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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


Yet these are the same vagabond black sirens that have the audacity to call us black men “dusty” and “broke”, smh. How many videos have we come across over the years of black women trying to skip out on paying for their meals at a restaurant?

I specifically remember a video that came out a while back of a load of black females who attempted to make a run for it after eating at a restaurant, however one of the knuckleheads left her phone at the table and so they were forced to walk back in shame and had to settle the tab, lol.

Remember, these are the same black harriets steamrolling into beauty supply stores in order to steal hair, they’re stealing from every corner yet have the cheek to label you less than they are, smh

I’m sorry, black women are the biggest mullet heads to walk planet earth and it looks like that designation will remain in place for the foreseeable future. NEVER allow these weave/wig wearing black female tyrannicals to mock, ridicule, disparage and berate you when we can all clearly observe they’re in far worse positions financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I have bad news to share this week.

    My sister rang me last week saying she is pregnant.

    I would feel sorry for the baby if its a boy.

    The most dangerous place for a nephew baby is in the womb of a negress.

    If I have a nephew, he will see me dating out with a white traditional christian wifey.

    I don’t know if he would follow my example or not.

    1. Witwijf,

      If the baby turns out to be a boy, I believe there is a chance when grown he could follow in your footsteps(if you get in there early) simply because of how far the modern day black female would’ve fallen further into the pit of degradation and degeneracy.

      If the child turns out to be a girl, the chance of her turning out to be a thot/304 unfortunately are extremely high.

    2. Don’t feel bad. We all have relatives who are simps and scraggle daggles. I have a brother who is a simp. His oldest daughter recently graduated from a historical black university. She majored in some type of fluff field. He brags about how well she is doing.

      She got a job with a tech firm. I know my niece, and I know she wouldn’t hesitate to sleep with a white beta nerd if she thought there would be career benefits. Last year she took a vacation to Dubai, as a single woman traveling solo. My simp brother went around bragging about his successful daughter vacationing in Dubai. If I had a young daughter who chose to vacation in Dubai, I would be embarrassed to tell anyone.

      Dubai has 3 men to every woman. Wealthy Saudis and Emeratis go to Dubai to get their freak on. Not to mention all the horny foreign workers with wives in places like India and Pakistan.

      These men will proposition any solo traveling woman in Dubai. A good looking American woman will be non stopped propositioned in Dubai if she is traveling alone. A good looking solo Becky from the US will get astronomical offers from the Saudis and the Emeratis. A good looking solo American black woman will also get huge offers, but not as big as Becky’s. The thing is, they assume that any western woman traveling solo to Dubai is looking to turn tricks.

      The Saudis and Emeratis will pay a good looking Becky $10,000.00 a nite. But they will also want to do disgusting things to her. Too disgusting to mention. They will pay a good looking solo American black woman almost as much. But again, they will do disgusting things to her. Many women will gladly do these disgusting things to make $20,000.00 for a weekend’s work. I am sure that my niece was trying to make such a weekend score, or at least scouting out the turf.

      1. Speaking of Dubai, I will be travelling to go there in February 2023 for a week.

        I’m not planning on getting a freak on.

        I’m not into non white women at all.

        I just want to see personally what the hype is all about.

        It will be my first time travelling to a country in Asia.

        I don’t think I will find a white traditional Christian wifey in Dubai.

        I won’t allow my future stargate to travel on holiday vacations without me present.

        If I have a daughter in future, I won’t be telling anyone if she travels solo to Islamic environments.

        I would also be embarrassed to say something.

        In future, I really hope I only have one child that is a boy, not a girl.

        1. Witwijf,

          Speaking of Dubai, I attempted to post a youtube video about the “Dubai Porta Potty” trend. The link didn’t take, and I was relieved that it didn’t’

          The video was so disgusting that I decided not to attempt posting it again. But to anyone who is curious, just google “Dubai Porta Potty Trend”. This will give you an insight into what really goes on in Dubai. Some of the videos are too disgusting to watch. Instagram models are being flown into Dubai by rich Saudi and Emirati men, to be paid to allow these men to deficate in their mouths and worse, if that is possible. They perform acts of bestiality, and the most depraved sex acts a human being can imagine.

          Many poor women from Africa are preyed upon by the rich Saudis and Emiratis, to perform the most debasing and depraved sex acts. I read somewhere that there are over 100,000 Nigerian whores in Dubai on any given night.

          You couldn’t pay me to visit Dubai. Their huge glittering towers are not even supported by a sewage system. Dubai trucks its untreated sewage out of the city in huge convoys of septic trucks. This raw sewage is dumped in the ocean or in the desert.

          From everything that I learned about Dubai; I can say that behind the glitter it is a place of pure evil, and has to be an abomination to The Most High !!!

          I have a son, and I am most greatful for that. I will not have additional children, as I would not want a daughter. Someone must have daughters, but not me.

  2. Verbs 2015. I am so glad that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 40 and that I didn’t have any kids with a black woman because my life will be miserable and it will be destroyed.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      What makes me laugh is black women don’t want black men like us anyway but will PRETEND they do whenever we choose to expand on our dating options, they feel gutted that their first right of refusal has been denied. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      Check out this testimonial below from a brother who was scooped up by an East Asian woman:

      1. Speaking of travelling Verbs and Quincy.

        Before then, there were minor restrictions at the time when going to Western Europe that if you take a jab, then no restrictions and no jab means partial restrictions when travelling.
        It is normal out there.

        Now you can travel to Western Europe with out any jabs.

        Quincy, you can take Eurostar train from London and you can travel to Paris or Brussels which is a good start.

        1. Andy C.

          Thanks for the travelling advice bro. I am definitely going to Paris and Brussels.

      2. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and I will watch the video below.

  3. Soft Girl Summer. Same shit in a different wrapper:

    The most single.
    The most unmarried.
    The most student loan debt.
    The most combative
    The most overweight
    The most Attitude
    The most Divorced
    The most Self sexualized
    The most Weave & Wigs
    The longest nails
    The longest lashes


    1. I think it was Micheal MisterTea warn the brothers and SYSBM here about this ‘Soft Girl Era’.
      Shout out to Dennis Sperling gave the BM heads up about this.
      Another scam because the ‘I love you BM’ video are not working anymore.
      In reality most men will respond ’40 years too late and damage beyond repair’.
      No thinking brothers will fall for this trick.
      They can try all new tricks but it will fail.
      BW need to change the legal system and we will talk. Until then, there we ain’t talking.

      1. That too Black Picard along with the other negative qualities regarding Black women in the West and those with the same mindset.

    2. Thebackhandofreality,

      We already know that in the same manner that a leopard cannot change its spots, the modern day black witch will always remain the same. She may PRETEND to have turned over a new leaf(soft girl summer, soft girl era, dear black men, we love you black men etc), however true SYSBM practitioners will not be falling for this lame Texas Two Step, we’re not stupid over here.

      1. Verbs,

        Soft Girl Era is a modern day version of the Trojan horse. The Knights of SYSBM have gifted that horse to the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan), which was readily accepted into that plantation. File that one under a massive new delivery of L’s by L Express.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I trust that all of you had a good Labor Day weekend; I was able to get a few home projects done, which means that’s a few less things to worry about. However, there still are plenty of things to worry about in the world today as our freedoms are slowly being eroded into oblivion; also, privacy as we know it, is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I can’t remember if I shared this article already, but this is worth sharing many times over:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The mobile phone is the pinnacle instrument to the digital trap the powers that be are trying to walk the entire planet into.

    1. As long as it leads thinking Black men away from the path of the scraggle to the path of non-black women, it’s all good.


    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I’ll cosign with Thebackhandofreality, if the brother is leading black men into the hands of quality non black women and equally encouraging them to steer clear of the black witch, it’s all good and a win.

      1. Upon initial vetting by watching his videos, he’s married to an Asian woman, and has dated Asian women in his younger days. So it appears he most certainly walks the walk.


    3. From what I gathered from his videos, NBM is not so much a decription of a splinter group as it is a description for the new generation of SYSBM brothers carrying the torch into the future. Which means SYSBM shall continue by any and all means necessary – much to the dismay of Captain Snowy, the scraggle and their minions.


    4. I will add that if he is teaching Black men to reject the abhorrent simp mindset, I support him. Many Black men are simps and don’t know it. I have relatives who simp on autopilot. They simp because this is what they have always seen Black men doing. No one has taught them that simping is unnatural, and no way for a man to go thru life.

  5. What do you make of this?

    A number of articles have come out regarding this and people assuming the worst when the full facts haven’t been released yet.

    I think lot of people have it in for black men in the UK but subtly, whenever black men do something even if its good they expect the worse to happen.

    I would very much want to leave this useless country.

    Also we got another incompetent government in. What do you all make of that?

    1. Jon,

      Dealing with the new UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss will take the UK straight into the lower depths of hell. Female leaders are the worst(just look at the witch currently in charge of running New Zealand), even when they’re committing abominable and unspeakable acts against their own people, as long as the advisors around them are patting them on the back and stating that they’re doing “a good job”, said women will always feed into the emotion of being praised over actually looking at their actions and the consequences thereof from a logical, reasonable and common sense standpoint. Female leadership is far more dangerous than male leadership by many miles.

      As for the link, we’ll have to wait until more details come out, however we already know that the UK has plenty of Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Roof Top Trey type Negroes roaming the streets engaging in up to no good activities.

      1. Reading that, I started thinking about King Ahab & Queen Jezebel: while Ahab was the ruler, it seemed that Jezebel was the true power behind the throne–and we all know what happened due to this.

  6. Gentlemen,

    Didn’t the late Dr David Carroll specifically warn black men against marrying black women in particular because of their dysfunctional single mother upbringing? Here we have another situation of a black man who thought he could create a different outcome.

    Notice how the bonnet wearing harriet made sure that her own belly was taken care of and satisfied, smh. Remember, these modern day black females adhere to the tenets of their role models such as Cardi B, Meg The Stallion, Dojo Cat, Sukihana The Goat, Saweetie etc.

    Black women don’t cook, they either throw food into the microwave or they’ll order a take out, the dude should’ve known this. Most black men will never learn that they cannot make quality wives out of black women:

    1. Verbs,

      This is kind of funny because the man works 13 hours and she is a stay at home wife.
      He comes home and see Bullshit after a long day shift.

      If that was a man at home all day doing the same thing, they would get interregated with questions like ‘What have you been doing all day?’ Which is a good question.

      Also Madbusdriver mention one of his video that Bonnet is the new trend for BW so they will be wearing them with pride.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday. I hope y’all enjoy Labor Day. A couple of things to drop my two cents on:
    1) The Video: Is it just me, or do you black men find it funny how black women love to call us broke and dusty and all that when assuming most of these chicks when it comes down to their money management, either A) They too good to spend their own money, so they gotta run up a black man’s pockets, and have him spend the most expensive shit on the menu or shelf or whatever, or B) Don’t got it like that (Always talking about getting the bag, but how are they doing that is the million dollar question). They can buy all the gucci shit, name designer clothes, expensive shit, take the most expensive trips, go out to the most expensive restaurants in town, but do they got a dime left for bills, taxes, and groceries back at home? For them chicks in that video, arguing with that man, do two things, just pay and leave! Women who wanna play victim all the time, act like they got a big chip on their shoulder, putting on a front like nobody can touch them, they’re a major turn off for me. These women can play these games all they want too, but I’m a keep it gangsta, they’re not invincible when it comes to certain shit. Ain’t gonna be funny when the big cat lets loose and strike at you.

    2) Soft Girl Era: I gotta ask a live ass question about this: Do women think there’s an on and off switch with that femininity? Don’t get me wrong, I like a woman who’s soft and feminine from head to toe, no doubt. It’s just I don’t like it when women fake the funk with it, trying to get something out of me. So now they wanna act all sweet and feminine after shitting on us, and calling us all sorts of names and stereotypes in the book? Yeah I’m not falling for that because it’s all a trick.

    3) The Passport hating: Yeah they’re still at it. I thought they would be tired by now because their talking points are starting to make my eardrums hurt. On the men that’s hating, get a life, and leave the SYSBM and Traveling dudes alone because whatever we are doing is none of their business, period. They act real questionable saying dudes going overseas to look for cheap pros, slaves, sex tourism, like how the hell you know that? So every woman overseas is a pro, like we ain’t got that here in America? The reason why that talking point always gets to me is because I’m trying to figure out are these dudes in touch with what’s going on in the dating market in the US? I lost interest in trying to date in America because there’s too much shit going on with the American woman to the point where it is even a good thing to even date in America. On the women that’s hating, how about they start looking in the mirror for a change. Maybe if they stop throwing themselves at dudes that don’t want them like that, and quit embracing that city girl crap, trying to sleep and commit with the top tier dude, knowing that them top tier dudes got options too, dating dudes out their league, trying to do everything a man can do, embracing that feminism, being mad at the world, maybe they’ll have somewhat of good relationships with men.

    That’s all I got for my two cents. SYSBM and Traveling Bros, let’s make it happen.

    1. Hating videos, Soft Girl Era, and passport haters amount to a steaming pile of shit swirling down the toilet bowl of failure.


  8. Elizabeth Truss may be a bit younger than I prefer (while still being in my minimum age bracket preference), but she is still my type. I would still like to shagg her.

  9. The video didn’t surprise me. As these scraggle daggles shame black men that they don’t have money, they will not pay the tab in a restaurant, well they will run out of the restaurant without paying, steel weave and other shit from the beauty shop. They will even steel from their man as well. These scragglies are getting much worse then ever. Yo B, I’m done blud! I’m done.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles that will steel from anyone are coming after non black women.


  10. Happy Open Mic Wednesday fellow brothers. For curiosity, what is the difference between Passport Bros and the Traveling Bros.

    Given the number of jabs or dick policing towards BM with passports who can travel, I want to know the difference between both groups.

    1. Blackjedi,

      Passport Brothers = Travelling to look for love, sex tourist, possibly tricking.

      Travelling Brothers = Travelling as tourist, sight seeing, relaxing, enjoying, cultural minded and learning languages as vacation. If long term, building network of friends/jobs/business.

      I do not mind people critique Passport Brothers. People critiquing Travelling Brothers such as Shawn James and Ringo is dick policing, hating and having a Crab mindset because they should not have to worry about what men do overseas.

      Haters assume that Passport and Travelling brothers in the same coin which is not true.

      In the UK we do not use the term Passport/Travelling Brothers as this is more of an American thing.

      1. Also to include that SYSBM only affiliate with Travelling Bros, not Passport Bros because SYSBM do not preach this sex tourism stuff and only looking for quality women to build a foundation with and long term relationship.

  11. Blackjedi,

    Passport Brothers = Travelling to look for love, sex tourist, possibly tricking.

    Travelling Brothers = Travelling as tourist, sight seeing, relaxing, enjoying, cultural minded and learning languages as vacation. If long term, building network of friends/jobs/business.

    I do not mind people critique Passport Brothers. People critiquing Travelling Brothers such as Shawn James and Ringo is dick policing, hating and having a Crab mindset because they should not have to worry about what men do overseas.

    Haters will try to put Passport and Travelling brothers in the same coin which they are not true.

    In the UK we do not use the term Passport/Travelling Brothers as this is more of an American thing.


    There is so much to unpack in this video, but take a listen to what this woman says; again, I shall quote Ra’s Al Ghul, “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”.

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