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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Even though everything she said was the truth, I remember an article I wrote back in September 2022 checking this weave/wig wearing heifer for some greasy, slick commentary she launched against men enquiring about a woman’s body count. That article can be seen here below:

The important thing here is to NOT fall for the Kansas City Shuffle. There are a lot of black women out here who in these last days of deception are going to pretend that they’re on your side, however as free thinking black men we know better than that.

Continue to keep it moving, don’t change course, your black female unicorn is NOT COMING. The sooner you on the fence black men realise this, the sooner you can actually move on to greener pastures.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    The troll/agent Auston Holleman making his presence known again. This Passport Bro(s) movement and numerous subgroups is saturated with scanners looking for internet fame and a blue checkmark.

    @AustonHolleman Viral Twitter Post Has American Woman And Beta Males Pissed! by Skylar DeRouen

    Wait a minute, Skylar DeRouen giving Holleman a second chance after the Brazil incident?

    From Holleman’s Twiter account: It’s Time To Become a Passport Bro @dennisspurling

    1. Auston is a little idiot.

      Deliberately talking and acting wrecklessly and then when he gets called out on it, plays the “these old dudes are just mad and hating on me cos I’m young and able to travel and get b*tches” card.

      It’s like seriously, grow the fuck up man.

      Guys like Wode Maya and Jubril produce much higher quality content, surrounded by beautiful women and sometimes even celebrities and get love from all over. Hell, Jubril is the reason I even went to Panama and Colombia five years ago and I reached out to him to thank him. Not to mention all the other content creators who still date and don’t get caught up in any nonsense.

      Trolling other men for attention and controversy is girlish behaviour.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        I actually need to visit Panama properly, I’ve been there once but I was only transiting through the airport heading towards Mexico or the DR, this was at least 10 years back. As for Holleman, I understand the travelling aspect of his journey however the banging random chicks part is something that he could easily do back in the US. If you’re a normal guy, it is nothing to get a woman abroad in a non westernised country because dating in those regions is for the majority part NORMAL. The dude is complaining about how dysfunctional and decadent women in the West are yet isn’t he importing the same degeneracy and hedonistic garbage to non westernised foreign countries?

    1. Hmmm…

      Duly Noted

      This ain’t built for every black men.

      I’m good with that


    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      The dude said he was living in San Francisco, that’s all I needed to know. I remember there was a guy who used to comment on this website who was living in Las Vegas and made a similar complaint. My question is why even tempt fate and expect women who live in degenerate cities to be checking for you.

      If white women in San Francisco aren’t checking for the guy, he should be happy and move on elsewhere. Additionally, we don’t know what type of guy he is, if Ronaldo G isn’t normal, he shouldn’t expect to be checked for. A lot of these guys are dysfunctional themselves but still want attention from the opposite sex, it doesn’t work that way.

      1. I haven’t watched him since 2018 or ’19. He was a viewer of Charles Tyler. He was supposed to go to Brazil but I guess those plans changed after Tyler died.

        Rolando G’s father from the last time I heard is married to a Latina. Unfortunately for Rolando G, his father’s success didn’t rub on him.

        Rolando had a chance to leave the San Queer-cisco area for other parts of the state or go to a different state. He’s stuck.

        Before I stopped watching Rolando, he made a video asking Mad Bus Driver to help find him a woman. No lie.

  2. 2025 will be worse than 2024 when it comes to UK and USA.

    I had to use my passport sooner than later to leave UK in 2023.

    Funny how this sheboon has a different approach in 2024 compare to that article in 2022.

    1st wave feminism was only about white oppression.

    White women used feminism to date black men.

    Not just any black man by the way.

    No black men who are only into black women, no pookie, no ray ray, no slim mouse, no pimps and no drug dealers.

    Most black males are more forgiving and liberal in general to sweep things about blackistan under the rug.

    This mentality won’t get them very far and the negress would eventually remove her mask off to reveal her true nature.

    Black women have always hated black men since the beginning of time and human creation on earth.

    Anyone that wants to know what hell looks like, look no further than black societies globally.

    1. “1st wave feminism was only about white oppression.”

      In reality Wittexton Feminism is only design for White women and never for Black Women.
      I watch ‘Accountable Commentary’ video about the Sisterhood exposed. Sisterhood was created by White women to look out for each other, however Black females use it against the Black Men, now BW are taking L’s because the white sisterhood is about dating options.

      “White women used feminism to date black men.”

      This is how is was designed. ‘Loving vs Virginia’ Law as only to apply to white men. White Feminist counter the law (not reverse) meaning they get the full footing and access to Interracial laws so they can date who they want.

      Remember, all this white oppression and equality was never mean and design for Black Women at all because of it is not compatible with ethnic minority. If ethnic race (non-whites and other traditional cultural countries) subscribe to feminism the culture becomes corrupt and mutated. Heck if they become westernised, they also become corrupt. This is what has been happening to the black race for over 50 years as they become erode and corrode. Now we all see BW inherited genetic feminist mutation pass down generations thanks to the elder simps.

  3. So here’s two things examples of the type of females in the west I’ve just now watched back to back on IG based in none other than the wonderful city I reside in:

    First one….

    So this masculine, rough and tough white female decides she’s gonna cuss like a sailor and put hands on a grown man. No doubt she thought the entire train would throw on the capes and jump him on her behalf. Luckily it wasn’t Simpmania that day. People are getting sick of females acting recklessly and thinking they can do whatever the hell they want just because they’re women and the comment section shows that thankfully. Even though there’s always a racial bias on these pages, most of them aren’t even making excuses for her. I look forward to the day when they get the message after more and more of them start to suffer the consequences of their actions. If this was in South Korea and the man beat her ass, he wouldn’t get in any trouble at all.

    Which leads me to the second one….

    This could have been posted in Monday’s article. Black females decide to randomly bully and assault people for the hell of it, what else is new. Tells the guy if he hits her back she’ll “call the feds”. Again, would have had no sympathy if they got the beats, but Da Communitah would have come out in droves to make excuses and defend these harridans.

    Both examples are the type of females to be avoided. White, black, whatever….most feminist western women are pure trash and have become total monsters at this point.

    Grab your passports cos it will only get worse….


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      You used to be able to find those videos all over YouTube until they began clamping down on free speech and showing their true colours. YouTube is NOT YouTube anymore unless you literally post videos for children(as if that’s the only audience on the platform).

      I remember that first video, these females engage in these types of rag tag, foot loose violence antics because they know that they’ll be some stupid blue pilled simp who’ll step up and gate keep their bad behaviour as soon as the man retaliates.

      Simpmania is a serious problem, they’ll jump up to defend gutter females who cannot behave themselves but don’t see the bad behaviour they’re openly defending as a problem, smh.

      As for the second video, I wish a black witch would, she’d find out very quickly she made a terrible mistake. You know what’s funny, if those black girls were being attacked, they’d immediately scream out “racism”, yet they think it’s perfectly fine to go around attacking non black folks for no reason whatsoever.

      This is what I talked about in my book Negro Wars, violent women need to be shut down straight away otherwise they will continue down that same path getting worse with each attack they execute.

      1. Verbs wrote:
        “You know what’s funny, if those black girls were being attacked, they’d immediately scream out “racism”, yet they think it’s perfectly fine to go around attacking non black folks for no reason whatsoever.”

        Verbs, this reminds me of Dawn Butler MP who playing the ‘race card’ because the Mr Clean Police just doing his job, she should of be calm and polite, but she is just a Race baiter just like David Lammy.
        Link =

  4. White sugar honey: You know that there are black women that are married, right?
    SYSBM: I can’t disagree with that. there are black women that are married but what type of black women that are married? That’s the question.

    My day was alright with the Arsenal beat Luton Town 2-0 so everything is all good. home hunting, writing, job hunting as I miss the nine to five, making money online and so on. Right, when it comes to black women getting married, I heard that 72 pec cent of black women in America are not married.

    I was wondering why it’s so high. The reason for that is some of them have bad attitude, they have weave in their hair trying to look like a white woman which is their biggest nemesis, they are single mothers, they chase after thugs and worthless men, it’s all of the dysfunctional behaviour some of the black women have.

    Lot at Britain with 60 per cent of black men who are with non-black women. When you see a white woman who gets engage, they man no matter what colour she is looks at her as wife material and certain black women are not. But some of the dudes in the hood will say that “Money Cultural, there are some black gyal that are married though!” Yes, there are black women that are married and have children with their spouse.

    Right, I did an article of black men prefer black women but they get forced to date non-black women. It was three years ago. I said that black women’s main choice is a black woman. But as the black woman who is not submissive, having a bad attitude and so on, black men was like “I’m out of here,” and move on to a non-black woman or becomes a passport brother. Bu the scragglies are coming after black men who are passport brothers. And the simps are coming after the passport brothers as well. lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women. I wish I was in living in North West London still. I’ll be looking for some booty.


  5. Gentlemen,

    This is why some knucklehead Negroes don’t deserve a passport or to travel, they think they can bring their degenerate ways from the West into other countries and get away with it.

    I cannot recall the amount of times where I’ve come across incidents of foreigners clashing with locals because said foreigners think they own the country and can do what they want without recourse.

    This dumb behaviour most certainly is NOT SYSBM™ and this isn’t what being a true Passport Bro is all about either. These are your passport pookies, whenever you’re abroad watch out for these dummies because unfortunately they are lurking about:

    1. Just finish watching the video. The guy wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t know what’s wrong with him!

    2. @Verbs2015

      I don’t throw the word ‘agent’ out at everything, but I’m starting to think dudes like this and that ‘Johnny Somali’ weirdo are plants.

      Black men attempting to control their own image and traveling to different countries, settling down and receiving love is a major threat to some demographics of people and we all know who. I wouldn’t be surprised if these fools are being sent out to countries that don’t generally have an anti-black sentiment to try and sabotage that.

      I don’t know what that Johnny Somali clown was even doing in Japan. He’s clearly too stupid to change a light bulb and this other guy’s antics are just so pointless and weird and totally unfunny.

      I’ve seen travelers clash with locals in different countries and it mostly those from the states.

      This is why when I travel alone, I refuse to hang out with dickheads or those who always get loud and cocky and walk around like they own the place. Something happens, it’s a reflection on me and I’m not having that.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        “This is why when I travel alone, I refuse to hang out with dickheads or those who always get loud and cocky and walk around like they own the place. Something happens, it’s a reflection on me and I’m not having that.”

        I couldn’t have said it better myself, especially when dealing with knuckleheads who love drinking and can’t handle themselves when they become intoxicated. Just the other day I almost clouted a drunken idiot in his head on the bus because he kept bumping into me while having a conversation with some chick he knew.

        Lol, he really wanted to fight me because I pushed him away because he couldn’t stand up straight, the dude could barely get his oyster card out to touch on the reader. Unfortunately this is the country we now live in, it’s full of morally bankrupt, decadent, reprobate dickheads who have lost respect for themselves and as a result believe they can pass their disrespect onto others.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, April 3) I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of a shopping plaza when another vehicle pulled into the parking spot next to me; I hadn’t noticed it when I looked over and I saw a skinny Brad with an obese Keisha wearing a bonnet in the driver’s seat. Now, my windows are tinted, but the tint isn’t the darkest, so I didn’t want ot to look like I was staring, therefore I kept my head forward; when I decided to leave, I looked over one last time, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The skinny Brad was rubbing his face in her breasts in the middle of the parking lot! I can imagine that the Keisha thinks White boys find her desirable because they engaged in plantation activities in her car; but we all know the score with Brad when it comes to Keisha. Speaking of Keisha, here’s an educated Keisha who lost her teaching job over her rap career she’s pursuing on the side SMH:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As per usual Keisha thinks she’s struck it lucky with Admiral Frost. If skinny Brad is managing to get his nuts drained without picking up any STD’s then good on him. As for the link you posted, why are we not surprised? When was the last time you saw black women engaging and promoting something constructive and positive aimed at protecting the image and reputation of the black female from ridicule and criticism, I’ll wait?

  7. Verbs and Gentlemen,

    I saw this clip from Facebook and it shows screenshot.
    Here is the link from Twitter:

    Basically the simp was doing a video call with his girlfriend, but accidently see his 304 girlfriend getting dicked down by pookie.
    The simp’s face does not look good. Add to insult she even wearing bonnet as she does not care and the pookie wanking himself just to prove that he is an alpha in front of the simp boyfriend.

    I also been told that the simp got his revenge by banging his GF’s 2 friends and she was pissed. Also had a fight with them.

    1. Umar will tell him to still marry this quean for the sake of the communitah.

    2. MMT,

      As I keep on saying, there isn’t a commitment switch built into the black siren’s body. Additionally, these modern day black whores stay steeped in witchcraft, tattoos, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs, thick makeup, random piercings, raptor claw nails etc, not even the devil himself would deal with such miscreants.

      That 304 just looks horrible, outside of witchcraft and brainwashing, how can black men in the US still be dealing with these Frankensteins at such a high clip? Any blue pilled simp who still chooses to deal with these Jezebels deserves everything negative he receives in return.

  8. Any suggestions for pro black male/sysbm YouTubers? There is a serious lack of spaces for us nowadays and besides here there is literally no spaces I know of that are like this.

    1. Lowani,

      MadBusDriverX, Preference And Passion/Programming, SKC, GW3 Extreme, Andre Brooks, Sigma Jones, General Tito, Black Male 1st(though he hasn’t made any videos in about a year) Those are some of the few that I can think of off the top of the head at the moment. You’re right, there aren’t very many spaces like this at all especially on YouTube where it’s now been established that you’re NOT allowed to speak your mind.

    2. Recommend YouTubers including Verbs stated:

      Kid Organic =
      Accountable Commentary = (The best so far)
      Blackout Channel = (The best so far)
      Quincy Fitzpatric = (UK SYSBM)
      Money Cultural = (UK SYSBM)
      Verbs = (I hope he makes videos in the future)

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