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Body Count Matters!


Correct me if I’m wrong but now that men are privy to this slapper’s video, aren’t these same men now going to be one step ahead of the women who will attempt to apply the above recommendations?

A few other corrections need to be made here, SIMPS have no self respect and the 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey type Negroes that black women love getting dicked down by, they’re the promiscuous ones, not the everyday, rank and file brother who these delusional black harriets don’t even pay attention to.

These black female 304s stay hiding behind extra thick layers of makeup, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs and filters to mask their true appearances, smh. You heard it for yourselves, whenever asked about how many men a woman has slept with, this fat black siren is encouraging women to lie(which to be honest is what most women do anyway whenever confronted with the body count question).

You have to understand that in these current times non black western women are getting their new age feminist doctrine and talking points directly from the modern day black woman as she is the original high priestess of slut culture, singledom and female dysfunction. If you truly wish to understand why so many non black western women are derailing at such an astronomical rate, look no further than the black witch namely the Black American female.

The truth of the matter is a woman’s value IS directly linked to how many men she’s slept with, in the back of their minds most women know this, hence why they’re now going out of their way to either lie about the number, attempt to shame men for asking the question or even try to claim that men aren’t looking for so called “experienced” women because they’re afraid they won’t match up to her previous sexual partners, yep the witchcraft and sorcery runs very deep with these washed up, ran through, rinsed out whores.


The scales above can give us an idea of how important purity is to men and how seriously it is taken, the higher the woman’s body count, the less valuable she is because there is no value in something that can be easily attained, accessed and is in abundance. Expensive precious metals such as Platinum, Gold and Silver are valuable because they are rare ie hard to find and can only be sought out and accessed by a few.

In like manner, a woman who is either a virgin or has an extremely low body count is of much more value because of the restricted access to her body she’s put in place. Additionally, a woman who has a lower body count will find it much easier to pair bond to a man as opposed to a whore.

As far as I’m personally concerned, any woman who has slept with more than 1 man in her lifetime should be disregarded for any long term relationship and instead used for recreational purposes only.

It’s not like we cannot observe the overt damage that has been caused by women engaging in loose and reckless sexual behaviour, in 2022 just look at how many discombobulated, mentally challenged and mentally unstable women are walking the streets. The black female is the most mentally unhinged creature on the planet and we already know her abysmal sexual relations record.

The more men a woman sleeps with, the more mentally unstable and psychologically disjointed she becomes, again, we only need to look at black women who are the queens of whoredom and thereafter observe their same blueprint that many non black females are beginning to adopt, to reach that sound and reasonable conclusion.


Brothers, as far as SYSBM™ is concerned, QUALITY WOMEN will always matter, NEVER allow these rotten, broken beyond repair females who’ve voluntarily thrown their value into the sewer by allowing every Tom, Dick And Harry to run through them, to tell you otherwise.

The serious price of being rejected and ostracised is one that promiscuous women must pay for not restricting sexual access to their bodies, the simps being the thirsty, non principled savages that they are will never understand this, intelligent, forward thinking, progressive, principled men on the other hand fully accept this concept and have been practicing the same from day one.

Gentlemen, be very careful out there as there are too many women in the West lurking about who are damaged goods attempting to either repackage themselves as fresh products or alternatively trying their best to guilt trip, insult and shame you into taking them onboard in their run down, decrepit state, don’t fall for the Okey Doke.

As I’ve been stating for the longest if you’re struggling to find a classic/traditional woman on your own home turf, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Promiscuous women are NOT valuable, they never have been, they never will be and NEVER allow such females to enchant and spellbind you into believing otherwise. These delusional harridans who’ve chosen to embark upon the feminist path have messed up massively and they know it, therefore leave them to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures.

Slut culture should never be rewarded, NEVER. Women who have a body count of higher than 3 openly demonstrate themselves to have a serious lack of moral fibre as well as grounded, solid ethics, such creatures are anathema and must be treated accordingly.

Western women have the value equation completely backwards, they attempt to place value on their vaginas after they’ve already been ran through, used up and rinsed out by fast lane men rather than put rigorous standards and morals in place from the very beginning. Women having so called “standards” after they’ve been slutted out is too late and to be honest at the same time laughable.

A man has a mechanism built into his body(designed and put in place for emergency use) whereby he can have sex with countless amounts of women and the action NOT impact on his physical and mental health, this has been put in place in the event of a cataclysmic disaster where a population has been wiped out and needs to be replenished quickly.

Women DO NOT have this same mechanism built within, this is why women who sleep around tend to look old, haggard and suffer from various physical and mental health issues. The claim that women can do anything men can is utter rubbish, now you see why there are so many loose cannon, volatile, mentally unhinged females currently walking the streets.

Finally, whenever any woman gives you her “supposed” body count, as a realistic precautionary measure, always multiply the number given by 3. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM™ Till The Casket Drops

Most High Bless

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11 thoughts on “Body Count Matters!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Women who have high body counts of having lots of sex with different men are not girlfriend or wife material.

    1. Watch out for the ones who say in the profile: ‘No sex’, ‘No One Night Stand’ or anything to do with ‘No sex’ because this means they already gave it up to bad boys easily.
      Also watch out for profile saying, ‘No games’, Celibacy or talking about this self righous bigot stuff. This also shows they gave up the vagina to bad boys.
      If they message you saying this, write them off immediately because they are not serious to begin with.

      If you a good brother, they will look for a better deal and if they like you, they will not talk this shit about ‘No Sex’ because no man is even remotely thinking about it.
      They just bring it up out of the blue because they are never serious with you.

      Be judgemental about their past because you can weed out if they are serious and even they don’t tell you about the number of body count, you will notice by their behaviour and how they compare you with their ex because they still thinking about them.

      1. I would like to add for Quincy that if the female on the dating stating they do not accept audio and video calls, they are fake because Video call is a proof of legitimacy.
        If they wanted real/serious men, they will accept video calls to prove a point or else they contradict on what they say.

  2. Finding a virgin woman in Anglo societies is rarer than platinum, gold and silver.

    Finding a woman with one body count in Anglo societies is rarer than platinum, gold and silver.


  3. I give my mouthful:

    This women advise other women to lie about their history, what they fail to realise that they will get caught even we do not know their body count because they will show it personally, social media

    The car analogy came from nature because it is like a resume, where you show you work history or criminal convictions and you get caught eventually. The reason I use the car analogy because it was created by nature.

    What do I mean by ‘created by nature’? Then I tell you:
    You have odometer which tells you the mileage and more miles the car accumulates the value reduces. What is this car got to do with nature? It is simple, it is against the law to tamper or reset the odometer, especially women who think they can turn back the clock.

    Let’s put this into the car/mileage perspective with these BW, they think by saying this that they really belive just like the Black 304s that they can reset the womb, virginity, recreate or reset their life from scratch. Listen black bitches, you are not a Hard Drive from a computer that I can format a Hard Drive and install Windows clean.

    The reason why good brothers have to be judgemental towards women’s past and body count because their past have to be redeemable to be a wife. Most of the case they are not.

    All the simps reading this I going to tell you something:
    All the blue pills say that the past is redeemable and it does not matter about the number of body count. Also you simps mention that good brothers are insecure about their past. I wish you all the luck dating these females because women with high body count will not settle for you or respect you because they are not use to good men.
    You simps reading this need to learn that when a women has a high body count and high mileage, when they comes to finding a good man, they cannot attract a good man, physically, emotionally and spiritually. What these females do when they meet a sucker, they increase their standards so you can jump through the hoops, withhold sex with this celibacy or being anti-Sex (make you a cuck), come up with this sex after marriage, talking this self-righteous bullshit, closing their legs, paying premium where not needed. When I use the term ‘Premium’ meaning you are paying more for cheap goods. Before then they open their legs to Thugs, bums, having kids by them, but the simps expect to pay Premium for damaged goods.

    Another reason why they cannot pair bond is when they finally met a good man, they will say like ‘I am not looking for relationship’, ‘enjoying being single’ and try friendzone good men because they are not use to good men. They do not know what good men look like, they have been blinded by the high body count. Most brothers and I myself experience this and I just have to ditch them immediately as they are completely damaged goods and lost cause. They are completely broken beyond repair.

    Ringo TV, I know he is the co-conspirator with Shawn James as the both the founder of Passport Gate, but he explain this many years ago about the psychology for women who have high body count.

    Also something Kevin said to the white women “Making a man in your present pay for stuff in your past equals no future”. Exactly.

  4. When a women has a high body count, there is no way that a man will wife that up. I met this chick in Jamaica in 2006. It was a steamy affair with the gyal right. It was just a sexual thing and she had a boyfriend but he was out of the picture and she had two kids. I heard that she has more then one man so her body count must be high. I don’t know what the hell she is doing but I know that she has a high body count. I have told it on the mini series of Jamaican pudding. If a woman lies that she has a body count, what lies she will tell you if you are in a relationship.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  5. Leave it to the least desired for relationships and marriage to give the worst advice on the issue of body count; this will only serve to leave them even MORE undesirable than they already are. You can’t build a healthy relationship with brawds who have a high body count; this can be likened to using a used piece of tape over and over again to the point where the adhesive is no longer strong enough to bind to the surface it is applied to. In laymen’s terms, women with high body counts are WORTHLESS! The 304’s and blue pilled simps (like Rakhem Seku) can charge all of this to insecurity, but there is no insecurity in seeking to build a relationship upon a sure foundation; that is actually responsibility, but I don’t expect a no standard having simp to understand that. This 304 culture is backwards, and any non Black woman who engages in it should be looked at no different than the scraggle daggle; have you noticed how many of the talking points White feminists use now mirror the rhetoric of the daggle? This is why SYSBM Tenet #22 exists; leave these to 304’s to be, and watch them transform into reach backs in hopes of getting the men they rejected to live the whore life. #SYSBM

  6. Women with high body counts start out with weaker abilities to pair bond. This applies to most females who are products of Blackistan culture.

    The higher her body count gets, the more her ability to pair bond erodes. The extreme example of this is the prostitute, who usually has zero ability to pair bond. This too applies to most female products of the Blackistan culture.

    Many black athlete and rapper simps like to fall for black strippers. Now the black stripper is worst of all. She has hypergamy on steroids, she usually turns tricks, and she is an exibitionist by definition. The black athlete and rapper simps who wife up strippers, are getting the worst of all worlds. Now that’s what I call super simping.

  7. These women of today have completely failed to realize and of course understand the critical importance of maintaining a conservative lifestyle…if they desire to be a man’s significant other. The inherent corrosive feminist ideology has totally warped the minds of modern women, and thus by their own adherence to said quasi-philosophy cast themselves into a category of degenerates not even worthy of consideration. This fall from grace was, is and will continue to be self-inflicted, so long as they identify with this worldview. This advice to blatantly lie to men about their past sexual exploits is another self-imposed barrier preventing them from acquiring a quality man of worth. They’re already in a losing position to begin with…so what good is it to make it even worse???? Deception is the name of the game and to engage and uphold impeccable integrity is not worth the time nor effort.

    Brothers!!! The time could not be more ripe for us to consider deeply and with unmitigated clarity of thought to set a new path. A path that is full of promise that can be and will be shaped by one’s own will and purpose. We’ve suffered enough is this wasteland of feminist tyranny and misandry. We must forge a new world (unapologetically) that reflects our values and agendas. NOT THE GYNOCRACY!!!! There will be countless attempts of subterfuge of our evolving power by that B-Dubs and their emasculated simps. But, this should always and with a smile be confronted by FREE THINKING BLACK MEN as an opportunity to test our mettle. And, thus as a result become even more powerful then before!


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