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Pander Bear Simps Looking For Scooby Snacks!


This is one of the main ways in which black women as a collective have been able to evade being held accountable for so long, the pander bear simps always come to the rescue. Black women, hold themselves accountable in their own corner? Don’t make me laugh.

My book Negro Wars is a timeless classic, remember in the book where I talked about what I called the Equal Distribution Racket, where either black women or their pro black, blue pilled simps would attempt to distribute the blame for the black female’s transgressions across both genders, the end result being that in the end black women would never be held to account for anything?

This is exactly what’s happening here with The HBR Show was well as the premium grade simp Boyce Watkins. These guys are just some of the gatekeepers of the gynocentric, matriarchal order within black society, just like the black witch herself, it’s their job to ensure that both black men and black society cannot engage in any constructive works that might result in restoring and repair damage to “da communitah”.

This means keeping these black sirens on top and ensuring that the faux leadership position they’ve been given over the black community by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost is NOT threaten by heterosexual free thinking brothers.

Just like these gatekeeping pander bear simps, the black female’s task as per her State directive is also to keep black men and black society flat on their faces, thus refusing to submit and listen to black men forms part of her contractual obligation towards her white father, the government. We’re NOT stupid over here in this corner.

This is one of the main reasons why black men who are worth their salt are deliberately driven out of black society but your 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz type Negroes are openly embraced and exalted.

Let’s begin with the knucklehead in the above video, he attempted to use a sports team as a viable analogy, however when it comes to sports teams, the participants choose to LISTEN TO and FOLLOW the instructions of their captain or coach from the rip.

You cannot lead a bunch of rebels who refuse to listen and submit to your authority. Additionally, the clown conveniently omitted the fact that black women as a collective brazenly choose to open their legs to and get impregnated by men who are NOT cut out for leadership, relationships or fatherhood, but then at the same time these heifers have the audacity to complain about men not being responsible nor leading, do you see how the scam works? Smh.

Black men are the leaders of Western black society IN THEORY, NOT IN PRACTICE and the court jesting simp HBR knows this, the same goes for no masculinity nor manhood yielding Boyce Watkins, the entire mechanism of black women forming an unholy alliance with the State signing on to destroying their own people in exchange for temporary treats and State benefits is completely omitted from their discussions.

Then HBR tried to bring up education and economics, two elements that have nothing to do with the success of a relationship ie ensuring that the union remains strong, prosperous, fruitful and goes the distance.

Additionally, remember the 2019 study I featured in my article dealing with the blonde weave wearing siren Rebecca Lynn Pope who tried the same “there aren’t enough eligible black men” Kansas City shuffle, once again here is the link to the study which demonstrates how economically black men are ahead of black women by a considerable distance(please see page 5 for the median net worth of black men compared to black women married and single):

As I’ve pointed out before, education does not equate to intelligence, they are NOT one and the same. This is why black women despite being “educated” still manage to get themselves pregnant by the bums, the dregs and the scum of black male society.

Finally, dealing with no dignity, no self respect having Boyce Watkins, the same dude who married a single black mother who’d curved the SUCKER for 25 years, because of the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media, women’s standards have become UNREALISTIC, not high.

Pulling a quote from the article I wrote on the Michael B Jordan/Lori Harvey breakup:

“Most Western women unfortunately have turned into complete numbskulls and non thinking blockheads who’ve wholly swallowed the deceptive feminist social media tainted Kool Aid about them being special, having all the time in the world to “do as they please”, deserving nothing but “the best”, being able to live however they want without facing any consequences, with any man they deal with always believing they can do better and being able to “have it all” until the day they hit the grave.”

I have an even better suggestion, give women who hold to unrealistic expectations an extremely wide berth and you’ll be just fine. Please note the witchcraft and the sorcery at play here, you’ll notice how warning men about the perils and the dangers of dealing with modern day woman is now being equated to and labelled as “complaining”, smh.

Gentlemen, never fall for that Texas Two Step, these milk toast, limp biscuit simps above are your enemies, treat them accordingly including any others who choose to set themselves up as the gatekeepers of black female dysfunction.

Always remember that the reason why black women focus so much on education and socioeconomics is because they themselves know that they don’t have any personal qualities to make a relationship work, thus they’ll throw all the emphasis on superficial things believing that those can be viable substitutes, however nothing could be further from the truth. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Panderers And Simps Are A Very Serious Problem

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “Pander Bear Simps Looking For Scooby Snacks!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    It’s not my fault that black women don’t hold themselves accountable for their stupid life choices especially when they become single mothers and it’s not my job to clean up their mess in the black community. As for these black male simps they are fucking idiots because they think that by simping for these black women will make these black women give these simps free sex and we all know that is never going to happen because black women hate these black men simps but they love their thug slim sauce black man because he gives them that danger and excitement that these black women crave so badly.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You know what’s sad, white men are having similar conversations in their communities but the solutions suggested are completely different when compared to the ones coming out of “da communitah”.

      I don’t see white men trying to shame their peers into dealing with ran through, washed out women, as standard they’ll state that when looking for a suitable companion, the lower the body count the better.

      I also don’t see white men trying to encourage their peers to settle down with single mothers, once again outside of sex they’ll advise other white men to start their own legacies and family trees from scratch(if they desire to have children).

      White men walk away from their female counterparts who are uncooperative and I don’t see other white men shaming them claiming that they’re “weak” because they refuse to deal with belligerent and rebellious Jezebels.

      White men aren’t shaming other white men for dating outside of their race, they leave those who wish to date out alone to get on with it.

      Finally, as I’ve stated before white men aren’t shaming other white men for getting their passports and travelling overseas.

      Most black folks are jacked up individuals and these dysfunctional black females alongside their blue pilled, black male simp flunkies are leading the charge of insanity.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and you are not wrong Verbs.

      2. Verbs2015.

        I am so glad you did this topic. We always talk about how the scraggle daggle hates any Black man who has his mind intact and his manhood intact. Well, the black male simp hates intact Black men even more than the scraggle daggle does.

        Most black males I know are simps to the scraggle daggle to some degree or another. This includes most of my male relatives. These black males view other black males as competitors not as brothers, even though they like to go around saying bruh this and bruh that. They think they are competing with all other black males for the scraggle daggle. His pea brain can’t even conceive that there are fully intact heterosexual Black men out there who have no interest in the scraggle daggle.

        In his pea brained, fevered mind, the black male simp thinks he makes himself shine in the eyes of the scraggle daggle by putting down the black male collective, especially Black men who have kept their mind and manhood intact.

        This is why I have nothing but contempt for Blackistan writ large. Any race where the male collective does not hold its female counterparts accountable for anything they do, can’t possibly have integrity about any other aspect of its existence.

        This is why SYSBM men must engineer their own reality, leaving Blackistan, aka Cuckistan, aka Simpistan, to burn in the hell that it has created for itself.

  2. I know I made this comment on the previous post, but I’ll post it here because it’s relevant to the article.

    Have you noticed that the black men that complain about interracial dating are the ugly dark skin dudes? Talking about we have divested, and are not Race Loyal. This guy praises a racist Latino man who leaves racist comments about Black Men who date outside their race.

    Check out the video. There is no such thing as race, you have nationalities.

    1. Red Gryphon,

      I’ll be honest, the skin tone isn’t really a thing I’ve paid attention to, I just listen to their talking points and deconstruct them. Are you sure the guy in the video is speaking against interracial dating, he seems to be for black men to be dating out as as well as travelling.

      Are you sure you’ve got the right guy? I know there’s a dude on YouTube called The Peso Man who is a black queen worshipping SIMPleton who definitely has a problem with brothers interracial dating and travelling.

      1. I’ll have to rewatch the video. To me he came off as one of those bitter black men who romanticize about the past and the myth of Black Love. If he’s all for the interracial, then you can delete that post by me.

  3. I understand that most black men want to date black females because of having the same skin tone.

    This is why they are gatekeepers for simping.

    They won’t hold black females accountable because they want sex.

    They only want black kids.

    They want their kids to look like them.

    The issue is they want all black men to have the same mindset as them.

    This will never happen.

    As a free thinking black man, my mentality is not only dating out.

    My mentality is finding a white traditional Christian wifey.

    I’m not rushing to find a quality stargate.

    It requires patience.

    The lifestyle is more than just women.

    They only focus on women and nothing else.

    I’m having a great time in Greece right now in Crete on holiday vacation.

    I will be visiting other Greek islands.

    I’m not thinking about Greek women at all.

    I’ve come here to explore, relax, eating Greek foods and doing some activities as a normal tourist.

    1. Witwijf,

      Have and happy and safe vacation brother, enjoy yourself. You’re right, because these simps want access to contaminated black snatch, they’ll refuse to hold these modern day black females to account on any of their dysfunctional antics. Additionally, as you’ve pointed out, they want other black men to adopt the same mentality, however I point blank refuse to do so because I am an individual man who is more than capable of thinking and reasoning for himself.

      Dealing with modern day black women is an extremely bad deal, besides, how do you even begin to deal with a group of women who have no problems declaring their hatred for those black men who don’t have a criminal rap sheet 6 miles long? The pro blackity black, blue pilled simps have never managed to find a solution to that conundrum.

    2. And to top it all off, these simping gatekeepers are RAISED by the very scraggles they worship.

      They can miss me with that nonsense!


      1. Thebackhandofreality,

        Raised by the dysfunctional daggle to defend the dysfunctional daggle, you cannot make this up.

        1. Verbs,



  4. This simps saying us BM do not earn the right to hold BW accountable, what is he talking about?
    BM’s accountability was outsourced to BW when BW went liberal, Section 8, equality and work at middle management. Also this ‘Don’t need a man’ mindset.

    This guy talks about Black Men do not lead. The reason why there are lack of Black Men leadership because BW do not want to be lead. You live in the hood and you have a good brother shows natural leadership, these BW will not respect his leadership at all, get all the thug enforcers to undermine him.
    Just like they complain about lack of black business in the hood. If you set up a Black Community shop, these same people in the hood will not shop there, they will pull a hookup or rob them.
    But they have no problem suck an Indian’s cock (some brothers told me this when they run IT business) and get pimped by them before they shop at the black man’s store because the ‘White Man’s Ice is colder’. Don’t believe me? Look at salon shop, BW runs her shop, she get screwed by her 304 friends but they get pimped by Asian because they get an ass whoopin’ if they try to rob.
    “Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t”.

    Now let’s get to Boyce Watkins.
    I give him props because he is married to a single mother, but what I do not respect about him is when he promotes step-daddy cuckism.
    He talks all this how he can date whoever he wants because he got wealth and resources. But he married a woman who friend-zone the simp/cuck out of him for 25 years and now she accepts his proposal because she is a ‘Reach Back’. Meaning she had hit the wall and had no options but to settle for this cuck.

    I am going to tell you about how we cannot meet BW’s standards. He is right, we don’t. But what he does not know and we all thinking brothers know that, these females put the standard very high and make good brothers pay Premium to date these BW. However, these are the same females will lower the standard to Thugs, Pookies, Bum Bums and other names that Verbs and Money Cultural uses.
    Also they talk about how we do meet the dating standard of Educated, Corporate BW, again these same BW will lower the standard to Bum-Bums and Beta White Men in an instant.
    Also we know that these BW raises standards so well high as soon as they got kids by thugs. If anyone went to the ‘Say no to single mothers Facebook group’ that is a gem of dating profiles by single mothers. They put on their profile like ‘no sex’, celibate, looking for ‘real man’ or man cannot meet their standard because they are hit the wall in their 20’s.

    Thanks for the quote Verbs about Michael B Jordan. I feel bad for him because I know he was promoting Black Love after all the Dick police haters, but I hope he learn a lesson by this and have options.

    1. MMT,

      I see these lame, oft repeated arguments for what they are, just like the black witch the simps are deliberately attempting to gaslight decent brothers so that they linger on the plantation for that much longer. It’s all smoke and mirrors, a pretence to trick black men with their heads screwed on straight and their stuff together into believing that black women and their blue pilled simp flunkies want to have a genuine conversation, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Those black men who are still on the fence need to stop engaging with these tricksters and recognise the sleight of hand for what it is, clean up men/janitors are desperately needed to tidy up the mess caused by Slim Sauce and Field Mouse and “da communitah” is trying everything in its power to sideways slot good black men into those roles, DON’T BE THAT SUCKER.

  5. It’s not my fault that some of the ratchet black women screw up their lives. I didn’t tell them to make the wrong choices. And these simps, we have more and more simps coming out of the woodwork nowadays. We some simps in Britain as well. There where so many thinking black men saying to these simps that stop defending these scraggle daggles because they don’t care about them. As thinking black men say that they don’t wanna date a woman that is ratchet, these simps will come after him. They even come after me numerous times over the last ten years and I have been battling with these for a long time especially that fool Bareback Fountain and he’s trying to make a return coming after the passport bros. As he restart the stalking once again, a next man is behind him giving him backaz.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these simps, beta males and these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Unfortuately Aaron is back and I knew that he is part of the alliance against the Passport Bros.
      He will not say anything about these females who go overseas for sex. Especially what goes on in Dubai.

      1. Yeah, that is true. I hear about the women going to Dubai and getting a mouthful of shit!

    2. Money Cultural,

      Simps simply put are premium dummies who don’t understand that without chastisement, correction and holding folks accountable, black women will never change nor improve themselves.

      1. That is true. And they will stop until they get hurt by these scraggs that don’t even like them.

  6. I don’t really listen to podcasts, but whenever I run across clips like the above, these guys always are talking about relationship issues as if their existence depends upon fixing so called “Black love”, and in a sense, it really does which is why they get uptight about Black men who go the SYSBM or Traveling Bros routes; these two groups represent a threat to their plans on saving the communitah. Also, who is this “we” that he’s referring to? We all didn’t have a hand in the downward spiral of Blackistan that is ever increasing, so that HBR simp has some serious gaps in his history when it comes to why Black women no longer respect the Black man’s authority; HBR, much like your typical White and Jewish liberals, cites socio economics as the root of the problem when the root is actually CULTURAL. This is why SYSBM is the only reasonable option left because it acknowledges culture and encourages free thinking Black men to seek out other cultures that will appreciate them and all that they have to offer. #SYSBM

    1. BCT,


  7. The fallacy here is that BM haven’t led the so-called “communitah” since the 70s. The Section 8 Matriarchy rules bombed-out Blackistan and what you see in the hood is a direct result of black hoes’ sexual choices. They do not respect or even like capable BM, therefore they are not coachable.

    They say BM “do not build” but they do not respect blue collar BM who can actually lay infrastructure; dry wall guy, plumber, landscape man, house painter, roofer, carpenter, electrician, architect, engineer. Instead they throw their snatch at Dope Boy Pookie who is poisoning the hood. 5,6 bitches knowingly sharing the same thug penis you can’t make this sh** up.

    SYSBM is the solution, gents, leave these heffas and simps alone and get you a woman OUTSIDE THE RACE who is coachable. You did not destroy the hood, let them clean up their own mess.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These muddy bootlicking simps want decent brothers to pull miracles out of the hat and save a community which ought to be scrapped and burned down to the ground. No thanks, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass. Once again I have to point out an obvious observation that I’ve made, notice how none of these pro black female, blue pilled simps have ever presented a solution to address the fact that black women utterly despise and staunchly reject the same black men who have the capabilities of rebuilding “da communitah”.

      What do the pro blackity black pundits expect decent black men to do, plough through in the hopes that one day black women will see the light and start listening to them? I really don’t understand how they expect black men to lead a group of females who positively don’t want to be lead by anybody outside of their white lord and saviour Uncle Sam. It’s common sense, you cannot lead those who don’t want to be lead, end of story!


  8. Schadenfreude wrote:
    “They say BM “do not build” but they do not respect blue collar dudes who can actually lay infrastructure; dry wall guy, plumber, landscape man, house painter, roofer, carpenter, electrician, architect, engineer.”

    Damn right! Is this exactly spot on. Hit the nail on the head. This is where simps cannot comprehend.
    This is a ‘Bull’s Eye’ speech that Verbs can use.

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