, there are no pillars/standards to keep the community strong and robust and worst of all such a structure is easily prone to attack by anyone.

      It’s unfortunate but washed up women from ALL RACES regularly come to the black male community knowing that they’ll be able to land themselves a sucker who will be more than willing to provide clean up services.

      1. Yeap, that is right. And black men in the black community are the only men that will do the clean up service for any washed up woman and provide them these these washed up hags. And it’s these simps that will be the clean up man. I rather be single them be with these women that have children.

  12. She should join the manosphere as @VAL Tod Stated I have a name for her Dash Cam. Daily Vlogs and drops everyday by 2 something. #I💓BlkMen the throng of simps will come out like the masses for cheap walmart products on black friday…. Cash APP #DashCam💓 she will be the new leader of the manosphere….

    1. G1,

      It’s disgraceful how black and mixed women who once shunned black men can return and be welcomed with open arms by the same low self esteem black males these women spat in the faces of.

  13. If Stacey Dash wants to help the communiteh, she should offer her “services” to young teen boys to get their sexual practice in. If it was good enough for her…

    1. Michel,

      She might run the “treat me with respect, I’m a queen” bollocks. The audacity of this woman, however when she already knows there are a bucket load of simps ready to step up to the plate, what over the hill, past her prime female wouldn’t take advantage of this?

      1. Her eye is still firmly on the prize of Captain Lime. Guaranteed. There are brand new white male simps she can snag, so her talk of black men is just that, talk.

  14. You will never see east Asian men take back east Asian women when they slept with white men and want to come to tonesst Asian men. And white men Asian couples are the largest ir couples in the west

  15. Stacey Dash does NOT want to date Black men again, she just wants to manouver her slick ass back into da communiteh. She knows her fake conservative, ghetto gagging ways will be forgiven and overlooked as if she’s said nothing. It’s all clout chasing, she’s still on the lookout for Chad and Brad.

    Women do this all the time, especially political commentators – no-one wants to touch Tomi Lahren or Megyn Kelly after shitting on men for political brownie points, then they find out their market value has tapped out. Unlike us forgiving Black men, Confederate Cam and his buddies take notes and act accordingly.

  16. Stacey Dash’s Waldo was not why their marriage broke up. SHE ran him off after she LIED to the police about him beating her. SHE ended up being arrested for domestic abuse because when the cops got there, HE was the only one with bruises. Any Black man DUMB enough to hook up with her after that DESERVES all the hell she WILL put him through. Given enough time, ALL these swirlers end up running off their WALDO. Christelyn Karazyn, Janet Jackson, and Robert de Niro’s wife have all run off their WALDOs. Venus Williams has tried for YEARS to marry a WALDO, but none of her WALDOs wanted to wed her after they bedded her. And EVERYBODY KNOWS it is only a matter of time before Meghan Markle and Serena Williams run off their WALDOs.

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