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There Is Hope For Some, Not All! #SHORTS

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She really referred to the dude as a “loyal simp”, that goes to show you that women know exactly what they’re doing when they’re stringing men along who they have no intentions of either sleeping with, getting involved in relationships with or both.

I’m glad to see the blue pilled simp eventually grew a pair of nuts and mustered up the testicular fortitude to move on, he finally recognised his worth as a man and realised that @saraecheagaray was never going to give him the cheeks.

What makes me laugh about women and social media is most of these females who play games with men and believe they’re somebody special because they have so many guys sliding into their DMs are actually average looking women once the witchcraft called makeup as well as the filters are removed.

Don’t believe me, take a look at Saraecheagaray below without any make up on, quite a different plain Jane looking creature now isn’t she:

She actually removed the “loyal simp” video I believe because she was getting that justified work in the comment section. Only those men who haven’t been deeply bewitched and enchanted by the blue pill philosophy will be able to break out of simp mode and finally move forward with their lives.

Brothers, in 2024 and beyond, the friend zone is an unacceptable place to be in, in this day and age with all the information you have at your disposal at the touch of a button, there are NO EXCUSES as to why you should be in a woman’s friend zone, NONE!

Most of us can admit to at one time having been in the friend zone, back in my younger years I remember on too many occasions being put into the friend zone because I believed that the way to approach women was to be “the nice guy”.

It’s only when I came into my late 20s early 30s is when I began to establish a more solid and robust masculine frame, the main component that brought me into a better place as a man was honesty, being brutal and upfront to myself about my situation at that time.

There are too many women on this planet who are willing to reciprocate any attention, time and energy you give them, to be loitering around females who only have intentions of using you for their benefit and their benefit alone.

DON’T SIMP, it profits you nothing and you’ll end up wasting valuable time that could be better spent pursuing other constructive ventures or at least interacting with women who have a genuine interest in you. Stay out of the friend zone, don’t be like this guy below:

I reckon she heard exactly what the guy said the first time but she tried her best to play it off until he removed one of her headphones, this is how too many guys end up in the friend zone.

The friend zone must NEVER be entered nor tolerated under any circumstances, worst case scenario, if you end up in it ALWAYS seek the advice of ESTABLISHED, MASCULINE MEN in order to get out.

NEVER listen to any women concerning being friend zoned, don’t be a “loyal simp”, don’t be that guy who is used as a shoulder to cry on but never receives any reciprocation. NEVER be that sucker being used for attention and validation hanging on believing one day she’ll recognise you for the valuable man that you are. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid The Friend Zone Like Your Life Depends On It

Most High Bless

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7 thoughts on “There Is Hope For Some, Not All! #SHORTS

  1. It’s actually very dangerous for a man to be in a friend zone.

    Some of these reasons are more in depth than one may think.

    This is an example on why friend zones are danger zones.

    If a man finds a girlfriend and the girlfriend finds out her man has girls in his friend zone, his girlfriend would think he is cheating on her.

    Another example on why friend zones are danger zones.

    If a single mother expects her loyal simp to look after her kids as a babysitter without paying him and without fucking him.

    Another example on why friend zones are danger zones.

    If a single mother expects her loyal simp to be a step dad of her kids but her kids are disrespecting her loyal simp.

    Her loyal simp won’t be able to defend himself in any situation because kids are always number one priorty of single mothers and fathers are second place.

    Loyal simps can’t punish kids that aren’t biologically his.

    This is why I only connect with kids that have my DNA mixed with my white dutch girlfriend in future.

    Most white women in general aren’t into East Asian men, South East Asians, nor Arabs and Middle Eastern men either so this reaction in video clip is no shock of rejection.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The friend zone is the worst place to be as a man and I am speaking from personal experience. The last time I was in the friend zone when I was 30 years old back in July 2012. I have never been in the friend zone since because I know my self worth and value as a good looking childfree black man at 41. 😎😎

  3. SYSBM: P Diddy fled the United States because the feds raided his mansion.
    White sugar honey: If he flies back the US, then the feds will wait for him and then cuff him!
    SYSBM: Money Cultural calls P Diddy and Meek Mill’s situation a gay love story!
    White sugar honey: I just finished reading the article.

    When the simps runs off and moves on, that will put the woman on rage mode. He has been waiting for her and he wasn’t getting any results. I’m glad that the simp ran off and moved on from her and found someone better. Well, nothing happened with her. The friendzone is something a man shouldn’t be in in 2024. I still can’t believe that men are still in the friendzone nowadays. Some men have woken up and run off not returning. Some will stay.

    If a man is goanna be with a woman who friend zoned him, he’s goanna get played big time. Yeah, I have been played before and that was in my early to mid-20’s. As a man hits his late 20’s right down to his 30’s, that’s when things changed. He becomes more serious when it comes to some women. If the woman puts a man in their 30’s on the friendzone, he’s gone in a flash. The man will be wasting time.

    When a man puts a woman in the friend zone, there is a reason why? Because he might see something in her that he might not like. If he sees a red flag on the female, then he will not have an issue putting her in the friend zone or just ignore her entirely. I remember when I was in Jamaica in 2012 and I know this sket from the district. I gave her some money which is $1000 which is £10 that time. Not much. She was playing around as usual and we did what we did in 2006. It was a street party or dance thing whatever it is. And I saw her holding a next man’s hand. I was disappointed but anyway.

    I was wondering “Yo blud, the fuck she did this to me? I’m from the hood. Jamaican women don’t know these types of men. I’m a street-smart dude. She doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know that we have good digging single mother scraggle daggles in Britain!” You understand me? A woman cannot get upset for someone she’s never wanted. Once a simp wises up, that is it. things started to change. And it’s bad for her as this man smells the coffee and that made him wake up.

    There are some simps out there are keep trying and trying and trying and still the female is still playing around with him.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  4. Does this chick think she’s cute and funny? So obnoxious. I remember when white girls were shy, quiet and adorable. Glad her friendzone simp realized he could do better. You see why there’s a coordinated effort to keep young men’s self-esteem low to accept and tolerate all this kind of sh*t. See the rage when dude found his balls. This is the same kind of anti-Passport Bro/SYSBM rage you see in these undesirables. BM are no longer tolerating their antics. One tweet from Holleman got da queanz going insane in the comments. With verified Twitter/X, he gets paid for engagement, and their rage tweets are fueling his lifestyle, but they just can’t help themselves. Oh the irony.

    SYSBM ’til the sun burns out, gentlemen.

    1. That Peruvian girl’s voice reminds me of this Cape Verdean girl I met a few years ago; it’s hard to believe she’s 29 years old.

      1. Girly and feminine, not like these deep voice American heffas who sound like they been smoking Black & Milds and gargling Hennessey for 20 years sounding like whole NUGGAS lol.

  5. Oh, where do I start with this one? First, let’s point out that face you seein the first video before you press play; she has the crazy eyes coupled with the melodramatic demeanor, all because a “loyal simp” decided to move on from her. The fact that she even had a breakdown over this goes to show just how deep rooted the “queen/goddess” feminist programming is; these modern women believe that a man should be wholly devoted to them without complaint or second thoughts about it. I won’t even question if it crossed her mind that maybe he got tired of putting into a relationship without her reciprocating the same; women like her are full of self, and are the reason why movements like MGTOW, SYSBM, and Passport Bros have arisen at such a time as this.

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