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The Fruits Of Single Black Mother Households! #SHORTS

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As for the next 2 videos, it’s refreshing to see a white or other non black man give these single mother raised degenerate black males a run for their money. Those young white men were prepared, they was ready to face off against Pookie and Slim Sauce.

I’m sick and tired of these hyper dysfunctional black males galavanting around like their ratchet single mothers believing they can do whatever they want to anybody without recourse:

Not even going to say much here, what are your thoughts gentlemen?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Nobody Wants To Be Honest Regarding The Pestilence That Comes Out From Single Black Mother Ran Households

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “The Fruits Of Single Black Mother Households! #SHORTS

  1. This is exactly why you need not only self defense classes, but also your toolkit at all times. Imagine what’s going to happen when mass layoffs pick up steam this year.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      The black single mother household has been a pestilence and a curse upon black society for so long and one of the main reasons why things aren’t improving is not only because the black witch has State backing but also because we have so many blue pilled black male simps gatekeeping and making room for her continual dysfunction.

  2. And there’s always the mush mouthed SIMP that will be the voice of his mama “I come from a single mother household, and this isn’t true”. Always speaking for himself, just like mama taught him to do. Meanwhile, he has 4 other brothers that have prison sentences, are crackheads and fudge chasers. Everyone always uses Lebron James as a measuring stick for the sirens ability to raise children ,but ignores the millions of other degenerates that became so

    1. Marc-Lo,

      Real talk, these blue pilled, pro black simps will always come to the defence of “dear mama”, always making up excuse upon excuse for the dysfunctional black siren. Lebron James is an extremely rare exception to the rule, we already know that most black boys raised in single mother households either end up in jail, prison or the grave.

  3. If you see many black people around, flee away to exodus somewhere else that is very far away from them.

    If you can’t escape for whatever reason, be prepared to defend yourself and fight back.

    In UK, watch out for knifes.

    In USA, watch out for guns.

    This is why when I decide to go on holiday vacations in future with a white dutch girlfriend, I would always avoid visiting sub sahara nations due to higher crime rates.

    The less black people around, the better in my experience.

    The more blacks around, it becomes worse in my experience.

    The truth pill can be hard to swallow just by admitting this as a black man myself.

    No lie in political science and social economics when you look at black societies on a global level.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      It’s sad but it’s true. Even when I was growing up my mother made sure to move us both away from any black neighbourhood because she knew how bad black folks can be. These black single mothers have done a fantastic job of carrying out their continued destruction of black society according to the instructions and framework of their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost, smh.

  4. Single black mothers are a scourge. But its even more basic than that. Blackistan has a sick subculture, and most of its denizens have acute mental illness.

    It doesn’t help to romantisize Blackistan or pretend that the entire subculture doesn’t breed mental illness and degeneracy. Blackistan must admit it is sick before it can begin to heal.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      And therein lies the problem, as long at the black witch remains the captain of the ship ie “Da Communitah”, nothing will ever change for the better. This is why it is important for free thinking black men to separate themselves from the scum buckets lest they also become infected with that sick and degenerate subculture you talked about. A sick subsculture that black women themselves are fueling, smh.

  5. Holla ! Holla ! Sorry brothers i have not been around for the last 3 months due to academic schedules and exams.

    Brothers, Bw have made their decision clear they are not attracted to productive black men a brother who has his act together is like garlic and light to these communitah vampires.

    The welfare system and feminism led to what the black communitah it is today and Umar Johnson the shameless liar is trying to force black men to become clean up men to these she demons.

    Brothers I am telling you the future for these she-demons is going to be cold dark and unforgiving especially with the political climate in the united states am seeing land lords rejecting section 8 and soon very soon it’s going to be chaos especially when brothers will be marrying Becky, Maria, Ling and Yakamoto while shanequa will be sleeping in camping bags in the next few years.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is one of the primary black women worshipping flunkies behind the gatekeeping of black female dysfunction. Always going in on black men but at the same time forever giving these modern day black females a squeeze and a pass. Brothers with sense and intelligence must carry out their due diligence and separate themselves from the scum buckets of black society permanently.

  6. When I look at these videos of young Pookies, I feel bad for the productive youths because they have to deal with this.
    We all been bullied at school, however these video are more fearsome and worse than our childhood because normal bullying is one thing, but cyber bullying is the worse. Because when you get bullied and you go home, you are safe and your home is like a fortress, when it comes to cyber, this goes globally, they not just record it, but they put this on social media for not just the peers to see, but the whole world to see. This is why the suicide is rampart because of social media.

    I am glad I am not having kids and I my brother do not understand why I do not want one. This something Madbusdriver mention why these simps and hoteps are so keen on clean up men because Madbusdriver stated that the productive men’s kids will go to school and be in the same class as the Pookie’s kids. When he said that, that hit home with some brothers. Especially Shawn James as he is still haunted by his childhood, even he is 50. Most of us got over it.

    Wittexton Witwijf wrote:
    “In UK, watch out for knifes.
    In USA, watch out for guns.”

    That is exactly right Wittexton, in America you have gun crimes, in the UK we have knife crimes here. I remember many years ago that these young kids gets so gung-ho over Postcode wars. Like ‘my postcode is better than your postcode’ and create a gang over it.

    These young blue-pill pookies think that they own the neighbourhood, but they do not, as Alfonso in Training Day stated: ‘I run shit here, you just live here”.

    Now lets get to the videos by these kids from the single mother household. What we also saw the countless videos of young pookie kids (around 5 to 10 year olds) recorded but mothers of course, talking all gang shit like they are young gangsters, videos of kids smoking weed, holding guns like they are going to shoot another young kid.

    The problem is these matriarchy run neighbourhood thinks that being a child solider is a joke and funny with guns and gangs signs, beating up other kids at will. They think it is cool to make little girls a kinder-whores and prosti-tots which the term came from ‘Child-Free Women’

    I am going to deep on this:
    These young pookies in the west has no idea about the life of ‘child soldiers’. Look at the film called ‘Blood Diamond’.
    In corrupted area in the Africa continent how these kids grew up in the corrupt areas where you have gurella rebellions destroying your way of life. Kill your parents and the child go through hell. These child end up into force slavery, doing gay sex stuff like sucking grow man’s dick and these corrupt general sucking the kid’s dick (yeah I said it). It gets more evil than that, they slice razors as initiation and putting drugs to make them have no emotions so they can kill grown men with machine guns. Little girls becomes sex slaves with HIV at young age.
    These pro-blacks and hoteps need to explain that to these young pookies, but they will wont.

    As Shawn James stated that if these young Pookies do not get red-pilled, they will end up in the Juvenile and if they become adult and they get sent to the general population, they will deal with the Prison Pookies aka ‘Bubba’, ‘Tiny’, ‘Roscoe’, ‘Melvin’ and ‘Big Dave’. They will end up being a gay bottom in the slammer. Come out of prison being a Down Low.

    These Liberal BW setting them to fail as the ‘Warden’ stated these young cats will be cast down to Sodomy.

    1. Brother Michael, as far as admiral frost is concerned this is what the liberals wanted,a black family without a father. The reason why these Yaya bin hoteps are concerned why BM are dating the Beckies maria and Ling lings of the world is because they know brothers who are in the SYSBM ship are on the higher ground.

      Brother Michael the way bw behave makes you wonder where did the rain start beating us, and then these she demons begin to wonder why nobody fucks with them.

      Brother Michael what is your opinion concerning this matter because I have been scratching my head why bw fear a BM who has been brought up in traditional home? And how does this affect the SYSBM especially dating Becky? Thank you.

      1. Good question Edward,

        The reason for Yaya hoteps dick police productive men because productive men has resources for the black community. They know that Pro-Black Hotep Black Women hates Pro-Black Hotep Black Men because these BW see Hoteps as underlings due to Pro-Black Simps calling them ‘Queen’ and ‘Goddess’. Putting them on the pedestal.
        These females thinks they are above men because of simps supporters sponsoring these low tier females.

        The rain began during the feminism, however there are lots of hidden history that BW were against BM during the days of the bible. I been listening to ‘Accountable Commentary’ and ‘Blackout Channel’. He talks about the deep and dark history between BW and BM. We all assume that feminism created war between BM and BW but is 100 years before then which I did not know. Then you had TV shows in 1990s run by Beckys and BW saying how evil BM are which is a 100% lie, so they pass this lie against BM down generations and you see how feminism turns BW physically and spiritually mutated into twisted evil they become as you see on TV and normalise it on Social Media.

        Unfortunately the White Feminism was never for Black Women at all, this was about White Oppression. When Becky told BW that BM were the enemy, this was a bait and switch against BW because White Feminist women use this to date other race of men because during the slave days, they wanted the true masculine men and that was BM. Now they can. Because of the bait and switch Beckys uses against BM, whilst BW believes that BM are the enemy so they will not date them, Beckys take their place and get and marry up Black Men, this is how dating competition works, but BW does and never get it.

        The reason why BW fear BM who brought up in traditional home because BM taught leadership, standard, value and self-worth/respect.
        Any black man who have standards and patriarchy leadership cannot be manipulated by women at all. This makes BM ‘garlic’. Garlic as repels blood suckers such as BW.
        How this affects SYSBM dating Becky? BW are like a fox as known as ‘Fox and the Grape’. Black women despise what they cannot have.

    2. Michael, that was deep when you mention about in African how they such each others dick and homo stuff.
      These matriarchy finds this homo stuff amusing. Especially they believe that Fleece Johnson is the inspiration of the black communitah, but do not understand what they guy did in prison. Especially in the black music industry the rappers have to do some homo stuff as initiation and wearing women’s dress.
      This is all result of the matriarchy. They see BM and patriarchy as a threat so they are doing every means to emasculate men so the women can control them.
      Then they grow up fucked up.

    1. Michael X,

      Nope, that explanation isn’t going to fly over here. I don’t see lower class white folks forming flash mobs running into supermarkets, clothes stores, gas stations, convenience stores etc and running amuck just for the fun of it. I don’t see mobs of poorer young white boys going around randomly starting trouble on young black boys neither do I see young white girls forming groups going around harassing and beating up young black girls. Even in poor white neighbourhoods, there isn’t nearly as much violence as there is in “Da Communitah”.

      1. Go on the @NstakingLs twitter page, and other accounts like it. You’ll see all the evidence to prove my point.

        1. Michael X,

          When I searched X I didn’t find any Twitter page under that handle, please post the link to that page over here so I can take a look at it.

      2. Michael X,

        Actually, it is a race thing and I take the side of Verbs because I remember he mention that there are underclass gangs in Columbia and they are safer than American hood. Verbs also stated why gangs in Columbia is safer because the country is corrupted by Government, the gangs look out for each other. However in America, this is run by Matriarchy.

        Another reason why this is a race thing because Black people post criminal stuff to make fame and go viral.

        You can say all race to the same thing. Lets run with this:
        You have Italian, Russian and Chinese mob. And they have mafia organisation. Once thing you will never see is their Social Media account such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Why? Because they make money low-key and make sure it is under wraps from the police. Why would a criminal organisation post criminal stuff to get attention of the police? That defeats the purpose of the company.

        You might see Islam terrorist post head chopping on Social Media, they are not doing it for fame, they doing to make a statement to the Western Government. They do not care about viral or money like black communitah does.

        However black people do not think like this because Black women are immune to accountability because simps allows it. Black women can post all the hell-hole and it goes viral without consequences. Black females can do sexual paedophile incest, homo stuff you can even imagine towards little toddler boys, record it, post it on Social media and get away with it. Even their female friends endorses it goes viral without any consequences. We all seen it. Verbs made countless topic/post about it.
        If any other race of women does this, once the Police and CPS see this, they will come after them in an instant and make national news. Even flag by social media. But BW does it it stays on Facebook and make it ‘Child Friendly’.
        The communitah even record and post criminal stuff online. They can talk all the Bullshit about ‘Snitches get stiches’ but they always stupidly enough to self-snitch themselves as soon as they record the video and put this on World Star Hip Hop.

        Another note since you say this is not a race thing. Madbusdriver mention the term ‘Chocolate City/Town’ which refers as a Town run by blacks. Meaning a black Mayor, black Head Police Captain, black counsellors.
        There are town run by Black Female Feminists Mayor, Police Chief and leaders of the City and the town become pimped by them. Once example you have a Mayor name Tiffany Henyard, Mayor of Dolton, she is pimping the black communitah and spending taxpayers money on her materialistic lifestyle.

        Since you trying to say this is a class thing, no because they had an opportunity to keep Trump in office to make the black culture flourish but they vote for Biden because the Black females rather stay on welfare and poverty over black patriarchy.

  7. SYSBM: Glad that we stayed home, today.
    White sugar honey: Me too!

    The fruits of single mothers or what I call it, the product of single mothers. As you see the madness with young people, you wonder why they are acting like this because that they have been raised in a single parent household. There are no fathers in the household. In the UK, the last time I heard that 48 per cent of children being raised in a Caribbean home and 36 per cent in the African home. I know that it’s 80 per cent in America. Don’t say anything about Jamaica, Lord have mercy!

    As you look at these single mothers, they have one child to another and the reason for that is that they are breeding up just to get welfare or in the UK Universal Credit which is a load of shit. I rather go out and work or be self employed then live off the system but anyway. The fathers of these children are not good men. They are worthless dudes like Ruff Cut Larry, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Fraiser and Corner Boy Ronney.

    I was thinking today while I was out of the house. You see when a black men have this hateful mentality? When a black man sees another black man doing well, trying to achieve their goals, with a non-black woman and so on, he develops a huge hatred towards him. when a man does that and mostly black men doing this now, that is a feminine trait. And when that feminine trait comes in, then that’s when the homosexual chrematistics comes in.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black woman.

    Enjoy your bank holiday Monday, guys!


  8. Videos like the above are why I get a bit nervous whenever I have to deliver Doordash in areas where I see a lot of Black people; I am also reminded of that time when I used to do HVAC that a bunch of Black youth were in the streets and were blocking us from going down the street where we needed to go. We had to circle the block just to get there, and we saw a street fight; I made the comment that if we hear gun shots, we’re leaving. Guess what happened as soon as we got out of the truck with our tools? Gunshots rang out; we got out of there fast! I’m cutting this one short, but this is why we must stay Keisha free as Accountable Commentary would say.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Exactly, you don’t get nervous around a group of white folks because for the majority part they know how to conduct themselves orderly, even the poorer ones. It’s always single mother raised black youths leading the charge in engaging in dumb nonsense on the streets, it’s no different here in the UK. Around 20 years ago I used to hand out with a guy who lived on a council estate, the local Pizza Hut refused to deliver to his address because of dumb single mother raised Negros who previously had robbed delivery drivers. Blackistan and its dysfunctional cohorts must be avoided at all costs.

  9. I probably should save this for open mic. But I can’t keep it in.

    I work in IT. Recently I am working around a lot of young Indian women who are here on work visas. Some are already US citizens. Some of the older Indian women might have issues. I don’t want them anyway. But these younger Indian womem are definitely checking for a brother who presents well. I mean, they are checking hard.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Yep, the older generational Indian women for the most part are stuck in their ways, they typically won’t even look in the direction of a black man but the younger generation Indian women are definitely more open to brothers. Sri Lankan women are also gems that are slept on hard.

  10. Then they’ll blame the white man, CIA, illuminati, professional black men, chemtrails etc basically anyone and anything but themselves.

    Recently I saw a video from the 1960s of upper class black folks in LA who were upset about ignorant folk from the South moving to their city and the social problems it would inevitably cause. A few years later, didn’t the Crips then the Bloods form? We all know how that turned out, so were those “uppity negros” wrong?

    Maybe if black folk were more bougie and shamed the degenerates instead of making excuses for them, things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now. Da Communitah hated the The Cosby Show even though it was one of the best representations of American black people in television history, but loved all the other ignorant programming representing them in a negative light that they were subjected to. UK is no better. They’d rather watch Top Boy over Desmonds.

    I’ve said it before, but Bill Cosby was 100% right in his Pound Cake speech. People wanna dismiss it cos of his later legal troubles, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he shone a light on Blackistan since they don’t want to take accountability and do better.

  11. a utter disgrace that stem from single blk motherhood no daddy no discipline in these young boys and girls i avoid my own kind as much as possible esp the females iam glad i have gotten my carry permit dont want to hurt no one but if am getting sucker punched or jumped i have the right to protect my life and love ones its only going to get worse and theses thots with bad attitudes and body odors keep the generational curses going by making bad choices having babies with pookie and ray ray out of wedlock with these mass layoffs coming as some said in chat and the time of esau white society to end prepare yourself gentleman emergency food guns ammo water and a bug out shelter 2024 the year of hidden revelations revealed judgements oh by the way happy new year people MARCH 21 and happy passover STAY SAFE STAY VIGILENT

  12. Verbs 2015.

    Single black mother homes is the worst place to grow up as a young boy because they have their kids in the worst financial situation known to mankind.

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