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Black Men, Don’t Fall For The Okey Doke!


Exactly, and this is the reason why black men shouldn’t be falling for this “soft girl era” Kansas City shuffle. Remember, Jurassic was an era, so was Cambrian, those eras came and went which is exactly what will occur with this soft girl garbage once these deceitful buzzards begin to realise the men that count simply aren’t falling for the Okey Doke.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out that this sudden, out of the blue, “soft girl era” movement has come directly off the back of the Passport Bros declaring their departure into foreign lands in order to connect and interact with fit, feminine, friendly, traditional women, we true SYSBM practitioners are not stupid over here, we can work things out very well.

As I commented in one of MBD’s latest videos:

“Just as the leopard can never change its spots, the modern day black woman will continue to remain steadfast and dedicated to her road of calamity, death and destruction.”

Black women as a collective would much prefer to skin themselves alive rather than throwing in the towel on the failed path of feminism, they’re too stubborn and prideful to admit that said religion has taken them for an extremely long joyride to which they’ve advantaged themselves very little if anything.

The powers that be are laughing at Western black women in that they’ve successfully persuaded them to sign onto destroying themselves as well as their own people in exchange for temporary treats and benefits from the State.

As far as I’m concerned, such transgressions should never be forgiven especially in light of black women still refusing to abandon ship and turn from their evil doings despite clear failures on all fronts.

I really have to laugh at this “soft girl era” Texas Two Step as only the SIMPle minded Negro will fall for this Jedi mind trickery, true SYSBM practitioners as well as other like minded free thinking black men who have their heads screwed on straight already recognised the movement for the blatant fraud that it is well before it came full steam out of the gate.

Soft Girl Era put simply is a chameleon, smoke and mirrors, bait and switch manoeuvre currently being executed by the disgruntled, angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure in their last ditch efforts to keep black men lingering on the plantation.

All of these back alley strategies of sideways begging are annoying and irritating, black women are so stuck in their ways that a direct apology as well as genuine change are both completely out of the question.

They’d rather PRETEND to have turned over a new leaf as opposed to putting themselves through the fire of accountability and actually changing for the better, smh. Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you saw a black female apologise for something she either did or said that was wrong, I’ll wait?

Precisely my point, you on the fence Negroes who’ve already fallen for the soft girl era trap once again are setting yourselves up to be bamboozled and hoodwinked as in previous times. The modern day black female is too deeply entrenched in her mutant form of feminism and misandry, SHE CANNOT CHANGE.

Gentlemen, the mission continues to get those passports, travel and bond with high quality women who are traditional/classic as standard, pay no mind to this “soft girl era” bread and circus monkey show, it will soon pass and very quickly these black harpies will revert back to their true trickster, devilish forms, watch this space. Soft girl era? We don’t believe you, you need more people. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Men That Count Aren’t Falling For The Soft Girl Era Okey Doke, Go Back To The Drawing Boards Witches

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “Black Men, Don’t Fall For The Okey Doke!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t trust black women at all and that I refuse to date them. This soft girl era is all lies and bullshit because black women are trying to hide their catastrophic mistakes and poor life choices especially when they become single mothers with lots of bastard kids from different wutless thug bad boy baby daddys.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Just as commenter Val Zod said, the overwhelming majority of black women have lost the ability to be feminine, the element over time has been etched out of their DNA via their embrace of feminism, misandry and masculinity. As I stated in the article, only simple minded Negroes will be falling for the Okey doke.

      1. >> the overwhelming majority of black women have lost the ability to be feminine, the element over time has been etched out of their DNA via their embrace of feminism, misandry and masculinity.

        This is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH, Verbs. No sugar coating can ever reverse this TREND in the foreseeable future. That degenerate ship is now on autopilot; the door has been locked and the keys have been thrown away. No chance of rescue.

        When talking about skirts, a race or culture is ALWAYS first portrayed by its women who are the child bearers of future generations. The current state of the MASCULINE black “Womminsphere” is truly an embarrassment for all level headed black men to SEE when compared to other cultures and their FEMININE women. Is it any wonder why these very same awakened brothas avoid feminized Western black wommin at all cost?

  2. The woman in the video is the type of woman that the black male simp will drool over. But I reject such females just by looking at them. She doesn’t have to say a word. Fake hair, fake lips, fake breasts, a ton of makeup, and that’s just what I see in the video.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Indeed, as I’ve stated many times in the past, the thick layers of makeup, fake nails, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs, nose rings, tattoos, provocative clothing etc are all a reflection of a disjointed, unstable mindset and mental illness, that’s what the overwhelming majority of these women in the West don’t seem to understand.

  3. Black women literally don’t have the DNA to be feminine! They actually have higher testosterone levels than a lot of men nowadays which leads to their Gladiator like street battles & is also why a lot of them look like men! Their soft girl era is really a soft girl error! These shape-shifting witches are always coming up with new scams like Ed, Edd, n Eddy! LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      It’s all smoke and mirrors, illusions and trickery. Again, the black men that count are laughing at this so called “reformation” because we already know it’s a load of old cobblers. As you’ve pointed out, the DNA that makes women feminine in the case of the modern day black female has been totally erased via her voluntary and continued subscription to feminism and misandry. Black women as a group have been been embracing masculinity for so long, it now dictates their path and they cannot turn it off.

  4. Never come across this “soft girl” business, I don’t waste my time on Chinese spy apps like TikTok watching this shite. Too busy working (unlike those e-begging simps jerking off to afrogirl above).

    Like I said before, these word -isms and concepts get handed down to them from above, with money. These videos are made with the knowledge that a hidden hand is steering society in a certain direction, namely keeping Negroes put, making more thugs and thots for the prison, judicial and fetal abortion industry. Brothers are smarter than that 🤣

    Soft, meaning delicate, easy and fragile, are they having a laugh? Soft girls with stiff necks, how does that disastrous rebranding attempt work?

    Hopefully this so-called soft as baby shit summer will disappear faster than Fake Academic Fountain’s nonexistent media career. Passports at the ready!

    RIP Queen.

    1. Michel,

      Exactly, only the simps will fall for such nonsense. Most black women lost the ability to be feminine a long time ago, in fact they voluntarily threw the trait down the toilet in their quest to compete with black men. The thing is, to black women the simps don’t count, additionally as we already know these black harriets have been handed down the task from their white lord and saviour Major Sleet of rounding up those black men who have chosen to leave the plantation for greener pastures.

      The modern day black female is quickly losing her relevancy to Captain Snowy and she isn’t pleased about it in the slightest. Let’s face it, women in the West are having a ball with all of the power and privileges that have been handed down to them by Western governments, they’re on an emotionally high trip, why would they suddenly give up all of that power? As for TikTok, I wouldn’t download the app, however there is so much female dysfunction on that platform.

  5. Gentlemen,

    And this is why the “soft girl era” is a blatant fraud, listen to the way this black female talks, peep the masculine energy. As I and some of you have stated, black women have been locked into acting masculine for so long, nature has now taken its course, they can’t turn it off, masculinity is now a majority part of their DNA, femininity has been completely etched out:

    1. This white british woman interviewing them knows none of these black females are wifey material at all.

      I can tell by looking at the facial expression of white becky.

      The response from the negress about treating men like a cattle of premier league soccer/football.

      That reply is what all black females on planet earth think of all black men on planet earth.

      She is telling white becky to go to church and supermarkets for seeking a husband.

      I don’t know how one would find a new partner from going to a supermarket without knowing someone working there personally.

      It could be from anywhere but the truth is I have a higher chance of finding a white traditional Christian wifey in church.

      1. Witwijf,

        Haven’t I been stating for the longest that black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets? This clip proves that point in spades.

        This clip also demonstrates just how far black women are gone as a group, the female who was doing most of the talking sound like Sheggy from the local council estate, she doesn’t sound any different to a random road man, smh.

        This goes back to what the late Dr David Carroll said about wifing up a black female and foolishly believing you can make that marriage work. We already know that black women in the church are much more worldly than secular women of all races combined.

  6. This soft girl era isn’t anything new. The terminology is new to me and it took some time (a few days to be exact) to grasp the understanding of it until I finished watching the above video in this article. These are the same type of black women like the R&B singer Eve that was acting and talking hard like a stereotypical hood dude when they’re around their black family and friends from the ghetto but has a switcheroo behavior to a valley girl side for white people to see. Now, we’re seeing this behavior towards non-stereotypical black men.

    Ha, the stereotypical black hood dudes first pulled these women’s soft girl heart chord and then the average white guys pulled it and now at the finale for these women, it’s the non-stereotypical black men’s chance to go to the plate and bat it out of the park of the leftovers. Notice, the latter group of men will never get the chance to pull those chords due to these women will come into the picture emotionally damaged, wanting to learn how to be a feminine soft girl and showing off their body and boobs in an enticing matter i.e. the woman in the above video sporting photo filters.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      These women live for clown makeup, fake eyelashes, filters, fake nails and any other external appendages they can get their hands on believing that they’re improving their physical appearance, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      The point you’ve raised about getting lower quality goods ie a bad deal is spot on, even if this “soft girl era” was a genuine movement, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist got the best out of these women and now these same females are presenting themselves as low quality leftovers and scraps to the black men they’ve hard curved and staunchly rejected in the past, smh.

  7. Once again, I ain’t falling for that soft girl era bullshit. Like I said, I like my women feminine from head to toe, but I don’t like women that fake the funk with that femininity, and that’s how I describe this soft girl era: women that are faking the funk with being feminine. These women think there’s an on and off switch with femininity? They think they can be feminine whenever they want to? Who are they fooling anyway? I know the simps, but are they really fooling anybody? To tell y’all something, I’ve taken so much bullshit in my life, I’m at the point now where I’m a changed person, and the bullshit doesn’t phase me at all no more. I’ve been around women that fake the funk with femininity because they wanted something out of me, but guess what, it ain’t gonna amuse me today. So women that’s in the “soft girl era,” here’s what I got to say to them: Nice Try!

    1. That Retro Guy,

      As commenter Schadenfreude stated, a serious downturn in the Western economy has rudely awoken many of these deceitful black female buzzards to the fact that they won’t be able to make it on their own, hence why they’ve rushed to launch their new smoke and mirrors “soft girl era” Kansas City shuffle. However, most black men can see through the scam and aren’t falling for the trickery and lies, the “soft girl era” bread and circus monkey show is already a dead horse on arrival.

      The solution for black men with their heads screwed on straight and stuff together remains the same, abandon these black sirens, seek out love and companionship elsewhere and point blank refuse to give your MATE(money, attention, time and energy) to women who are not traditional and who don’t reciprocate.

  8. Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Hmmmm! You got a point there.

    This soft girl era. As they begin to date a black man ( a good black man), watch how they change to the ghetto ratchet, angry, bitter harridan like some of the women in my family are. I’m not falling for that trick. If I was with a scraggle daggle (Which I won’t) and she brings that soft girl thing and then show that ratchetness towards me, I’ll end up arguing with her, you get me? The only time they will show that soft girl thing is when they are with 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Thick Dick Tyrone and Corner Boy Ronny. These dudes will smash their face in. black men are not only being in relationships with non black women but they are marrying them also. Some of them are leaving the USA as well to look for a wife. Well some. As these black men are in non black relationships or getting their passport, these simps are coming after them just to please these scraggle daggle queens that don’t even like them. You just have to shake your head with these simp dudes.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.

    RIP Queen 1926 – 2022


    1. Money Cultural,

      Flip flop femininity put simply is dysfunctional and should never be accepted. Thankfully more black men are choosing to look for love and companionship elsewhere realising that the modern day black female for the majority part has become a lost cause.

      1. You know Bareback Fountain come back again with the stalking shit! He come back again.

        1. Money,

          There is a video going around Twitter from a divester space where they were laughing at Aaron Fountain, calling him a f@gg0t, laughing at his ill-fitting suit, calling him a n1gg*r with the hard “R.” These are Black hoes saying this. All that caping for BW and being their anti-SYSBM attack dog and this is the thanks he gets. I keep saying, simping never pays but nighas got to learn the hard way. SYSBM.



  10. Let them speak long enough, they will tell on themselves; this curly haired daggle unwittingly admitted to their delusional mindset. I’ll admit, she is honest in admitting that this “soft girl era” is unattainable, but that’s no excuse for the nasty attitudes that most of us see from the scraggle daggle; besides, whatever happened to “Black Girl Magic”? This is also a testament to the failure of their mothers to teach them how to be feminine and ladylike; you can only put up a front for so long before the real you comes out. This is the perfect set up for those Black men who still wish to hold out for that unicorn Black female, but not us; we checked out a long time ago. #SYSBM

    1. They always tell on themselves in the end. If a woman doesn’t have the trait rooted in her spirit(in this case femininity), then she sure as hell wont be able to fake external traits for long

    2. BCT,

      Black women have been indoctrinated and trained for years by their white lord and saviour Captain Snowy to hate the black men that count, that deep disdain and hatred has completely saturated their beings, this is one of the main reasons why their “soft girl era” theatrics are laughable.

      Black mothers equally have passed down this deep rooted hatred of black men down to their daughters ensuring that the cycle of destruction remains in continuance, smh.

    3. >> This is also a testament to the failure of their mothers to teach them how to be feminine and ladylike

      This is why I always say black wommin in general are the WORST parents on the planet. They can’t even teach their daughters how to grow into feminine and dignified women.

  11. The “Soft Girl Era” is the new “We love you Black Man” Texas Two-Step from these lying chameleons lol. Gas prices through the roof, hyperinflation and an eviction crisis particularly among BW has triggered this new wave. Many in the SYSBM space have been talking about “conditional femininity” for a good minute on these various apps, here it is once again. But only the simps, pander bears and New Blacks will fall for it. Even when these hoes try to talk all soft, you can still hear that deep-voiced masculinity come through lol.

    The girl in the video is really attractive, but even she puts on a hard face. Why is her life so “hard” with those looks unless she created her own problems. I’d take a mid white chick over her just for the peace of mind.

    I think the main frustration amongst BW right now is that their game is out there for everyone to see. They can’t gaslight you that you’re the problem like they did in the 80s and 90s. And smart brothers are checking out of the bullsh**, especially these Gen Z kids, they will get with a white or other non-black chick in a heartbeat and not give a fu**. Every prom season there are new IR prom pics to get BW riled up lol.

    BW can’t call you “bullet bags” one minute and scream for “protection” the next. And them being able to get ghetto gagged by white men yet you supposed to be race-loyal is out the window, too.

    I have waited 30 years for this moment and I’m laughing my ass off. BW deserve everything they got coming. SYSBM.

  12. Hey brother, this videos I think is worth an article.
    Don’t know if u have seen this last trending video where black women get mad on tik tok over white men preference to date strictly white women lmao.
    This video is so embarrassing, internet expose so much how bw have no racial and never have for black men, their lack of attractiveness to other race make them ”loyal” they got no choice.
    This make me think of an old article u had made in your old site.


    1. @Tyrone
      LOL. 3 comments from that video in the comments section jumped out at me. Once again, they clearly highlight that Westernized black women are TOXIC. smdh

      Brigand Boy – 2 days ago:
      I’m a white guy. My preferences do not extend (it’s so rare I just say it doesn’t happen) to black American women. They do, however, extend to AFRICAN women. I’ve met some ladies from Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Somalia. Had a huge influx of people move to my area a while back, and it was shocking for me to find I like the way they look. Some of them were straight up stunning, and their personalities were also a thrill compared to the women I grew up with locally.

      Sucks to suck I guess.

      K3n – 2 days ago:
      I grew up in Missouri and had only white girls as girlfriends. I moved to California and all that changed. I was with a Hispanic woman for 11 years that I met in Los Angeles. Later I moved to Texas and was single, and started dating again, and dated 2 attractive black women and 2 beautiful Latinas over the 6 years I was there. The black women I dated were very overbearing…wanted me to buy them a car, a dog, purses, jewelry, etc. None of them got anything but the boot later, and I ended up with a Latina with good family/conservative values that wanted to take care of our home.

      Lamorn Malone – 2 days ago (edited):
      As a former St Louis resident (born and raised), I didn’t have the luxury of dating both in and out of my race due to my being on the simp path at the time (growing up in the ’70s the doors were just opening for dating outside of my race, but I had the misfortune of being what is called a nerd now). I was hit from both sides (white women being closed minded, and black women because I questioned why I had to follow certain standards within my race at the time). What few women that did give me the time of day gave me the simp treatment (they came to me for a shoulder to cry on and/or to lie to my heart for money). Taking all that into account, I dodged a major bullet with western women at the time and today. I can say now is that I had my passport for a few decades now and never looked back.

    1. Crab in a barrel nighas who complain about brothers going SYSBM aren’t exemplary enough to date outside the race. To attract a non-black female, you must have something going for you. Your average mush-mouf nigha can only rise as high as Shaniqua and even then he’s in the friendzone while she’s taking it raw from Thick Dick Tyrone. Nighas and flies I do despise, pay them no mind. SYSBM.

  13. A lot of Black women cannot be feminine no matter how hard they try. Women by nature are imprinting machines and a lot of bw have took in the dark satanic seed of pookie and ray ray so those little seamen from pookie balls has now etched into their dna by microchirism and that why they walk around all manly and aggressive. Notice how masculine and manly the black woman has gotten over time their clits have also started to look like penises too according to one of my friend who still messes with them. Next time you go out just notice how much more bigger the bw is than the bm they got large shoulders and many of them are over 6ft with deep rough voices. I saw a bw at the gym yesterday doing bench presses it’s insane. A lot of pookie a are emasculated red hair wearing dread guy who are quick to pull toolies on their own kind but masculineisha be whooping they ass at home. I stay far from masculisnesha and sharkeisha whether it be customer service or daily interactions period. The bw is the overseer of the Planatation and I do my best to avoid dem on Any level.

    1. The Anointed King,

      I can’t disagree with anything you’ve stated, I believe you’re definitely onto something when you talk about Pookie’s DNA being etched into the black siren’s being and thus affecting her behaviour ie bringing out the masculine traits in a female who ought to be feminine. It is so unattractive to hear most black women talk, they sound no different to black men in the locker room or on the basketball court, it’s scary and sad at the same time.

      As I keep on stating, SYSBM is the only viable, sensible and sustainable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man. All the best to those black men sticking it out in hopes of finding “the one”, their work is seriously cut out, a steep uphill battle.

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